Short Notice Contest: Win 1 of 5 VIP passes to the BBM Lounge exclusive event this Saturday in LA!

By Bla1ze on 9 Sep 2010 04:57 pm EDT

Live in or gonna be in the LA area on September 11th? Then we have a great contest for you. Some of you may remember the BBM lounge event that was held in LA back in August. Well, another is taking place on September 11th and we got a chance for you all to win 1 of 5 VIP passes to the event for you (and a guest) thanks to the fine folks at Xomad. That's right, you can gear up to head out to fun filled night in LA while sharing your love for BlackBerry and BlackBerry Messenger.

The rules are simple. Drop a comment here and tell us why you should be among those in attendance. ONLY LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU CAN ACTUALLY ATTEND THE EVENT. Is it your wit, your charm, your beauty or just your straight up love for all things BlackBerry? We'll pick 5 of you all to partake in some "BBM Tini' drinking plus, you'll get to enjoy an evening of entertainment provided by Ne-Yo. In addition to that, you'll also get a chance to hang out with some celebs, though you'll need to win to find out who. So get to it, leave your comment so we can start picking some winners. Good luck!

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Short Notice Contest: Win 1 of 5 VIP passes to the BBM Lounge exclusive event this Saturday in LA!


because i'm 22 and only 2 years into my drinking career. i've actually had a BlackBerry longer than i've been drinking, so going to a BlackBerry event with cocktails really just sounds like the best imaginable combination!

oh and i'm also only 30 minutes away from downtown L.A., so i guess that's pretty convenient

Hello pick me please. I'm a huge blackberry fan, I live in LA and would love the opportunity to show off my Bold and what it can do. I would take plenty of pictures and report back to you guys on all the fun stuff. Please pick me.

i would love to be at this event and to show my cb and bb love i have a bbm shirt that will both promote cb and my bbm group i live in the LA area so ofc i could go to this event...

...I'm all the aBBove.

Oh ya & cuz my girl got it goin on....and I wanna take her fine azz there too...

Tell me the address...cuz I'm comin from Stockon...Ima leave Friday night...

I would love to go and see everything that RIM has to offer! Oh, that and to take some pictures with some celebrities!
Sorry, don't know live in la....

I would love to go I'm 15 minutes away from LA and would like to see what Rim has got going on and this would be a good excuse to take the wife out LOL. Please pick me CB!

Because I need a legitimate excuse to get the significant other to skip lame couples night. Help a guy out of a jam.

Hello Crackberry,
I live in the Los Angeles area. I seen the past event posted on your website. Looks like a lot of fun, but was it really that much fun? no! Since I was not there you guys should had no fun at all. J/K. I once tried to scan the barcode from the picture you guys posted on the website... total fail did not work.. :(
Enjoying the little things in life is what really matters, by all means I am talking about my little blackberry storm. Try to take it away, and I will cry like a little baby boy. Turn off the bbm servers and I do not know what to do after that... Crackberry site goes down... its like the end of the world, I start to pray to the Crackberry gods to bring it back up and save me.
You know what can Crackberry do for me... take me to the bbm lounge I will have fun for you guys, i will party like there was no end. I live in LA and I will go if invited.
Thank you for your time.

I should win a ticket because I'm a bonafide BBManiac, I'm from NJ but happen to be just outside LA currently (So I will not flake), I was totally bummed that there was no way of going to the last bbm event, and I'm dyinggggggggg for a BBM tini.... I imagine they're freakin delightful... And I think that just about covers it. Bla1ze!!! Hook it up!

Because I get more excited about anything concering a blackberry then anybody I know. And love to point out how much better a blackberry is then a droid. Also because I am a vzw employee who loves to sell BBs and being up to date on them. I was the Manager bugging out BB rep about 6.0 before it was even officially announced, and answered every question correctly, and able to lead BB classes. I LOVE BBs.

PLUS It's my birthday on 9/11!!! (not a good thing, but its the truth, so it'd be a nice birthday gift)))

I'm in San Diego and would love to go to! Been a long time BlackBerry user and an now a true CrackBerry addict! I have a BBMe shirt from BlackBerry and would definitely represent the CrackBerry community. I'm shaking with excitement for the opportunity to go.

Blackberry Messenger is the ONLY reason I'd never consider carrying another device. I love it (BBM), and love what it does to keep me connected and plugged in. Pure and simple, if it doesn't rock BBM, its a gadget with limited appeal.

PS I am 60 minutes from downtown LA, and have already penciled in the event to keep my schedule open.

I recently moved to “LA LA Land” a couple years ago. Since then, I have been working hard, and have not had a chance, to experience the "LA LA Land" in its fullest. After moving, I must admit, I joined the cult of BlackBerry users, and have been in love ever since.

I had a milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago, I start a new job in the next couple of days, and what better way to let loose and celebrate, than at the BBM Lounge exclusive event!

I'll actually appreciate and enjoy being at a BlackBerry sponsored event, and not just some industry insider who's there for free swag and a chance to get their photo taken. I'm a die hard BlackBerry fan and addicted to BBM so being able to party it up and know I should legitimately be there is reason enough to be there!...right? yeah please pick me!

PICK ME PLEASE.. I live 30 mins from LA .. I can and will go to the vent If i win.. I will take photos for My wife and I both have Blackberries.. roken 9650's here.. I LOVE BBM

I so completely would like an excuse to roadtrip from SF to LA for a night of BB fun - who could ask for a better reason to hit LA than a BB event?!?!

I went into labor and was getting horrible service. I couldn't get ahold of my husband. luckily I was able to BBM him to get his butt home and drive me to the ER. We now have a beautiful babyboy who will be one in two weeks. The reason I deserve to go to the BBM Lounge is because my husband and I haven't been out for almost 1 year to enjoy an evening together, plus, I'm a MILF!!

Please pick me. I live in Los Angeles. I am a huge Blackberry fan. I have owned, 8310, 8800, 8830, 9630, 9530, 9550. It would be cool to go to a Blackberry event. Thanks!

so please let me win and I'll forgive you for not getting me to win any items the past few years. :)

I should be among those in attendance because of my loyalty and love for Blackberry. I've convinced all of my friends to get blackberries and got them to believe that there's no other phone like it. I've even told my current girlfriend that I would not date her unless she changed her iPhone to a Blackberry (which she did!!).
I'm a DJ in San Francisco and I have persuaded a lot of other DJ's to get on Blackberry for the simple fact of BBM.
I've also become the BB IT guy when it comes to all the people that I've convinced to get BB's.
That's why I NEED to be one of the ATTENDEES!!


Pick me ill be the life of the party and I'd blog every second of it complete with pics and humorous self deprevating comments

PLEASE pick me! because i am the only blackberry user among my group of friends. they all have iphones, and i want to rub it in their face how much more awesome a blackberry is than an iphone...

i LOVE my bb 9650!

because me and my future wife are crackberry addicts and communicate with BBM! this would be awesome (that and she loves NE-YO)

I am 22, live in LA and am addicted to BBM! My blackberry is pretty much glued to my hand and BBM is always open, I love it more than any other application and would love the opportunity to celebrate it in Los Angeles. xoxo

i should be one of those in attendance because im crazy about all things blackberry! im a pusher, i push for all my friends to get blackberrys just so i can add another friend to my bbm contact list!

I live in LA and I recently got a Blackberry Bold 9700... and BBM is the feature I use the most, because everyone I know has a Blackberry. Can't believe I've used an iPhone for so long and not even given Blackberry a chance. Now, I'm glad I switched.

Thanks for the chance to win!

I should be among those because my last blackberry event was the Storm 1's pre-launch party in LA with the foo fighters in November 08!

I am going to be in LA that weekend ans would LOVE to go to this!! I love blackberry and everything crackberry does!!!

me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me... PLEASE!!!! Pick me! ;D

I am addicted to my blackberry bold 9700! If you choose me, my friend and I will make a video of the experience and send it to you guys!!!!!!!

...because it's my birthday next week, I'll be on vacation in LA with my beautiful wife, and we love BlackBerry. BBM is so much a part of our lives, we hardly even use our devices as phones any longer.

A limerick I wrote to prove how deserving I am:

There once was a smartphone with keys,
Which made texts and emails a breeze.
If your screen cracks when sat, there's no app for that,
So I'll stick with my trusty BBs.

Long live BlackBerry!

Nice! I'd love to go to the event! I live in LA and have converted many of my friends over to BB! I think I deserve to go. :-D

I have been wanting to go to these events for the past 3 years ever since I got my first blackberry. I only have 10 or so bbm contact cuz all my friends suck and own iphone. i would love to increase my bbm contacts and of course have fun in la. I have been dying to get out more often. Crackberry help me out and let me do la right by starting the fall off at this awesome event. I REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO!!!!

I think I deserve some reward after working through the entire Labor Day weekend, working average of 15 hours a day. Blackberry is the only escape that I've had the entire week by reading CB posts and BBMing my friends who were fortunate enough to actually enjoy the long weekend. What better way to celebrate life other than going to a BB event?

Pick me please! I'd really appreciate it. I already have a really cute date too!

I'd love to win this! I have been with BB 2 years this Jan. and have never thought about leaving. I just picked up the BOLD 9650 and it hasn't really left my hand at all!!! I BBM ALL F'n DAY!!!!!!!! I even named my BB BOLD =) No lie!

Why would i fit in? I live, eat, and Sh!t BLACKBERRY all day everyday!!! I am also in the music industry and I'd be posting statuses on all my social networking sites like Facebook (about to hit 5,000), Myspace (Over 100,000), Twitter (About to hit 10,000) Youtube (over 12,000), etc.

I'd bring my upcoming semi known model friend in L.A. which is also a fellow BBMer ;)

DJ Brian S.

PIN: 32140A31

Porperly representing Crackberry and Xomad at this even would be a true pleasure! I am truly a berry addict, and would love to attend. My purpose wouldn't be to get drunk, but to take in the great BB experience and proudly represent Crackberry and Xonad! Im local, of drinking age, and ready to mingle! Pick me! You won't regret it!

I would love to go cuz it seems like a pretty cool event and I live in the LA area. It'll be nice to see what BB has going on.

Would love to have a chance to come to this event. I live in the LA area and would love to use my Torch to BBM at this event!

Everywhere I go, do, say... My lovely blackberry 9700 is there with me. It captures moments that I would probably forget from a night of partying. If you pick me I will be able to party like a rockstar and capture all the fun with my BB.
I work in wireless and a lot of my coworkers - The android and unlocked iphone users say how boring bbs are. Well they are not. This will be perfect. A picture is worth more then a thousand words. My partying it up in LA will shut them up forever. Thanks!

CB You guys are the best. Imagine me in LA. I can't wait to rock my berry with you guys and gals!

Because I'm an assistant in the entertainment industry so I would love to go to a place where cell phone aren't being thrown at people's head. Yes, please!

or are you just happy to see me? Being an LA native & a blackberry addict (without plans for Saturday night) I think it would be a welcome change (and an awesome early birthday present/celebration (bday is in 2 weeks)) to mingle with some other diehard blackberry fans, and not just my friends who I've convinced should get a BlackBerry instead of an iToy & have made me their honorary "all things blackberry tech guy"...which of course I'm more than happy to do...
Additionally, Saturday night is the 1 night my house guests won't be staying with me during their 2 week stay here in LA, which, if I am lucky enough to be chosen, could allow me & my Blackberry addicted brother (or Blackberry friend should he not be able to join me) to get out on the town & enjoy a night not playing tour guide to our family visiting from that far off land, CANADA! Should a golden ticket come my way, I just might have to convince my Canadian cousin to join me for a true LA experience!

I live in a suburb of LA (Pasadena to be exact). I have owned 3 blackberry's since I moved on from the iphone (bold 9000, 9700 and now 9800). I don't think 9/11 is exactly the best day to celebrate RIM/BB/BBM. I've been in Emergency Medical Services since 2001 and I've served Los Angeles County all these years. I've went from EMT and now on to Paramedic. I think what RIM should have done is passed out tickets to this events to police/fire/EMS (public sevants) to show some gradititude and appriciation for putting our lives on the line 24/7!
CrackBerry: let me know if you appriciate us too. I'd be glad to attend and represent some of the public servants who utilize the capabilities of BlackBerry.

I would honestly choose going to this event over getting a Blackberry Torch... This is like a dream of mine lol

I love my BlackBerry and am more than an addict. I see the red light blinking the second it goes off, I even feel like its blinking sometimes when its not, thats how addicted I am! My cousin switched to an iphone from a BlackBerry and I told her if she did I wouldn't text her...

Cause I live in LA, am addicted to BBM and my blackberry to the point of getting in trouble at work, and can pound Tinis like a pro!!!!! This event is my destiny!

Cause I live in LA, am addicted to BBM and my blackberry to the point of getting in trouble at work, and can pound Tinis like a pro!!!!! This event is my destiny!

because along with the blackberry torch i have...i enjoy the finer things in life! you only live once, do it right!

I will be in LA Saturday night and would absolutely love the opportunity to mingle with the stars and show off my blackberry storm 2!!!!

and il most likely be in hollywood this weekend regardless, o and if im picked il have a nice cali blunt rolled up for you canadians lol

This would be pretty sick. Been a BB user for over 5 years, and I've even got the right person in mind. This girl I turned over to the BlackBerry side. I live in LA, and this would be more bomb than winning any other contest on the site because I may actually have a chance. This would beat anything I'd plan that night except watching USC win! So consider me in... the contest for now, at least.

What a day! First, my Zagg screen shield for my Torch came in! Then, I get home from the gym, go straight to my home page and see this contest! Now that's what I'm talking about CrackBerry! I have absolutely NOTHING packed and I am ready to GO! All I need is my Torch, my wallet, and the address to the party!

I AM a CrackBerry and a BlackBerry addict and fanatic! Check my profile picture! Do you see that? A 7520! Do you know how LONG I was rocking that waiting on the Bold?! When the 9000 dropped, I paid CASH (589 and some change). Then put a pre-paid card in it! The data was KILLING me! Then I unlocked it and ran it on tmo. I tricked it out too! Black bezel, silver buttons, and a red numbered keyboard! That's until the 9700 dropped (about TIME tmo!). Now I have a Torch, unlocked (with UMA-thanks Xandermac!), and running on tmo! Also, I converted my wife (and her mom!) from android to BB. I bought her a Storm2, unlocked it, and ran it on tmo. Now she has my 9700 and she likes it better than her Storm2. I tricked that out for her too. Pink keyboard and pink battery cover. The top buttons cover wouldnt stay on the pink bezel so she has to get a new one.

A REAL addict doesn't WAIT for a phone to hit their carriers network, they just go get it! No matter the network, no matter price! Ain't that right Kevin (are you going to get that 9780 on ebay?)?

i should be able to go becuase i just LOVE BLACKBERRY!! that and this would be a perfect way for me to meet new people to chat with on BBM considering all my freinds have iphones and androids which are just yuck :P

Please pick me so I can become chummy with some celebs, get their PINs, and send them my script. THIS COULD BE MY BIG BREAK!!!

I should be chosen to go because BBM is a way of life for me, and what better way to spend a saturday night in LA with celebs and others cool a$$ people who love BBM?!

I'm 22, and i've always got 2 blackberry's at the ready (soon to be 3) imagine how cool i'd be with 2 blackberry's at a BBM event.

So in the words of beavis and butthead "we're there dude"! That and i've gotta get my guest out of his 8230 and into a real device :P

Hey snap, crackberry and pop

My lovely wife and I just moved from the sticks of Wisconsin to Long Beach, CA. We are long time lovers of the blackberry of all colors and models(we currently own 3 that are in use). Now I am not trying to play the pity card(yes i am) but i took a born and raised beach girl to rural wisconsin for the last 5 years and needless to say she is pretty peeved at me. We just got to town 2 weeks ago and just imagine the huge favor u guys would be doing my marriage if you hooked me up. I would be the MAN(if only for that fleeting moment) if I was able to snage some vip tickets for the party. Plus my wife is smoking hot and would be a wonderful addition to the party. Consider my sex life as a 33 year old man with 2 kids and hook a blackberry brother up. All love for the crackberry and I can't wait to get down, see ya soon. Peace.

I will do ANYTHING to get to this event, and I mean ANYTHING! Ill walk around naked with nothing but a 9800 TORCH to cover my privates if I have to. This event would make my day, my week and my year! Please make this a reality!!

i should be among those in attendance because i'm a single dude and it looks like there was a lot of hot single ladies last time. hell yeah.

Because of all the stupid contests I've entered for tickets to something, I have never one. Now here comes alone an event that I actually truly have interest in, so I would love the BB ticket

I DEFINITELY should win this! Next to Kevin, I am probably the biggest fan/supporter of BlackBerry!

I've been following the Torch news since last year on Crackberry. I live in LA and would love the chance to go to a Blackberry party. What an awesome way to connect with fellow Blackberry lovers - drinking a bit and enjoying Ne-Yo's music. Please choose me one of the lucky five...

Thanks CB for keeping us connected to best of BB!

Im a soldier stationed in fort irwin california, and i hardly get to go out that much. This would make for an awesome weekend.

well obviously I'm a huge crackberry fan and would love to go, but it is also my best friend's b-day, and bbm event seems like awesome way to spend it. oh and I'm sure i live dead close to the event too.

I would enjoy going to this. The only issue would be wear my USAF dress blues, or dress down in some nice slacks, shirt and tie...

Would also be a good stress receiver before I head out for overseas deployment...

and we both love to dance!! We may not be good, but we sure are entertaining! We would both have a great time if we win, I hope I get lucky and win.

I will be the perfect candidate to attend this party because I LOVE Blackberry. This is my 1st BB and I cant leave home without it, its honestly attached to my hands. this will be a great opportunity for me to get to know the whole BBM & blackberry fam. Plus I will get the party started!!

i should definitely win a pass... i am one of the most blackberry addicts.. I recently opened a line with At&t just to get the newest Torch 9800, although i still have a Bold 9650 & Tour 9630 with my employer (verizon). I try to get all my friends & fam on blackberrys (i have gotten almost 15 different ppl onto blackberrys). i am a very sociable person & i happen to be going to LA from Sept 10th-13th.

Pick me and I will show you, Crackberry. Plus I was born and raised in the city of angeles and currently live in downtown.

A chance to kick with nothing but BBLovers? In the city of Angels? And a chance to meet celebs? BBM Tini drinking? Priceless!

I didnt read the entire article before leaving my previous comment. I am a Blackberry fanatic. I support the devices at my company and use them everyday. I carry a Tour and a is personal the other is work.
Everytime there is something new with Blackberry i am on it. I research and read all the blogs.
I can actually say that I am a Crackberry addict!

Thanks hope you choose me.

Hey I live here and its close by and I cannot live w/o my blackberry and I can talk up Crackberry like no bodies business.

because I'm Rocking the Storm1....and had enough suffering... so I will like to relax and mingle with people rocking better BB than me. :)

besides being in la and in the process of getting my second bb in a few days, i also got my girlfriend to get a bb (the tour) and she loves it. we're true bbm diehards so definitely pick us!

I would love to go to BBM Lounge in LA. I live in downtown Los Angeles and after reading the post and seeing the pictures of the August event, I've wanted to go. I have the Bold 9650 and a bottle of Absinthe and all of Morrissey's 12" if that doesn't say, 'let's party!' I don't know what does!!

I'm constantly checking crackberry for updates, which would classify me as a crackberry squared. When you own a blackberry you truly do add a life changing characteristic to yourself. I try to explain non-blackberry users this and they don't understand. When I convince them to give it a try they give me that wink and a nod like, "yeah I get this secret society thing that you've been telling me about all this time now."


I live in Beverly Hills and I am a crackberry addict, I would LOVE to attend, please pick me.

I've usually got something going on but I'm unusually free Sat night this week. I love my blackberry and would love to mingle with other bb lovers!

Bbm has only changed my life for the better I love being connected to all my friends plus I would love to go out to LA and meet some homies that feel the same way about BBM!

I think I should get these tickets because BB is all I know. I started using a bb when Nextel had the blue brick non gps. I feel like its been a while but I rememberit like it was yesterday! Anyways I want to go check this thing out so please hook me up!

I hardly ever get to go out cause of work and surprisingly I'm off at 4pm on saturday, generally I'm working til 1am! So it seems like this is faith :)

I also just bought a new car, would love to roll in with it haha It matches my torch!




And a BBM addict. I live close by, and I would ABSOLUTELY love to go to this event.


I have convinced at least one person each month to change their phone to a BB (most by explaining how it focuses on communication instead of media like KM says. I would love to repay my friend that turned me on to BB by taking her as my guest. Also this event is an amazing networking opprotunity that I would truly cherish.


Sounds Awesome!!! I live in Pasadena and am surrounded by iphone fanboys. I would love to hang with peeps that share my passion for BB

I'm in Glendora, live close, and like I said, I would pick going to this more than I would having a Torch. I would love to have the opportunity to hangout with celebrities, along with the chance to show off my Blackberry. I love using my Blackberry, and Blackberry messenger. I won't choose any other smartphone or device due to the fact that the Blackberry's are just the best devices on the planet. If I don't win, Good luck to the winner and I wish him best of luck!

I'm a long time blackberry fan and have been on Crackberry for years! I have moved up blackberry's year after year! Rocking the 9700 and want the 9800 as soon as it comes to T-Mobile! Would love to go hang with fello bbm'ers! I am open 2mar! Lets Go! Whoever wins, if I win bbm me and we can roll together!

Deploying to Afghanistan in a couple months, would be cool to go to here before I head out in the desert. :D

I give my pin to boys I meet at bars. Not phone number. It also keeps me from asking there name again and filling out an annoying phone book entry.

I would like to propose to my wife on the BBM "wall" at the event. It would be a great surprise to a her and a very special moment in our lives.

I agree, CB should have at least announced that the winners were already picked. They didnt have to announce the winners. But I hear theres like wait to get in thats like over an hour.

dissappointing that no announcement was made if anyone was actually chosen good thing i had back up plans set up for last night

because this is the only reason why I am sticking to blackberry and it shows how much i appreciate the bbm feature.