Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Tour Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2009 12:35 am EDT

* Update: September 7th - It's labor day, so while we're taking it easy on the blog posts we thought we'd re-sticky this helluva CrackBerry giveaway for a few hours. Leave a comment for your chance to win a ColorWare Tour and enjoy the long weekend! *

In honor of reaching the 1.5 million registered members milestone, it's time for yet another kick a$$ contest! The prize? How does a custom-painted BlackBerry Tour sound?!

The BlackBerry Tour is the hottest BlackBerry Smartphone on the market and our friends at ColorWare are going to give one away to a lucky member of CrackBerry Nation. You'll be able to pick the colors (click the image above to jump over to the Design Studio), so whether it's your school's colors, favorite team's colors, your lucky colors or something else, if you win this one you'll have a truly special BlackBerry Tour to call your own.

Contest Entry: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. With labor day weekend coming up and back to school craziness in full effect, we're going to put an extended deadline on this contest to give everyone a fair chance to enter... so you'll have until Sunday, September 13th @ midnight PST to post your comment. ** Only leave one comment as multiple entries will not be counted. ** Be sure to tell your friends and spread the word. 2 million registered members here we come!!

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Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!



Colorware is awesome!!!! Now just wondering what color do I pick, Miami Dolphins Aqua, or South Carolina Gamecocks Garnet? :)
Thanks again for another great contest.

What isn't there to love about Crackberry. It's one of the best sites for Crackberry junkies like me. I would love to have the best phone in only the best colors (black and gold)for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!!

As soon as I noticed your update on Twitter Kev I HAD to come on and give this one a try.

Congrats to the person who wins!!!!!! Tour is a sick phone! We sell it, I only get to play, not own, lol. Unless i get my own ^_~

oh, this is a great prize for 1.5 million..holy crap. I would love to win this prize, my storm is getting rather boring. :)
So, pick me!

If I win, I can "spready" the blackberry goodness. Very good contest. This one will have some competition. Good luck all!

Come on baby, I am poor and can't take 4.5 anymore. (Like the rhyme?) Let me win this or someone start making apps and themes for 4.5 again!!!

My Tour is hands down the best device I've ever had, including an original iPhone. Verizon rocks and the Tour rocks. The thought of a custom version is almost too much to comprehend..............almost.

September 13th is my birthday! This would be an awesome birthday gift for me. I really hope I win this contest. The ColorWare looks awesome and I was always interested in getting it done.

Man, that's a bonus having a custom painted tour. The phone is already dope, I thought there was nothing they could do to make it look better, but now I know there is. Just visited the ColorWare website and found an awesome colour combo. Nice!

I have never won anything and would love winning this contest. I would like to put bible applications on it. Once I can find them.Ipray to God I win.

Now this is awesome!! I could only imagine no one else having a BB like mine! Best thing I have seen in....wtg Kevin!

Ummm how does red whit and blue sound with fifty starts on the back and instead of blackberry,it should be crackberry painted on it and for a touch of class have the case look like its cracked with 1.5 million across the front now that's a dream...but congrats kevin to you and your team.and no crack don't kill,but sure works ya thumbs...hope I'm the lucky winner!!!!! Addicted to crack!!!(Berry)...

it would be awesome to win this tour! thanks again for another great contest! my birthday is on the ninth of this month (hint) lol

Custom colored BlackBerry!? And free for that!? Simply awesome!!
This is very exciting!!
That CrackBerry custom colored Tour is just plain sporty!
Want one in my custom color please!

I absolutely love this site! I almost gave up my blackberry for a regular phone but so glad I did. I`m a young business professional and love my blackberry! great site and love the apps, ringtones, and wallpapers! The forums are so helpful which is great when I was first getting to know my blackberry!

I'd love to win this! What's better than a custom painted NEW BB Tour? Been trying to look for a job to get a BB, but plan to move now so I can't. Grr. I'd get in in Pink! ^^ Favorite color. ;D

Yep, I should win! lol

Thanks for the great contest! Love these forums, I've learned everything I know about Blackberry's from here!

would love this the ball on my 8800 no longer scrolls down I Need a new one badly and service lol

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pick me i just broke my curve after 2 years of keeping it mint but my brother knocked it into the dogs water a huge lakers fan and that would be sick if i got a purple yellow and some black would make my year..PICK ME PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!

I need this phone because I am stuck on the Death Star network with the "Ahh Frack" phone and no MMS capability....

How yah doing? Hoping i win this free tour would love it so much thanks a bunch for being around!

It would be sweet to win a customer colored Tour! I love my Tour, it's the best Blackberry yet!

I would pick Blue.

Woo Hoo! I love me some Blackberry! And to have a pimped up, customized paint job to boot! WOW! It can't get any better than that! Go Crackberry! You so crazy! Love Ya!!!

need a phone. old phone on verge of breaking apart. LOVE A NEW PHONE FOR COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on Kev you know u wanna pick me!

I have been talking about getting one customized ever since crackberry first posted colorware info on the front page. I actually check out the website a couple times a week. If I had to say one thing it's pick me pick me!

That would be the ultimate prize. If I win, I am going to tell each soul who glances at my phone just how incredible this site is.

Would it be possible to get a normal Tour? I kind of like the slick blackness of a standard one better. But still, any Tour's better than none, right? Sign me up.

I was just on their website and was playing around with different colour combinations. How's about some free colour cases for runners up? There are going to be a lot of comments...and some second and third prizes would be nice.

I do wish some of those who haven't logged in a long time would be deleted though. It would free up some usernames for new members. I already have a nice Tour, but if I won this I would give it to my last remaining offspring who does not yet have a blackberry. Right now he boils in BB envy and I would love to fix that for him.

I have only been a member for ten minutes and I love the fact that they have contests! Incredibly coo! Keep it y

This would be my first blackberry. I have been looking at the tour since it came out. I love it so much and would be so excited to make this blackberry my first ever. I love the orange and vanilla colors it is so awesome. So please pick me. PLEASE.

pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick mepick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me,pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me,pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me,pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!!

I've have been playing with my friends Tour so much that I think my Storm is getting I have so many colour combinations already in my head if I win!!

I really really want this.

Apparently, my new berry is broken and I can't afford to get a new one.

But most importantly, I am a loyal cb member. I visit every day, even if I don't log in to post, I'm around to check it.

I love this place.

I am a proud owner of a blackberry tour. When I first got my tou my daughter was kind of angry at me because she has a free phone, and wanted a new one. I had many thoughts of just trading her for my tour to make her happy, but I knew I couldn't do my work on her phone. Here is a promise to you emily (117), if daddy wins this awesome phone, you can have my tour7 I promise!!!!

Hey, look...I almost never ever win stuff like this. I mean there was that one time at band camp..... Anyway, I don't mind if I'm proved a liar. Just sayin'. Thanks..