Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Torch Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2010 10:30 am EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare Torch!!

Update: Contest has been extended to November 28th! Enter Now if you haven't!

Step right up boys and girls... for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Torch!!! That's right folks, we're giving away another BlackBerry Torch to a lucky CrackBerry reader, and this time it's coming to you courtesy of our friends at ColorWare. 

The Prize: The lucky winner will win a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and get to paint it in the color scheme of their choosing. You can jump over to ColorWare's BlackBerry Torch 9800 Design Studio to figure out how you'd do it up. Keep in mind it's an unlocked OEM non-CDMA phone, which means you'll need to be running it on GSM network (best on AT&T in the USA (T-Mo works, but no 3G), Rogers in Canada, etc.).

How to Enter: To enter, JUST LEAVE A SINGLE COMMENT to this blog post. You can say whatever you like in the comment, though we always love to see comments about how much CrackBerry and ColorWare rock! Or let us know what color you'd paint your Torch if you win.  Contest ends Sunday, November 28th at Midnight PST.  That's it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Reader comments

Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!



deff want to win one. just checked priceing and its $250 to send it and if u want it back in one week its another $500 on top of that. crazy

I read CrackBerry every single day to stay up to date on all things Blackberry. I am in love with my Red Pearl 8110, but I am unable to upgrade yet! I love this new sexy Torch and I would love to dress it up in beautiful deep purple.

So please, Torch me Baby!

i've ordered alot of after market bezel/keyboards etc... and one day i came across colorwares website, since then i've done so many 9000,8900,9700 the quailty is great and all the knock offs suck lolz... good luck to everyone keep up the good work colorware

But I'd LOVE for it to be rocked with a gold and white theme w/ the CB logo on the back to give due respect and props to the CB team. You guys do a phenomenal job at keepin us crackberryheads informed and by teaming up w/ ColorWare we are INformed and IN style!

Race to win with a ColorWare Torch in Ferrari Red. With a Ferrari Red Torch from ColorWare I will be in the Winners Circle along with CrackBerry...

I would love to replace this blackberry 8900 that my cousin gave to me for one of my own!! The colors are sooo awesome, and I like that blackberry is adding a little more color!! Purple PLEASE!!!

Don't pick me. No wait, pick me. No better way to show of a sweet blackberry then with a custom paint job!

green and yellow one. With all the hyped up Giants fans around here, I need something to show my Oakland A's allegiance.

Really nice!

Yeah let me get that COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Midnight blue would be nice or Pearl or better yet Deep Purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS CRACKBERRY YOUR THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

How do I love Let me count the ways. I love them 9800 times as much as I love anything. Speaking of 9800, a Torch would come in mighty handy around here. I'd even cut my long claw nails for one! Colorwise, I'm kinda simplistic. I'd like to see a baby blue one, but a blue one in general would suit me just fine. Gotta love CrackBerry for running this contest. To quote Grey's Anatomy (Ellen Pompeo - Meredity Grey: "Pick ME, choose ME, love Me" oh BlackBerry Torch of mine.

Hmmm... I like the look of the teal in the contest pic...although a sea-foam green would also be pretty noticeable!

I'd actually love to win this. My office has switched to iPhones but it would be nice to have this to use instead. The email program on iPhones is horrible!

If I were to win, i would have the front, top, frame, and back in Abyss. The Keyboard and side's would be in vanilla. I cant help it, I love that color of Blue.
And yes, I would not mind having a BB Torch, I cant wait to win this so i can play with it.

would i like a blackberry torch? yes. would i freaking LOVE a colorware personalized torch from crackberry? HELL YES! (umm... is it ok to say hell on here ;p )

Colorware is so amazing, one of the best decisions of my life. they used to be a bit cheaper, but the quality will blow you away. wish i could afford more!

An all Black Torch would be outstanding to have! The silver accents are fine the way they are, but Black blends in with everything. Thanks CrackBerry & ColorWare for offering this giveaway. I hope I win!

i want a blue blackberry! thanks to both crackberry and colorware for this awesome contest!

The new blackberry should be named Blackberry NORRIS, and it should be able to shut down every other smartphone around it especially the android :P

First, I would like to say thank you for this opportunity and second, CrackBerry is an awesome community with fellow BlackBerry users and abusers. I love what ColorWare has done to be able to customize most devices on the market with any color you want. It would be awesome if I won a free Torch, I would make it Red & Black! :)

my first phone, which i got this year is a blackberry...all i can say is magnificent things. its a bold 9700. and for all the latest blackberry updates, I come to, tis the bees knees.

oijdhgknvb vwicslxk.feat. Lil Waynensckxbvl ... OMG, I'll shart if I win! mmmmMmm Lets go with a Black and Blue mix!

I would greatly appreciate it if I was selected. You've just made the Torch look even better and I would proudly show it off!

Finally a BB that can do it all! Add custom color to it... You got yourself a rock'n BB!

I have been without a blackberry for about 2 months now and its killing me. I would love to win the Torch. Its an amazing phone and Colorware makes them look even better. Thanks for the chance to win.

Ever since the first rumors about the Magnum came out (Bold with touch screen) I was already putting it on top of my wanted-list! I NEED THAT BLACKBERRY! :)

Crackberry is the best for giving normal people the chance to win something great! I hope I win I could use this

I'm a big fan of and I'm always checking the website and news. I've been trying to get a torch so bad.. I want it now please!!! lol

thanks crackberry and colorware for providing such an amazing prize.. this would be wonderful to win!!! :)

There is probably nothing I wouldn't do to get my hands on a torch...but a pink torch...that would just be dangerous!

not going to lie, i strayed from blackberry for one week...i gave into the tmobile G2. But let me tell you what, that was the worst week of my life! i went right back to my 9700, going to felt wrong on a android phone!!! so yes i would love a shiny new 9800!!! thanks!!!

I would have it all jet black with graphite sides and keyboard and the entire phone with softouch!!!

M gonna get it a sexy sky blue n give it to my gf for her birthday ;). Damn it looks good in the pic. CB, let me make her happy!

I would love to get one; ColorWare is just Sexy.
Black and red, or orange would be cool, make it look like a torch.

First I had to watch Ryan Howard show us his deer impersonation, then I had to watch the Just for Men spokesperson win the World Series. I think winning a new Torch would ease my pain better than this bottle of vodka.

I will say I demand to win this phone. It would be a nice upgrade for my 8900 and could stop worrying about my dad trying to steal my phone.

Wow! What a combo: ColorWare and Crackberry!!! Cool Contest. Love those colors and the fine design work ColorWare does on all cool gadgets! Thanks Crackberry!

I'd love to have a new Torch, but to add Custom Color would be Awesome. Colorware is a great company. Do you guys think you could paint my SUV?

Help me show off some Canadian pride with a Red and White Torch! I love Crackberry and the idea of a Colorware Torch makes me tingle :) Plus an upgrade from an 8900 would be a plus!

Is this only a US option? I am currently looking at upgrading to torch, but am in Canada. Fun idea this, looks cool!

WOW this is so cool hopefully colorware and crackberry keep on working together.. i hope i win!!!! Yea BlackBerry Torch!!

i don't know how i'd get through a day without crackberry. I love this site. and if i could afford colorware ALL my blackberries would be colored!

(To the tune "Calendar Girl" by Neil Sedaka."

I love, I love my Colorware Torch
Yeah, sweet Colorware Torch
I love, I love my Colorware Torch
Each and every day of the year!

As a USA Veteran, it is easy to color my new torch.

Front & Back Metallic RED
Keyboard & Sides White
Top & frame Blue

Just pick me as the winner and I will post the pictures when it arrives. Keep up the great work! CrackBerry rules!! I have finally converted my wife to Blackberry.

On the whole I would rather be sending this message from a bright colorful new Torch. however until Nove 14 at Midnight I must continue to slug away on my Bold 9000.

I will sing your praises till eternity! No really - I will make a video of me singing about how awesome y'all are!

Please Crackberry, you gotta pick me!!!! I am a blackberry finatic i live and breathe my phone!!! pick me !!

Crackberry and CoolWare ROCK for giving this away!!!! I'd take mine in a slick Black and Yellow design... mmmm

Didn't get paid at work today, yet again, this would make my day and my year! Please crackberry and colorware, stand up for the little guy and gimme!! :P

OMG! I would soo enjoy the finer things in life if I won the Torch 9800 all rocked out with Colorwares Willy Wonka style colored candy shop! I am starting to drool, I can see myself showing up at the mall, clubs, concerts, events and people just glaring at the rolls royce of Blackberry phones all blinged out in Colorwares unique colors, because after all, we are all unique and being able to choose our colors makes us stand out amongst the best! And when someone tries peeping over my shoulder to see what I am all diddeling my keyboard about on my new Torch 9800, yeah, they will be blinded by the Crackberry website and put into light of all the gloryness they have been missing out on! Im out! :breaks microphone on floor:

I have always wanted to get a Blackberry done up with Colorware, and to have a Torch done would be icing on the cake. I think I would go with some sort of red, black, and white combo.....Awesome giveaway!!! Keep up the great work Crackberry!!!!

Would love to have my TORCH painted BLUE!! Its my fav color!! Hope i'ld win something real this time!! Torch would replace my bold soo baddd!! Thanks CB and ColorWare!! Gluck all :)

I think it would look hot in orange and dark blue...or maybe a black with dark green Matrix code going down many options!

Love Crackberry, own a Tour 9630 previously had the Storm 9530, but the Torch is the best of both worlds and I'd love to get one. My color scheme would be black with either a red or silver-ish border.


This would make me happy for the rest of my time!! Winning something real online would make me SMILE and enjoy every moment i spent on CB :) Tank CB & CW!! GLuck for meee! (:

This is a cool concept. I like that fact that the actual parts are colored and not just attached faceplates. Looks quite proffessionally done, too.

Well, you just cannot beat a combination of Colorware and Crackberry...
Never seen anything as good as you guys.

I am really looking forward to winning this Torch.
Crackberry does rock, there is no doubt about it. Keep up the fine work gang.

ColorWare Takes An Item And takes it to a level of beauty not achieved anywhere else. throw that on a torch and sheesh its amazing. shoutouts to crackberry for doing this. I WANT IT NOW

woooo i love colorware. thank you crackberry for being so awesome and giving us a chance to win this!
hope i win

I am constantly on CrackBerry, whether it is downloading ringtones or wallpapers. I absolutely love CrackBerry! CrackBerry rocks!! I have never heard of Colorware, but it rocks too, and I am sure that I will be checking it out too! If I won this beautiful, amazing phone, I would probably choose the color aqua for it. It would truly be unique and I love to have unique things. I am ready to try out a new Blackberry, anyways! Keep doing your thing, CrackBerry! You rock!

I think I'm going to go with an army-green and dark grey color scheme for my torch. I've never seen a CamoBerry before.

Crackberry and ColorWare are the best ;)