Contest: Win 1 of 50 free copies of DiJital or Fusion HD by Global Torch Themes!

DiJital and Fusion HD
By Michelle Haag on 17 Dec 2010 09:53 am EST

Enter to win one of these great themes for your BlackBerry Torch!

Theme developer Akash Barmecha of Global Torch Themes has been hard at work developing some awesome new designs for your BlackBerry Torch. Two of these designs, DiJital and Fusion, really caught my eye. They are both packed with the features and attention to detail that theme lovers expect from themes today. A closer look at each of these themes and contest details after the break.

DiJital details

DiJital is for all you music lovers out there. If you've ever dreamed of being a DJ, or heck if you are one already, you will definitely want to check out this theme. Once installed your Torch looks just like a real dj mixer console while in portrait mode. The home screen is complete with 7 user defined icons as well as dedicated slots for ten common applications. When you flip to landscape mode, your wallpaper changes, and now you are looking out over your turntables at the crowd below. From here you have access to your Today area with 8 message slots, calendar entries, and memos. If you love having a unique look on your BlackBerry Torch, DiJital may be the theme for you. And if blue isn't your thing, no worries! DiJital comes with 5 color skins (orange, green, blue, purple, and pink) to compliment your style.

Fusion HD details
On the other hand, if you're always searching for that professional theme for your device, Fusion HD may offer just what you're looking for. With rich blue backgrounds and accents throughout, paired with glossy black highlights and silver metallic accents, Fusion HD is really beautiful without being overwhelming. The home screen offers you two docks with access to 20 predefined core applications, so you may find yourself rarely leaving your home screen to get things done. Landscape mode brings you to the Today screen where you have access to 2 slots each for messages, BBM, and SMS and 3 slots for calendar entries. The white icons and fonts throughout Fusion HD contrast sharply, so you always know just what you're looking at.

You can check out both of these themes in the CrackBerry store at the links below. They are both compatible with the Torch 9800 only, and you can pick them up for $5.99! While you're there, make sure you check out his other designs as well.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase DiJital
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Fusion HD

Contest: Global Torch Themes has given us 50 coupons good for your choice of DiJital or Fusion HD to pass on to you guys! Simply leave a comment below telling us what you like about either one, and you are entered to win. As a special bonus, 50 runners up will receive a coupon for 50% off of Magnum, another cool design from Global Torch Themes! Rules as usual: one entry per person, contest ends at Midnight PST this Sunday!
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Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 50 free copies of DiJital or Fusion HD by Global Torch Themes!


Loving the 'Digital Theme'. As a DJ myself, I can see that fitting really nice on my torch. The icons and use of colour are extremely well done, and the whole theme flows throughout.

I really want some of these themes, but I have a general rule against paying more than 2-3$ for a theme until the theme builder is out of beta, so I'd love to win one of these themes!

The fusion theme looks great I like it very much I especially dig the icons they look very cool.

Almost themes for Torch is not good. User can not access notifications???

Can this theme solve it?

I think they're both awesome but personal choice would have to be the Fusion. As much as I like music, I'm no DJ LOL plus the Fusion has my fave colours!!!! Great job by the creators of both themes! Keep up the great work. Thanks Crackberry!!!!!

I wanna change the style of my torch, its really fast and awesome the OS 6, But will a need theme this would be really awesome! Best theme ever, this theme its very fast.
I am a DJ with an awesome Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones and and complete set for mix and one book called DJing for Dummies , this would be more awesome to look my torch and see like "I can mix here too!".
This theme its really perfect who love DJing all the times in house, with friends, in school, job ALWAYS. You can feel that you can DJ with music at any time.

I would love to get the DiJital theme so i can have always my mixer on my pocket :) !

Good luck to all,

Best Regars

Both themes look awesome. I love theblue color and style. I like the fun look of both. I'd love to get either one of these theme!

Both of these themes are HOT!!! I would love either one. They are both very clean and look like they are well designed. I love the color scheme used on both also.

I like the dijital!!! it's a complex theme yet so user friendly theme that will make my Torch more awesome and more epic.... but the fusion seems more ellegant and looks more simple and structured for a MD like me... both are nice theme but I prefer Fusion as it's gonna help me with my job... ;)

Both of themes have an amzing and unique look and a color theme.

I especially like the uniqueness of the djitial look.

It would be a great collection to have this added to my torch.


Just got my Torch. If picked, this would be my only one, other than the stock theme.

Please pick me.

Fusion HD would be nice.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Big Smile!

I love having the option to choose the color of the skin and looks awesome! It would be awesome to rock this theme!

Great themes!! I'd probably lean more towards the Fusion, it's a step up from compared to most of the 9800 themes, very sleek and nice colors. :)

Needs some new and exciting themes that show off my lifestyle. As a DJ, i express myself creatively and with the brand new torch It would be great to have this theme to match. I want it!

the 7 user defined icons for the starter. and then the colour scheme.. and then ..... shall i go on?

happy and safe holidays

Fusion is simple and functional but doesn't forget about looking modern and attractive. That's the kind of theme I'd happily use on my Torch.

Both themes look very cool. I like the design and the blueish color. I like the large clock.
I would probably go with the HD version first but I would take either.



I would love to have the DiJital theme! It'll definitely make my other DJ friends jealous, LOL I think it's very slick, I'd love to have it (so I can see it in green)!!

The clean look of Fusion is just as amazing as the fun, out-there look of DiJital. Two great themes! Thanks CrackBerry!

I' am really feelin the fusion theme. This is one of the best looking themes I have seen so far. I gotta have it.

Love the look of both Themes especially the digital clock and it would be a pleasure having either one on my Torch.

i would love to have this theme since is sucha a great one! .... i love the icons and all the concept!! =)

Those are some pretty cool looking themes! & Finally themese that are actually physically different, not just of a different color or with small changes to the icons.

Music has always been my life, from playing the piano by ear at age 1 (yes, age 1), to playing the violin and being the concert mistress of Junior High and High School Orchestras (and winning the gold medal in Music from both schools). Yet, in contrast to classical music, I love all rock music from late 1950's right through to now, 2010. The DiJital Theme would be perfect for my BlackBerry Torch 9800, and would be a marvelous Christmas present for my phone as well.

Both of these themes are awesome. I love the colors! Its something about the blues and black on the Torch that just makes it PoP! I enjoy many of the Global Torch themes and I know I will love these as well. And as a soldier in the U.S. Army I can definitely appreciate attention to detail!

Thanks for the last win on cyborg, but that didnt work as it was not compatible with torch... please at least make me win this...

I like the clean look and function of the Fusion. (especially the Today screen in Landscape)

DiJital looks really cool, but for me the professional look of Fusion is more appealing. Functional AND stylish.

Incredible!!! Will look very cool on my torch!
I have won themes for my girlfriend's bold and now I want this for Christmas =)

Hope I win as I have grown tired of that BB6 theme on my Torch, which is sort of funny as when I had 5.0 on my 9700 all I wanted was a 6.0 theme! I need help...

I love the overall look of Digital and you can change the skin to pink which just so happens to be my favorite color!!!!! :-)