Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!

Win a BlackBerry Tour from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2009 09:26 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Tour to be available from Verizon and Sprint on July 12th and shortly thereafter from Telus and Bell in Canada (and am sure other CDMA folks - Alltell, etc. will be getting it soon), it's time for us to have a good 'ole fashioned contest!!


  • Grand Prize - A BlackBerry Tour 9630! From your CDMA carrier of choice: Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.. We'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.
  • Runner Up Prizes - $150 Coupon Code for Accessories from! We have three of these to be won. 

To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Why not tell us What you love about the BlackBerry Tour! After you enter for your chance to win, do us a favor and take our CrackBerry Surveys so we can help make this site even better! Contest entry closes Midnight PST on Friday, July 10th. We'll contact the winners on the 11th so you know before the Tour goes on sale that you won. Keep in mind you can enter more than once but only your first entry comment will be entered into the contest. Good Luck!

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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!



Wow! The new Tour sounds and looks great from what I have read and seen. I have had the Curve and Storm in the past and one way or another, I will have this Blackberry as well. I like the combination look of the 8900 and 9000, RIM is creating some great products. For me, this would be the Blackberry that I can have and use for a very long time.

Been a CrackBerry addict for longer than I can remember (I think I have been through 6 of them in who knows how many years). Got my storm back in January and just really miss having a physical keyboard. This phone combines the best of the storm with a physical keyboard. Can't beat it. But I don't have an upgrade coming for some time so a free tour would be amazing.

I wonder how many people will jump from the Storm to the Tour? Well if I win, I will be one. hehehe. Oh I will take it VZW please. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hmm - what I like about the Tour? I dunno I don't have one yet ;o)

After all these months with the Storm - I'm starting to become a little less infatuated with a "virtual" keyboard and think I'd prefer some real tactile keys to press.

I was messing around with my cousins 8900 Curve the other day and it made my 8330 Curve feel really old and outdated. It would be nice to win this sexy device since my contract doesn't end till another year and half. Don't fail me now Crackberry. LOL.

The thing is, I love the Tour, I love it. But, my girlfriend has been talking about wanting to get this phone, but she can't afford it, so it would be great for me to win it to give it to her, she deserves it. Thanks for consideration.

Well which is better, the BlackBerry Storm or the Tour? I have the Storm now and I from what I have gathered about it, I would probably switch to the Tour if I Win :)

Why do I like the Tour?
Not just because its new... but because of the capabilities of what it can do. In my opinion... I think this phone outclasses the Curve in every way.

But feh... only time will tell.

The Tour will be my 4th BlackBerry in just as many years. I started with a Nextel 7100i and then moved on to a Sprint 8830. After the mini-usb port broke, I upgraded again to the Curve 8330 on Sprint. I am quite excited for The Tour as I (and many other Sprint users) have been waiting quite awhile for a BlackBerry to call our own. The featres I am most excited for are:

-High Res Screen
- (much) Faster Processor
-More memory (more apps! YAY!)

At anyrate, even if I don't win a free Tour, I will be snapping mine up the day they are released, and seeing as though my Upgrade date isn't until Oct. 1, I will pay full price. Peace!

P.S. I dropped my Curve in a urinal this past Friday and it has been slowly in decline ever since. Thank goodness The Tour is on the way.

Most beautiful Blackberry I have ever laid my eyes on! If I were to win the Tour I would feel like a kid in a candy store.

Debating whether to get the 8230, the right now phone, or the 9630 ended when i saw the unboxing photos.... i cant possibly leave a full QWERTY now!

Luck be a lady tonight!

I've had the Storm since launch date and I've been waiting for something more physical...

I like the physical keyboard of the Tour (something actually missing on the Storm) and I want that. I've been wanting something that is actually physical... count me in!

I am still drawn between a tour and a storm 1 or 2. However, I love the way the Tour looks. Especially the bezel for Verizon. I want my Crack.

The Tour looks like a great device (best bits from just about everything RIM's got out there) and it makes me a bit sad. I love my Storm, but I want a Tour too! Curse you fate! Curse You!!

Or if not, I can has Tour? Let's see, bigger screen then my 8330, better camera, better OS (and getting 5.0 sooner then the Curve), oh, and how could I forget REAL GPS. I can haz one? Pretty pleaze?

Hey this is President Barack Obama here and I would like to...Now that I got your attention pick me for the tour lol. I wouldn't mind being the winner

I love what I've heard about the browser on the tour! I'm also looking forward to upgrading from this archaic 8330.

I love the Bold, but it's far too large. I love the Curve, but the lack of 3G in the new model threw me off, as well as the smaller keyboard. CDMA carriers have always had much better reception in my Area (ten times as much as other carriers), and their plans much cheaper. I would like a full QWERTY device, and, already having played with all of them, it is my opinion that the Tour has the best keyboard. The screen is perfect, high pixel density and jut the right size. Who needs Wi-Fi when you have an unlimited 3G data plan and perfect reception everywhere you go? The BlackBerry is the best device available on the market, and the Tour is the best BlackBerry currently available. Who needs to know anything else? The iPhone shouldn't even be classified as a smartphone, the Pre is pre-mature, WinMo is a joke, Symbian is old and unerpowered, and Android is still not good enough. I love my current BlackBerry, and I already love the Tour even more. The Tour is THE best smartphone currently available, and, with more apps available from more places, the most extensible and customizable. I don't need to do some stupid warranty-breaking jailbreak to install themes and cool apps, and BlackBerry isn't famous for it's fart apps and stupid quizzes like a certain other phone, don't stick with the cheap imitation, go with the original, and still the best, smartphone! Woops, my battery is dead (after three days!), the only thing I have to do is switch out the battery! How about a real, physically present, no adapters needed 3.5 mm headphone jack! How about swapping tiny little cards if I happen to need more memory? No need to wait a whole year to buy another phone just because I need more space! Just get a cheap Micro-SDHC card and switch it out! No need to buy a whole other phone and get a new two-year contract just to get all the new features! Plus, it's much sexier, and build quality has been refined and perfected since the original BlackBerry's introduction! The Tour won't fall apart after a week, it isn't made of cheap, thin, plastic, and actually has a decent camera, with a real flash! The BlackBerry OS is hands down, the most secure one in the world, and has the best, most helpful community in the world! It's incredibly stable, and doesn't need to be reset or restored every time you install a new app! You don't need to create yet another account to download apps! You can't permanently brick a BlackBerry, and are not stuck with one single carrier (and a bad one while you're at it), and have a whole range of fantastic devices to fit your needs! The Tour fits my needs perfectly, a round peg in a round hole, and I will be sure to enjoy it for many years to come, after all those Pres and Androids fall dead to the ground in several pieces! The only reason that the BlackBerry still hasn't risen to the top in sales is hype! Overhyped phones that fail miserably when compared to the BlackBerry! The BlackBerry is the Firefox of smartphones, while it may not be the top-selling smartphone, it is the best one, the most extensible one, the most secure one, and overall the best choice for people looking for a smartphone. Video and cut-copy-paste shouldn't be the main new features of a third generation device, they should be implemented right from the start! You shouldn't leave out old smartphone users from new features just to raise sales for the new one, and implementing just one device, on one carrier, releasing new versions every year while sticking people on two year contracts is just plain evil, and should not happen. The BlackBerry is the best device available on the market, worldwide, and, should you choose one as your next smarphone (why not?) you will not be dissapointed, as every single feature from other devices is implemented in a better way (well, except the web browser, I give you that), and smart people choose smart phones. Why do you think Obama has a BlackBerry?

So yesterday I was at the mall with a friend and my Storm went off. I grab it out of my holster and see its just junk mail. I go to put it back and I guess I just went complete butter fingers and lost control of it. In my frantic attempt to grab my flying phone I somehow ending up punting it across the floor. My amazing luck continued from that point as it slid into a spilled cup of soda on the ground >:O. Now my phone is all sticky, doesn't vibrate, and freezes consistantly. This would help out so much. Crossing my fingers!

Carrier is Verizon!

I so need this tour. I love my blakcberry 8330, but I'm ready for something new. Please pick me. I have waited soooooo long for the Tour and it's finally hear. Plus I want a device that going to get the new BBM when it come out. :-p


I currently have a storm and I like everything about it (for the most part) except for how difficult it is to type more than a few sentences at a time. While I do like the touch-screen (the clicking has grown on me) I really like how the tour has a better screen with a physical keyboard. I look at the tour as having all the features of the storm (and from what I hear, a lot less of the bugs) as well as a physical keyboard, which is what I have really been missing.

I like the tour because ive been having so many problems with my storm. I feel like i got ripped off! The tour looks like its going to be the next curve RELIABLE and WORKING! I would love to have a phone thats worth the data plan i pay for monthly!

This phone looks hot!! I got a storm, very happy with it but willing to part ways with it for a new free Blackberry Tour.. Thanks Crackberry!!

I have never owned a blackberry other than the STORM. Played with many and like most of them. Would love to get the TOUR but am not eligible for an upgrade for a while and the full retail is far to expensive with my current budget. I use my STORM for work and feel the TOUR would be much more productive for me. I NEED THIS PHONE!!!!!!

You guys are amazing. I plan on getting my girlfriend a Tour while keeping my Storm but I would definitely love a Tour too!

From the pictures and research I've done, what's not to love?

Sleek design and the pro keyboard are two amazing selling points alone; not to mention new/faster software and its cdma. Can't wait to get my hands on it!

...hell, I love all the Blackberries! I have owned many! I currently have the Storm and would love a free Tour, then the Storm 2 will be the next purchase!

Hook me up!

well there are a million reasons why i love the blackberry tour. Im a verizon customer for 10 plus years and I pre ordered the storm and did not use my upgrade because I knew verizon had something coming up. I dont like the storms touch screen and the new tour looks alot like the old curve only better and I loved the curve so this is just icing on the cake. Cant wait to get one.

I've been looking at the Tour for like a year now, since the info started emerging. Been waiting for it every day, checking forever to see when it would release and now it FINALLY is coming!!! I've got Verizon, and Blackberrys are the only phone for me. I'm dying to get a Tour when it's released!!! I can't wait!!

So yesterday I was at the mall with a friend and my Storm went off. I grab it out of my holster and see its just junk mail. I go to put it back and I guess I just went complete butter fingers and lost control of it. In my frantic attempt to grab my flying phone I somehow ending up punting it across the floor. My amazing luck continued from that point as it slid into a spilled cup of soda on the ground >:O. Now my phone is all sticky, doesn't vibrate, and freezes consistantly. This would help out so much. Crossing my fingers!

Carrier is Verizon!

i hope that they got this one right
as i had lot's of problems with the curve then switched to the storm still having problems with lil glitches so i hope that they have done this one right

So yesterday I was at the mall with a friend and my Storm went off. I grab it out of my holster and see its just junk mail. I go to put it back and I guess I just went complete butter fingers and lost control of it. In my frantic attempt to grab my flying phone I somehow ending up punting it across the floor. My amazing luck continued from that point as it slid into a spilled cup of soda on the ground >:O. Now my phone is all sticky, doesn't vibrate, and freezes consistantly. This would help out so much. Crossing my fingers!

Carrier is Verizon!

I've been waiting to get a smartphone for a long time. This one seems the best. Not too small, not too big. Jussssst right.

I LOVE Crackberry contests - this would be great! I can't wait for the Tour - but even the runner-up prizes are great!

I cannot wait for the Tour to come breaking into the blackberry world with it so to get one free would be awesome but even if i dont get one free, I will be getting one as soon as it is out! Everyone I know with a blackberry cant say enuf good stuff about it so I am really anxious to get my hands on one! Been on crackberry almost every day trying to get all the info i can. Love this site for info and cant wait to shop for my accessories when I get the Tour!

I drowned my 8330 in a boating accident a while back and thus far I haven't been able to afford a new one so I'm stuck with a stupid phone. Pick me, I'd really be grateful.

As a tech geek and blackberry user, accessing has made finding the right apps for me easier. Given the ability to read other individuals comments and hear about their experience helps to answer the question "Will this work for what I have?"

Thanks again!



the storm was my first blackberry omg i love it and after i got it all my friends got em and all of em freakin awesome. i love the storm and ive played with the bold. just for work a big touch screen gets a little messed up wantin to get the tour to help aleviate some problems. it looks amazin

I'm really excited for the new tour, combines the best properties of the storm with a functional keyboard. Even if I don't win I'm selling a kidney so I can buy one.

I'm wondering if this will be hyped up as much as the Storm was and then fall short?

I would like to test out a Qwerty Keyboard phone since the Storm was my first Blackberry

I currently have a Blackberry Pearl. I tried to use the Storm for 4 months but finally gave up. I think this new Blackberry Tour will be amazing. The screen quality is similar to the Storm, but with the physical keys I missed. Looking forward to getting my hands on this device and finding out if it lives up to the hype :)

Well not really a new pair of shoes...just a BB without a sheet of dust underneath the screen. My GF is going to get a Tour for $100 with a Verizon discount already on her account, and if that happens I'll have some serious BB envy. I can't be the one in this relationship with the broke arse BB!!! Help me Crackberry Kanobi, you're my only hope!!!

I've been obsessing over this phone since last may when the spy shots leaked..even went as far as to "break" my dare to have compleltely valid reason to get it.

is it normal to be this hyped for a blackberry, let alone your first one?

I can't wait for this come out for Verizon. I am definitely getting one, even if I don't win one (crossing fingers)

Cuz of the physical keyboard. the draw of the storm was enough to get me to buy my first blackberry, but 3 phones later all i want is a phone that works, but why settle for that when this beauty is coming out. the only thing is that i used my upgrade to get the storm in november, so if i got a tour id be stoked!

I realize that everyone is hot-to-trot over the Tour and that the general consensus is that the Storm sucks, I have to say I've been pretty happy with my Storm.

Who wouldn't want to win a brand new free BB???!! Does the sun rise in the east?? Man I could use a new BB too. Pick me pick me (as I wave my wands back and forth in the air) lmao!

The best thing I like about the Tour is that it is a blend of Bold, Curve 8900, and Storm. To take the best of the best would make this!

The Tour is well built and aesthetically beautiful. Like ALL Blackberry devices, this phone will feature reliability and utility that I have come to love in my Curve, and which is unmatched by industry competition. The Tour coming to market is an EXCITING project for RIM, Blackberry users, and those who are going to purchase their first! has become an institution in my life as well as my workplace partners!

If you don't pick me to win, then you are not cool. You wanna be cool... don't you? Besides, the Tour looks sweet! Like the size of it (that's what she said) and that it has Bold keyboard.

I'm loving the Tour because it resembles my beloved Storm, maybe they were made to be related. I'm just thinking its time to move from a touch screen to a full keypad. Man, would love to have this!

it would be real sweet to have a back up tour or get some accessories to protect the one I'll be getting on launch day. Please pick me! I'll give it a good home :D

Its almost here! Have been following since the original mock image showed up May 2008. Can't wait to have my hands on this baby.

Well I would have to say that first I like the 9630's new design. I have a blackberry 8330 n I love it. I do however have trouble with the small keys... I like the longer talk time you get with the Tour,sleep mode nice n just the overall look of it cute icons n all.. Tour great name for it by the way, definitely can tour the world.... LOL So This is why I would like a tour....

i'm stuck with the good ole Curve 8330. the memory, storage space camera and screen/keyboard of the Tour is the deal breaker for me. This should make it switching between apps, calls a breeze, without the 'ball' saying ""im freezing now wait a moment!"".
winning it is nice too!! (d.e.s.p.e.r.a.t.e for it, that is.)

I love that the BB Tour is a nice and robust update to my current 8830 (which I love) but is now getting tired and old. I would love to win a new BB Tour, courtesy of!

It's the best of *almost* all worlds. True global roaming, 3G data, pretty screen, awesome keyboard. What's not to like? Maybe they could have thrown in WiFi but nothing's perfect!

So, is this essentially a Storm w/ a keypad? Looking through the specs, the Tour seems identical to the Storm (with the one obvious difference). Hmmm...I like my Storm, but I'm not sold on the touch/press/sure/blah screen, as it is often annoying. I may have to look into switching to the Tour (or I could win one through crackberry....hint hint). The major change here would be the much smaller screen compared to the Storm. I'll have to go play with it to see how much of a difference it makes.

OR, do I wait for the Storm 2?

I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these! The contest ends on my Birthday 7/10.... wow what a Happy Birthday to me this could be!!!

OK, my first PDA Phone was a Samsung i730, great PDA, horrible phone, then went to Treo 700w, great phone, ok PDA, too low of memory and not reliable. All on Verizon (great network.) Then went to iPhone. Was in phone heaven, but in AT&T hell. Then went to Storm. So far best balance of PDA/Phone and Network (back to Verizon). After using someone elses Blackbnerry Curve on Verizon, I realized this is what a Blackberry should be. The Storm is a nice attempt at a touch phone, but I think it could be done better. Software wise, I love the BB OS is term of interfacing with my corporate enviroment of Exchange Server with BES. I believe the Tour will be the best Blackberry Device ever for some time. I'm really looking forward to getting this phone.

I currently have a storm and love it. I understand tour is replaceing the world edition wihich is the first berry I ever had. would be cool to compare the 2. keep the information coming crackberry.

I'm on Sprint, and even though the temptation was there to buy the Palm Pre the moment it came out, I've just become too invested in my Blackberry! With all my appointments, applications, etc., I didn't want to have to switch everything over to the Palm platform. And now I will FINALLY have a phone that I can use when outside of the U.S.! No more calling cards from the local stores!!

I would LOVE this to replace my Curve, for the increased memory, improved processor, and better camera!!! Oh please, please, please...

Had the storm for 3.5 months, its time to go! I love the full screen and treat it more as a toy, but I'd love to have an actual phone that I can text and dial reliably on (my storm has died twice with blank screens in the middle of typing)..

CDMA is finally getting something super reliable, oh yeah it's gonna kick the bold's butt!
Even though I'm a Storm owner I am super jealous I don't have this awesome phone!

Winning the Tour would be awesome, as I have the storm and I'm not too fond of the touch screen. The tour would be the most fabulous phone for me !

I would LOVE this to replace my Curve, for the increased memory, improved processor, and better camera!!! Oh please, please, please...

I love this phone because it resembles the outward appearances of my Storm which I love, but I think its time to move onto a full keypad and not a touchscreen...

I love this site and am very eagerly awaiting the Tour launch. It will be my first crackberry but I'm already feeling withdrawal just from waiting for this phone for the past 6 mo.

Following Crackberry religiously every day to see if I could get some updates on the phone! I'm currently using a 5-6 year old LG flip phone that I often find using for different purposes than what it's meant to do, for example a doorstop when I have no rock handy. Pleeease I love the tour, it's CDMA, it's the perfect size and it looks awesome!

I would LOVE this to replace my Curve, for the increased memory, improved processor, and better camera!!! Oh please, please, please...

Oh, I would absolute love a new Tour... It'd almost be perfect timing too. I believe my Blackberry 8830 is about to die. As of this morning, I can't charge it.

I can't wait to upgrade from my Pearl, and I'd LOVE to win a Tour! I can't wait for more memory, a clearer display and many, many other things that the Tour offers!

who wouldnt want this phone?? really tho think bout it its the storm nd the bold put together with an amazing screen.

My storm has been replaced so many times Verizon wont even take my calls anymore. For the love of all things text entry.............I NEED A KEYBOARD!!!!!

I suppose this is worth a shot anyway.. save me from starting a new contract! Thanks for running the contest!

I would love to win a Tour. Just think how much easier it would be for me to use the keypad with my acrylic nails as opposed to the touch screen on my Storm. Pick me Please.

My birthday is on July 12th and this would be a sweet bday gift from Crackberry. Tour coming our on July 12th, coincidence...i think not. Its meant to be. : )

Not sure if its an upgrade, trade-in or admitting defeat, but my storm just doesn't do it for me and I think the tour is my cure. here's to having one in my pocket soon . . . Hopefully

I would LOVE this to replace my Curve, for the increased memory, improved processor, and better camera!!! Oh please, please, please...

For one thing the Tour looks better than the current world phone and it has a bold look to it, which is the reason why I almost switched companies to get it.

Here's hoping it turns out to get just as great as the rest.


I love this phone because its perfect!

I really would love to win this contest because I am studying abroad in Italy for months and I would love to have something to stay in contact with my family and girlfriend. I currently do not own a blackberry but my entire family and girlriend are blackberry users. I am not up for an upgrade so I will not be able to afford this baby...SO PLEASE PICK ME!