Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Torch Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2010 10:30 am EST

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a ColorWare Torch!!

Update: Contest has been extended to November 28th! Enter Now if you haven't!

Step right up boys and girls... for your chance to win a custom-painted BlackBerry Torch!!! That's right folks, we're giving away another BlackBerry Torch to a lucky CrackBerry reader, and this time it's coming to you courtesy of our friends at ColorWare. 

The Prize: The lucky winner will win a BlackBerry Torch 9800 and get to paint it in the color scheme of their choosing. You can jump over to ColorWare's BlackBerry Torch 9800 Design Studio to figure out how you'd do it up. Keep in mind it's an unlocked OEM non-CDMA phone, which means you'll need to be running it on GSM network (best on AT&T in the USA (T-Mo works, but no 3G), Rogers in Canada, etc.).

How to Enter: To enter, JUST LEAVE A SINGLE COMMENT to this blog post. You can say whatever you like in the comment, though we always love to see comments about how much CrackBerry and ColorWare rock! Or let us know what color you'd paint your Torch if you win.  Contest ends Sunday, November 28th at Midnight PST.  That's it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Reader comments

Contest: Win a Custom-Painted BlackBerry Torch Courtesy of ColorWare and! You pick the color scheme!!



I sure could use a new one, as my 8330 trac balls die constantly. And I'm soon to be leaving Verizon!! Yay!!
I'd have to go for some mix of Black and Blue, I'm thinkin.

Have been wanting 2 win something all my life lol" but this would jst b perfect" I luv crackberry never have had any problems with any downloads have always been very satisfied ty

I here you! The only thing I have ever won was a snowman center piece candle holder @ a company christmas dinner! haha. Would be amazing to win a BLACKBERRY Torch! Holy cow!

I would love to win the new torch. This probably has to be that best give away I've seen so far for CB. I think turquoise is the color I would want or if possible rainbow :) it would be a pretty phone to look at.

blackberry & colorware are the perfect match when put to the test it looks the forget the rest and go for the best.Black & White

I like the Red/White combo. Would love to win one to keep me occupied and avoid wasting my ATT upgrade while I wait for Blackberry to release a 1 Ghz smartphone. My Old Blackberry has been thru the entire OS wars of 2010.
Santa I have been a very very very good boy !

this would be my Christmas miracle! crack berry and color ware, an unbeatable combination, sure hope to win one. would be sweet! I love these contest's!.

I think this may be a great opportunity to replace my just stolen BB torch and what better with a custom painted colorware BB Torch! Am I right!?

i never had a smart fone or even a simple blackberry before so i would die for a phone like the blackberry torch!! literally lol, i check out the features and it is crazily insane.

I would like to suggest going to the ColorWare website to become familiar with what colors are available; they are awesome! What a great opportunity to have a Torch with a custom color!

This is a great idea, love and would love the torch! Would def. go with a blue :)


Let me be the one to show off Torch to all the apple fan boys and girls! I want everyone to know how great Blackberry is.

Can you say classic black and white, with a touch of Orange (gotta give props to the CrackTeam)??? Man that would be sweet. I am on TMO though so no 3G... uh, I think I'll be okay... Here's to being lucky!

I'll say this.... If Colorware and Crackberry were a woman, I'd MARRY HER! BAM! WHAMMY!

Oh please pick me....I like colorful phones and need an upgrade from my Bold 9000! Gosh darn trackball is giving me problems.

ahhh this would make my whole year! being stuck with the storm sucks ass! *crosses fingers* i want a red torch! :)

Please let me be the one to educate all the poor souls who doesn't believe in blackberry! The torch is an amazing device especially combined with wicked colorware!!!

Can you not only win a new phone but choose whatever color you want for it!!! Love the two of you guys!!

My storm (yes instert joke here) is on it's last breath, would be ideal to win a Torch right now!

Good luck to all and thanks to ColorWare and CrackBerry.

I'd love to snag a true blue Torch. My girlfriend is on AT&T and she just had her phone stolen and didn't have a  to back-up, now she's out. If I were to win this one, I'd pick a color scheme for her and give as a gift. Can't wait!

Of course I'd love to win a custome Torch from Colorware. Heck I'd take a non-custom one and be happy as a kid in a candy store!

What a smart way to promote a unique personalization service, just in time for the holiday gift season!

Not only is the Torch the best smartphone on the market, the ability to 'ColorWare' it online is awesome.

Again, another awesome competition from CB, also thanks ColorWare you guys rock. Any color will be fine

Nothing to do as I'm wiping my 9700 for the OS6 leak upgrade :X

Hope all goes well.. LOL!


All righty, good luck everyone!

I would switch to anoter carrier for this one. My BB is ready for a change - so why not change networks too. Especially, for the custom BB Torch - nice.

Seeing as we can't ship our Canadian Torhes to the US for ColorWare to paint them, I'd love to win one of these, paint it in Red and hook it up to my Canadian carrier!

Wow! What a great contest! I would do a periwinkle color scheme so then I could call my new BlackBerry "Perri" since my current one is Rosie!

always loved crackberry to do this kind of giveaway.. especially the colorware versions <3

hope this time im the lucky 1. :)

would definitely go for blue and white ..

You mentioned that crackberry and colorware rock which is correct but you forgot to mention that the 9800 rocks also!

Thanks for the great contest everyone!


Cool studio page Colorware! First time checking it out.

The cranberry red is what I like. Send it my way plzzzzz.

always loved crackberry to do this kind of giveaway.. especially the colorware versions <3

hope this time im the lucky 1. :)

would definitely go for blue and white ..

This looks like fun! I have been in some of these contests with crackberry and I hope I win this time! Go CRACKBERRY!! oh and of course COLORWARE!

Cool studio page Colorware! First time checking it out.

The cranberry red is what I like. Send it my way plzzzzz.

Whoah! Just discovered the colorware site...amazing! A combination of red, white and black would be my choices. A customized Torch would be make my month :) Good luck everyone!!

Boy I'de love to win this one. Never won a contest before, if I do win I would paint it red, red is my favorite color. Keep rockin' rim Your blackberrys rock like no other Ph.

I'm digging that blue...I would LOVE to play with a new BlackBerry...stuck with an old, decrepit 8330 Curve =/

This contest woke me up like a swift kick in the nuts! The Torch is sweet, Colorware is sweeter and Crackberry is the sweetest! Hook me up please!

Wow CrackBerry, great contest! For me, I would love to have a Torch with the combination of metallic red (front, keyboard, top, and sides) and pearl white (frame & back) :))

This would be awesome. I've wanted one since the photos first started popping up. Even being on T-Mobile, so no 3G.

Boy I'de love to win this one. Never won a contest before, if I do win I would paint it red, red is my favorite color. Keep rockin' rim Your blackberrys rock like no other Ph.

I wanted to get my 9650 painted, but getting a painted Torch would be so much sweeter. Thanks Crackberry for the tweet! You guys always rock.

I need a burnt orange and white custom torch to help me smile during my Longhorns dissappointing season this year!

I read your blog everyday for all of the latest Blackberry news! And I was so excited when I saw this. I want it so bad! Having this awesome colorware torch would be amazing!!

If you dont know that they freaking rock your not human, the killer combo...(Black and Baby Blue) or (Black and Crackberry Orange) thats the stuff...

I want to win this Torch so badly! CrackBerry Rocks! Because they give you all the top notch and today news on all things for and on BlackBerry. ColorWare Rocks! Because they let you customize (color) your BlackBerry and you can either send it in or order the pieces, plus it is cheap! CRACKBERRY RULES! And if I were to win this, I want my Torch to be in Red, White, and Orange. Orange and White for CRACKBERRY!

I've always bought the 3rd party Chinese colors.....they are horrible! I'd love to have a fresh new COLORWARE BB Torch!

Awesome contest CB and colorware! You guys are the best - would love a phone rockin my alma-mater's colors! Black and Chicago Blackhawk red!

a 9800 would blow my 8700 out of the water then tack on i get to paint it with colorware?!!?!?! i think i just had a BBgasim!! Thanks for the chance to win!

This is a great idea and from what I have read, the Torch would be a great phone to have although I love my Bold 9700. CrackBerry you rock.

This might be one of few things that could keep me away from the soon-to-come 9780. Especially if the 9780 doesn't release till after this contest.

Slick combo of black and gunmetal would be awesome!

I'll do ANYTHING to get away from my God-forsaken 8310!!!!

What a unique way to stand out among the standouts who own a Torch. I would love to win one for my daughter who is a dedicated crackberry addict. Besides, this would keep her from drooling on my Torch.

Single colored BlackBerry is boring! Colorware does spice up BlackBerry with style and personality!

Mmmm, I'm imagining my Torch would be dark gray base with orange trim, that's kind of flashy... :D

That I'm a proud member of the CRACKBERRY UNIVERSE! Come on guys HOOK me up PLEASE. Def would do it up PITT STEELERS colors would be HOT!!

because I want to stand out! In a time where it seems like everyone nowadays has a smartphone - don't they all blend in? I want to stand out! With a ColorWare Torch I will rock it and stand above the rest of the crowd. So
pick me - please! Thanks, signed devoted CB reader (by devoted I mean really really really devoted but not in a stalkerish kind of way)

They make the ordinary look awesome!

Sorry for the second post, I didn't see my first one online. I sure hope this one does! I mistyped Colorware with ColorWave, sorry.

I would love to win a custom Torch! I think they are so cool looking and they stand out in a crowded room of course.

As always, CrackBerry seems to always find a way to offer goodies to its viewers.



so winning this would mean the world to me
especially since it will be months before
i could replace it.

CB-best berry site & CW-best aftermarket color mods, are @ it again! thanks for this great opportunity! :)

Crackberry needs to know that they rock?
Are you kidding Kevin? ;-)

Crackberry rocks so much! :-)
and dont forget ColorWare...Who wants normal Colors? No they rock too.

Would love to get my hands on this :) Thanks for the contest CB

The 9800 is a seriously sweet upgrade, update, and change up to the standard BB look...Add some colour to it...All that much more sweet :)

Here comes Santa Bully,
Here comes Santa Bully ,
Right down Santa Bully Lane.

Only Crackberry and Colorware could make Christmas white.

Actually Maroon with white trim would be Awesomely Awesome.

Crackberry and Colorware rocks my Christmas Tree.

That's such an exciting prize. I've messed around on the Colorware site and would do it up in Purple and Grey.

I want a ColorMeCrackBerry, orange, white and a hint of blue. Hell, put the logo on it too, that would be awesome...

I want a ColorWare'd CrackBerry BlackBerry.

Thank you, you may continue on.

Just don't have the extra cash to paint my gadgets. So hook me up so I can finally get my colorware on!!!!

Thank you, Crackberry, for opening my eyes to the endless possibilities capable of our phones. Thanks for the support and lessons you provide through this site and twitter. I never would have imagined the lengths to which Blackberries could be customized, but with that Colorware phone, it's becoming clearer.
I definitely wouldn't mind rockin' a Coloware Torch. Hell, that teal one in the picture looks so damn good, my choice is set if I were to win this contest.