Contest: Win a CrackBerry Coveroo for your BlackBerry!

Win a CrackBerry Coveroo!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 05:17 pm EST

10 CrackBerry Coveroos to Be Won!
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w00t! I've got my BlackBerry Bold back! After Rene posted up his Round Robin BlackBerry Bold review yesterday, he was good enough to head to the UPS store and have it shipped to me express. In anticipation of FINALLY getting my BlackBerry Bold back, I had a special present waiting here to give her upon arrival, and you're looking at it above... a customized CrackBerry Coveroo!

Haven't heard of Coveroo yet? Well you have now! They just launched last week and are all about device personalization. Here's the official verbage:

Coveroo is the new electronic fashion accessory, specializing in RIM products, that takes your phone from drab to fab and will be delivering its first step in creating a world where personal electronics is truly that - personal.

In a nutshell, Coveroo replaces the original back cover on your mobile device and quickly, easily and affordably provides a custom one featuring lasered artwork from your favorite band, TV show, movie or artist. Coveroo launches with over 250 high-quality designs from leading brands - some of which are being made commercially available for the first time - such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Madonna, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Barbie. Coveroo early adopters and trend-setters looking to stand out, promote a position, carry a reminder of their favorite things and make their personal electronics as unique as they are include a growing list of celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez.

The sophistication of the laser technology and engraving process, along with the exclusive licensing deals made with leading brands and covetted artists, allows Coveroo to fullful its mission of personalization in a way that is unmatched by any other on the market today. Coveroo offers the greatest choice, most cost-effective, high-quality and time-efficient solution for device personalization.

Now how cool is that? Be sure to jump over to for more information and to browse their selection. Coveroos for the Bold, Curve 83xx and Pearl 81xx are currently available and support for the Pearl Flip, Storm and 8900 is on the way.


In honor of the safe return of my BlackBerry Bold, we've cooked up a little contest. Coveroo is supplying CrackBerry Coveroos (like the ones pictured above) to 10 lucky readers. Simply be logged into and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win. Contest ends December 28th at midnight PST.

And don't worry, the winners will get their choice of CrackBerry Coveroo even if it's one of the devices not currently yet supported in the store. Need something to comment on? Why not tell us what kind of Coveroo you'd like for your BlackBerry. And whaddya think of the CrackBerry Coveroo? Should we order these in bulk and make them available via A CrackBerry Coveroo might just be the must-have accessory of 2009! Good Luck!!

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Contest: Win a CrackBerry Coveroo for your BlackBerry!



Crackberry Coveroos, who wouldn't be crazy for one. They are the perfect way to show just how addicted we all are to our BB.

Thanks for having a wealth of information to help me with the slightly overwhelming task of learning about my new blackberry!

The manual you get with the phone is totally useless... and I would still be fumbling around if it wasn't for this site.

KUDO's to you!

And... Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays or a reasonable facsimile of what you are celebrating this month!


Great idea. A blue one on my storm will be sweet and make my roommate with his iphone feel even more inferior. Too bad for him.

Very nice... oh and to have the Crackberry logo all my co- workers will be in awe. Nice too see the fun things being offered.
Merry Christmas!

man this website ROX - they give away things right and left, have contests, badass phone reviews add that with free ring tones wallpaper and all the software, accessories- DUDE this website doesn't STOp!

Thanks Kevin!

Wow!!! These are very nice looking covers. I need to check out what one looks like on a curve. I would like one of these.

They're amazing. Any idea if they start with OEM backs? Got to get me one of the Stewie Griffin Go to Hell ones.

the backs in the pic look great, i would love to win one.

make it a crackberry christmas for the little guy in NY !!!

They say in rehab, so I'm told, is that the first step towards recovery is admitting your addiction. What better way to show my addiction and to start my recovery than with having a Crackberry Coveroo. Having one in pink would be oh so sweet!!!!!

This is definitely the coolest thing ever since sliced bread. I really want one of these coveroo covers. What's even more amazing is that you can even create your own designs, wow!

This is definitely the coolest thing ever since sliced bread. I really want one of these coveroo covers. What's even more amazing is that you can even create your own designs, wow!

Reminds me of Polka-dot Door..hahaha!

I need a coveroo because I show off my Blackberry Bold so much that when I turn it over, i can show (not only tell) my friends where they can find the best blackberry, news, reviews, support, and accessories for their own blackberry.

Once they see that logo on the back of my Bold, Crackberry will be forever etched into their brains (pun intended).

Reminds me of Polka Dot Door, hahaha1

I need a Crackberry coveroo because I show off my Blackberry Bold so much, that when I turn it over, my friends can see (rather than only hear) where to find the best crackberry news, reviews, forums and accessories for their own Blackberry.

Once they see my cool Crackberry coverooo, the logo will be "laser etched" into their brains forever! (pun intended)

That's so dang cool!
Of course you should order 'em en-mass and sell em in the crackberry store!

I just bought a Unlocked Radgers BlackBerry Bold and have not seen it yet. I am in the USA Air Force and have been in Afghanistan for 5 months now. I get back to my home in Minnesota in three weeks. I think I would be really cool to have my own personal CRACKBERRY cover for my new BOLD!


that sounds amazing.... it looks kinda like the NERF stuff i used to play with as a kid, and God knows the back of my 8130 is gonna scratch like hell... my fingers are crossed!!

I just bought a Unlocked Radgers BlackBerry Bold and have not seen it yet. I am in the USA Air Force and have been in Afghanistan for 5 months now. I get back to my home in Minnesota in three weeks. I think I would be really cool to have my own personal CRACKBERRY cover for my new BOLD!


Wow! What a way to personalize your berry. I have the red curve and would love nothing more than to have mine with a ladybug on the back. It definitely would make a nice conversation piece. I even like those with the Crackberry logo.

My battery cover is busted RIGHT at the part where it meets the clip on the phone. Had to superglue that itsy bisty teenie weenie part back on the cover.

I can use a NEW Coveroo!

Need one! Finally a way 2 make the BB look as awesome on the outside as the themeside.(minus BB meets Dremel) Just tell me there will be a dragon:)

I could use one for my blackberry curve 8310 (red)! These Coveroos r awesome! This is a good idea and concept because the back of my berry is so ugly without something like this!

I checked out the site and I love the fairies! I am new to the BB, and I have gone crazy personalizing it-I've only had it since the 10th of Dec and I already have Bodyguardz on it, a rockstar skin, a car charger, a second battery, a pink case, a bluetooth headset, and I have three more skins in case my mood changes. And it will, trust me, it will! I've made themes to match each one, too.

I totally get the term "Crackberry" now. If I can't sleep I will mess around on it and my husband will sometimes wake up, raise his head, look at me, shake his head and go back to sleep. I swear he mumbles something about "Crackberry" lol.

One thing I like about the Coveroos is that the Bodygaurdz seem like they would work on them just like they work on the original back cover, and since BG come with two whole covers, you could switch back and forth.

Maybe it's just me, but I think the more options for switching it up and making sure my device reflects me at that given moment, the better!

Sweet action! A new way to customize my BB and make it my own? Sign me up! I wish they had Coveroos for the 8220, but when they get them, yo can bet I'll want one! I'm already thinking of designs!

Though I have had my bold long before some, canadian release, and didnt win the storm contest, this would be a great one to WIN! Really sharp and clean looking!

thanks CB! Heres hoping!

As a new Blackberry & Crackberry user, loving the Storm, I will leave my comment by saying:

Thank you all for making Crackberry the site that it is renowned throughout the wireless community to be!

Happy Holidays!


Gotta get a COVEROO !! For my BB, of course.

Just love the sound of that name.

- CB


I would definitely love one of these accessories. The crackberry one is cool! This is without a doubt my favorite and most visited site and have recommended it to a new Blackberry user on my job. PLEASE PLEASE make me a winner...

I would be the envy of the rest of the Blackberry community at work. These things are off the hook and I need to have one.

oh man, that would be a great xmas gift!
do i really need to order one or are you gonna send me one anyway? ;-)

Not sure if I have ever seen any of your winners coming from the UK - but I would love to be the first!!

I have my new bold and it would love to show off to all my UK Blackberry fans!!

It would also show those iPhone users how plain their device is!!

Great site by the way!!


me~~me ~~
first time to be here ,我很高兴!!!
I LVU CB as much as my wife~~~hohoho~~~~~

from berrytimes China.

coveroo's are the best thing invented since kangaroo's! lol

seriously, the best thing invented since the blackberry

Long time CB surfer/first time blogger. Awsome idea. What a great place to flare up your BB. Love to have my university logo on it! Happy Holidays, Ned

As much as I'd like a Coveroo customised with the Star Trek logo or Scarlett Johansson's mobile number, I suppose one with the CrackBerry logo is still pretty sweet (and anyway, I've got Scarlett's PIN on my BlackBerry Messenger in case she makes a late-night booty call). Oh - hang on - this is the _real_ world? Bugger. :<

Here's my comment...laugh. I love the looks of these and hope I win!!! I have a Storm, but I know they're working on those.



The most awesome Coveroo to go along with the most awesome phone displaying the image of the most awesome band won by the most awesome Crackberry user. I think that sounds right. :)

Merry Christmas from Joint Base Balad, Iraq! This looks like a pretty cool cover. I can't wait to get home at the end of January and get my new Storm!

I just checked their webpage and I didn't see a USC or Star Wars logo/design. Once they have those designs, i'll get one for sure.

I've seen Blackberry accessories from here to just over there. But these Coveroos have to be the best thing since slice bread! They're subtle, but look extremely well made! Top stuff!

Indeed Kevin, get these in the store! I'd buy one (Or 2 cos Red looks awesome too!)... A must have indeed for CrackBerry addicts everywhere.

Oh and good to see your Bold arrived back Safely. Looks like the guys in the reviews took good care of it in the Round Robin. Personally I think you're crazy for letting such a gorgeous phone out of your site..(I panic when my Bold goes missing!).. but now it's back you have no excuse to keep it by your side!

That CB logo and my name below it just like in the picture would be sweet adn would make for a nice bonus Christmas present for my storm that im getting tomorrow.

I Live in Revelstoke BC and i've done all I can to spread the good word of the berry and but nothing would show my addiction and loyalty like a CB branded door for my bold! soo a CB autographed (by kevin himself)berry pride acessory could only do good things in canada's western province.

Love from BC to MB Kev! Pick me! Pick me!

did i mention i want the jets back in the peg! winterpeg is where my father first moved to in canada from Greece so i have strong ties to your wonderfully flat city :)

oh and go bombers? lol

Having been recently introduced to the Blackberry world via the Bold, I'm still in the learning process of discovering what Blackberry is all about, but find the discoveries amazing! It may not be as consumer as a Windows Mobile device, but it certainly is on it's way there. A couple of years more and RIM is surely going to nail this down.

I would love to win a customized cover for my new Bold! Thanks!

Those Crackberry coveroo's are awesome I would love to have one, be it via your store or free :), their selection is great especially the cartoons I definetely see one of these in my future.

Wow...just got my first crackberry...just joined crackberry...just entered my first crackberry contest...and I didn't even have to wait for Christmas Day...Wow

So classy looking. The "Beautiful Peacock" would be my choice if I were to get one of these, and I might even if I don't win one here.

Definately need to have something reminding me of my wife. This will help as she has noticed way too much time on the BB or at Crackberry.Will help score points.

This is a sweet cover and it will represent my Crackberry @ddiction. Please select me to have one of these battery covers! I would greatly appreciate it......

Dear Santa,

I've been an especially good boy this year and would love a coveroo for my Curve. Milk and cookies are under the tree :)

Sorry about the 3 comments. The server kept throwing back an error and would not allow me to post. Well I kept clicking post and then you see the effect of that.

Wow these are really cool. They are a way of personal expressions without totally taking away from the phones good looks also. This will look great on all of the RIM products and are going to need to be carried in the store. I for sure want one.

Wow these are really cool. They are a way of personal expressions without totally taking away from the phones good looks also. This will look great on all of the RIM products and are going to need to be carried in the store. I for sure want one.

Wow these are really cool. They are a way of personal expressions without totally taking away from the phones good looks also. This will look great on all of the RIM products and are going to need to be carried in the store. I for sure want one.

lol Free stuff rocks!!! Thx Kevin 4 all the contests, I really love how all we gotta do is post! lol Easiest contest ever!! Merry Ho Ho everyone!

The CB Coveroo is just way cool and It would be nice to have, but I have a curve so I would just have to make do with a little simpler design. Think I might just have to have one. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

The cover looks great and very stylish and the grip on the device I am sure will be more secure


These covers look great and very stylish, not to mention secure looking at the grip aspect of the device.

I must have a Coveroo!!! I wonder if they could laser a photo on one? I'd love one with a pic of my kids on it. How cute would that be?

Just got my Bold today (more exciting than Christmas). I think they're a cool idea, particularly if they could all be personalised with your nam. Merry Crimbo evcerybody!

What about some Christian-themed Coveroos? Or career related: teachers, engineers, etc. Those don't even need licensing.


I wouldn't mind having the Bold back CB cover in black still, it would be a definite seller on the accessory list for 2009

I just purchased a BB Bold - it is my first blackberry (moving from Palm based systems).

Hoping to be lucky enough to score a Coveroo from you!

Those things look pretty awesome. Thanks for the post!


This is very cool. I would love to have something like this for my Storm. Going to check out the website now!!!

I have been stuck in the snow for the past week and I would love to get hooked up. :) I'm rolling with a 9000.

I think its a great looking product. Give some BOLD character to your crackberry. I think its great. I would want one for the BOLD im buying. It helps set my crackberry apart from everybody else and I like that. I work for a phone company and I want everybody at work to know my Bold is better than theirs!

I love how there are so many ways to customize your Berry!! And Crackberry is the place to get everything you need!!

this is actually a really cool idea for BB's.... i'd like to see it where you can upload your own artwork.

dancing domo or krusty the clown for bold please...
in either red or black...
it will be off the hook!!!!

Ohh I want one. Not sure what i want printed on it yet though. Maybe an Amnesty International Logo, or Lawyer's Committe for Human Rights, Or just an I (heart) Habeus Corpus.


This would be a perfect holiday gift for me because I want people to see me rocking my Crackberry Coveroo on my brand new Blackberry Storm. It would also boost my popularity. lol. ;)

That would be sweet to have on my Bold. Especially when people ask me where I got my apps and ringtones, wallpapers now I can just show them my Bold.

Those are steller covers. I have been thinking about buying one of the silicon covers off of ebay for my storm but I mite just have to wait for these to come out for my storm.

I would want mine to be a green color and can we have our names engraved like yours Kevin? That would be awesome.

The Crook's and Castle's Medusa Head on my Coveroo! The Crackberry one would be nice to just to show how much of an Addict I am!!!

Ooohh.....let me see...Giants, Mets, or Nine Inch Nails please!! Hey, just to let you know, my b-day is 12/31, and a coveroo would be a SWEET present! :)

for this crackberry member one of the few things that would make my perfect BOLD even more that . i have the black bezel and it looks so sexy but come on that would top the cake .

Coveroos are cool! I had not seen them before. Pretty neat idea. Maybe they will give you the option to upload your own image someday! Till then a CB one will rock!


Those look awesome, I love both colors. Definitely should make these available in the store. Customizable ones would be nice

Make one for the storm! But i still want to win one, know someone who would love this as a gift! Thanks crackberry!

I am a pretty new crackberry addict but i think one of these coveroos would start my new year a crackin in style. Love the site and Merry Christmas to everyone.

YOU GUYS!!!!! ROCK.... I throughly enjoy everything i read from this site and can't tell enough ppl about this website. CRACKBERRY.COM FTW.....