Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!

Win a BlackBerry Tour from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2009 09:26 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Tour to be available from Verizon and Sprint on July 12th and shortly thereafter from Telus and Bell in Canada (and am sure other CDMA folks - Alltell, etc. will be getting it soon), it's time for us to have a good 'ole fashioned contest!!


  • Grand Prize - A BlackBerry Tour 9630! From your CDMA carrier of choice: Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.. We'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.
  • Runner Up Prizes - $150 Coupon Code for Accessories from! We have three of these to be won. 

To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Why not tell us What you love about the BlackBerry Tour! After you enter for your chance to win, do us a favor and take our CrackBerry Surveys so we can help make this site even better! Contest entry closes Midnight PST on Friday, July 10th. We'll contact the winners on the 11th so you know before the Tour goes on sale that you won. Keep in mind you can enter more than once but only your first entry comment will be entered into the contest. Good Luck!

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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!



I so desperately need this phone I don't know where to begin. They won't let me exchange the third Storm I've had for the new Tour and I can't afford retail...

I LOVE my Blackberry and all the wonderful features it has..I can keep in contact with many people via PIN etc...however I can't deal with this Storm any longer...

Please please please help me!


Desperate in New Mexico

P.S. I also filled out the surveys!

I so desperately need this phone I don't know where to begin. They won't let me exchange the third Storm I've had for the new Tour and I can't afford retail...

I LOVE my Blackberry and all the wonderful features it has..I can keep in contact with many people via PIN etc...however I can't deal with this Storm any longer...

Please please please help me!


Desperate in New Mexico

P.S. I also filled out the surveys!

i had a pearl, loved it but lost it. Got a 8830 to use, not a fan, not enough memory so need to trade up. I like the Storm but there is a lot of negative comments... Are there really big issues with it or is it operator error?? Tour I assume will be a great device, I dont care for the full keyboard and smaller screen though.

I would love to win the hottest BB, the Tour. Since we are newbies to BB, it would fun to try. Hope I win although I don't usually have that luck. I'll think good thoughts.

I'm a recent convert to BlackBerry with my purchase of the STORM. Now, I've experienced many of the issues identified in the forums, but I'm pretty satisfied with my device's performance. I suppose that speaks more to the utter failure of the Windows Mobile devices I've been required to endure. With all of the praise being heaped upon the Tour, I was wondering if RIM's success should inspire hope for significant improvement with the forthcoming STORM II.

By the way, I'd love to compare my purchased STORM to a "free" Tour. I'd be happy to report my "real-world" assessment.

You've gotta be in it to win it

It would be nice to have the Tour before anyone else especially in Europe (GB) which I hope will shake RIM into doing simultaneous releases in Europe as well as North America.

Talk to RIM Crackberry , go tell 'em!!

I have recently joined the site and am amazed at the amount of knowledge and help this site offers.
I am also a new blackberry owner of a few months only and this site has been the font of my knowledge with excellent advice and downloads i am amazed at.
I have also given the site details to several friends who are also telling me they think it is a great site please please please keep up the excellent support to our Blackberry comunity.

Well Done Guys


I am not very knowlegable with the tour, but I have heard a lot of hype about it. I really love my curve, except the fact that it freezes up a lot and the fact that you can't put many apps on due to the device memory. I love crackberry, it really had helped me out a lot of times and I think its great that someone put their time and effort into this great site. Thank you so much. I think I would love the tour!!!

My absolute favorite thing to do is upgrade my blackberry... I always want the newest but can not always afford it... Although I rarely ever win anything I am hoping and hoping that I will be one of the lucky few to win something on this contest!! I love my Blackberry and I love and appreciate and just downloaded the app store to my blackberry... Thanks for all the work you do and all the help you give to all of us blackberry addicts...!!

Same as the rest of you.have'nt won anything before.but I did check out the tour and its a pretty cool BB
I would like own one.

Hopefully Verizon will get up to speed and allow customers that are in the middle of a 2 year contract to upgrade now versus 6 months or more.

This seems like a Blackberry that should be a substantial step forward from the Curve.



What can I say.Ur website gives alot of information about blackberry's.even though I'm a newcomer in this blackberry world,just begginig to know about it.
Oh ya wishing everybody a good luck!!!!!!!

never win anything , Really would love to win a Tour to stay in touch with wife and kids. I would love to use this phone to watch my kids grow as I work away for home more than I would like. Make me happy

Who wants to iPhone at the iHop when you can tour le Tour Eiffel and snap big snaps with your Tour?

I am ready to be a Tour-ette...pick me, pick me!

I just got a storm a few months ago and hate it, but i love the tour from playing around with it in the store... so come august i'm buying one when my contract with verizon is up

I went to verizon yesterday and fell in love with the tour. I've never used BB before and would love love love to win the tour. Great screens, internet, great everything.

I love it! I returned the Storm for the Tour. I'm a professional that uses the smart phone to keep track of appointments,data, and to have access to email.The calender, and keyboard are easy to use and the steps are fewer to get where you need to go. Bravo.
Improvements need to be made on uploading Global Access. Very lengthy.

See what happens when to me when I've fallen off the grid?
A new blackberry comes around that I have no clue of, this phone is sooooo sexy, I think I might come back to Verizon!

I was never a big fan of BB, for years I was a Windows Mobile user and never dreamed of changing, but whenever a new&imroved version came out, I would put it through the functionality test - NOT the Hype test most other Crackberry user take!
Windows systems are very functional - especially for ActiveSync-to-Server users) I had the BlackJack 1 & 2 and would find it ammusing how many CB users are crazy about the BB when WM matched in almost EVERY way + (again, this is for the ActiveSync-to-Server users)
After the release of the Bold and the Storm, I felt compelled to to go for the "Change" - after all everyone is looking for "Change" these days;)
Sadly, I changed right back to the BJII.
I reviewed the Tour and found that with the Size of the Curve, the Resalution of the Bold +, the Accent of the storm and overall an improved version of ANY past BB i have tested (PLUS the fact that it runs CDMA and GSM) the tour was a breath of fresh air. I have it for a few days now and looking forward to staying in the BB Family Long Term:)

i need this BB 9630 tour my 8830 is going to the junk pile fast its starting to not function as a modem and is not charging fully even with a new battery. LET ME WIN :)

i def need this fone. my BB is pretty much my laptop. email, work email, texts, bbm... anything and everything goes through my fone. i need the ease of the tour that i dont get from my storm when it comes to constantly composing messages. i really hope i win.

I think the tour is a great phone with great features. Sprint and Verizon have been in need for a good multi network phone for years. The only knock I have on the tour is its lack of Wifi. Most users will not use Wifi but is a nice feature to have

I couldn't make it through the day at work with out my blackberry. I'm in need of a new one and winning one would be ubber great!

I am very excited to get my hands on the new blackberry. I just went to a showing about it and it looks amazing. I currently carry a 8220 so you guys all will understand why i want this phone bad!

For me, there is no other smartphone but the blackberry! I have the curve and would love to try the tour. I am ordering the bold at work, but still need a personal phone. The more blackberries, the better!



Wining a Blackberry Tour would be a great half century birthday present! I need to replace my Palm Treo which died this week. I've been reading all the information on your Crankberry site and appreciate all the tips. Thanks for assembling this information to help a busy mom out.

I love the fact that the Tour is not a touch sceen. I am slightly sceptical of the trackball, but I am sure it will be fine. I just read that this contest closed thirteen days ago.... oops.

Hey all! Hope to win the device. I've used the blackberry curve for a while! Now looking for to the new and improved blackberry 9630.

Probably the best Blackberry on the market. If you have a Curve, and are ready for a upgrade you should really take a look. The screen is amazing, and flipping through apps on the phone is really quick. The only problem with the phone that I see in my opinion is no Wi-Fi :(

It would be a great experience if I actually win something. But over all I think the Tour has a very nice color resolution.

It would be totally amazing if I won this phone!!! I have no money to buy a new phone because I have so many medical bills from having Lyme! I rely on my phone to keep me connected with the world! It would make my week, month, and year to win this phone!!! :) it all they promise, or is it just sexier? I don't want the touch screen keyboard...give me a real keyboard and I'm thrilled. Hoping this is The Next Best Thing, as I am guilty of "short attention span theatre" when it comes to my BB...always want better/faster/etc.

The only reason I haven't jumped on this device is because it's missing the WiFi. I'll just wait for the onyx!

i love bb tour coz it has a very complete features.the phone has solid multimedia features with good music hardware and one of the best video players we've used on a smartphone. The screen is also fantastic, perhaps the best we've seen on a business device like this. Still, more and more the BlackBerry platform is showing its age. The Web browser is nearly useless compared to the desktop quality browsers you'll find on other advanced smartphones, even on new Windows Mobile devices. The calendar and messaging apps, while powerful enough, were downright ugly to use, and the phone still relies heavily on long, confusing, textual menus for settings and advanced features.
last but not least,,i'm 30 and i've never win any i hope this could be my first win.
thanx all

I could really use a blackberry I am using my Fiance's blackberry since my nextel phone would not get service where we live and her sprint phone did, and not up for my upgrade yet and she is using her old sprint phone that is outdated.... she wants a blackberry and It would be really nice to be able to get her a blackberry again.... we cant afford a phone right now so I am trying everything i can to find one that is cheap right now I dont even care if its scratched up I could just really want a blackberry to help make her happy for being there for me and letting me use her blackberry.

I was considering getting the Tour this Fall. But heard rumors it goes wifi in beginning of next year. Of course If I won it...well all the better!

What a great looking phone the Tour turned out to be! It used to be easy to sleep at night....but not since the Tour! I used to listen to my wife intently and hang on every word....not since the Tour! My memory used to be a steel trap....but sadly, not since the Tour. So it's a fair trade, lost my wife. Lost all my friends. Lost my mind, and don't know when it will be back...why? Because it's on TOUR!

I WANT THE BLACKBERRY TOUR SO BAD. I am a tech minister for my church and it would be very helpful to have it :)

for a new comer to blackberry world and crackberry community i think the new goodie 9630 will come to my house..
will see.

When the Blackberry Tour first became available for Sprint, I was in Spain. While there, I met a young guy from the Netherlands and he had a Blackberry Bold. After he let me see it and explore everything within the phone, I automatically became addicted. The beautiful, clear screen and the wonderful feeling of texting. I was thinking, "This is exactly what I need!". I have never had a blackberry. SO basically, a reliable smartphone would make my life so much smoother.

Right now, I have the HTC Mogul from Sprint. I've had it for almost 2 years. When in Spain, I couldn't make calls home to tell my mom I was alright and such. Instead, I had to buy about 5 calling cards. I can say, the HTC Mogul has annoyed me to the point where I don't even want to use it, as it frequently freezes, and the sluggishness of Windows Mobile isn't at all helpful. I even stopped texting, as texting numerous people can freeze the phone, causing me to take the battery out and restart the phone.

I've done much research on the Blackberry Tour since I have returned to the U.S. The Tour is the perfect size. The Bold was a bit big, although it was still very much appealing. Owning a Tour seems so amazing, as it would definitely keep me more organized. Also, I'd like to return to a phone without a touch screen (Blame the HTC Mogul). My aunt has a Blacberry Pearl from Sprint, and the trackball is very convenient, and it is very easy to navigate through the phone. I havn't used anything other than Windows Mobile, so maybe using OS would be a whole lot different as well.

Thanks for your time,

Keyboard: QWERTY
Colour Display: Yes
Resoultion: 480 x 360
Battery Life Standby: 14 Days
Battery LifeTalkTime: 5 Hours
Internam Memory: 256 MB
Expandable Memory: Yes
MMS: Yes
GPS: Yes
Wi-Fi: No
3G: Yes
Video Recording: Yes
Can be used as modem?: Yes
Camera: 3.2 MP
Blackberry: Maps Yes

right now i'm still using bb 8707v, and i think its nice to have blackberry tour. hihihihihihihihihihihi
and i never ever win a cool prize like this, hopes i win the blackberry.
GBU all

I really really really love Blackberry. I'll never have any other type of phone. I want the Tour!!! Pretty Please.

Well I don't have a blackberry so maybe this will be my chance to get one! I have read a lot of reviews about the Tour and I love it! I want it in my own hands!

I have this phone. It is my second I had the curve for about three days did not like it. This phone does everything I need to do and more. Takes great pictures. I will take a second one for free :))))))

why dont they ever make an ultimate blackberry with all the desired features like wifi and a touch trackball. i still want a free one though this pearl is no fun anymore

I've been waiting for the tour since its possibility and pseudonyms. winning one would save the money and the upgrade. Awesome~!

I'm a month away from upgrading.. and having played with the Tour and the Storm for several hours, I think the Tour is the one for me! Now, if I can win one, that would be even sweeter!

storm as a onborad memory of 1GB and the new Curve8520 has 256MB. The Tour has nothing... What's up with that? Can anyone explain that?