Contest: Win a CrackBerry Coveroo for your BlackBerry!

Win a CrackBerry Coveroo!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 05:17 pm EST

10 CrackBerry Coveroos to Be Won!
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w00t! I've got my BlackBerry Bold back! After Rene posted up his Round Robin BlackBerry Bold review yesterday, he was good enough to head to the UPS store and have it shipped to me express. In anticipation of FINALLY getting my BlackBerry Bold back, I had a special present waiting here to give her upon arrival, and you're looking at it above... a customized CrackBerry Coveroo!

Haven't heard of Coveroo yet? Well you have now! They just launched last week and are all about device personalization. Here's the official verbage:

Coveroo is the new electronic fashion accessory, specializing in RIM products, that takes your phone from drab to fab and will be delivering its first step in creating a world where personal electronics is truly that - personal.

In a nutshell, Coveroo replaces the original back cover on your mobile device and quickly, easily and affordably provides a custom one featuring lasered artwork from your favorite band, TV show, movie or artist. Coveroo launches with over 250 high-quality designs from leading brands - some of which are being made commercially available for the first time - such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Madonna, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Barbie. Coveroo early adopters and trend-setters looking to stand out, promote a position, carry a reminder of their favorite things and make their personal electronics as unique as they are include a growing list of celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez.

The sophistication of the laser technology and engraving process, along with the exclusive licensing deals made with leading brands and covetted artists, allows Coveroo to fullful its mission of personalization in a way that is unmatched by any other on the market today. Coveroo offers the greatest choice, most cost-effective, high-quality and time-efficient solution for device personalization.

Now how cool is that? Be sure to jump over to for more information and to browse their selection. Coveroos for the Bold, Curve 83xx and Pearl 81xx are currently available and support for the Pearl Flip, Storm and 8900 is on the way.


In honor of the safe return of my BlackBerry Bold, we've cooked up a little contest. Coveroo is supplying CrackBerry Coveroos (like the ones pictured above) to 10 lucky readers. Simply be logged into and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win. Contest ends December 28th at midnight PST.

And don't worry, the winners will get their choice of CrackBerry Coveroo even if it's one of the devices not currently yet supported in the store. Need something to comment on? Why not tell us what kind of Coveroo you'd like for your BlackBerry. And whaddya think of the CrackBerry Coveroo? Should we order these in bulk and make them available via A CrackBerry Coveroo might just be the must-have accessory of 2009! Good Luck!!

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Contest: Win a CrackBerry Coveroo for your BlackBerry!



Cool looking and good FREE ADVERTISING, which I don't mind, for site!
Hope to find it will fit the Storm

My unbiased opinion is that you should give one of these to the person with the name that says the most about his feelings for his Blackberry, and for say give a CRACKBERRY COVEROO to CRACKBERRYCURVE!!!!

I wonder how Kevin got that custom Crackberry case made.
I tried looking for a customization option but couldn't find it =(

I actually work for ATT in a ritsy part of AZ. The customers would go nuts over these cases. Do we get referral credits?

Wow what a great idea. I think this will be a late Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Thank you Kevin, It would be so nice to win a CrackBerry cover as well. :)

Many choices! I would love to put one of these on the Bold that I'm going to win. :) Since there are no cats I will go for the Stargate Circle Symbol. Nice.

The back of my phone is all covered up by my case. I could make an exception if I won one of these.

This is a fun idea... Would love to see being able to upload images or signatures to have made into these... Really like the whole name on the the black one...

I have to have one of those of my BABY!! I can see it now.. She'll be sooooo Beautiful in her leather coat!!

Crackberry website ROCKS and so does this cover,,

I love my Blackberry curve but I think Im ready for the Storm,,,Merry christmas to me !!

I gotta say, I like the Crackberry one better than any of the designs on the site so far :)

Thanks for the contest. Santa needs to add one for the 8830 WE which is what I have. If not I hope that everyone has a great Christmas and a joyous, safe New Year!!

...again best wishes to everyone this holiday season and remember your family and those troops who aren't lucky enough to spend the holiday with family. They are in my prayers...

I would love to have a coveroo, in lime green or maybe cowspots. Something different that no one else would have.

My youngest daughter loves faries. Imagine my suprise to see not one but five different designs. What type of material is the coveroo made of?

Super fresh, really feeelin the laser etch to the skin-like back of the Bold. Reminds me of laser etched Jordan III's. Now can I have one?

Definitely a must have sale on CrackBerry.Com and definitely a must have fashion statement. I would love to have one like in the picture - purple but with the words "Crackberry Maestro" ;) Would be a dream gift for my BOLD!!!

These are pretty neat. If someone wanted a logo from a college other than UCLA (like perhaps University of Virginia at Wise) for the Storm would we have to go through licensing, etc?


What a great idea! I'm curious to know if the design is etched on the back of the cover or is a sticker? I hope I win one!! Happy Holidays!


I would like to have such a coveroo. Seems cool to me, its for a storm. Is that available, I dont see it at there website...:S


This is such a great idea! Its different than anything else. I can't wait till it comes around for the storm!

What an awesome idea. And not only that, they are great to deal with!!

Happy Holidys to all and thank you for being here for us!!!

Just upgraded from a 1st gen Pearl (8100) to a gently used Curve 8310 that the owner no longer wanted (they had 2 of them) so I gave it new life. Granted it isn't a Bold or Javelin but it's better than what I had before. Would love to get a free cover, of course. Keep on truckin', Crackberry.

When I first saw this cover, I was freaking out because it looks great. A non-blackberry user friend had a smirk on his face until I made him come take a look at it. I think he wants one too and like I said...he doesn't even own a blackberry. These are awesome. Do they really come with the crackberry logo?!?!?

I'm glad you got your Bold back! The cover looks awesome on the Bold. I like how they even engraved Kevin's name. My Bold is jealous.

I would love to have a coveroo for my bb flip.
The ones for the BB bold with the Crackberry logo look great! Hope to get something similar for my Flip.

This looks like a handy thing to have for your BB, especially for someone like me who seems to drop it frequently. I have a hard case on it right now, but having a "dressing change" for my Curve would be cool.
Hope I win.

I work for a local wireless company here in Virginia and have been known to my peers as somewhat of a Blackberry expert. I'm always helping others with their issues with their Berries and advising them the best sites for their Berries are either or, alot of people are taken by the name, but once I explain to them the meaning behind the name as well as the wealth of information found here, they all become registered members. I myself check this site before any other Blackberry site, and would love to win and have my Berry fitted with the CB branded skin. If I don't win, please make these skins available on the Crackberry store I would love to have one... even if I have to pay for one!!


I've been waiting for something like this to come out (I have a Zune, Microsoft's iPod and they have a similar service they offer right on their website) this is amazing!!

I love yours Kevin, I'm so jealous holy crap.

To have my name laser engraved on the back of my Bold... WOW.

I've for a long time considered ColorWare but it looks better on the Curve then the Bold, this is exactly what I've wanted I will most definately be purchasing this in the near future.


think about how pro when clients come in to BUY their berries and ask to see mine, and i just HAPPEN to have the CB logo on the back ;)

i like the one, but on their site there is a dragon design i'd like to get but its not showing up as one of the choices.

this would be the perfect christmas gift even if it is late. Look forward to winning one or getting one in the near future. Merry Christmas.

I would like one of these if I could get a custom design, say some flames, or a maltese cross, but that is just me. If not, Achmed would be - terrifying. Silence -- I kill you!

sweet crackberry coveroo skin... i have like four skins for my blackberry curve 8330. having a coveroo one would be sickk.

I'd love to see what Coveroo can do with the Storm's brushed aluminum battery door. Count me in on this giveaway!

I have been hunting for a way to customize/personalize my BB, and not just the screen or audio, ever since I got it. Now, finally it would seem, that what I have been hunting and wishing for has arrived. After the way things have been going for me lately, if I could win this not only would it make my day but it would show me there really are brighter days ahead for me.

if we werent to win one would they be available to the public with the cb logo?
cause a red back with a cb logo would look sweet on my bold and a lotta people would be jealous!

I'd like to see them make a coveroo with the logo for the Xavier School for Gifted Children on it. Or maybe the Deadpool seal.

I'm not one for overly customizing the external properties of my devices, but this actually looks pretty cool. Professional and tasteful.

Without a doubt if I had a choice on what I would get on the back of my new bold, it would be the PENN STATE logo!

1. Penn State has the largest Alumni Association in the world! Therefore chances are everyday I am on my phone it will catch someone's eye and build me a new contact!

2. I paid/will continue to pay for a long time, 4 years of out of state tuition at PSU!


4. Maybe if I had a PSU Coverloo I would be able to change my Wallpaper to something not Penn State! (Probably been PSU Related for 2+ years!)

5. I currently still have an Apt @ Penn State and carry my student ID with me everywhere!

6. Penn State Tattoo coming soon!

These coveroos are so cool. If I dont win one I am going to have to order one anyways. Must have blackberry accessory IMO!

There are times when a company needs to stand up and take a bow, and this is one of those times. Let's face it, this is greatness. I will be getting one for my Storm, if not for free, then when they start making them for the Storm I will. It would be so nice to have the Stargate logo and my name.

This is would make an awsome additon to my blackberry curve. Stylish yet not over the top. I love it!

Heck yes this is a great idea and a great way to get the CB logo known all over. Great P.R. here all the way around. And a great way to 'cover' your crackberry addiction!
Im all in!!

Wow, what cool look for my blackberry and also serves as great protection. Crackberry you've done it again. Thank you for making me proud to be a blackberry owner. We stand out from the rest!!!!

This is probably one of the best looking covers for the BB series, and the fact that it can be personalized just makes it all that much better!

I think the coveroo looks great. I have found this site most helpful in my 1 month journey into the world of Blackberry.

I would love to win a Coveroo (Krusty The Clown) to send to my son who has a BB Pearl. Hope to hear that I have won.

The Coveroo would be a great way to personalize my blackberry curve 8330. I am always looking for ways to stand out. It would to great to be the first at work to show off the coveroo and start the craze. It looks like a cool cover.

That's a great idea! I've never heard of Coveroo's before. I think I'd do the same thing as Kevin's, The huge CB logo and Crackberry Phill at the bottom!

This cover looks awesome. I'm always looking at new covers for my curve and I'm headed over to now to see just what they have.

Just got my new Blackberry Storm and would love keeping it covered in a coveroo. Would love to see one in a Giraffe print, like the Dooney Burke purse, if possible.

I think this is a good concept. I hope to see more designs from Coveroo. The price seems fairly reasonable too. Hope I can win one! ;)

I love the look of the crackberry ones. Even if I don't win one I hope they sell the crackberry ones on their site...

It is great that there are so many fun new ideas out there to allow one to personalize their electronics. They have become such a big part of our lives!

Pretty interesting way to change the look of back cover. Wonder if they will expand what can be engraved on it. Maybe a military logo or something similar.

These look so cool! If I win, my husband will be so jealous and buy one for his Curve. I hope I win, I hope I win.

Yes, I think that if Crackberry purchased these and resold them, it would be a money maker! I would like a CrackBerry Coveroo for my CrackBerry Curve

Thank you...CrackBerry Curve