Contest: Win 1 of 50 free copies of !Reflect7 Carbon by AG Designs & Graphics!

!Reflect7 Carbon
By Michelle Haag on 22 Jan 2011 01:13 pm EST
Andrew over at AG Designs & Graphics let us know that they just released an updated version of one of their best selling themes, !Reflect 7. All graphics were remade, newly created or highly optimized to cut down on theme size, increase visual appeal and, most importantly, improve performance. The resulting theme, called !Reflect7 Carbon, has all new cursors, dialog boxes, awesome buttons and improved phone/notification icons.

Both touch screen and non-touch screen versions have a sliding dock along the bottom of the home screen. The non-touch version has 10 icon dock with hotspots and hotkeys for icons 11-15. Touch screen devices will have a dock that is customizable with either 4 or 8 icons, depending on how many rows you choose. Both versions have hotspots as well.

!Reflect7 Carbon is an awesome looking theme as well as super functional, and I know you're going to want to check it out. You can pick this theme up regularly priced at $5.99 if you have a BlackBerry running OS 4.5-5.0 or a Torch on BB6.

Contest: Andrew gave us 50 copies of !Reflect7 Carbon to offer up to all you theme junkies out there. You know the drill! Leave your comment below, only one per person please, and it all ends Sunday at Midnight PST! Hurry and get your comments in folks, you won't want to miss this one.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase !Reflect7 Carbon

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Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 50 free copies of !Reflect7 Carbon by AG Designs & Graphics!



I've not gotten a theme for my Torch since i got it and my gosh does this theme look appealing! Would be great if i could have this on my new Torch!

Hey CB community!!! Hope u're all having a great weekend!!! Well, I have to say that this theme is like the improved version of the Blackberry 6 AT&T basic theme on my Torch. I really like the style of the new icons design, is less confusing than the standards on the default Blackberry themes. Definately I would really love to have it :D
Saludos amigos!!!

About to buy a new blackberry finally upgrading from my 8100 pearl! would look great on the torch! Hope I win!!

I have a 9330 on Sprint running OS 6. i've never use Theme before. I guess this is my chance to try something new. He is my pin # just in case 326615EF Thank you

I need it for my BB Bold 9700 OS6. I have been using default theme and that makes my phone old. This will give a whole new look. hope I'll will win. :D

Looks like a great theme !! Would be an honor to win a copy !! Keep up the great work and keep 'em coming !!

CB Thank you for keeping up with the contests and all the free stuff, during this rough economic times, a free theme is very welcome.

Have a Blackberry day.


That has gotta be the coolest looking black theme I have come across. I would be proud to show it off. Nice work.

I'm on a family trip right now but I'm gonna risk getting the rafe from my relatives for this theme. NEED THIS SO BAD

oh,how i would love this carbon for my phone. it would really make it stand out. and i would show all my friends and family.

Wow wud love to have this theme on my new torch, it looks shiney and black just like my phone. Keep the great themes coming guys :)

That theme looks great. I would love to have it. The wife won't let me buy stuff for my BB so everything I have is free. Hook it up

I am in dire need of a great looking theme.
please pick me pick me pick me.
I'll be spreading the awesomeness of this theme to everyone I know that has blackberry.

Wow hot theme! ;)
I been looking for something like this for my torch but haven't found anything to make the cut, this is it!
thanks again CB for all the contests, good luck everybody!

I love AG Designs custom themes and this one is no exception :) would look great on my trusty Blackberry Bold!!! :D

That is one sharp theme and hopefully it will be on my BB. thanks for a shot of this super looking theme.

Very elegant & classic looking, would look great on my 9300. keep up the good work. we need more classics for BBs

Just bought my first Blackberry a few days ago and love it. This poor college student could use a new theme

My Torch is a company cell phone, that I'm allow to use as a personnel too, but with one exception, NO DOWN LOADING OF ANY APPS THAT ARE BILLABLE! So may I please be one of the fifty.

I've had the 9780 for just over a week now and I'd love to start things off with a new theme!

P.s. Its my first blackberry ever!

Wow what a sweet theme. I told my myself I will never pay for a theme but this have me changing my mind in a heartbeat!!

Still be extra sweet to win one!