Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!

Win a BlackBerry Tour from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2009 09:26 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Tour to be available from Verizon and Sprint on July 12th and shortly thereafter from Telus and Bell in Canada (and am sure other CDMA folks - Alltell, etc. will be getting it soon), it's time for us to have a good 'ole fashioned contest!!


  • Grand Prize - A BlackBerry Tour 9630! From your CDMA carrier of choice: Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.. We'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.
  • Runner Up Prizes - $150 Coupon Code for Accessories from! We have three of these to be won. 

To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Why not tell us What you love about the BlackBerry Tour! After you enter for your chance to win, do us a favor and take our CrackBerry Surveys so we can help make this site even better! Contest entry closes Midnight PST on Friday, July 10th. We'll contact the winners on the 11th so you know before the Tour goes on sale that you won. Keep in mind you can enter more than once but only your first entry comment will be entered into the contest. Good Luck!

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I love my storm but I think I would love a Tour much more. Nothing like a physical keyboard caressing my fingers as I type away....


I love blackberry and am sue will love tour...i need one and u can give know my email...crosses his fingers


b/c my storm needs to go.



Take this ROTTEN APPLE off my hands...i am stuck in a at&t contract. Thought the 3GS would HELP, but i was wrong! i NEED BB messanger! i WANT BB Messager! I need an actual smart phone ! i WANT an actual smart phone!!! physical keyboard, themes for the phone, notification light, REAL keyboard, great service (verizon), real PUSH, real PHONE!!!!





I have an 8830 and would love to replace it with the Tour. Let's go lady luck!!!


I'd love a free tour!


Count me in! I would love to get one of these for free!


Iwould love a free Tour!!!!


Thanks for the contest guys. Hoping to get a Tour, Storm just hasnt worked out and having a hard keyboard would be great again. Keep up the great work.


I would love to win this, thanks.


Now pick me so I can bring it with me while my band and I go from place to place in the country playing music...what's that called again?


It's calling my name.


The tour is much better for long emails. My current Storm has been mostly remedied by .148, but is still in need of a Qwerty to bring relief to the sole button underneath the not-so-Sure-press screen. Also, BRING ON MORE APP MEMORY! Quickpull is getting a serious workout and needs a rest.
One for Verizon please.


The Pearl has been great as an entry level device...but I'm ready to step up to the latest and greates BlackBerry device to date!!


Time to extend the BB and CB love and get my fingers on a real keyboard enough of this touch screen foolery

Hey man come on I just need my daily fix


I want, correction, NEED THIS PHONE! :P Seriously though, I would love to get this to replace my Snap!!!


I think the tour will be awesome because of how blackberry has blended all the successful features into one phone. I can't wait to get this model.


My brother just lost his phone on the train and I've been trying to get him addicted to the crackberry. Lets hope I can be a good brother an hook him up!

I'd still consider my 8900 better though ;)


seriously, a free blackberry? Where do I sign? Oh wait...nevermind...


C'mon, I just weathered a Long STORM, just give me a Nice TOUR :-)


oo can't wait for it to be released, hopefully i can be one of the first to own!! :-D


The tour is just so awesome.. Can't have a carrier discount for 2 more years! I need it!


Love the BB Tour cause its a huge upgrade to the 8830,its pretty fast, sweet web browsing, enhanced speakerphone and the overall feel makes you want to fall in loe with the device. I must say i believe that this is the best world phone this is and travelling alot makes it the best phone to have.....




is that Verizon finally came out with a new blackberry, and it wasn't the ridiculous Storm!


Whats not to love!!!! I love everything about my blackberry. I would be lost without my little buddy.


I'm kind of new to the blackberry world. I've had my blackberry storm for about 6 months. Even though it came wit complication the blackberry functions still out shines any other phone which made me fall in love with blackberry phones and never will go back to a regular unless i'm forced to. When I first heard about the Tour i got excited because i know when ever RIM comes out of with a new and improved blackberry its going to be something that everyone gone want to own. What i love about the Tour is definitely that its a blackberry phone which along makes me want it and also i love the look of the phone its something that a man or woman can have its a very versatile phone and thats something i really like about the phone. And also the new 5.0 operation system is something really to look forward to and also the threaded text messages like if you were writing in blackberry messenger.


Wow! If I won this, I would send my curve to my sister so she could be a BB fanatic too!! Awesome contest!


Pick Me and Tourify my life!!!


I purchased it about a month ago. I love it, and can't believe it's already about to become a lower shelf Blackberry. I's my first one, and I still haven't learned 10% of what I need to know to make it truly like my left arm. I love the functions of using it as a pda, phone, calender, and email though. The internet still seems a little cumbersome to me. I hope that's just because I'm not really accustomed to it yet.


Id be crazy happy if I won,
Thanks Crackberry!


I will be coming back to the BB world with this phone. I left having some issues with my 8330. I decided to try the WM world again. Don't get my wrong, the Palm Treo Pro is a pretty decent phone. I have been kinda missing the blackberry right after I sold it.


I would really love to win this phone, my Bold is in a pretty bad shape atm


No more Hour Glass Theme


As a current 8330 user, the Tour seems to upgrade almost every function I interact with now. The biggest upgrade being the camera res. Second would be the screen res. I can't wait until Jul 12 because I will be down at the Sprint Store at opening.


Unlocked GPS and more memory will be nice.

instant icon

i wish i can actually afford this beautiful phone...oh well guess ill keep dreaming


big money big money no whammys STOP!

woohoo a new TOUR!!


Would love to win this phone!! Can't wait for it to be released!!


I just want to let everyone know that i'm a berry lover through and through. I owned an original 850rim (and still do), i currently have an 8703e which has lived through many stair drops, a sink full of water, and down the toilet. This new phone would be great, i've been trying to update my phone but could not find anything that my current carrier has. In either case I think I'm the most needy of everyone here.


I love how it doesn't try to follow the trends of touch screen madness. I want a phone that do solid PIM functions, does email, web and texting, and can keep me connected to the world. I don't care whether or not I can touch the screen.


A new Tour would be a great accompaniment to my Storm! Would come in handy as I fear the safety of my Storm while at work...


I definately want in on some of this action! Win or no win, bye bye storm...


WOW---I sure hope i win this, i have never won anything on here yet---not for a lack of trying though!!!!


The Blackberry Tour looks awesome! I would love to have it!


Love the size and the styling of the Tour.


7/12 can't come soon enough!


I'm in. Love the looks of the Tour vs the Bold.


The nicest way I can say this is... The Storm is a wildly disappointing phone that's hard to type on and leaves me unsatisfied. I'm pretty sure the Tour will be better.


Another free blackberry contest...count me in.


I would appreciate a Tour because I think it is a great looking phone. Aesthetically I think it is the most attractive phone available. Not a sheet of glass or plastic that looks dull or plain, but the curves and key shapes.

And that's just the outside!

In a nutshell, I am excited for its success!!!!!!!!!


The tour is the nicest blackberry i've ever seen, so much nicer than my storm, would love to win it


I love the fact that BlackBerry came out with the Tour and I am completely excited that they are offering it to Verizon users first! I currently have the Curve 8330 but I have felt left in the dust by the iPhone and the Storm. I do not enjoy touch screen only phones and I was afraid that Black Berry would forget about those of us who enjoy to have a keyboard. I can hardly wait to get my hands on one. I am a mother of 7 kids with a husband who is in the military - the BlackBerry is my command central. I love the screen colors and the sleek look of the new Tour I love the updates they have made to the keyboard, I love the faxt that there is a keyboard.


Kitsy Triebwasser


Oh I love it because of the slick design and the reviews make me believe it will help me get work done faster. Looks really good also


I'll take one, thank you.


I upgraded to a Storm from a Curve back in November. Unfortunately with the recent cut backs at work, I will be unable to purchase one at full retail :(. I hope to win this so I can get a Blackberry Tour!!


This could be my first blackberry ever, and finally a new non-touch blackberry for verizon.


I would have responded sooner but the darned cell coverage. Hmmnn.... maybe that is a good reason to upgrade me?! :-D


Sweet a free Tour!!! The one thing i wanna win!






LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is my first blackberry ever and this sites has been so awesome in regards information, help and of course the apps. I would like to win a tour because device is just awesome and would a different experience then a storm.


I love how it isn't a storm....


Here's hoping I get picked.


What a sweet looking BB. I'd give up my curve to take a Tour. Have to wait for the Verizon new every 2 years, though. My wife would kill me if a spend money on another BB. I'm addicted, for sure.


Fingers are crossed again!! But I never win stuff like this.


What's not to love about this phone? Besides all its blackberry goodness, its sexy too.


Can't wait to get my hands on this! I've been looking to upgrade for a while, but I've been waiting for an updated Curve-like phone. And, when OS 5.0 is out... life will be great!

pwc realtor#CB

The Tour is better in EVERY way from the Curve. I'm on Sprint so this owuld be such an upgrade since we didn't get the Storm. I would be the envy of my biz associates and would make sure to show off the Tour at every conference I got to.

I hope this begging and pleading is enough :)

jyarusso that it is sexy. right up there with the chick who played number 6 on BSG.

dream weave

these giveaways are the best


Please let it be me this time. Crackberry is crack for your brain! Pick me for the tour! Please please please!


I'd love the new Blackberry Tour! My first (and only) Blackberry is the VZW Storm. I like the Storm but I've had issues with the click screen since day 1!


256 MB of app memory instead of the 128 on my Storm. Plus it will do EVDO REV A for tethering which the Flip can't do.


Is AT&T not getting any new devices? I'm wishing they had the Tour.


I need the tour my storm is driving me CRAZY!


What DON'T I love about the Tour!?


I'll give you my storm for it


I am looking foward to the tour. I like the keypad layout and the battery cover design.


I want this more then anything! Cant afford it though :( Fingers Crossed.


I'm a loyal BlackBerry fan and a proud Bold owner. I recently converted my mother to a BlackBerry lover by giving her my old 8300 Curve. However, she accidently dropped the Curve in the toilet, and although it seemingly survived the plunge, it still struggles these days. She is in need of a new phone and I could think of no better device for her to have but a new BlackBerry Tour! I'm a struggling college student, so buying her one is out of the question! It would be awesome to win a new Tour for her!

Dz Nutz

I need one bad so pick me!!!


I just like shiny new things (that have the initials BB on them... :))!


I like how the tour is incorporating things from several different blackberries. Also being a storm owner who texts like crazy I think it would be nice to return to a full keyboard. I thought about switching to the curve but now that the tour is out I'd love to switch to that.


Come on daddy needs a new pair of shoes, uh wrong contest. I need a nice birthday present for my wife and she really wants a blackberry. ;)


I really really want a Tour!!!!!


Sweet, I want to go on tour! Pick me


love the look of this phone!


HELP! I'm locked into a BB 8830 World Edition and I can't upgrade without paying retail! Please pick me to win the new Tour...the Berry that I've been waiting for all my life!


Come on. This gives me a good reason to try big Red. A new phone? Yes. A new phone free. Hell Yes!!


Hook me up!! My curve is on its last leg :(


I can't wait for this phone to be available for people upgrading thru Verizon! I've been drooling over this thing for ever!


Upgrade my curve please


Journal Entry 9630.00

Woot Woot !!!

Blackberry Tour Oh how I can't wait for your arrival. I write to you each day and can't wait for you to be born! I can't wait to hold you in my arms and see your little red berry light blink for the first time!

Well your almost here!!!


Thanks for the entry.


I want this phone. Badly. Enough to kill.

Ok that last part isn't true, but I do really want it.


This phone is fantastic, I have seen it and it Rocks.


Sweet I hope I win lol. The tour is pretty sick.


I just went to get an oil change for my Wrangler and found out that I have a cracked manifold. So I'm going to have to spend my 9630 money and $800 bucks to fix it this week.

It sucks the way things happen sometimes. At least it Didn't break down!


I tried out the Palm Pre and it didn't have as big of a keyboard, video recording, and it had some other annoying things that the Tour (hopefully) doesn't. Please pick me as your winner...thanks.


or at the very least a new phone.


I want to get it for my brother who's going off to university and has no cellphone at all. Sort of like a graduation present, but also to keep him away from an iphone!


Waiting for the storm 2, but this would be a great consolation prize.


Yay hopefully my luck will turn around and this will be my first CB win!


I so badly want the drunken product of a wild night when the bold slipped a micky in the storm's to many fruity drinks and their love child was born and to the masses was given the Tour.


The Blackberry Tour is amazing. My blackberry is kind of getting old so a new one would be niceeee!!


I think i am going to win this one


There's a lot of people who are going to comment to this post wanting a BlackBerry tour, but let me tell you - nobody deserves it more than I do. The Blackberry Tour is everything I need in one fabulous piece of machinery. Wifi, QWERTY keyboard, 3G, e-mail, etc. etc. This would be awesome to win, I deserve it, pick me!


theres on WiFi on the tour, however next year SPrint is coming out with WiFi on the tour


the BlackBerry Tour looks absolutely AMAZING! I would love to have it and use it especially for FREE? are u kidding me? sign me up


Iwould love a free Tour!!!!

Michael Hepples

I'd be perfectly happy with $150 of free goodies, but a free Tour would be sweet.


this phone is amazing it would be so awesome to replace my storm with or activate it and have two of the best blackberrys on my belt clip! id do anything


Would love to get this and give my Storm to my wife. She has been dying to join the BB family.


I never win but here to good luck lol.


I’m truly "tour"N between my storm and the new tour. I've never had a blackberry before my storm and I now have RIM imbedded in my DNA!!!


If I keep entering Ill win eventually right?? =) I want one of these


Daddy needs a new Blackberry!!!!


Thanks for the cool contest CrackBerry!


I would love this phone to be my next upgrade! I now have a Sprint Curve 8330 and I have been waiting for Sprint to get a CDMA BlackBerry that is like the Bold (except for WiFi). I hope I win!


I'm in for a Verizon Tour as long as you aren't excluding existing customers that are eligible for an upgrade.


Why do I NEED the Tour? Let me count the ways. Is it the sexy rubberized / carbon fiber battery door? The exactly right sized keyboard and form factor? The design that's a perfect combination of Bold, Storm, and Curve? Or is it the fact that my girlfriend dropped my Storm in a bowl of soup and now it only works when it wants too. Yeh, I'm betting on the soup.


Winner winner chicken dinner.


I love the fact that the device is slightly sleeker than the Bold and packs even more punch.

Hope I am one of the lucky winners! :-)


I would love to win the Tour.


I would love to win the BB storm Tour. This phone looks awesome. Thanks


I would love to win this contest.
In fact - if I do, I will donate my Storm to a crackberry member!


I never win anything! Would love a new Tour to replace my tired Curve! Thanks!


This phone needs to be released so that all the upset and disappointed Storm fans can switch over and get a 'real' Blackberry and we can stop reading about all those complaints about that horrible phone. Thank you Verizon for returning back to your proven and widely accepted Qwerty keyboard design that's made RIM a successful company in the PDA/Smartphone arena!


Oh wow, I really hope I win!


Tired of my Storm. I need one of these bad!!


Pick Me, i want a Tour!


I've had the storm for 6 months and I NEED a keyboard. The large screen is great for watching video and surfing the web but I am so slow writing email that I've almost stopped. I'm buying a Tour eventually but this will save me from giving Telus another $650.


This phone reeks of awesomeness... And functionality. I'd love to hold this beast all day long and caress its QWERTY all day long!!!


I like it because it would be better than my ancient 8330. Yea... Im that bad..Dont hurt me..


I would love to win this phone. Have been taking a lot of pictures of my 17 month old daughter with my 8130, and the pictures...well they kind of suck. The camera on this one is soooo much better. That and I think my 8130 is dying and my contract isn't up until Sept.


I'm pretty sure that I need one more than anyone else. This is backed by baseless facts and the unnecessary need for something I want.


I couldn't get the bold (carrier dependent). I got the storm, now I want the Tour but I have to wait 14 months for a rebate, really? The crackberry hookup would be sweet! and my review on the tour, priceless.


First off. I hate the storm that i have. I need a physical keboard. typing on the storm is very nerve recking. the tour is by far the best looking blackberry to date. Just give me the phone because I'm awesome!!


This would be a major upgrade over my Curve... I'd love to have one!


the storm has tortured me for the past year i neeeeed this.


i'm a msging junkie..
bb ftw


Please save me from this Storm Hell I'm in.....I need a Tour...


First BlackBerry I ever had...Storm... but the typing on the storm has hurt my thumbs to a point where it cracks when i bend it lol. But I've gotten so used/just flat out love the the ease of RIM and their call quality that I really don't want to move away from BlackBerry's. So when i heard about the Tour I want to get it but because I'm not eligible for an upgrade until next yr I was a little down. Till I saw this contest.....O how I hope I get one. It would b such a blessing.


You guys are great and a new tour is also great!


I have never been excited for a product launch more. I don't know if that's because the tour looks phenomenal or the Storm I have is terrible.


OMG !!! i really want this new toy. Telus for me.


The painted keys on my 8830 keyboard have started to chip off...starting to have issues typing in dark places! Would LOVE to upgrade to a TOUR!


I'm not a Storm guy. THIS is the device I've been waiting for.


It would really be cool to win this...


I have a Storm and a Pearl I'd love to add a Tour to that list!


gimme this phone! vzw please


You guys are great and a new tour is also great!


I've suffered through a less than stellar storm experience. Make me love BBs again!


The wait for the Tour is almost over... and to win would make the release all the more sweet.


I'm gonna win this one...I feel it!


I have been keeping my eye on this thing since the first time I heard about it, hoping that it might be the next Bold. Being on Verizon in the Northwest is about the only way to go because the coverage is phenomenal compared to the others, but no Bold. The Tour is a beautiful phone and it is what i need to replace the Storm. Evidently I am much more of a Qwerty guy than a SurePress, But I cant live without my Blackberry. Long Live The Blackberry!!!!


I think the tour is going to be a hit. I like everything about it and I enjoy these great contests on

You Rock!


Never won anything in my life besides a few bucks on a lotto ticket. Would love to win a BlackBerry Tour.



I'll take it! (not Tourette's)


First of all the phone just looks amazing! I like the OS and the potential for the 5.0 update. I like the memory, the speed and the screen resolution! I like my curve but I'll LOVE my TOUR.


but if i had a tour, i would still feel cool :)


I've been using an 8830 for over 2 years, this will be huge


Yes I can... throw one my way please.


Hook me up with a new Tour!


Would love to make the Tour my first BB!!!


I love the keyboard! Looks much better than my 8900's!


Recently bought my first Berry, a curve...LOVE IT! My hubby wants one soooo bad but sadly we can't afford another just yet. This sleek, manly lookin phone would be WONDERFUL for him! And he starts a new job soon too...what better impression than showing off the new TOUR??!! Very happy with everthing about my Berry and if I win, this one will go straight to the happy hubby. :)


You guys are great and a new tour is also great!


Today's my lucky day!


What wouldn't i do with a Tour!...


And bring it on to me, please!! From the screen to the keyboard to the operating system, there's nothing to dislike with the Tour.


I want a tour... well a free one would be nice.


I hope I win. This phone is what I've been waiting for. Blackberry has changed my life, and this phone is only going to make it better.

I hope I win!!!



The BlackBerry Tour! The first thing I ever won in my life!! Thank you CrackBerry!!!


Like pulling a needle out of a haystack. Pick me!!!!!!!


I want this phone. I need this phone. I've been dying for an impressive new BlackBerry on Verizon with a physical keyboard and 3G. It's a beautiful looking corporate and casual mobile phone. Please, CrackBerry I love and need this!!


What is there not to love? With 3G, 256 memory, GPS and 3.2 MP camera and the size. It is just plain Sswwweeeeett.
This would be fantastic.


I would love to get this phone, not for myself but for my roommate. He has been in love with it since the rumors started months ago.


What's not to love about the Tour? It excels in both style and function! And besides ,who wouldn't want a brand new Blackberry for their birthday? (::cough:: July 13th ::cough::)


I am coming from a samsung instinct on sprint so i am in much need of this BB!


I would love to have the Blackberry Tour. Right now I have the Storm and lately the touchsreen has been really pissing me off.



Uh... a really cool phone with nice Graphics good size and a very very nice keyboard. Oh yea, this is my entry also.


I'd gladly take one of these bad boys off your hands! :)


I can't wait for the tour to come to Verizon. It's about time.


I hope i win. Please, I love the tour and I love the Pre. This would make my choice simple. Please....


I love seeing the continued improvement of the keyboard design while they work on the touchscreen. Get that storm software crackin!


This look so much more user friendly than my storm....CAN'T WAIT!


I like prizes
pick me!


I need more crack in my day. I would love to get the tour..

it will also allow me to test out my application :)


This Tour will be awsome. Ive been a blackberry freak on and off for about a year, and ive been waiting for a phone thats like the BB Bold with my carrier (Sprint),and this is the closest to it! i cant wait!


If you would like to just send it to me now, it would save a lot of time for everyone else :)


This device is gonna burn peoples retinas right out of their head with its pure beauty!!!!!!!!


I love the physical keyboard. I love my Storm, but the virtual keyboard is getting to me. I'd love the features of the Storm with a physical keyboard.


I'd love to win a new BlackBerry!!!! PICK ME!!


So, about a month ago one of my best friends won a Blackberry Bold 9000 from a real estate conference but did not have AT&T so he gave it to me. Best present I have received in a long time. I would love to repay him and since he has Sprint for a carrier, this would work. Please pick me so that he can upgrade from the Curve soon. Thanks.


...and I promise not to use LOL, ROFL, OMG, etc for a year on ANY message board on the internets....


I have a BB 8330 and I love it.

The Blackberry Tour improves upon the original Curve in all ways: faster processor, better screen res, more memory, nicer casing, AND GSM capabilities! Yay Blackberry!


thank you for another wonderful contest


My 8830 is on the fritz. I need a new Blackberry.


Hope I win. Then i dont have to wait in line on the 12th




I have been a Storm owner since last November, and I'm ready to get back to my trackball! Show me some love CB!


Since the Storm isn't available with my carrier, I just purchased the Pearl. Winning the Tour 9630 would be amazing!!!!


Of all the contests I've entered into and not won, please let this be the one where I win!!!!!


One of the coolest BB RIM has yet to put out.. I am Loving it...


My 8830 is on the fritz. I need a new Blackberry.


I would love this phone to replace the Storm!


The Tour and Storm seem very similar to each other except for the obvious touch screen. But the Tour has more Flash and RAM which coupled with no touch screen to take up memory when being used seems an awesome thing. I am a Storm owner now but going to switch over when my New Every Two is due in Oct. I am intrigued. I want one. JC


Pick me! The Tour rocks!


with the latest devices released by RIM, they have really made the statement that BlackBerry are not just for the corporate professional but for anyone wanting to stay in touch with what is important to them. The 9630 is another example of the forward thinking R&D at RIM.


i cant wait anymore!!!


I've suffered through 3 Storms....I NEED A TOUR PLEASE!!!


My Storm is giving me so many problems! A Tour would fix all of them!!!


Lord knows I have never won anything in my life, but the fact that I have won something so important to so many, I am honored to except this phone on behalf of all the Blackberry Fans! I thank you and I will make you proud...


I like the Tour because it seems to be a good combination of Bold and Curve features.


pretty pretty please!


I have never won an internet contest in my life...I sure would like for this to be my first time winning.


Let's start that tour right here in Denver. Let it speak from the mountaintops!


Why because this will be my first blackberry and i am excited to become apart of the blackberry community and have been waiting for this phone for so long. cant wait for its release