Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!

Win a BlackBerry Tour from!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jul 2009 09:26 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Tour to be available from Verizon and Sprint on July 12th and shortly thereafter from Telus and Bell in Canada (and am sure other CDMA folks - Alltell, etc. will be getting it soon), it's time for us to have a good 'ole fashioned contest!!


  • Grand Prize - A BlackBerry Tour 9630! From your CDMA carrier of choice: Verizon, Sprint, Telus, Bell, etc.. We'll get it to you as soon as it becomes available for purchase.
  • Runner Up Prizes - $150 Coupon Code for Accessories from! We have three of these to be won. 

To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this blog post. Looking for something to comment on? Why not tell us What you love about the BlackBerry Tour! After you enter for your chance to win, do us a favor and take our CrackBerry Surveys so we can help make this site even better! Contest entry closes Midnight PST on Friday, July 10th. We'll contact the winners on the 11th so you know before the Tour goes on sale that you won. Keep in mind you can enter more than once but only your first entry comment will be entered into the contest. Good Luck!

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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Tour 9630 from!



I love the fact that blackberry is always on the cutting edge when it comes to new devices. The tour is by far the best phone the created. I can't wait to see what comes out next.

I WANT A TOUR!!! I WANT A TOUR!!! I WANT A TOUR!!!... I think everyone gets the point. :)

I would loooove to win a Tour, not just because the Tour looks fantastic, but because my beloved Curve is on its last leg. I'd love to replace it with the top of the line!

Thanks for the great contest, CB!

I am new to the blackberry world, 44 years old and used a palm several years ago and cant believe how far these things have come. The tour is just fantastic looking and would be fun to have.


I love my Curve 8330 but I think it is time to get a phone with a high res screen, more memory and a nice features.

Because it gets to the heart of what makes Blackberries so fantastic: usable, durable keyboard, beautiful screen, functional OS and all of the data you can muster. Give me one so I can actually compose emails, something increasingly difficult with the Storm!!

I hate sitting here one year away from contract renewal looking at all the nice, new Blackberries while I'm stuck with my 8330. Great phone, but the battery is starting to go and it's all scratched up from wear and tear. A nice new Tour would be just wonderful.

Let's win this thing!

My 8830 is on its last legs, and I'm switching to the Tour for:

* Global roaming (4-5 int'l trips / year)
* More memory (More apps from Crackberry Store!)
* Camera
* Unlocked GPS

The BlackBerry tour has the nicest screen, and keyboard set on any BlackBerry I have seen yet!!

It is very similar in looks in many ways to the BlackBerry Bold, yet this is more refined, and very slick and easier to use...

I really find it to be the best of both worlds when combining the BlackBerry Bold, and the new BlackBerry Curve 8900!!!

BlackBerry Tour, the best BlackBerry of 2009!!!

I want to win the BB tour so bad. I love the style and how cool it looks. Plus, I need an upgrade bad, currently own a Curve 8310, love it too, but would love to own the Tour.

I need and want a BB Tour because this is what RIM is good at, they gave it the good ole college try with the Storm but its time to take that show on the road. So lets go Touring and get rid of the Stormy nights and days.

Don't make me lick it and call dibs.

WOW I can't believe you guys are giving one away! I'm super excited. Like it wasn't bad enough that I'm glued to this site already! I would LOVE this phone !

I'm currently locked in a contract with a Curve 8310. Winning the tour would be a great upgrade! Thanks for the chance!

Thank you for the opportunity to win this phone. I am in need of a new phone, but at this time I don't have the means to obtain one. I appreciated being considered for the grand prize.

I had a Blackberry Curve as my first phone, and I was able to change to the Storm. Though it is a great phone, and I have had one is little to no issues, I miss my curve. I am not enjoying the Blackberry experience as much as I did when I had my Curve. I would like to have the new phone the "Tour" which will give me the combination of both phones.

Thank you

I never thhought I would miss the real keybad so badly. After having the Storm, I can't wait for the Tour's release. Blackberry rocks!

This might be the reason that I stay with Verizon and get another blackberry, instead of defecting to AT&T to get an IPhone.

I would love this phone for my wife. She went from a pearl to a storm (which she did not like) to a curve and I think the Tour would be a Great upgrade. OH did I say" I LOVE CRACKBERRY"

**Crackberry is **sick** for giving away so many prizes, oh my God, so awesome!
Please help me out with a brand new great Tour, I'm still runnin' a VZW 8330 and I'm getting bored with it!!


Hands down the Tour is looking like the best BlackBerry ever made. I love my Curve 8900, don't get me wrong, but the Tour looks like it's filled in all the holes the 8900 has (which filled in so many other holes I had with my 8310). I've considered moving over to Verizon so maybe this will be the push I need.

please please pick me...I would love to get this prize so I can give it to my wife as a b-day present...she deserves the best.

We currently both have Sprint Curves 8330, she has become a believer :). The tour is just what we have been waiting for (no touch screens for us!) Its just a beautiful piece of work!


I don't think I've been this psyched up for a mobile device ever. Would love to get me a free Tour... :D

I want this for my wife... she's been great and is due for an upgrade from her 8330. Tour all the way!

I can not wait for this phone to come out.

I love that the tour is something different, looks like the 8900 but it isn't it. The more accentuated rounded keypad, the 3.2 mega pixel camera and the screen resolution all make me just want to scream, I AM A CRACKBERRY ADDICT!

Holy Cow! What a great giveaway! It would be so cool to win this! I bought the Storm in January and a few months later read about the Tour.....I wish I had waited. I do love my Storm, but just seems laggy and non-responsive at times. PICK ME!!!!

What perfect timing this is, I've been planning on starting a new contract with Bell!

Can't wait to see what the Tour has to offer!

What do I like about the Tour? QWERTY keyboard, sleek design, and it's a BlackBerry for chrissakes! What's not to like?

My husband got me hooked on blackberrys on this older blackberry curve. I needa get this one so I can be the one bragging about my blackberry being as good as his :)!

I love how it is not the Storm. I would love to replace my Storm with this device. is the best site to get your Blackberry fix from.

The tour will be a much better device than the storm because of the non touch screen. It is basically a bold from at&t for cdma carriers. With out the touch screen the device will run alot smoother and the size is not that big of deal because the bold is not that big. The main display is awesome and speakers are as well.

NO WAY!!!! I would love to win a FREE BB Tour. I have been following EVERYTHING CB has been updating about the BB TOUR!!! Can not wait til it hits July 12th!! Please choose me for a FREE Tour!!

The Tour is definitely bad-assimus! (Yes, I said bad-assimus!) I love my Curve, but the poor thing needs to find a seat in a retirement home.

I have an 8830 and it seems like the Tour is pretty much a new edition of the World Edition. I love my WE but I wouldn't be mad if I got a new, improved edition. :)

im looking for a device that can run on both cdma and gsm so i can have my work and personal phone in one. although storm has the same specs, i more lean towards a physical keyboard. so looking forward to new tour coming out, ;)

I love my Blackberry Curve, but this new phone would allow me to tour most anywhere in the world and not have to go through withdrawals; the most dreaded thought of a crackberry addict!

I really want to upgrade to the tour simply because of the significant spec raise from the Curve. I really love my curve, but have only had it for about half a year, so I'm not ready for upgrade. :( I tried the storm... wasn't my thing. So I'm hoping I can continue the BlackBerry legacy with the Tour! :)

I would love a new blackberry tour. I have a clunky old 8830WE and the limited 64mb of memory is hampering my ability to try out & use all the really cool applications available for the blackberry.

So, I would LOVE to upgrade to a Tour. Thanks Crackberry!

because it is not the Blackberry Storm. The Storm is great for most things, but I need a physical qwerty keyboard. The Tour offers the latest in Blackberry technology and it's just awesome!!!

my favorite part about the blackberry tour is the fact that crackberry is giving one away.

This device is ABSOLUTE BEAUTY! Absolute PERFECTION... On top of that, I have been accused of being addicted, and I confess... this would only ADD to my addiction. However, it does keep me from doing dangerous drugs. I'm "feening" for it. I absolutely MUST have... (pretty please with a pretty cherry on top?!!!)

Because it's be a pretty good upgrade from my current Pearl 8130 from Sprint. I've gotten almost all the life outta it that I can at this point.

holy crap i need a tour! i love that the tour has a qwerty keyboard on it unlike the storms touch screen. the size of the phone makes it very attractive. i also love what i saw last night the carbon fiber battery door with rubber on the outside for a better grip. i am a contractor and need a pretty durable blackberry and this looks like the most durable one yet. i have recently signed up for the us air force and this phone would make it really easy for me to keep in contact with my family and my fiance when i am away for almost a year.

Seems like it has combined all the great features from the new product line. This might be the one to make everyone happy.

I love the physical keyboard on the Tour (my Storm is driving me crazy!!!!!) and the beautiful screen! I'll never be able to give up my Blackberry, but I'm finding the Storm just isnt for me (and makes me almost miss my Pearl!!).

Please, oh please, pick me! :)

I have endured a love-hate relationship with my storm for long enough. Please let me love my Blackberry unconditionally again.

I want to thank EVERYONE here at Crackberry for keeping me on my toes for the past several months. I've been a long-time website visitor and forums reader (though been only posting for a couple months now).

The updates on this site have provided me with just enough sustenance to get through each day of waiting for this phone.

Since my bday is on July 11th, finding out that I've won a Telus Tour on that day would probably be the best (and only gift) I'm looking for. :)

Thanks everyone at CB!

I love the physical keyboard on the Tour (my Storm is driving me crazy!!!!!) and the beautiful screen! I'll never be able to give up my Blackberry, but I'm finding the Storm just isnt for me (and makes me almost miss my Pearl!!).

Please, oh please, pick me! :)

I have had the blackberry storm since it came out. I figured it would be cool, but I miss the keyboard. I gave my brother my upgrade so he could get his first blackberry; now I have to wait another year before I am going to be able to upgrade unless of course I win a free blackberry tour from for my VZW account. I tell you I really miss the keyboard and being able to feel the keys, my fingers are a bit on the bigger side and it sometimes makes it hard on the flat screen to get the right keys. Anyways thats why I would like a free VZW blackberry tour.

First off, I love BLACKBERRY!!!

What I love about the new blackberry tour is the design, it's soo sleek, and fashionable. Blackberry Tour looks to be the best blackberry out!!!!! I love the it comes with 3G, 3.2 camera, and it will also come with the new blackberry messenger!!!!!!! I can't wait for the tour to hit the stores!!!!!

Gooo Blackberry :)

What can I say about my love for the Tour and the BlackBerry brand??? ...from the 3.2 MB camera to the slim design, what's not to love? not to mention the face that it is a CDMA device, I would maybe be able to pursuade my employer to add this device to their lineup. It's not as large as the Bold but not as small as the Curve, I think the Tour is the perfect blend of the two models, hopefully it's preloaded with OS 5.0 so I can enjoy the new BBM... Really looking forward to this device, I can almost feel it in my hands, or that $150 coupon would be a nice runner up prize as well...

The New Tour Blackberry look so awesome and to have it with my choice of Carrier, is 100 times better! I have been waiting for this phone to come out to see it in person, but I thought that only Verizon was selling it, which is not my carrier!!! I would love to win the Tour w/choice of carrier, but the 150 coupon for CB accessories will do just as well too!

BlackBerry Tour I so want you in my hands!

Thanks CB for another Awesome contest!!!

I really need a new BB I had the BB Storm untill my dad decided he would throw me and my phone in the swimming pool last month so i had to go back to my old 8330 which I like but I would LOVE a new Tour :) Sooooo pick me please

My Curve is on its last legs and I have a year before I can upgrade. I am also broke and my job hasn't paid me in months. I could really use a win and would love to win the Tour!!!

I love that it mixes function with fashion. It has the power of the Bold without all the extra bulk. Definitely what I look for in a device.

I can honestly say that from the time the Bold came out on ATT I almost died. I had switched to Verizon to my bf's plan (insert me slamming my head against a wall). I've been day dreaming of the day that BB would put out something like the Bold for Verizon and now my day has come!!!!! I'm so frikkin excited I cannot even express it!! Maybe with lost of exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nope still not nearly enough! I love the keys cuz they're like my World Edition now. It has a camera! It's BLACK so it fits my style!!!!I just can't! This phone is hot to trott!!!!!!!!THIS PHONE MAKES ME O!!!!!I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im excited about the upcoming launch of this device and would love even more to win it. Also I could use the accessories coupon. Pick Me!!!

Sure, just what I need a new toy to take up the two hours I just got back from the excitement of the Storm update release. :) This would be great! I love the tour simply because I am a Blackberry ADDICT!!!!!

I have a Storm, but I also have large sausage fingers. A real keyboard would be just what the Dr. ordered.

I love my Blackberry Curve, but the 4 year old processor is well outdated. It's time to move onto some new technology, and the Tour might fit the bill. Especially if I win one for free!

What I love most about the Tour [that I don't love about a 2 year old pearl]:

-titanium colored bezel on a black phone. can't go wrong
-the wireless radio will probably stay on without automagically turning off
-i wont have to battery pull twice a day
-I won't be embarassed to whip out a pearl that's obviously taken more abuse than a BB that's been iSuppli analyzed


Comments from various blogs that claim this is the best BB Keyboard really have me interested in this device. I really want to get my hands on one.

The Tour is the best. It's the only thing stopping me from getting the Pre immediately. The best keyboard in the industry, the best hardware on a BlackBerry yet. I really really really hope I get one!

3.2Mega pixel camera!!! WHOA! Love the black trackball also. Just seems like a dream to have. Never been on a tour before... but would love to own one. ;)

just a day after requesting this, you came through. Now if I can just win this Tour and ditch my Storm. What do I love about the Tour? Keys! Touch, and the "flaky" OS on the Storm just aren't for me.

btw: getting married is expensive! Otherwise I'd pay full retail to replace my storm... but I simply cannot afford it with the wedding expenses.

good luck to everyone

I have been reading on here for a long time, just decided to register this year and hope now that I finally posted I get a chance to upgrade my curve 8330 to the Tour which I really want. ;)

I've had the Pearl 8130 for 2 years now and it's time for an upgrade! I waited as long as I could to get the Pearl with my upgrade because I was hoping for the Curve 8330. But my g/f really needed my phone (hers was dying) so I upgraded and I've loved my Pearl - but it's time to move on!

The Tour is the perfect phone I've come across. Full QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry OS v4.6 (or is it v4.7?) with the probability that it can be upgraded to OS v4.5.

Thanks for the awesome site.

I'm looking forward to the Blackberry Tour. It is the sexiest CDMA blackberry there is. I like my Storm but I would LOVE a Tour.

I have had my 8830 for a few months & I love it. I can't upgrade with vzw until december! That's too long of a wait. I love the 8830 but I can't MMS, & there's no camera. I had the samsung omnia, & I hated it. Tuh-tuh tour!!!! (Please)

to replace my Sister's older model curve.

I'm on verizon becasue of her (cheaper in provider calls to one another), which led me to my first BlackBerry, the Storm. I'd like to repay the favor and pass along the Tour to her if I should win.