Contest: Win 1 of 50 free copies of the new app BeBlank from SCrApps!

By Michelle Haag on 18 May 2011 09:01 am EDT
BeBlank by SCrid2000
Ever find the perfect theme for your BlackBerry, then realize it has a weather slot or dock that you just don't like? Or maybe you normally like the layout, but there is an icon or two covering up your kid's head in that picture you want to use as a wallpaper. No need to give up on that theme, now you can add in blank icons to help eliminate this problem! BeBlank is a new application from SCrApps that adds in blank placeholder type icons so your screen has the appearance of gaps between icons, wherever you want them.

BeBlank comes in 4 versions, each containing different numbers of the blank icons. You can choose from 6, 12, and 24 icons for $.99, $1.99, and $2.99 respectively, or if you'd like just one icon to try out you can download that version for free. When you install the version of BeBlank you choose, you will see that the corresponding number of icons has been added to your app screen. From there you can move them where you need them, and hide any extras you don't need. Since they are simply blank icons, you use the same menu options for moving and hiding them as you would for any other icon. All-in-all this is a pretty neat little app for anyone out there that wants a little more control over the way themes look on their BlackBerry. The single icon, free version of BeBlank can be downloaded from any of the links below.

For more information and to purchase BeBlank - 6 Icon Version
For more information and to purchase BeBlank - 12 Icon Version
For more information and to purchase BeBlank - 24 Icon Version

Contest: SCrApps has provided us with 50 copies of BeBlank to pass on to you! (Winners get to choose which version they want.) To enter, leave a comment below. Winners will be chosen at random this Sunday at midnight PST. One entry per person please.

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Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 50 free copies of the new app BeBlank from SCrApps!



I'll love to win the 24 icon version so i can be more creative! Thanks CrackBerry for this chance

Wow! I was not aware such great app ever existed! A 12 icons for me would be great :)

@dguillaume: temperature: BerryWeather full version; battery: BatteryEx for example :)

Contest: SCrApps has provided us with 50 copies of BeBlank to pass on to you!

ONLY 1 copy for me would be great! You can give the 49 other copies to other Crackberry freaks.

Thanks SCApps and Crackberry for the chance to win one.

Can anyone tell me what the 3rd icon is in the dropdown bar? The one with the RSS icon. What app is that?
And why is the alarm icon red? Is it a theme?

Wait, somebody submitted an app with a blank icon - that does nothing but provide a blank icon - and is selling it? For money? (Please don't consider this as a contest entry...)

Wow! If this option could be part of every theme...

Do you suppose this could be done with some of the OS6 trays?

What a great concept. I am so glad someone must have been reading my mind. Please and thankyou. Great give away.

I already have my copy, but very nice work by SCrAPPS (Shane or SCrid2000) as always, get your hands on a copy too!

I think 12 would be plenty for me but might do 24 since you can hide what you don't use. This looks like a great app!

Seems like it would be a very handy app to have! I know I've deleted themes because I didn't like specific icons

This is exactly what I need. I hope u win a cipym. I will use it the very first day. Hopefully it will work with all my themes.

Thank you

I could use the 24 icon version to group my icons without having to use a bunch of folders. Basically this would satisfy my OCD haha

Seems like an app that people could actually use, lol, refreshing change, would definitely like to give it a try

This is an awesome idea for an app. I'm glad I stumbled upon this. The 24 icon version would be my choice if I win. Thanks Crackberry & SCrApps!