Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!

Win a BlackBerry Tour from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2009 09:26 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Tour to be available from Verizon and Sprint on July 12th and shortly thereafter from Telus and Bell in Canada (and am sure other CDMA folks - Alltell, etc. will be getting it soon), it's time for us to have a good 'ole fashioned contest!!


  • Grand Prize - A BlackBerry Tour 9630! From your CDMA carrier of choice: Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.. We'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.
  • Runner Up Prizes - $150 Coupon Code for Accessories from! We have three of these to be won. 

To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Why not tell us What you love about the BlackBerry Tour! After you enter for your chance to win, do us a favor and take our CrackBerry Surveys so we can help make this site even better! Contest entry closes Midnight PST on Friday, July 10th. We'll contact the winners on the 11th so you know before the Tour goes on sale that you won. Keep in mind you can enter more than once but only your first entry comment will be entered into the contest. Good Luck!

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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!



I am a BB World user and am anxious to get the Tour. I had been patiently waiting for the new, revamped Storm 2 but that doesn't look like it is coming any time soon. Crackberry is my go to site for all updates and purchases. Thanks for keeping us current

My upgrade is not available until February 2010, but I'm really, really, really close to biting the bullet and paying full retail to get a new TOUR!!! BUT... if the powers that be can help me out, maybe I can win a brand new Tour!!! So, with that being said.... Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

I am currently a Sprint customer, but if I win the Tour, I would consider switching....that or post it on EBay...make some $$$$.

Been stuck with several Storms that don't hold up, almost quit Verizon and went to an iPhone, but I can't stand AT&T. A dependable phone would be great but I can't do it through VZW yet due to the contract, a Tour sure would be nice :)maybe it's time for the law of abundance to kick in.

Tour is looking good! I just wish I'd waited a bit longer when I bought my Storm -- now with the Storm 2 and the Tour coming out, I think I'll need to look into an early upgrade...

Wow, the tour looks pretty rad. I'm really mad that I bought the Pearl 8130 from Verizon last summer as my first Blackberry right before they dropped the price! Doh!!

really really love my storm but miss my old treo full keyboard if i win ill give the runner up my storm for a tour for verizon no questions asked its in perfect shape

I absolutely love the layout of this device. Sleek lines and curves and the colors are awesome too. Not to mention its all in a tight little package. I would love the opportunity to take this abroad and show it off.

My first experience with a Blackberry was with the Storm. It was enough to get me hooked forever, but I wanna see how it would feel to have a REAL DEAL Blackberry. I love everything about the Tour. If I were a cell phone...I would definitely hit on it.

No soy el dueño de este burro, lo rente
(I don't own that donkey, it's a rental.)
Thats why I need a Tour so I can buy the donkey.

my brother just showed me this site -- it's fricken sweet!! grats to whoever wins the phone; can't wait to get mine =D

I am still in the ancient times of cell phones use and am in depesperate need of getting into the blackberry age.

It sure would be Tour-reffic if I won this because I don't have money to pay rent but I do have money to have an unlimited data plan. How 'bout those priorities! Only the Crackberry Nation could understand.

Well, I really really would love to finally have a full keyboard, stable OS, nice big display, and faster processor... This would hold me over wonderfully until the Onyx is released for GSM carriers. I know Rogers wont carry it (the tour) but I would so unlock it so I can use it.

*Fingers Crossed*

I love the look and the just all around it just is the next step in Blackberry Greatness. The 3G Network ain't so bad either.

I've had a Curve 8330 on Verizon since November. I got it after trying the Storm in the store and NOT liking it. I just don't know if I should upgrade just for the improved screen, faster processor and memory increase.

Also, will this thing run my third party apps like Beyond 160 and my HP calculator emulator on OS 4.7? Will memory leak still be an issue on this?

I'm on a family plan and have a couple of open upgrades so I can easily do it. But a small part of me wants to wait for the Storm 2.

I would be lovin a new Tour... What one feature can I pick that I love? I think the best one is the whole package. I can't think of anything I don't like.

I personally have had a Blackberry Curve and have been waiting forever for another phone on Alltel worthy of living up to the BB name. The Tour sounds great and I know it is being released for Alltel before the transition to Verizon takes place. I would love to win this phone so I could for once settle the battle within my own head, Storm, or QWERTY physical keys. Can't wait to win!!!

It's worth a try! I want a Tour sooooo bad. I hate waiting! :( boss thinks I'm crazy for wanting this device and doesn't understand why anyone would purchase a blackberry hahaha

While I can say that for the most part have not had any major problems with my storm. Can't wait for a chance to pick up the tour. Keeping my fingers crossed for an early upgrade notice sometime soon.

The Tour is finally hitting the sweet spot as a global phone for Sprint and Verizon. Not as bulky as the 8830 and with faster processor. Can't wait to get my hand on one.

I currently have a curve 8330 that is literally falling apart.

the 'a' button doesnt even work anymore. pleaseeee send a tour my way!

it would mean so much to me!

thanks for the opportunity!

....I'm so excited about the Tour. I think I've talked my friends to death about how I can't wait to get my hands on one! The Pearl is just not doing it for me anymore. Is it bad that many days I spend more time search for more news on the Tour than working.....?

I can't wait for this blackberry to come out. It seems like the best blackberry to date, yet it still needs wi-fi!!

My 8830 is on its way out.. buttons don't work, it sometimes restarts itself, I need a new one.. Maybe a Tour :)

Sure would be nice since my wife put the clamps on me buying the Tour right now.... I guess with a baby on the way and me going to school with a limited income really does make sense. I say booo to those that make sense... :)

I couldn't get tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial yesterday. Maybe I will have better luck at

I have been looking forward to the BB Tour coming out! I have a hand-me-down BB 8330 from my husband but now it's "me" time to get the latest and greatest BB, the Tour!!

I am so amped about the tour coming out. I am new to the whole Blackberry scene and have been waiting for this Blackberry since March. I was 2 seconds away from buying the Storm because I have had about 7 BAD LG VOYAGERs (what can I say, I love punishment), and when I went to go get, the sales rep's own Storm froze up during a demo. Way to pitch a phone...already with Tech support. Needless to say, I told him that I am waiting to go on the Tour and he is now waiting for it just like me. And I feel if your going to start of with a Blackberry, why not be THE MOST electrifying berry in all of electronics today. IF you SMELLLLLLLLLLLALALALALALALA WHAT THE TOUR...IS...COOKING?

Oh how I love Crackberry
With all their contests to be had
How I need a new Blackberry
Losing would make me quite sad
Let me tell you why I need the Tour
Im sure others do too
But this would be just the cure
Or else I will just have to make-do
I dont want to pay full retail price
Since my contract end is 7 months away
But with this new little device
My bank account wont have to go astray
The phone sometimes fails to find a data signal
Many times causing calls to go to voicemail
How annoying it is for full strength to become null
Blowing it up will only send me to jail
It's also having sofware issues
But I wont even get started on those
I'll just end up here with a box of tissues
I know the Tour won't have any of these woes
My phone can't take a single picture
A feature I would love to sport
People think I'm immature
When I draw them a picture of my new Ford Escort
So cameras do come in handy
The Tour's 3.2MP is still a step up
A feature I find dandy
I'm ready for my close-up!
My track ball isn't working well
Though I know that's an easy fix
But it still is giving me hell
My current BB isn't getting me chicks
But I hope the new Tour may help
It's a sexy phone
It may make the ladies yelp
I may not even have to wear any cologne
But that's beside the point
I dont think a smartphone will help me with this
I know a new Tour will not disappoint
Thank you Crackberry for offering me some bliss!

The thing i like most about the tour is that it is not a pearl
and sure type how can it anticipate what im spelling when I cant even spell it?

wow the tour is a sleek and sophisticated phone, best part of it is ive been without a phone for a week waiting for this phone to come out. each day feels like a year.

1)It's a Blackberry, who wouldn't want it?
2)Looks hotter than the BB Bold, with a sexy keyboard
3)It looks better and it looks like it performs better than my Storm.

I've had a storm since day 1, on my second one now, and while I love it, it would be interesting to see if the screen size/keyboard on the tour combination would be as nice as the big screen on the storm.... I'm sure typing on it would be better, but not so sure if the screen size loss is worth it..

currently rocking the 8900 but would looooooove this 3g masterpiece!!! while i know my luck is noever really equated with what could be called "good" i figured id give this a shot :) thanks guys! peace,love,and crackberry...

would love to have one of these, love my curve but already had 3 of them hope this is much more stable.!

I've never won anything before and don't expect to win now. However, I will take a chance and see what happens. Allow me to offer congrats now to all who do win. You are very lucky!

I am kind of new to blackberry, I've only had one for about a year, but I refuse to go back to anything else, this would be great to win.

i WANNA win the blackberry tour, then I can give my wife the Curve 8330 I just got and she can learn my love...obsession....for the hehe

I know I will win because Blackberry is the love of my life. I fell inlove with it when I first purchased the Blackberry Pearl. Then moved on to the Curve and now I am currently married to the 8830 World Edition. I am looking to have an Affair with "The TOUR", and possibly fall inlove with it.

cant wait until sunday. looking forward to typing a bit faster and hopefully this one doesnt need resets daily!

haha, so im going to leave another comment cause i really would want this beautiful device, that has the perfect keyboard, the nice black look, the bold look, everything just seems perfect! please let me have a chance to win the blackberry tour :) i would appericate it.
Crackberry is the best!

I don't have a Blackberry...sad but true - but this win could change all that and bring me into a modern age where tethering your phone doesn't mean it's attached to a can with a string.

I am a Sprint customer using a Windows Mobile (gasp) device and have been eyeing a Curve for several months... I was intrigued by the Pre but everything keeps pulling me back to Blackberry (my Sister-in-law and a few friends are dyed in the wool BB users) The tour IS the device I have decided on.... the Screen Resolution, the size, the OS, the ease of use, etc (the list just goes on and on)... I've been a Crackberry reader for over a year and have learned a lot (even though I didn't have a BB) and helped out my friends and Sister in law from the things I learned at these forums! Keep on trucking Crackberry!

come on bring me the 3g baclberry baby i need it im a crack addict would die if i dont get this one been blackberry user for years !

I have just traded my storm in for my 6th storm(which has been nothing but a STORM for me) I think I need to take a Tour!!

ahh how i love blackberry. i wouldn't have another phone!! i would love to win the tour and have the new hottness on the streets!! pick me!!

Good Job crackberry, you are always on top of news and info on Blackberrys, and look at you now, giving away a new Tour as soon as it comes out. Bravo. :)

I used to have a Storm and then made the worst mistake I could Have done. I traded it in for the Samsung Omnia. Worst thing I did. I would Love to git this phone.

So I believe RIM did it right with the size. Being in the middle of the Bold and 8900 I can't wait to get my hands on it. All the review videos I have watched are talking about how great the keyboard is, as for that I am even more excited to get my hands on one. Unless I win my new Tour from Crackberry I will be at Verizon opening hour to get my new one.

Thought I'd give it a shot. Sounds like this is going to be the ultimate Black Berry and I would like to feel the power of it.

I would love to have the Tour! It is a really nice looking Blackberry, although I've never seen a blackberry that didn't look good

verizon+bold+Curve=Tour?! Makes no sense what so ever. But its a tour so its awesome with the cool keyboard,screen and black color which is better than the sliver. (My opinion) And the trackball is black so no dirt is shown. I like it. And i want it....bad!

I am currently no a Blackberry user but am looking to become one Sunday (hopefully Saturday!!).
The Tour looks awesome and I can't wait to get mine!!

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The tour is a mix bewteen curve and bold (like what i said before) which is sweet because of the fact its not touch screen crappy like the Storm. It clicks and isn't like an itouch which i used to own until they charged for OS updates.

(Crazy right?!? but then again what did you expect?)

The tour looks slick and looks so much like the Bold. I even run that particular theme on my curve!

I got the BlackBerry 8330 from verizon and love it. I think the new Tour is even sweeter. Love to get a taste of this one.

Yes, of course everyone i feel now has a blackberry. Not only that but i am left wanting one and i am definetly getting the Tour.

Currently I'm a student at the Asper School of Business and planning one of the largest events the school has to offer as well as the largest event of it's kind in Canada, and I FEEL LOST without a blackberry. I vially need to get one for the e-mails, organizerand of course the brick breaker. Not only that, this is the sweetest one to come out to date, and the camera installed in to it is pretty much like the new dig. cameras that were coming out in 2001.

.. i need to have one!

I'm not the type that has to have the newest OR the best, but when the Storm came out, I was more than willing to drop my Curve for it. I know that many people are having problems with the device, but I love this thing like it's one of my children.

That being said, I'm willing to trade in my first born son for the Tour. The phone looks like it's going to be a home run. I have never watched a phone with more interest or anticipation as I have with this one. Again, I'm not looking for the newest and the best.

The lack of the larger screen like my Storm is the only thing that I can see as a negative aspect for this device. I have grown accustomed to the tall/wide screen that comes with my 9530.

I'm sure I can get past that for the sleekness of this phone. The keyboard is a very missed feature, as most people know, and the trackball can easily replace the touchscreen.

I'm eager for the smoothness of the new hardware and the new keyboard layout. Another thing I'm anticipating is the new 5.0 firmware. Of course I'm looking forward to it for my Storm as well, but the combination of the supposidly 'blazing' fast firmware and the new hardware should make this an excellent and competitve phone for the market. A very competitve phone for the business person and the average CrackBerry addict (like me) the same...

I would love to win a blackberry tour, i had the curve and loved it, now i have a storm and i just miss my physical keyboard, I would be so lucky to win one :)

Taking a shot to get a new phone. The curve 8330 has been good to me but a tour would do me so much better.

What do I love about the Blackberry Tour? The improved scren resolution, longer battery life, more memory, better camera, better speakerphone, the way it looks and more!!!

I don't expect to win this but I'll try anyway. I have been on the fence whether or not to get a blackberry. Winning one would obviously make that choice for me!

Was thinking of getting the BlackBerry Odin but since it's being pushed back to September or maybe October I would love to get this!