Contest: win 1 of 25 copies of the BlackBerry smartphone voice assistant SayIt!

By Ryan Blundell on 1 Feb 2012 01:22 pm EST

It seems as though voice controlled assistant applications are all the rage these days. BlackBerry 7 has its universal search voice prompt and we’ve also seen voice dialing for years. To date, the closest thing to Siri that BlackBerry users have seen is the popular application Vlingo. This past month, another application has appeared and has claimed that they are well on their way to being a top contender. SayIt is a voice recognition/assistant application for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5 and higher that says it can answer any question you throw at it.

Regardless if it’s a question about the weather, a message you want to dictate or a search you want to execute, SayIt will attempt to help you get what you are looking for. Here are some examples from the developer:

  • Ask anything you want and SayIt will answer you. For example: "How old is the earth?", "Who is Justin Bieber?", "1 plus 1 equals?", "Tell me about your self?", "What's the weather like?",....and a lot more!
  • You can compose new Email , new Message, open BlackBerry Map, task, calendar,.... using your voice
  • You can Compose SMS, Email, BBM or any text typing use your own voice!
  • You can convert Text to Speech and download the converted text as *.mp3 format
  • You can convert Speech to Text and copy the text to send via BBM, SMS, MMS, Email, and so on.

I did find that you had to be in a relatively quiet area in order to use SayIt .. We were in a children’s play center last weekend, sitting at the tables. I couldn’t get SayIt to understand what I was asking of it, no matter if I cupped the microphone and spoke loudly into it. It would only catch snippets of words. When performing basic searches (like weather), Say it uses Wolfram Alpha, known as an “answer engine (rather than a search engine), to obtain results. Now while it does seem to allow you to ask more questions that Vlingo, it has yet to allow you to dial numbers. It also isn’t convenience key friendly; at best, it’s a 2 click process (one click of the convenience key and another to choose what you want to do). Rather than one virtual button to house everything, there are five buttons to choose from: Text to Voice, Voice to Text, Say a command, Options and Command List. If it adds voice dialing to the mix, I think that SayIt would be a great, fully functional, application. You can grab SayIt for $4.99 from BlackBerry App World.

Contest: We have 25 copies of SayIt to give away! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download SayIt for BlackBerry smartphones

Reader comments

Contest: win 1 of 25 copies of the BlackBerry smartphone voice assistant SayIt!



I am sick of people telling me that they are switching to iPhoney and all the rage about Siri. Please, let me show them what BlackBerry is all about...

SayIt, what is the meaning of life? The answer is 42.
SayIt, why don't I have any friends? You have 206 contacts on your phone and 152 friends on facebook. I'm sure any one of them would consider you as a friend.
SayIt, my job's a joke and I'm broke. What should I do? I'll be there for you.

Say it is something new..
Say it to be true..
Say it is something i must get
say it for free and I'll be all set

a trial version would be cool just to get a feel for it. overall looks ok but if I don't win I will await for more reviews.

YES PLEASE! I need it so that next time some tard whips out their iPhone and asks Siri a question (thinking they are showing off) I can whip out my BB and ask it to tell Siri to suck it!

This would be a really cool application if it worked with the playbook bridged to my 9810. What are the odds of that happening?

I'd love to give this a try. Vlingo just doesn't cut it. Too often I just give up and type what I want. I've had a chance to try Siri and was impressed on at least how accurate it heard me. Wonder if this program could do the same.

OMFG, I'm from the same country as the app developers, heck, the same city. Even if I don't win this I'll still saving to buy it. Sayit

It's February so lets get cracking with the update AND I am saving my duckets for blackberry 10, RIM DON'T LET ME DOWN

Voice activated assistants are super-cool, but theyhave to be super-easy to use (ie to not be a distraction whilst driving) and also be super effective (ie gotta be able to function in a number of background noise level environments). I'd love to win a copy to test against Vlingo, as I use it every day!! ***A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!

Having just watched the latest Big Bang Theory I want it - just to see if I can change what it calls me.

Newbie to the Blackberry world, and would love to show my Apple head friends that Siri is not the only game in town. Thanks!

Despite the negative comments/feedback in the earlier posts, I still would like to be able to win this app and use it for my 9860.
Please count me in for the contest.
Hope I win a copy!

Please guys? This would be really cool, especially to rub into my uncle's face (he thinks the 4s is WAY better than OS7...NOT! ;P)

guess mine: "sayit" work´s fine with english spoken sentences and will have problems by talking german.

Isn´t it?

But I would like to try if it is worth to buy.

Worth to win - that´s surely okay! ;-)

this will be great to find me fatty fat fast foods in the month of February... :P

and then help me realise how many calories are in their meals to stop me.

I've been using Vlingo for quite a while and it works pretty well, although it could sure use a fix or two. I'd LOVE to try the "SayIt" app and shove Siri back to the Apple's core. TY...

SayIt is going on both of our Blackberry's today if it works on the the 8900 and 9000 Bold - Thanks. Off to check now.


I'd love to try it too, BB's can use some voice recognition to help productivity grow even higher above the competition.