Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Torch Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2010 10:30 am EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare Torch!!

Update: Contest has been extended to November 28th! Enter Now if you haven't!

Step right up boys and girls... for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Torch!!! That's right folks, we're giving away another BlackBerry Torch to a lucky CrackBerry reader, and this time it's coming to you courtesy of our friends at ColorWare. 

The Prize: The lucky winner will win a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and get to paint it in the color scheme of their choosing. You can jump over to ColorWare's BlackBerry Torch 9800 Design Studio to figure out how you'd do it up. Keep in mind it's an unlocked OEM non-CDMA phone, which means you'll need to be running it on GSM network (best on AT&T in the USA (T-Mo works, but no 3G), Rogers in Canada, etc.).

How to Enter: To enter, JUST LEAVE A SINGLE COMMENT to this blog post. You can say whatever you like in the comment, though we always love to see comments about how much CrackBerry and ColorWare rock! Or let us know what color you'd paint your Torch if you win.  Contest ends Sunday, November 28th at Midnight PST.  That's it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Reader comments

Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!



Oh god how I want one of these :( I would paint mine a luminous green so I could see it glowing in the dark when im in bed and fumbling around for my phone.

Winning this Torch would be very helpful so that I can bring better quality themes for all you Torch owners :) maybe I'd color it all black ooooh man that would be so sick!

I've been waiting to see a contest like this between colorware and crackberry. Colorware is a fantastic website and I've previously bought form them and wasn't disappointed. Putting crackberry between the mix makes it even better!

I've love to own one of these dudes and would be honored if I win! If it weren't for CrackBerry, I would know NOTHING about my blackberry.

This contests is awesome! I have to think about the color scheme, but I'm simple. Some red, some black, some chrome. But I'll have to try to make it different than the Red Torch coming to ATT.

Crackberry is awesome! Visit the site many times a day. ColorWare is awesome, since you can do whatever you want. You're awesome, just for reading this.

I am a little embarrassed to say this, but...... I have finally decided to move on and get an up to date blackberry. I am still using a blackberry 7130e. Please let me win, as I have been looking for a nice looking blackberry to replace what i have now, and ive heard crackberry and colorware ROCKK. thanks again!

since this is a contest by crackberry and colorware, then i would like to have a torch with crackberry color scheme (orange and white)

I would (almost) die if I won this! I already have the colours figured out too. Beautiful red and white combination. I can haz Torch, please?

Oh another contest, another chance and this time its even BIGGER!

Love Colorware and Crackberry, looking forward to WINNING NOTIFICATION...;)

I happened to check out the other day and think that a custom color would only add to the coolness of the Blackberry Torch. That site has an awesome idea and I would definitely have my torch customized! There are so many color combos to choose from, I think I would go with a Red/White/Blue style. I own a torch and love it. Before switching to the torch though I had to do my research and the first place I went to do that was Crackberry.Com. Those guys no their stuff when it comes to Blackberry! I have owned and used Blackberry Smartphones since the days of the First gen Pearl release and have not looked back since and Crackberry has been a part of my adventure the whole time. Keep on Rockin Crackberry and Colorware!

This phone is sooo awesome!!! I just need to win this!! I am obsessed with purple so that would b my choice!! *big smiley face* will keep my fingers and toes crossed!! •pick me!•

I would love to own a BlackBerry Torch and I would rock it out in different hues of Pink! #mydreambb

dang cb and cw do it again this device is so nice and to get it custom painted wow cb is always coming out with the best stuff for my bb this is just another reason why i love being a cb member....good luck to all...

Dreaming to be The Godfather here.

& i see possibilities with CB empire & Colorware touch

gracia par participation hehe

I'm imagining a really nice colorful Torch arriving a bit late for my bday but still the best present. :)

Love to win this item,then I could get rid of my BB 9650 and get something with the new OS 6 on it and have one of a kind at the same time.

I would LOVE to win this. I would def keep the colors very contemporary but stand-out at the same time. Would play with the different shades of white (Especially the pearl white), gray, and steel colors with some accents. Of course, more of a soft touch finish instead of a glossy so that it would be more resistant the damage.

Please I never win anything on here and I always enter the contests. I would color it either all white or the colors of my favorite hockey team the boston bruins black and gold!!!

They've ALWAYS got something new and cool for the Blackberry nation. Now COLOWARE is getting involved, YESSS!!!. If I were to win have the sickest painted phone Coloware has seen leave their factory!!

I want/need the Torch now !!!!

The best combo of large display and BB is what I have wanted for so long !!!

Why is that that Crackberry always seem to have the best promotions (compared to their sister sites.. how often do you see an iPhone up for grabs on Tipb??)

Wicked!!!! I quite enjoyed the red/white colour combo but if it was up to me, (and I sure hope it is) I would make it Brown and Orange.. Yeppers

Fingers crossed

CrackBerry and ColorWare, you guys both rock beyond rockegnition. I have never owned my own BlackBerry, only old corporate ones, so please break me out of this misery! <3

A new ColorWare Touch would do wonders to brighten my day.
My Bold 9000 is good but newer is nicer.


I think I would go with orange for fall, or white for winter, or blue or gray or green...

Doesn't matter, ColorWare has every color for me to choose from...

Thanks Crackberry/ColorWare!!!

Whats up guys, need to see a CrackBerry winner form outside the USA? Thats ME!!! Im on Crackberry everyday! And really like Colorware, just wish they had it available in Jamaica (thats where I'm from btw)Anyhow until then just send me over the Torch and I'll be sure to let everyone know where I got it CrackBerry/Colorware Brilliant!!!

Carbon Black and Alpine

I think blackberry should give me that torch ;D but if not then no worries I will still be a blackberry fan!

Ok... the big night is coming up, lets go through the checklist
white/silver bcbg sweatsuit outfit .... check
pink shirt ...... check
white/silver/pink shoes.......... check
white/pink cell phone....... OMG!
This all black bold will look ridiculous!
The only possible thing to do is get a colorware torch, using these perfect colors!
Wait... Crackberry is giving out both.. Colorware always has the coolest colors, and customizable options.

I hope I'm lucky today. I'm going to enter, this will complete my checklist

I would love the good folks at colorware and crackberry to hook me up with this Übercool torch! She's so beautiful! (Tear drop runs down cheek)

This would be so awesome to win, especially cuz of the colorware customizing package. rocks!!!

If i get picked i'm gonna go wild with it.
Black, Green and Yellow/Gold.
my Jamaican colors yo :D lol
Props to Crackberry for another sweet contest

I would paint it a nice red and white combination for three reasons: I'm Canadian, I cheer for the Canadiens in hockey and I cheer for Liverpool (ugh...) in the EPL.

If i get picked i'm gonna go wild with it.
Black, Green and Yellow/Gold.
my Jamaican colors yo :D lol
Props to Crackberry for another sweet contest

thanks crackberry and colorware!! I always like to keep it fresh with new colors and styles, this will help out a great deal! and Blackberry OS6! sweet!

this would be the best Christmas present from Crackberry ever! seeing how I cannot upgrade for the next two years a new torch would be Great, in purple and black please! :)

I'm trying to convince the partners in my Company that a custom blackberry would be great marketing. Seems like it looks amazing online.

crackberry is by far the best BB blog...and colorware is one of a kind (literally....) if i win it would be a white/black torch. Front would be white, keyboard black, top white, frame white, sides black, and back white. All in softtouch so i dont drop it.

That would be one hot looking torch to get my hands on....
And the bonus for me i`m with rogers, so it would work perfect for me!!! Crackberry, keep up with the great contests!!!

Winning this phone would force me to switch to AT&
Droid X vs FREE Torch vs Waiting for something new...

Too many choices..!!!

LOL...You Guys Rock..!!

I love u crackberry...ever since I left BB and got an android I haven't been the same....I need my torch back place! I'd color mine red!

Awesome! I would definitely go for a black main torch with a red scheme built in and a big S.T.A.L.K.E.R. In white on the back, those who know the game will be friends, those who don't will look back to make sure! Love crackberry colorwarez for the chance! Have been wanting this bad boy since ever and now it will also be a special one off edition, every iPhone fanboy at school will go, ts, mh, I want one....

If i get picked i'm gonna go wild with it.
Black, Green and Yellow/Gold.
my Jamaican colors yo :D lol
Props to Crackberry for another sweet contest

never had a colorware item on my phone before qnd never had a bb 9800. To get both would be great!!! i've seen the phones that have colorware and i do have to say that they look awesome. I've even entered a contest or 2 just to win a bb with colorware. unfortunately, i was not a winner. i am being optimistic that this will be my moment to get my colorware and a bb 9800. Black and grey would be a nice contrast for it.

A blackberry torch presented by crackberry, custom painted by colorware...who could ask for anything more? Would definitely have to go with some sort of green.

my bolds screen cracked last night, now i don't see ANYTHING :( the only thing wich i'm able to do is revieving phone calls :/ i need a new one Crackberry! please :) i know you guys are great!

I love Crackberry and ColorWare and would most definitely want to win this contest! Please pick me! :D Thanks!

My wife has a Torch and loves it. I would love to move from my Bold 9000 to a Torch myself. And even better if it were painted by ColorWare!

I think that I would do a nice black and red combo like they have on the site... or maybe i could do something like white and red for canadian pride!!

Never got a colorwawre would love to have them really sexy. What color would I get not sure. ALl I could say is CB has been there for me these past few months in deciding what phone to get . Had the I4 now im rocking my torch and so happy with it!! Thanks CB for helping me make up my mind.

I really need to get this torch in purple and gold for my LSU Tigers!! My wife is a arkansas razorback fan, so if I could get this, it would make my day!!

o man i hope i win i always wanted a colorware phone just couldnt spend the money for it i luv u crackberry for having these cool contests >=D

Too many choices to make a quick decision, but here are a couple of thoughts:

Abyss (Blue) frame with Caution (Yellow) or Ferrari (Red) with Graphite (Grey) or a few color combinations...

I checked out the link for Colorware and I love it. What a great service for making your torch the envy of everybody.

Speaking of Envy... I love the website's ability to customize and test out different combinations. My choice would have to be Envy Green all the way, with Crush for the top and black for the insides. Anyone with a few minutes to spare should try that out and see... I think it's awesome!

Hope to win one!

I want to win that torch!! If I had a custom painted Torch, it would be Black and Yellow, to match my Steelers football team!

If Crackberry and Colorware had a baby, it would be destined to rule all communications in a colorful and benevolent manner. ALL hail the Torch bearers!

Ive always been a fan of colorware! They can even make the best plasma ever made into a gold trim!

And the Torch? great OS, touchscreen with keyboard combo? well done blackberry!

And well done crackberry for putting this contest on!

Heres me crossing my fingers Id make mine LAKERS COLORS!

I'd love to rock a custom TORCH made by ColorWare.
My phone needs a good upgrade!

Thanks CrackBerry and ColorWare.

id love one, im game.. cool idea should have this for every phone maybe like the twelve days of christmas give out a phone a day or something (finder fee for using my idea lol)

It sounds so freaky but why not try?
It would be cool to have a torch (Blackberry smartphone, i mean) in Neopolitan colour! The Outside slider would be in Chocolate (Or black) The inside slider would be in Creamy pink. And the keypad (This is my Favorite) would be in White Vanilla!

If you have a freaky wide imagination like me,you could have just LICK the torch by just imagining it! Torch couldn't have been look yummier than before!
Now..please make the tasty imagination come true! POOF!

by: chychychy

If I won, I wouldn't do anything too crazy to it.

Maybe all black [softouch, not glossy] but I'd make the top white, where the mute/lock buttons are.

Clean and classy!

Comon LUCKY star ,,,I NEED HELP :-))

CRACKBERRY again you 've prove the best thing...


this is worth a shot. we will see if i can possibly win a new blackberry torch. hopefully i am the lucky one...again....i said hopefully.

forget it everyone. this one is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I (like most of us) never win anything, but this is worth dreaming about for a few minutes. Pick me! =)

This is soooo cool!! Im trying to save up to get the torch but if I won this it would help A LOT! I would definitely go with the blue color since it's my favorite color. ColorWare and CrackBerry, you rock!