Contest: Win a Beta Unify4Life SoundGrabber + AV|Shadow!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Mar 2009 09:53 am EDT

Login to and Leave a Comment to This Blog Post for a chance to win a Beta of Unify4Life's SoundGrabber and an AV|Shadow. Two prize packs to be won!

OK, now this is cool. As much as the BlackBerry is becoming a pretty sweet multimedia tool, I know there are a lot of you out there reading this who also own an iPod or iPod Touch that plays home to your music collection. If you fit this description, then this upcoming product from Unify4Life is for you.

The Unify4Life SoundGrabber is an enhanced dock for your iPod, that when combined with a BlackBerry and Unify4Life AV|Shadow, allows you to use your BlackBerry as the remote control for your iPod. Be sure to watch the video preview above for more info and a full walk through. SoundGrabber should be available for purchase this June with a retail price of $40.

Contest: Want to get a SoundGrabber now??? Our pals at Unify4Life are going to hook two members of up with a FREE Beta SoundGrabber and an AV|Shadow so you can start playing your iPod's tunes via your BlackBerry now. Just login to and leave a comment to this post. Contest ends this Sunday, Midnight PST and we'll announce the winners next week. Good Luck. And thanks U4L!!

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Contest: Win a Beta Unify4Life SoundGrabber + AV|Shadow!



I have been waiting for another one of these contests! Crackberry, you are the best!!! With all these products for our phones, IT PUTS OUR BLACKBERRY OVER THE *PHONE!!!! Thanks Unify4life!!!

You know, this sounds really cool. I would love to win it because I would really use it. Never win anyting, but think of what a hero I would be to my family if I won the Unify4Life SoundGrabber! I would be HUGE. Please pick me, pick me! No one else has made the effort to write more than one sentence. That has got to me worth something.

frickin sweet! I would totally drop the money for this. I always use my ipod with my surround sound and the one thing I hate is walking back and forth to change a song or album. My dreams have been answered.

Are people leaving multiple comments, thus increasing their chances of winning? If so that is sooooo unfair and should not be allowed!!!

Thanks Guys this software will be great to have if I win it or have to buy it. I have an Ipod touch and have been trying to figure out how to get my itunes music on my BB. Thanks once again thankyou.....

This is the perfect addition to my Touch/Storm combo! I would love to see how else I could use the Shadow. Pick me PLEASEEEEEEE!

This looks like a really useful App to me! I hope I get the chance to Win it!

Pick me! Pick me! Ooo Ooo Me, me, me

Funny this shows up, just this morning I was thinking it would be nice if my 9530 and iTouch could talk, but i'll settle for them singing to eachother for now =)
This product looks really cool!

Can I have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please with a cherry on top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Can't I use that with my ps3 too!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

sixty four


The A/V shadow is a pretty sweet piece of technology. Wouldn't mind having one, as well as the SoundGrabber.

I have a unify4life w my Storm and it is AMAZING!!! i cant wait for the SoundGrabber, and i hope they have an apple remote integration! i would love a second for my living room, or else where to expand!!!


This is a great app!
I fit perfectly to the description of having my days taking out and pocketing both my iPod and Blackberry.
If I can just use my Blackberry to do all, just simply awesome!

The main reason I don't keep my iPod hooked up to the home surround system more is I hate having to go over and manually work it to skip a song I don't want to hear at that time.

Don't want to ahve to have 100 playlists on the iPod for every mood either!

Unify4Life has got some sweet products. The GarageShadow looks to be a sweet product that I am definetely interested in.

This is the best idea ever! My iPod has most of my music trapped so it's what I have to use all the time to listen to music, and that dang apple remote is so easy to lose! This would be a great thing for me!

thats a cool idea. one thing i hate about having parties or bbqs is always having to go to my ipod to change the music, now i can do it from my BB!

For those people who are using both phones, this is really amazing. Not only can you control the iphone, and thus make it your personal... slave, to your blackberry, you can also make it useful. Another reason to get the iphone..... ok, not really, but this is pretty sweet!

thats a cool idea. one thing i hate about having parties or bbqs is always having to go to my ipod to change the music, now i can do it from my BB!

This would be great for Partys. I use my Ipod for the music already, now I can have a remote in hand. Count me in.

I really really want to win this. I am moving in to my new apartment on May 1st and would love to have such an awesome system. Please pick me!

aw man i would love a U4L product.....lets hope my current ability not to win anything is going to be altered! haha

I've been ready to purchase U4L AV/Shadow since learning about it last year. I currently am using a Storm, and within the next few weeks will be giving it to my wife and getting a Bold (that's a work mandate). We will be a two BB household. Time to retire the multiple universal remotes, and get us some U4L.

By the time I'm 30, I don't think I'll need a house key, garage door opener, a remote for the my A/V system or maybe even a computer. BB4Life!

oh man i just started reading about this product from listening to the podcast this would be great to have

"""" I'll Jump off from my building if i didn't win this""""

Now only UNIFY4LIFE SOUNDGRABBER can save me --------- Jumping from 1 storey building :D ........

I got a blackberry storm, and although I love it a lot of my friends think it's all hype(not to say there is no hype behind it, lol). So instead of letting my friends think the phone is a regular phone, I defend. Not by bragging about the touchscreen or the suretype....naw, thats too easy....I brag about the applications that unify4life has created. For example the universal remote, that was the smartest thing ever. I can literally use my phone as a garage door opener and to control my media center at the house. Now, being able to control my ipod will just add to my arsenal. Unify4life, keep coming up with great ideas, and you will be in this industry for a long time. THanks.

I keep seeing U4L everywhere when I look at some cool things to do with my phone. I just can't wait until I win this and get to use it to exhaustion!

I would love to have these on my Bold. But I won't unless I win them. They are way too over priced. Hopefully when it hits the BB app store it will be competitive with the iphone's apps.

I'm new to the bb experience ,and i think Thats pretty cool id love to have one of those. What cant the bb do !?

This would be perfect for me so I could listen to my music on my system while i lay down on my bed

This looks awesome. I never had much luck programming universal remote's with my home media equipment. Maybe this is the solution I've been looking for.

My roomate is big on apple products, and he has a appleTV hooked up to the projector in my apartments living room which streams from both our iTunes. When people come over, everyone is always changing songs, and requesting music with the new iTunes DJ. I sit on the side, trying to defend my Blackberry Storm, but right now I cant win in this contest in my own home! If I win this software, I could once again claim my Blackberry as the superior smartphone and defend blackberries everywhere! Please hoock me up Unity4Life!

Crackberry has the best contests! Haven't won one yet, but there is always hope!!! Thanks for the chance Unity4Life!

Yup... the anniversary of me escaping solitary. Pleeeeeeeeeze, Crackberry? Can I have an awesome birthday gift??

how cool is this... my sons and I all fit in this catagory and this will keep me from running the battery down in my storm...

U4L really seems to be dedicated to simplifying our lives with Lord of the Blackberry's. One Blackberry to rule them all. All other devices that is.

Oh man, out of all the contests that crackberry has I have never wanted to win one so bad....please please please lady luck!

i have really considering buying this in the next couple days. please please please let me win this. i would love you so much. thank you

I do use my BB for my tunes on the go, but when at home, my ipod is always hooked up to my stereo. This would be PERFECT!!!

Very cool. Since getting my Storm my iPod basically sits on my dresser in the speaker stand. This would be pretty helpful as I always have my Blackberry on me.

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