Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Torch Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2010 10:30 am EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare Torch!!

Update: Contest has been extended to November 28th! Enter Now if you haven't!

Step right up boys and girls... for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Torch!!! That's right folks, we're giving away another BlackBerry Torch to a lucky CrackBerry reader, and this time it's coming to you courtesy of our friends at ColorWare. 

The Prize: The lucky winner will win a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and get to paint it in the color scheme of their choosing. You can jump over to ColorWare's BlackBerry Torch 9800 Design Studio to figure out how you'd do it up. Keep in mind it's an unlocked OEM non-CDMA phone, which means you'll need to be running it on GSM network (best on AT&T in the USA (T-Mo works, but no 3G), Rogers in Canada, etc.).

How to Enter: To enter, JUST LEAVE A SINGLE COMMENT to this blog post. You can say whatever you like in the comment, though we always love to see comments about how much CrackBerry and ColorWare rock! Or let us know what color you'd paint your Torch if you win.  Contest ends Sunday, November 28th at Midnight PST.  That's it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Reader comments

Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!



Maybe I would color it in a way which makes it very flashy so people will see it. but the other i don´t want to make anybody jealous and steel it cause this happened to my curve 8520 which is not best bb but it did a very good job. i´d like to have it back :( good luck to all of you,
thank you crackberry and colorware for doing this contest. i really appreciate that
cheers simeon

Please Please Please pick me! as well as having a awesome phone like the brill torch you also get to choose the colour, wow!!!!!! i so badly want this it would make my year, no scratch that years!!! :)

Either Full Pearl Diamond


Pearl Diamond with Blue on top, keyboard and sides.

looks wicked. :-D

I would love to win a free torch i have been wanting one since they came out but i couldnt upgrade, now that i can upgrade i cant afford it. If i won this torch i would make it blue and green my two favorite colors.

I would love to receive one of these devices. It would go straight to my friend's I Want A Blackberry fund.

Would be sweet to see a gold one. Since the keyboard and unlit screen are already black it would really pop!

Does it have to be a different colour, because I sort of prefer the black? Oh well; if yes, then I'll pick a colour like a dark blue or something.

I'd love to win this contest! Colorware let's keep it fresh and paint that torch red and black, the two contrast colors would make a slick looking phone!

Then I can truly be Hugo's Boss

Love the Red and White! I think I'd then get the coveroo with a Team Canada logo...

Or perhaps go with a neonish blue so it looked like it was from Tron!

I'd deck my 9800 in maroon and black, that's the neat colors for me! The touch screen and key board on it make it the next top phone.

I would love to paint this one with just silver accents on the black. But then again I could change my mind at the last minute and go with another color schemes. Decisions, decisions!

i love the torch i would love to have a custom one
black and white torch would look so nice

ps crackberry and colorware rock the crackberry world

Woo Hoo! I'd really like to win this Torch custom-paint by Colorware...oh yay bring it on Crackberry!

Wow... what a great day. OS6 leak for the 9700, and a chance to win a smokin torch. Thanks all! And good luck to everyone!

Pick me to win! All I've wanted to do is win one of these contests so I'm hoping I'll finally get it this time! I already have what colors I want in mind...

I would love to win this, and it would be cool to have a green, blue, and white torch (all in gloss). Hope I win!

So this is what is hepling to slow the site down - between this contest and OS6 for the 9700, it really is almost like christmas!

I have been hesitating on pulling the trigger to update my 9000 to Colorware - how many times have I gone on line picking the colors like one picks out the color and interior of a car.

I want a Colorware Torch so bad.


to win this phone:) just arrived here in my country since they are so slow with bb´s. But would have been sweet to have it in the Nerazzurri colors;)

Wouldn't go anywhere else for my Blackberry updates and ColorWare does some awesome stuff! I'd probably go all out and get mine painted like 3 different Neon colors!

This would be the ultimate Blackberry device. I would most probably paint it as mad as possible so it would be so unique and mine.

fingers crossed that i win.

OS 6 would be good also.

I would definitely love to see a bright and flashy royal purple Torch! And I'd like it to be mine!

As the subject line says: I want one. Really bad. I mean really REALLY bad. So I hope I win!

I'm on my 3rd storm which is on its last leg. The Back button hasn't worked in over 6 months (which has been super frustrating) and now recently my lock button has been going in and out. This phone is #BAD! 128 of RAM? you serious? I need to get with the new!

-I need a new phone

This would be the highlight of my year. you guys have the best contest. I would like to have mine with Chargers color which is white, blue and yellow. lets hope I win. Good luck to everyone though

We don't get much variety in what our phones look like without adding peripheral materials to them. I think that a money green tourch would be outstanding. I am a big fan of Blackberry. My Blackberry is what I want out of a phone. I am also a big fan of Colorware though I've never owned one of your phones. This is my opportunity, so here's hoping for the best!

I love blackberriessssss and I LOVEE CRACKBERRY. Crackberry is the best site for blackberry items.

Andddddd, Crackberry with Colorware and FREE TORCH????


This is just AWESOME.

Thank you guysss

Pretty awesome how they can customize the colors. If I win I'll either go with a charcoal/gray theme or black and mango!

My phone sucks and I would be forever in your debt if you could please let me win. There are so many cool colours on ColorWare, and CrackBerry is awesome

Since I won't be able to afford buying the ridiculously priced unlocked Torch in Pakistan anytime soon, why not try my luck at my most visited website! Good Job Crackberry, especially for posting the leaked OS for 9700;)!

oh please choose me christmas is here early luls my storm 1 is feeling mad outdated with no more os leaks sigh!! crackberry you bring the best this is why i can never leave my berry plus colourware pls pimp my berry lol

FYI....all all Canadian carriers have SIM Cards now.

Rogers/FIDO/Chatr: GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPA; (850/1900 MHz)

BELL/Virgin Mobile/SOLO Mobile*: HSPA & CDMA (850/1900 MHz)

Telus/Koodo Mobile*: HSPA & CDMA (850/1900 MHz)

WIND Mobile: HSPA (1700MHz)

Mobilicity: HSPA (1700MHz)

Public Mobile: HSPA (1700MHz)

* Koodo and Solo Mobile doesnt advertise their HSPA Sim Cards but are available... they do take different carrier phones

setup a 9800 for a friend yesterday, impressive over my 9700 but just need to get my hands on one soon, the colourware one looks the part.

Oh daaamn. I am trying every way possible to get my hands on a Torch, and getting one with custom colours would be extra sweet!

Was hoping to get the new Torch, with that brand new OS6... Unfortunately being a student, don't have much $$ to get one!

In for the WIN!

Very cool. How they found a way to take it apart and colourize it already.

It's a great looking colour even in that shade of green you've picked.

Sign me up, please!


Crackberry still one of the best sources of blackberry news. Didn't even know there was a custom painting company, would love an orange one!

Wow, ColorWare colour scheme and an unlocked BlackBerry Torch. It wouldn't get any better than this! :)

i have a year and a half left on my att contract, my blackberry does not work, and i would appreciate this torch more than your could possibly realize, crackberry has helped me out with all my problems thus far...thanks for all the help guys...make my year please?!

Of course CrackBerry ROCKS!!! I'd paint it coral orange with the beautiful colors of an awesome sunset!!!!! Thanks for the contest, CB & Color Ware!!!!!!!!!

Torch came out one year into my new 3 year contract. I don't want to have to wait for 2 years to get this.

That thing is sick. I would love to rock that. Prize me that and I'll get the CB and Colorware logo's tatted on my arm

forever! God could I ever use a Torch! My Storm 2 is cracked and barely working but I cannot afford the $80 right now for the insurance replacement! Winning a custom painted Torch would be awesome!

I would love to win one of these things, have been drooling over them ever since a friend told me about it. I'd have mine custom painted blue green and white!

Crackberry I Love You <33
And ColorWare Ive ordered a couple products from you guys, my girlfriends laptop and my playstaion 3 and when I recieved them in return I was amazed by the result.

Count me in for another fine Crackberry Contest!!!

Would die of a heart attack if I won lol jkjk. Been considering a ColorWare job on my 9700, absolutely love their work, but unfortunately being a college student on a budget =/= new paint job. As for CrackBerry... well it's my freakin homepage and visit the forums at least a few hours a day minimum (while studying of course)! Thanks for the opportunity!


CrackBerry and ColorWare rock and my favorite is Graphite. November 14th is my mother's birthday who passed away 5 years ago so maybe this will be her gift to me from heaven.:)

CrackBerry & ColorWare are the cat's meow. I'd love to win this crazy prize, and colour it up in some CrackBerryish colours (hmm, orange & white seems about right) :-D

What a great give-away! I love the idea of them as it keeps people checking back on frequently.

Personally, I go to ColorWare regularly to design my own Blackberry but never have clicked the purchase button! Mine would be bright yellow with black trim (just to match my old Jeep Wrangler)!

Good luck everyone!

Wow a Blackberry Torch from ColorWare! to win that it would be a dream come true.

I've always behind in terms of having the latest phones, and i would crave to have the Torch in my hands and win something for once :P

Hope i win, have a nice day!

Crackberry and Colorware you guys rock!! I cannot say the same for Randy Moss and Vikings. :) Thanks Crackberry and Colorware for reminding how great it is to be a part of the CB family.
GL to all!!

Please pick me...oh the choices! Pink for my lady, or white for me? Can it have multiple colors?

Thanks Crackberry and Colorware for this contest!

crackberry is literally my life. i spend hours looking at the latest news, it always keeps me up to date and i also like colorware because it gives everyone the ability to customize their phones and be original!

keep it up colorwar and crackberry!!!!

This is definitely the bees knees.

ColorWare is actually really cool. I've been playing with it for a while.

here's my comment for my chance to win this torch. i know odds are i wont but whatever. i hope i do.