Contest: Win a CrackBerry Coveroo for your BlackBerry!

Win a CrackBerry Coveroo!
By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 05:17 pm EST

10 CrackBerry Coveroos to Be Won!
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w00t! I've got my BlackBerry Bold back! After Rene posted up his Round Robin BlackBerry Bold review yesterday, he was good enough to head to the UPS store and have it shipped to me express. In anticipation of FINALLY getting my BlackBerry Bold back, I had a special present waiting here to give her upon arrival, and you're looking at it above... a customized CrackBerry Coveroo!

Haven't heard of Coveroo yet? Well you have now! They just launched last week and are all about device personalization. Here's the official verbage:

Coveroo is the new electronic fashion accessory, specializing in RIM products, that takes your phone from drab to fab and will be delivering its first step in creating a world where personal electronics is truly that - personal.

In a nutshell, Coveroo replaces the original back cover on your mobile device and quickly, easily and affordably provides a custom one featuring lasered artwork from your favorite band, TV show, movie or artist. Coveroo launches with over 250 high-quality designs from leading brands - some of which are being made commercially available for the first time - such as The Beatles, AC/DC, Madonna, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Barbie. Coveroo early adopters and trend-setters looking to stand out, promote a position, carry a reminder of their favorite things and make their personal electronics as unique as they are include a growing list of celebrities such as Dustin Hoffman, Eva Longoria and Mario Lopez.

The sophistication of the laser technology and engraving process, along with the exclusive licensing deals made with leading brands and covetted artists, allows Coveroo to fullful its mission of personalization in a way that is unmatched by any other on the market today. Coveroo offers the greatest choice, most cost-effective, high-quality and time-efficient solution for device personalization.

Now how cool is that? Be sure to jump over to for more information and to browse their selection. Coveroos for the Bold, Curve 83xx and Pearl 81xx are currently available and support for the Pearl Flip, Storm and 8900 is on the way.


In honor of the safe return of my BlackBerry Bold, we've cooked up a little contest. Coveroo is supplying CrackBerry Coveroos (like the ones pictured above) to 10 lucky readers. Simply be logged into and leave a comment to this blog post and you'll be entered to win. Contest ends December 28th at midnight PST.

And don't worry, the winners will get their choice of CrackBerry Coveroo even if it's one of the devices not currently yet supported in the store. Need something to comment on? Why not tell us what kind of Coveroo you'd like for your BlackBerry. And whaddya think of the CrackBerry Coveroo? Should we order these in bulk and make them available via A CrackBerry Coveroo might just be the must-have accessory of 2009! Good Luck!!

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Contest: Win a CrackBerry Coveroo for your BlackBerry!




I can't count the number of nights that I have lost sleep... just hoping Kevin would get his Bold back.

Looks great. I like to one with Kevin's name and it would look great on a Bold (with my name of course).

I definitely want a Crackberry Coveroo!! I am on the website multiple times a week and love to tell others about it!

Thanks for keeping us updated!!

Coveroo, now that's a hoooooooo of a deal... Those are so cool looking. I love the colors, and the textures too. Yes, bulk ordering for ShopCrackberry is an excellent idea.

I love the Stewie Griffin Coveroo. Hilarious.
It would be nice if these could be personalized with your own message/design. Still, it's a cool idea.

These Coveroos are very unique and interesting! I like the Indian inspired designs like the Mehindis and Peacocks! VERY cool!

I don't see an option to upload my own company logo to use? I can get Homer Simpson, etc. but I can't use my own company logo?

I think this is a fantastic idea! I have been searching high and low for a way to personalize my device. I enjoy personalization by way of themes, wallpapers and ringtones (Oh my!) But a way to personalize a case is great! I have read many of the other posts regarding how to "perminantely" personalize your blackberry by having it painted, but to have a few options at hand was unheard of until today! I can't wait to get my hands on one of these new cases!

hey i have the curve from sprint would love to have this cover from coveroo. because i think they are cool


Yo these are on fire!!! I gotta have one for my curve. I think you guys should order them in bulk. These would sell really well.

Those are frak'n awesome, I can haz one pwwwweeeaase! Has to be CrackBerry branded as well though ;)

I have to say this is probably the nicest cover I've seen for my blackberry, I just hope that I'm one of those lucky people who win one :D. My little ol' Curve won't be naked anymore.

That is an awesome looking product. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? I'd reeeeeeeaallllly like one since Santa isn't bringing me anything this year. Perhaps you could be my santa and bring me one for my Curve. I promise to stop and show it to everyone I see.

brushed gun metal coveroo for the storm 9530 .. not sure about how id customize it yet but def want my name on it!

I think this is just about the greatest accessory I could buy for my BlackBerry Bold. I am a huge Star Trek Fan and would love a Coveroo of Star Trek. I have to hand it to CrackBerry.Com and to Kevin, especially, as well as all the other contributors, for finding such innovative products for our BlackBerries. LONG LIVE CRACKBERRY.COM. :)

What a great idea. I love it! But even with all the available coveroos, I'd choose a Crackberry Coveroo.

Remember - The first step is admitting you are a Crackberry Addict!

~ Deborah

Those are pretty sweet! I'd love one for my Curve. Just checked out the site and they aren't even ridiculously expensive! I think I'd want one with my favorite band's logo on it.

This is a nice way to pimp out my Bold. Not to mention, when teachers/classmates ask me to get off my phone, I can just show them the CB logo and go back to my business sending/replying to messages

This would look fantastic on my BlackBerry Bold ;). And nothing like sporting to all my customers when I show off this baby. I love how it looks!

The Coveroo's are simply AWESOME!!! I'd love to have one on the back of my BOLD. I already have the maroon back and having a maroon Coveroo would be saaaa-weet!

I would like the Crackberry logo one. I would love to even buy one if I don't win so I hope that you do buy a bulk load of them and sell them in the CB store. I want one in MAROON for my BOLD!!!

Since I was a poor boy in eastern europe all I ever dreamt of was getting a Coveroo. Not that I'm in the State all I ever hope for is a Coveroo.

these look sweet!!!! would def take a crackberry one for my BOLD!!!! should stock these kev, i think they would sell!

I was at my son's Christmas pageant and the lady in front of me had a Bold. She had just gotten it the night before and was asking me all I knew about it. I told her to go to for all the answers. (This is a true story, not just a shameless attempt at sucking up).

Dear Santa.

I recently bought my first Blackberry. Went for the BOLD and haven't looked back. As a result, the sheep in my office have all gone out and emBOLDened themselves so I have lost my uniqueness and bragging rights. Please, please, please bring this Canadian crackberry convert a special surprise to re-establish my BOLDness!!!! They look awesome.... and I can guarantee my farm-friendly friends will all bleat in envy... as these are not readily available for purchase here in Canada.


Little Eddie Wight (age 43 - Toronto, Ontario)

PS. I still believe!!!!

I wouldn't turn down a Purdue Coveroo, but they don't have one. I mean, it rhymes, I can't believe they don't have it yet. What's the big deal with UCLA? But I "suppose" I find another one I'll be cool with.

I wouldn't turn down a Purdue Coveroo, but they don't have one. I mean, it rhymes, I can't believe they don't have it yet. What's the big deal with UCLA? But I "suppose" I find another one I'll be cool with.

awesome also i work for att and i put crackberry wallpapers on all the display models in 6 stores in New Orleans lol good stuff man

man the blue one looks especially nice. I bet these will run a lot, but I might be picking one up for the storm when tit's released anyway

I just logged into crackberry and noticed your article about Coveroo. These are the coolest thing I have seen. I have only had my Blackberry Curve a short time, but already I am looking at ways to dress it up. Since I have received this device I now understand how folks become addicted to them.... If that is the case I am proud to be addicted!!!

Those look pretty cool. Now just need to get my back cover fixed so that way it could be seen without having to have a cover to keep the cover on.

What a GREAT idea! I bought an OEM red cover for my bold to "spice" it up, now I wish I would have waited. These covers are awesome!

I think these items will be the must have accessory for 2009! I sure hope I win one of these cool items for my Blackberry 9530 the storm! So please chose me!

Unfortunately, I am not cleveroo enough to convinceroo you that my 8300 Curveroo deserves a Coveroo blanketed over it's caseroo. So I'll just say Please, and thanks in advance!

My life changed when I got my BlackBerry, it changed again when I found, but a Trifecta? It must be a Christmas miracle! CBCBCB!PICK ME!CBCBCB

I want a Coveroo. I want to know who is in charge of picking the winners! I want a word with this person.

I want one please! It will go great with my new Storm. Maybe one with the founders' signatures?

Happy Holidays!!

Unfortunately, I am not cleveroo enough to convinceroo you that my 8300 Curveroo deserves a Coveroo blanketed over it's caseroo. So I'll just say Please, and thanks in advance!

Ugh, how about giving me one because my beautiful bold doesn't have one to protect it and that would be a shame to have a perfectly good Crackberry get scratched or dented because you didn't give me one of those cool cases! :)

The Coveroo looks great on the bold. I just have a regular red back that I bought from Crackberry on my BOLD. It would be great to have the Crackberry logo with my name engraved on my pretty BOLD. :-)

That is so cool!It protects the Blackberry and is personalized in a way that is totally different than anything that I've ever seen. I want one!!

Love the coveroo....I love the fact that you can customize it with different colors. It would be great to have more battery covers for the bold. Hope I win one!!!

These coveroos are a fabulous accessory and this blackberry girl must have one for her next Berry 8900 series (whenever Tmobile gets them)......PLEASE!

Love the Bold OM, Peace Stamp and an Obama Coveroo would be a great addition or politics as a category would be worth exploring.

Good luck to me.


Kevin those are pretty awesome! its about time someone did this. they would look wonderful on my bold :)

Love to have one for my Curve! Oh yea and I am addicted to this site...was reading the forum in bed last night! Holy Crap! Where's the Tylenol?!

Wow! This is an awesome idea! Great way to customize your BB and show our Crackberry support!!

I'd love to have one of these for my Storm... I'm not sure what I'd get yet. I'm about to head over to the site to take a took and see whats offered.

My decision to get a Blackberry 8320 was made mostly by the stuff I read from the community here.....I am a trendy hipster soon to be adding lots of informative, enlightening and highly interesting stuff everyone will clamor to read !!! I think you sort of owe me for walking around ultra-hip South Fl. and being an advert for your site. I could probably sell four or so with every walk by the bocce ball court , crips HQ or bingo hall !!

Lem in 561

The look great!!! What colors fo they the come in and can you get them personalized to say anything, like the name you gave your berry?

I really really really really really really really really really really really really want a Crackberry Coveroo!!!!!!!

*This message brought to you by copy/paste. Try doing that on an iPhone.

Happy Holidays All!!! Just got my BB 8320 (Sunset Red T-Mobile) two weeks ago after getting rid of the Storm. I am thrilled to be a part of an active community where people are constantly sharing their BB experiences. I look forward to becoming a "Crackberry Crackhead" lol!

BlackBerry 4 Life!!!

This definitely takes Blackberry personality to the next level. When I first laid eyes on this post, I really liked the whole innovative business idea. Only one word can really humbly describe this new product; COOL. Personally I would definitely like to think that a lot of individuals will be carrying one of these Coveroo designs on their BB’s across the WORLD, in 09.


These things look cool as h3ll! And if you don't win at least they are a reasonably priced alternative to having it custom painted. Would be sweet to show off my crackberry love to the free world!

Oh yeah, pick me!

i would love to have a Coveroo for my new Curve 8900, when it comes out early '09. Please show some love to the BrownBerry916! :-)

I've never heard of a coveroo. But they do look very cool. Where can you get one if you don't win?

I just spoke to an operator at Coveroo and they will have a cover for the storm in January. Put me in for one!!

That is an awesome concept!!!! I love that!!!! I would love to be able to personalize my new Bold with my own flair!!!

Whew hoo, Coveroo!!!!!

That CB logo looks awesome! I like how bold it is (excuse the pun). I have a curve and would definitely like one as a New Year's present. Happy Holidays!!!

The times are tough now, just getting tougher
This old world is rough, its just getting rougher
Cover me, come on baby, cover a Coveroo for my BOLD :-)

Now this is something totally new to update my BB Bold. I just wish they took custom orders or expanded their offerings. But any true crackberry addict would definitely want this one!!!!!!

OMG that is really cool and sweet.....I definitely want one or two or three. This would be a cool Christmas Gift suprise to me via CrackBerry!

Happy Holidays to everyone.....

I love it. The idea is great. It would be nice if you could upload a photo or logo or something. I'd love some sports teams (Detroit Tigers!!) or something. The Crackberry one is the BEST!!! I would rock that thing forever!!

Those are awesome...I bet you are so excited to have your bold back...I dont think I would be able to give mine up for that long lol...

Enjoy your baby being back home!

I'm new to Blackberry and Crackberry, and this gift would be totally awesome. Especially since I have record of being clumsy this would always keep my phone protected.

This looks like a real nice cover....will go to the web site and learn more. Thanks for the contest.

The CB logo by coveroo is fantastic. looks so much better than the stock cover. Its a great idea for a gift.

what a wonderful xmax cb prepared for us!
what a nice coveroo that i want so much!
what a terrific logo on the coveroo i love to the top!
I do love the idea of logo design on the bold coveroo!!!
Merry xmas to everybody!

I wish I had a Bold to throw one on, but alas I am limited to the Pearl (my phone).

Is the paint layer just etched away from the plastic?