Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Torch Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2010 10:30 am EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare Torch!!

Update: Contest has been extended to November 28th! Enter Now if you haven't!

Step right up boys and girls... for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Torch!!! That's right folks, we're giving away another BlackBerry Torch to a lucky CrackBerry reader, and this time it's coming to you courtesy of our friends at ColorWare. 

The Prize: The lucky winner will win a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and get to paint it in the color scheme of their choosing. You can jump over to ColorWare's BlackBerry Torch 9800 Design Studio to figure out how you'd do it up. Keep in mind it's an unlocked OEM non-CDMA phone, which means you'll need to be running it on GSM network (best on AT&T in the USA (T-Mo works, but no 3G), Rogers in Canada, etc.).

How to Enter: To enter, JUST LEAVE A SINGLE COMMENT to this blog post. You can say whatever you like in the comment, though we always love to see comments about how much CrackBerry and ColorWare rock! Or let us know what color you'd paint your Torch if you win.  Contest ends Sunday, November 28th at Midnight PST.  That's it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Reader comments

Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!



CrackBerry and Colorware working together,
To make the best phone, somehow even better!
I'd love to win this, for myself on my birthday,
Which is when the contest ends and I'd say "Hip hip hooray!"

I can't believe how y'all continuously manage to give away awesome stuff! I want a torch so bad, it'd be a great replacement for my 8530. OS 6 yea! Oh, and I'd like it in dark blue. You guys rock!

I love my BB but the track ball on my Torch keeps failing me. I am in desperate need of an upgrade and would love to put some Irish flair onto this lovely Torch! You guys rock!

Wow, crackberry and colorware have done it again. I would love to win a tourch and be able to chose what colors it is. I hope i win.

i have t-mobile and i would love to have this phone i don't have a blackberry my husband does he would just freak if i won this phone... color wave rocks and i come on crackberry everday to see what is happeing i would paint it blue or the Chicago Bears colors orange and blue


it would be a dream come true to win the blackberry torch. i have a samsung corby plus with rogers. but ive always wanted a smart phone. i see them at the stores all the time and wish i could have one. but i cant buy one. im in high school. i dont have enough money, and i dont wanna ask my mom to buy me one. she has enough things to worry about without me asking her to buy me an expensive phone. i wish i was the one that would win this :) it would be a dream come true.

i currently have a colorware bold 9700. team canada edition. it is awesome, they did a great job with the custom paint work. awesome service.
crackberry is my blackberry bible. keep up the great work!

i currently have a colorware bold 9700. team canada edition. it is awesome, they did a great job with the custom paint work. awesome service.
crackberry is my blackberry bible. keep up the great work!

Please pick me! I'm a young dude, people always show of their flashy phones infront of me and my beat up 9700, but with this Torch I could show them how awesome and generous the Crackberry site is and how great Blackberry phones, Blackberry 6 really is, while showing off the awesome combo of either deep red and black, or CRACKBERRY ORANGE!! Or purple and gold for my lakers!! Please please I really want the Torch ill love you forever! I also want to start my own contract seperate from my parents, what better way to lose my contract virginity then to a Torch? :D please Crackberry and Colorware let me win the Torch!

My friends ColorWare laptop is beautiful.

ColorWare products look unreal! Too bad they can't spell Colour...hehe

Crackberry you are the best!!!!!!
And colorware has been something that I've always wanted to do to a phone but could never afford :(
I want a torch so bad and to get one from colorware would be a dream.
Please hook me up

hehe a torch for me would be sexy! thank you Crackberry and thank you COLORWARE for doing this giveaway! woop woop woot woot! a Blue torch would be nice :D

best way to trick out ur blackberry and always get the crowdsa ttention. and i love crackberry its more useful than my girlfriend please pick me

I'd love a custom-coloured Torch, to replace my Storm with the "dropped on the pavement" paintjob. Thanks for the opportunity!

I definitely would love to have one, this would the envy of my friends at home and work.

Good Luck

First of all I have to tell you all that I LOVE CrackBerry and ColorWare!!! If I won the Torch I would have a color scheme of the beach because I absolutly love the beach! The beach is my happy place! CrackBerry and ColorWare ROCK!!!!!

Please please please let me win the torch!
I would trip it out in some nice colours...a pearl colour for sure.

I'm in for sure!!! This would be an awesome win.

First the announcement of the 9700 leak, and now this contest. Crackberry rules!

as for a colour (I'm canadian, so I include the u), there is just too much to choose from. I'll decide on that after i win. :D

This is yet another great contest put together by Crackberry courtesy of ColorWare. I would love to win this contest so I can make my Torch yellow which is my favorite color. I would be so cool to see a yellow Torch. to have it! I would give it to my husband who needs to have his own personal Blackberry aside from his corporate BOLD 9000 for work. Camo is his color.:)

I would love a new blackberry torch. Blackberrys are simply amazing and I would not live without one!! I am obsessed with the new torch I just do not have the money to buy a new one. Still using my old 8900!!


I all ready have mine but it would be great to have one totally pimp out as I want so please please CrackBerry and ColorWare
"PIMP MY BB TORCH"!!!!!!!!!!!!

I missed out on the lottery so hopefully I can win here :) I'd have a purple and orange or black and red one!

I would get mine painted similar to the one in the pic!

I always go to the ColorWare site and combine colors for fun. Since I can't afford to order one of course lol

Hope I get lucky!!

Epic sweepstake! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one!
oh.. and I want to paint it dark black, with strong orange detailing! =D

man i really wish i had my blackberry colorwared but shipping cost too painful to me as i live in australia. Please open colorware in australia ! and crackberry you rocks keep the idea of free giveaway coming cause no other blogs are doing these giveaways as often as yours kevin..crackberry and colorware rocks !

Reading this post made my day and what more could I ask for?
Fingers crossed on this.
If CrackBerry had a genie who could grant me one wish, I'd go for a Torch with the following specs:
[Front:Carbon-black; KeyBoard:Techno; Top: Techno; Frame:Envy; Sides:Techno; Back:Ferrari]

Now thats what a ColorWare product should look, it def will stand out from the crowd!
Oh genie, Torch me up now!
Oh yeah, CrackBerry rocks. Period.

It would be kool 2 win the torch. and to have it custom painted makes it even kooler. Please pick me CB!!!!

Please can i win one of these i loveeee crackberry more than my girl shhhhh dont tell her i said that haha

The Torch would be great in a nice Crackberry Orange...

Go Crackberry another "out of the park" contest...

Another excellent contest brought to us by our favourite Blackberry news provider! Shout out to ColorWare for doing that, that's great.

I hope I get picked!

Leaving the obligatory comment. Never had a ColorWare'd phone before, so that'd be pretty awesome.

And, of course, Crackberry rules. That kinda goes without saying. :P

Leaving the obligatory comment. Never had a ColorWare'd phone before, so that'd be pretty awesome.

And, of course, Crackberry rules. That kinda goes without saying. :P

I'm a canadian, blackberry is a canadian idea where is build in Waterloo/Ontario by RIM (research in motion), so the right thing is give it to me! :) Thanks!

Crackberry you have another great giveaway!! My Torch (when I win of course) will be decked out in the colors of my favorite team Da BEARS, blue, orange and white. Just got done on the website and I know just how I want it to look....

This is for my husband, he's driving me crazy wanting to take my BB all the time. Let him get this Torch. Better yet, he can have my 9700 and i'll keep the Torch!!!

Prizes are given very special, I liked the color because it is identical to the character of each individual, the colors of the rainbow to symbolize the unique dynamic characters such as blackberry user expectations torch

I hope I win, cause I wouldn't buy this phone. I think it looks nice, and it's great they let you choose the color scheme.
GOOD LUCK everyone!!!!

fell in love with colourware the first time i saw a coworkers' WHITE 8900. mint. please enter me in this contest. good luck, all!

Crackberry has always given so much to me, and i hope you guys can keep up the GREAT work you've done so far. I visit this page so much that i'm almost sure i at least generate 25% of all the traffic in it, lol (jk).

I love my bb tour so much. I don't wanna switch to a different phone. I love the torch because its just like the tour and storm had a baby. Its perfect for me. If I don't get it I might have to switch to a droid. NOOOOOOOOOOOO

This real amazing! Crackberry's awesome. Definitely need have a Ruby Red Torch! Colorware should be available in my country! Damn!

Could there be any better giveaway?! I think not!
A Tour?!?!?
With custom ColorWare!?!?
If I won, I would be so excited I wouldn't know what to do with myself. :)

Been a loyal Crackberry user/abuser...I follow all of you guys on guys are awesome! Wouldn't be able to have my BB without you guys! (Yellow and black Torch - bumblebee style)

i alwayys loose these contest you all would make me happy if you gave me this phone.... I dont want to have to go and try to win a android phone. I would like my phone to be "battle blue". thnx

Great Look and excellent looking workas is always the case with ColorWare.

Cannot wait to get one!

I couldn't believe the color combination choices. They're enough to cause a brain meltdown. If you can't find one that you like, you can't be pleased.

Please, God, save me from my iPhone 4 hell, I strayed, I know. I'm tired of using YM to talk to my friends back in Asia (alll using BB). I'm tired of paying $20 per international sms after my 100/$9.99... I earned this horrid karma, but my bold 9000 would not work on AT&T's network when I returned from Indonesia.

Please help me. Begging. I will even eat carrots... if only the torch was released just a few days sooner, I would have had an alternative to the iPhone 4 (sorry, 9700 wasn't gonna cut it).


I have so many color schemes that I would want to put on the Torch. But I'm not gonna get ahead of myself. I hope I can just win it first. Good luck all!

CrackBerry always has amazing contests! Colorware products look amazing! I want a Red/Black Schemed torch!! Thx CB and Colorware!

Always wanted a Colorware phone. Couldnt afford it. The Torch even with its small quirks and bugs is the best of both worlds and an awesome phone.

If I win I will get a pink/black one and give it to my wife. Perfect Christmas gift I think. =)

P.S. Guys feel free to steal my idea.

This would be a sweet upgrade to my old purple 8330! The hardest part would be choosing a color, girly pink or super black... or turquoise... or purple... :)

my bro is getting married in less than 2 weeks! this would b the best present for him in the world!!!! plz let me win!!!

CrackBerry.Com, I am addicted to it. A ColorWare custom painted Torch9800 would be very, very nice.
Ramone says on Cars, "He needs a new coat of poly for sure!" I say, "I need a whole new device, with a custom coat all together!"
Thanks CB and ColorWare for puttin' this event together.


You guys always have the best contests! Of course, ColorWare and Crackberry rock! You don't need us to tell you...

What colours would I choose? That's a tough one... The colours in the contest photo are pretty awesome. Maybe all black? Maybe all white? Maybe all red? many choices. Will need to think about it!

Thanks for another great contest!

I was hoping the Torch would should up on Sprint, but I'll gladly swtich to ATT if I can get my hands on this.

I would be the best husband in the world if I won this and then told me wife, I ordered this just for you in your favorite colors!