Contest: Win 1 of 200 BlackBerry Torch unlock codes from Cellunlock and CrackBerry!

By Bla1ze on 4 Oct 2010 08:59 am EDT

With the BlackBerry Torch launches slowly spreading around the globe we figured it was time to offer up another unlock code contest for those of you out there picking up a new BlackBerry Torch. has offered up 200 unlock codes to the CrackBerry community and you all know we love a good giveaway so, we'll keep this simple of course. Leave a comment here on this post telling us why you decided that the BlackBerry Torch was the device you must have. We'll pick 200 of you all to win one free unlock code from CellUnlock.

*Contest closes Sunday, October 10th at 12AM PST. Enter once, multiple entries will be excluded*

Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 200 BlackBerry Torch unlock codes from Cellunlock and CrackBerry!



I read that people posted their IMEIs on that site and now their phones have been cloned. Looks like they took all those posts down now.

Well I got the torch mainly for the touch screen never been a touch screen fan so I wanted to try it out and I'm lving it now. So make me a winner :-)

Why torch: Big screen, OS 6, touchscreen + keypad, latest in market, form factor, most imp: it's a BLACKBERRY, and is the best one of all !!

I got the Torch because the 9700 browser sucks so bad that without a decent web experience, I could almost (cringe) go android.

Code please?

From seeing commercial,reading up on the specs of the device and hearing that it the best blackberry ever i jus decided that i should get one because i like nothing but the best..........

1. Lastest BB. Must always have the latest.
2. Touch screen PLUS keyboard! Best of both worlds!
3. OS 6 is amazing!
4. Blackberrys just rocks my socks

Posted from my smexy Torch ;)

BlackBerry 6 os, touchscreen (without surepress), option for a full physical keyboard, webkit browser, and its a crackberry of course ;)

I would like an unlock code please. I love the many ways you can enter data (screen/keyboard) the name too

I originally didn't want the phone. But with all the excitment in the US about it, I knew I had to get one. I love this phone! Thanks crackberry for showing me the phone!

I love my Storm 9530 but i really like the look and the feel of the Torch so ive decided to finally get me a new phone.....the Torch.

I travel for a living and have been a BB lover for the past 5 years. No other device offers me the functionality and performance I require to service my clients here and abroad. I have been on the fence with touch screen devices for a couple of years for various reasons and the seamless blend of touch and full querty keyboard the Torch offers is exactly what I have been waiting for. So glad it cam from a RIM product. The OS is amazing! The screen responsiveness is smooth and I can type emails the same way I always have with a keyboard that is tried and true. Great Job all around!

I had planned on my next upgrade (due Oct 14th 2010) to get a BB Torch and Unlock it with CellUnlock 50% discount since I travel outside the US with my BB. If I win in this contest I will save my self $215 total. please please please please

Would like to upgrade to a Torch for Blackberry OS 6.0, first blackberry touchscreen / slider and always having the coolest toys.

Torch me please.

I got my torch because I could not wait to try out the OS6. I was so excited I danced out of the At&t store. Also it was the touch screen on a BB. I love my torch and would def. like to unlock it. ;)

Omg I'd love to win a BB Torch... I've been looking them up on the internet since they were first a rumor....I just got my BB curve 8530 in July though b/c my first one died and now I reallllyyy want this one!

The reason that I decided to get a BB Torch was due to the fact that it integrates the new webkit browser, it is a larger disay (on AT&T's network), and last but not least OS6. I'm going on a trip soon and this unlock code would be nice to have. :)

Yes I admit .. I wanted a Touch screen phone but every time I tried using one of the iOS or Android phones, my Blackberry kept calling me back and the storm..

Now I have the best of Both worlds (still rooting for Angry Birds for the Torch..)

Why WOULDN'T I choose the Torch? It has a nice big touchscreen and accelerometer, 5MP camera with flash and autofocus, 3G, wifi, GPS, optical trackpad AND the best qwerty keyboard out there, OS 6.0 (webkit browser, social feeds, universal search and all out sexiness), and its a BlackBerry!

Please count me in. I am traveling to India in November and would really love to use my Torch with the company SIM :)

I bought the Torch because its a berry with everything I was looking for (better browser, touch screen AND physical keyboard).

The Torch was the blackberry I Was waiting for when the bold came out. Its nice having the real keyboard for typing emails, and the touchscreen for gestures and extra buttons when you need it.

I got a Torch because of the 6.0 web browser. A blackberry web browser that actually works! Also the combination of the touch screen with the touchpad and keyboard. RIM should have put a touch pad on the Storm devices. It would have made them use-able.

I decided to switch from the T-Mobile and the 9700 to AT&T and the Torch because I am devoted to Blackberry and...i think I just love giving them my money. I have never been more addicted to anything else in all my life... The Torch was calling my name! touch screen? OS6? Pictures via text message? (Ive been waiting for that!!). Slider?? WOW i love my phone.

Crackberry addict for life (and proud of it).

My Torch is a great phone
an unlocked torch is a greater phone

getting a free unlock code is priceless..


I live in England, is it possible to get one here?

If so, can i have one- i tell all my fiends/anyone i meet/homeless people about!

Its my third most visted website...


Going for a cup of tea now.

Ta Ta

Figured I could replace both my iphone and bold with one phone. And it did just that! Love it so far! Would be sooo much better if it was unlocked!

My Storm is getting tired and I need a new phone... The touchscreen,additional memory and 6.0 OS are all very enticing. Please pick me. :) THANK YOU!

I need to win because Im buying a torch this week and want to unlock it for T-Mobile and because Im still stuck with a Curve 8320 I deserve to win lol!!!!!!

Awesome contest...yet again. From the first time I saw the Torch, I knew I had to have it. Since having used a Palm Treo Pro years ago, I've craved for a BlackBerry with both touchscreen and physical keyboard...this fit the bill!

Before the Torch, I would carry around both an old iPhone and a Bold 9000. With the Torch, I won't need to do that anymore as it combines the web browsing experience of the iPhone with the messaging savvy of Blackberry.

I need this unlocking code because I'm travelling often, so I need to use local simcards to cut the cost. Be able use these simcards I need an unlocked blackberry. I got my torch but not unlocked. Please help me to use it anywhere so I'll tell them how I unlocked it :)


I got the Torch as my first blackberry because of all the reading I have done on Crackberry. seems that even iphone 4 users have switched to torch and although opting for the iphone4 was tempting, being able to BBM took my vote. I am now a high on crackberry.

I'm loving everything about this phone, from the touchscreen,to the wbkit that doesn't make me want to throw the phone, to the keyboard option and the built in memory. Its the best device for me. I just need it unlock to make it perfect.l

The Torch was a no-brainer for me, has a great touchscreen that has gotten better with all of the updates (.246 FTW!) and the first device with BB6, everything else is just icing! ;)

I had always wanted a touch-screen device, but I couldn't live without a physical keyboard. The Torch is the best of both worlds. OS6 and much improved web browing don't hurt either!

I'm a t-mobile customer who does not like AT&T at all! They get all the best phones with crappy service! Also the torch is really really good and it would look good on t-mobile! This is why I need this unlock code! #blackberry4life

Because it has a nice large screen, which is touch. 5 MP camara. GPS and 3G. Three devices in one and the web browser is just hands down superior to all previous versions. This device can finally compete against the other top dogs from iPhone and Android, though it still has some ways to go.

i figured this was a good transition device, try and get me used to an onscreeen keyboard, but be able to slide er open and really type when i get frustrated.

My sister is currently serving in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Moldova. I am going to visit her this Fall and will have to have my phone unlocked so that I can use it overseas. This would be awesome!

i need an unlock becuase i just switched to the torch from the bold 9000 and it was carrier unlocked. call me superstitious.........

The Torch has more onboard memory than my Bold 9000; that memory now pretty much used up. I also have an iPAQ 211 PDA and love that too. The Torch would combine both in one device . . . sweet. Besides, my daughter has one now and loves it!

That's why.

Going from OS5 to OS6 on a touchscreen to me felt like the biggest leap in Blackberry's history.

But I always needed a real physical KB. Didn't want the Storm because I lost that. This? Best of all worlds. Not to mention that OS6 brings a new feel to everything

it was time for a an upgrade from my Curve 8310 and WHAT AN UPGRADE. best of both worlds for sure, and an amazing, snappy OS. I love my Torch!

I've always loved the BB keyboard and the trackpad, but always envied the touchscreen ability of the iphone. I use my phone mainly for communications, along with the frequent use of the internet too. This phone is a marriage made in heaven as far as I'm concerned!

Got the Torch because it totally fits my life - that unique combination of mission critical hard-core business functionality balanced with top-grade diversions (games, videos, music, etc.).

The Torch lets me keep my life in balance!

i picked up the torch because it was revolutionary, i had the bold 9000 for two years and then when the torch was released i had to get it, i wanted a blackberry with a nice camera and that had touchscreen, the only option i had at that time was the iphone but i did not want to leave the blackberry family. so when i heard about the torch that had a a 5.0mp camera and a touchcreen plus a keybvaord i had to get it, i even went to three different rogers stores to get the torch on the release day 30th of sept

A Torch on T-Mo is the best of both worlds for me (even w/o 3G speeds). I get to keep my "cheap" data plan, and use a great phone with it!

In desperate need of a keyboard..
But hook with a touch screen so badly.. So what would be better than a torch for a change isn't it?

So.. Pickkkk me..
I'm one of your 200 ☺

I picked the Blackberry Torch because I wasn't sure if I could go with a 100% touch screen device. I figured I would hold onto my Bold 9000 until RIM released something that had the best of both worlds; a touch screen and a physical keyboard and to my luck they did. I ordered my Torch on launch day.

With a large touch screen and a physical keyboard, but still having the Blackerry OS that I have become so dependent upon over the years, the Torch was a no-brainer for me.

I have 3 Torches active and would like them all unlocked but not having to pay for one would be great! i love these contests!

It was love at first site. Switched from a 9000 and have no intentions of going back. Used CellUnlock on both my Curve and Bold. Great product and would like to unlock my Torch.

I love being able to use the touch screen and having a physical keyboard. I'd love to get it unlocked because I travel to Trinidad with family each year and would love to use their prepaid data SIM cards. Thanks.

I really love a slide qwerty touchscreen phone ever since! I still don't have the money to buy it so when I found out about this, I was so happy and excited! I think I must have BB Torch because it has the features that I like in a phone, it has 5 mp camera with a flash, applications for social networking, it is said that it has longer battery life span so it would be great for playing music, browsing the net, playing games and more! OMG! I realllyyyy love this phone! Please pick me! Thank you!

Bold is so lovely & great...Torch seem awesome!!! Big screen, wondrous OS 6, marvelous combination of touch screen & typing, great camera...perfect smart phone one can dream of!...and it's a Blackberry!!!!!

I have never even played with the phone yet and I have it on order. I have been following this phone on Crackberry, for so long I can't believe this day has come. I love the aspect that you can have a touchscreen and a keyboard together. The torch is perfect for me cause I am always surfing or messaging on my phone. The larger display will be great for those days when I am unable to tether. In my opinion this is the best looking Blackbery out there to date. The OS6 looks awesome, love the notification and network pull downs. The universal search looks like it will rock. Can't wait for my phone to arrive. I even have accessories on order from Crackbery before I even have my phone. Thanks for the contest Crackberry and Cellunlock! You guys ROCK!

I got my torch because I used to have a Storm and loved it but when I wanted to upgrade to Telus's HSPA network I had to upgrade to the Bold 9700... which isn't a bad phone either, as a matter of fact I still use it as a work phone. But when I saw the torch coming I had to get it! So I bought it on launch day. :) The new browser and OS 6 are well worth it. And the device is well put together too. I like the idea of a physical keyboard for some things as well.

Would love one!

Just got my Torch on Friday, and got it as an upgrade to my Storm 1. I got it for the Wi-Fi, 5mp camera, slide out keyboard, and lack of sure press ;)

I'm getting the Torch mainly for the touchscreen/slide qwerty keyboard duality. Plus, I get the feeling that BBOS6 was made with touchscreens in mind, so I don't want to miss that out ;)

Broken 8900 so this was the opportunity to get the torch and for me the latest and greatest. Looking forward to learning it. Getting it today!!


So I can finally stick it to all my family members with iphones. I have been a loyal bb user since my 7280

Please pick me. I need to be Torched, In the St.martin the Torch costs $800 bucks, that is a hefty prize tag. I would love to get one free. Please consider me :-(

By the way Devcon was awesome, even though i was not there. the videos you posted made me wish i was there. To bad they did not release the Os 6 for the Bold 9700. That was a bummer.

Congrats on a successful Crackberry awards party.

I bought my new 9800 Torch because I always had blackberry models and I am very curious to try the new OS version and to have both touch and phisical keys... thank you very much to let me unlock it!

Reasons for acquiring the Torch (and getting me back to berryland) is that I get to have the best of both worlds (awesome tried blackberry experience/keyboard/email,etc.) paired w/the new OS + webkit browser and touchscreen (no surepress), nothing but berry goodness :)...feels good to be home!

For about a year now I always told myself I would never upgrade my Curve 8900 until a blackberry with a touch screen + trackpad + keyboard combo came out. I always knew that with the blackberry menus sometimes having the touchscreen functionality would make life a lot easier just by clicking on the buttons to open applications. The trackpad is required just to simply navigate webpages without accidentally clicking on links or simply to copy and paste text without pulling your hair out. And finally the physical keyboard, IMO will always be better than a touchscreen as long as its made by RIM.

On the side note I lost my Curve a month ago so I was given a "resonable" excuse to upgrade =]

I've owned so many blackberrys and this is by far the best one ever! I owned the storm 1 & 2 and loved them except for the fact they didn't have a physical keyboard and now I have the torch that offers both! This machine is amazing! it's the best of both worlds. This thing is sick!

What's not to love? Sweet touch screen. BlackBerry's legendary keyboard. Perfect size. Great features. All backed with a kick ass OS6.

After switching to a bold i realized that Blackberrys are the ultimate work/casual mobile device. Interested to see how RIM implements the touch screen.

I just switched from Sprint to AT&T to get the Torch and so far love it, but I was suprised that AT&T doesnt unlock their Blackberries like Sprint does, so this would be a great addition to my phone, I hope to win this from CELL UNLOCK

I decided on upgrading from the Bold 9000 to the Torch for the following reasons:

2)The OS 6

3)The new web browser - I'm so looking forward to not having to download another browser and being able to use the BB browser and have an amazing browsing experience.

4)The touchscreen...I can finally watch movies on a bigger screen instead of squinting on my old BB

5)The keyboard...I'm glad I can have a touchscreen and still have the comfort/ option of a keyboard

6)It's a BlackBerry duh! Do I really need any reason other than the fact that it's a BlackBerry!

I got the Torch because frankly, its my 9700 but bigger, faster, and it has OS 6! I'm still keeping my 9700 but I'm not waiting around for RIM to release OS 6 for my 9700 so I went and got myself a Torch 9800, and am loving it! Smart touch screen, the accelerometer. Its basically the storm and the bold combined to make one heck of a beastly phone! And also its new and not everyone has one, if your on the bus everyone has a bold or curve its good to be different and show off that you have the top model, which is what happened when i got my 9700 no one had it now everyone's got it.

I walked into the phone store yesterday and saw the torch on display. I immediately decided I had to have one. Unfortunately they only had it for Virgin Mobile. Now I have a Torch that I would love to unlock so I can use it elsewhere!

Thanks :-)

It combines the best of both worlds. There's nothing like the BB keyboard, and combined with the touch screen interface and OS 6, it's by far my favorite phone.

Is there a way to check and see if my phone is already unlocked? I have unlocked so many I don't remember if my current 9650 Bold is unlocked.

Wanted a phone with full screen and landscape browsing but hated being restricted to touch screen typing. Went from a Bold 9000 to an Android phone and loved the browsing and document reading, but didn't like using it for business use. The Torch gives me the hard keyboard I need and want with better browsing than BB has ever offered before.

I decided that the BlackBerry Torch was the device that I must have because

1. it has a both a touchscreen and a keyboard,
2. OS6
3. OS6
4. OS6
5. you get the point!


I had a Bold 9700, bought an iPhone 4, and am now trying to sell it so I can get the Torch! To have that Torch be unlocked would be great! ;)

I would love the new Torch because it has all of those touch screen options that would make my blackberry experience more enjoyable and the physical keyboard that makes typing a breeze.

This is my first CB Event that I have entered, I would love to get one of these unlock codes! Ya'll rock!!!

I love you guys! I hope I can win an unlock code for my brand new Rogers 9800 Torch! It's a touch + keyboard on OS6 - everybody should have this device!!!!

The Torch will boost my productivity up by five fold. Webkit browser + Bold style keyboard + Universial Search = Yummy.

The BlackBerry Torch is my current must-have device because it is a slider phone with touch-screen and physical keyboard; it runs OS 6; and it has ample app memory.

AT&T provides free unlock codes upon request, but they will not release codes until February 2011.

I would like the BB Torch to be the device i must have because it has a very sexy keyboard, and a pretty decent touch screen, plus the new camera which i can take more nice pictures!

Pick me!

My 8820 was getting ancient and I hate using onscreen keyboards for long text entry. The torch has both a bigger screen and the BB keyboard that I needed.

Awesome contest, thanks CellUnlock!

I went with the BlackBerry Torch because my work habits and needs in a communications device were changing. I used to write a ton of emails and not use much of the web or multimedia capabilities of my Bold 9000. However, in recent months, I've been writing fewer emails while needing my browser, maps, and images/videos apps more. I considered other phones such as the Captivate and iPhone, but the Torch (with its keyboard) won me over. Very happy with it so far, and since I travel a lot, it would be great to have it unlocked so I can pop in a new SIM when I'm in Europe!

I just got my Torch. I play with it and really love it. Need to fine more games though. Also I will traveling to Thailand soon. Please unlock my Torrch. Thanks.