Contest: Win a BlackBerry Curve 8520 from!

BlackBerry Curve 8520 Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Aug 2009 09:55 am EDT

The BlackBerry Curve 8520 officially becomes available from T-Mobile tomorrow (go to Walmart for the best price!) and we wouldn't be if we didn't mark the event with a contest and give the community a chance to win one for free.

If you're unfamiliar with the Curve 8520, you can check out our pre-release BlackBerry Curve 8520 review and read the official press release. After that, just leave a comment to this blog post for your chance to win a free BlackBerry Curve 8520. Now for the big question... if you win, do you go for the black version or the frost version (pictured)???  Good luck!!!

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Contest: Win a BlackBerry Curve 8520 from!



I hope I win because than I have internet finely and almost all my friends have one. But I understand that a lot of people realy want's to win too. Good luck everybody =D
I love the frost one!!!<3

(I'm not don't know how you say this but I try'd)

I was thinking about upgrading to the 8520 if you buy this phone from Walmart do they require you to purchase a data package also?

If you get the 8520 from Tmobile on a new contract you are required to add a data package to it. If you pay full retail price and buy it outright, no you don't need it, but you can't do much with out it :P

buy the device outright
unlock it
then put it on any GSM carrier with any plan you like.

although you are correct, to get the full use of a Blackberry you need a data plan.

I would love to have this device and potentially make it part of my mobile arsenol. The trackpad is a great add-on and the storm 2-like main buttons are integrated nicely. C'mon crackberry, hook me up

This would make my year. After so many down turns this would be a positive to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

i was on my twitter following @crackberrykevin wondering when a tweeter like myself will when. all i can say is pick me;)

Now that's sweet the frost looking one. But I'm practical I'd have to go with black if I won this contest. And it would be put to some serious usage too.

The frost is cool!!! be great to win a new one. Love my blackberry. Be great to have two to choose from, or just to have one for spare just incase somethinf happened!!!! I wouldnt be WITHOUT ONE!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!! panic!

i love this phone plus its white. omg! the curve will always have a special place in my heart because its was my first blackberry. ive have many other ones but the curve is so!

That looks sweet! Got to get my hands on it. I would be forever greatful to receive that prize! Thank you!

...and, to mark the occasion, I believe I am going to be the proud owner of a brand-new 8520 - 's gotta be black, ain't it? Any colour, so long as it's BlackBerry. Come to England, my pretty little 8520, come to England...

My first ever blackberry (pearl flip 8220) is showing its age and I'd love to try out a blackberry with the "normal" form factor (since I've never used one before). I'd love to stick with the platform, so please pick me!

(also, I'd go for the black model, shows less damage over time)


GOD I NEED THIS! My Dog DESTROYED my current Blackberry and I cant afford to pay full retail for a new one right now! (Was dumb and didn't get insurance on my phone! :-( )

PLEASE pick me to win i HAVE NEVER WON anything on crackberry!!!!!!!!!!! plus i would have the 8520 and the tour!!!!!!!!!

I want a frost version will look good with my titanium 8900 and will look good with my soon to be pre! Sorry people I am going to Palm but still gna be rockin a Berry. Question is which is going to be my primary device???? time will tell!

This would be an awesome upgrade for my wife who doesn't like any other BlackBerry... she's in love with the optical trackball... she hates the regular trackwheel... I need to win this to finally get her off of WinMo devices... namely the HTC Touch Pro would be to win this phone. My loyal and ever reliable 8310 is falling apart. I can no longer use the handset to talk, I have to use an earpiece. Not sure why. My headphones(earpiece) has 2 earbuds and only one works. My belt clip has busted off of the case holder too so its in pretty bad shape. Love this website.

It would be awesome to win. Especially since I am looking to change up my RIM devices. Selling the Bold, using the 8820 and waiting for the Onyx!

I'm in two minds about whether I want a black or a frost one. Both look so spanking hot! However, I'm learning towards the frost version...

I'd be glad to just win one. Let me win this!!

I would like it in the Frost
I would like it at no cost
I would like it if my Bold got lost
Rest assured it would not get tossed.

SO WANT IT, SO NEED IT because i'm still using an old blackberry, thinking to change to a newer one.
The frosty is tempting .........................
want it, really really want it. And the trackpad it sooo hotttttttttt, please please pick me

wanting mode : on

Frost would be wonderful. This would be a great upgrade from my Pearl 8130. Thanks for the consideration!

I love how Crackberry has given out so many blackberries. :O I hope one day I'll win. An 8520 is a pretty sick phone! I've been wanting to try that optical cursor.

I have been so interested in this new Curve since it was announced. I think the optical trackball will probably end up being a huge breakthrough for RIM in the cell phone world. Depending on the success of this device, I think we may possibly see many other phones moving in the direction of the optical trackball. I think it will provide the same great features as the current trackball, but without the downfall of "sticky" trackballs.

Choosing between the standard black color and the new frost color would be a tough decision. BB always makes such "sexy" devices and I think the black color really exemplifies that sexy mentality. However, I love the idea of having a new color that not many other people have, so the frost color is very tempting, too! It would be fantastic if I actually won and HAD to make that tough decision, haha!

I have been trying to convert my girlfriend to blackberry for ahile now... PLEASE HELP! Not picky on color. Thanks

Man new phones are just busting out everywhere!! Thanks for the chance to win one of these!!

I would love to convert my wife to the world of the crackberry! this would be perfect for her to start with!

Crackberry rules!

Ive been participating in all these contests but never seem to have luck in winning.

I need this bb (FROST version!!) as my curve 8900 which i paid in full for was stolen from me!

fingers crossed!

this would make a awful nice give to give my pregnant wife.......... you know you want to give it to me.... you know you do.

Crackberry you rock! I love your website! All the stuff you give away is a bonus, your information is da bomb. THANKS

I would def. go with the black version, but if I win the frost version, that would be fine as well. :) Pick me pleassseeee!! I never win anything. :( lol

As always, thanks for the great contests!! Long live CrackBerry!!!