Contest: Win 1 of 250 BlackBerry unlock codes from Horizon Wireless!

By Bla1ze on 1 Aug 2011 12:45 pm EDT
Horizon Wireless

It's been quite some time since we ran an unlock contest here on the blogs but our friends from Horizon Wireless have just opened up their new website and to celebrate the occasion they've let us know they'd like to give away 250 unlock codes to some lucky readers out there in addition to the sale they're currently having -- only $5 for an unlock code.

Entering is easy, just go ahead and leave a comment below letting us know which new BlackBerry device you're waiting for and that's it -- we'll pick 250 of you all to win one free unlock code for your current BlackBerry. If you're impatient and need an unlock now -- go check out Horizon Wireless' new website and get yourself an unlock code for $5.

Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 250 BlackBerry unlock codes from Horizon Wireless!



Wow... The original price is 30 CAD which they have reduced to 5CAD. I think this is coolest way to unlock the phone (safe & secure)....

Can't wait to get my hands on a 9900, or at least download OS7 for my 9800..

Could use an unlock code to sell my current device when the new one comes out!!

I'm waiting for the gorgeous beast of a Bold 9900..
In the meanwhile i'm still kicking around with the 9000 and would love to unlock it!

I will be getting the new bold touch!! i cannot WAIT till the new devices come out. We need something new and exciting!!

Really waiting for the new Bold or Torch 2, already have the Torch but the new 9900/9930 looks so sweet. Thanks for the contest Horizon Wireless and

This will be great so I don't have to buy another phone when I go across the world!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

9900 for me, but I could use an unlock for christmas vacation when I take my old losable 9700.

Horizon's great! I'd love an unlock code for my Bold 9780. Or even for the upcoming Bold 9900 that I can hardly wait for! Yay Horizon!!!

I am waiting for the Blackberry Bold 9900. Can't wait for it.
Currently have the Bold 9000.
Would love to unlock it :)

Well, I'm waiting for the Bold 9900. With this code I'll unlock my Torch but I have to wait 6 months or my warranty is going to die hahaha.

Just got a 9300 3G till the 9900 comes out. Would love to unlock this thing :)
Thanks CrackBerry!

Please release my 8900 from Rogers!

I'm pretty torn right now about the upcoming devices, but leaning towards the Torch 2

hmm hard choice, I always loved my 9000 so 9900 would be excellent but I also now love my 9800 so the 9810 with an improved keyboard would win it for me. I could use an unlock code forsure... send one my way

waiting on the bb9900, ive held out on upgrading my bb9000 because I love the keyboard so much so you can imagine my enthusiasm when I found out about the bb9900.....

Ya know u gotta love the phones w/sim cards cause changing phones is easy and changing services is easier cause of one simple code I love my crackberries that r sim related yippie lol

Waiting on the Torch 2. Currently sticking with an aging Pearl 8100 until the cool new hardware hits the streets.

Hey all Blackberry unlock codes are always just $1.99 at I've unlocked over 4 units through them!

Sweet... i really could use an unlock code - please pick me. Looking forward to the new 9900 !!!

My BB Torch 9800 is my first blackberry phone. I had been an SE fan but not going back to them anymore.
Anyway, Bold 9900 is what I'm looking as a replacement when my contract ends. It's easier to use even with one hand at some times, I guess. I don't like touch screen keyboard becoz my thumb is big. Lol. So I'd usually slide up my Torch to write. It hard when in a crowded place, bus or train.
Thanks everyone for the contest :)

Whooooowww Just ordered my new Blackberry Bold 9900 from T-Mobile. Hope they can unlock such a new device?!

Hi, is this thing contest still on? I didn't see any "comment by X date"... If it is, I want one!! Please?