Contest: Win 1 of 211 Free Unlock Codes for your BlackBerry from CellUnlock!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jan 2011 10:37 am EST

Win a Free Unlock Code from CellUnlock!

With the holiday season and new year always bringing a ton of new BlackBerry owners to CrackBerry, we figured the timing made sense to hold a contest for free unlock codes! Our friends at have hooked us up with 211 free unlock codes to give away (211 in honor of 2011 - just missing the zero). 

How to Enter: For your chance to win a free unlock code for your BlackBerry, just leave a comment to this blog post letting us know the BlackBerry Device Model you have and Carrier you are on. We'll pick the 211 winners at random.  The contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Big thanks to CellUnlock, and good luck everybody!!

Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 211 Free Unlock Codes for your BlackBerry from CellUnlock!



Having an unlocked phone is like being a free bird flying anywhere you want. Will love to have a free unlock code. I have a Bold 9650 on Verizon.

HAHAHAHA!!! nope,,, its Rogers in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will give ya a secret,,,, call yer wireless provider,, tell them you are gonna switch providers,, and you want to talk to the cancelation people... they are GODS!!!! if you play yer cards right,, after the phone call, yer bill will be LESS,, and yer services will be MORE! after my call with em,,, my plan is now $80CAN,,, i get unlimited data,, and unlimited minutes,, ANYTIME,,, ANYWHERE IN N AMERICA. plus voicemail blah blah blah,,,, LOl,,,, when 2 months ago,, i was paying $130.00CAN and only had 3000 anytime n america minutes.

I have a Storm2 9550 on Verizon!! Its a birthday gift from my girlfriend. I wanna use it on T-Mobile where my contract is. Please help me upgrade from my Pearl! :) Thanks

I use CellUnlock to unlock all of my 'Berries. Getting a free code would be awesome! Torch 9800 on ATT.

Thanks CellUnlock and CrackBerry!

Curve 8520 on Vodafone (Turkey), my friend cannot use his phone so hope i can win and give it to him as a new year present

I'm using a Bold 9650 on the Sprint network. Thanks for the chance. I'm leaving for Mexico in a few weeks.

An XMas Blackberry Torch 9800 with AT&T which is going to Europe soon and really needs to be unlocked to switch sim cards......................thanks and good luck to all !

Happy New Year 2011....Thanks for your generousity to giveaway 211 unlock codes! BB Torch Bell Canada....

I would love this!!! I have a Bold 9750 on Verizon.. looking to get another phone from Sprint and unlocking it...