Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

By Bla1ze on 31 Dec 2009 04:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

Wow, 2010 is ever so close and 2009 soon to be a thing of the past. The good folks at Cellunlock wanted to send 2009 off in a good way and with that, let me know they were wanting to hand out 100 unlock codes for the CrackBerry community to help ring in the new year and get some of you all off to a great start. As always, a big thanks to CellUnlock for offering up some goodies.

Any device, any carrier supported by CellUnlock. All you need to do is drop a comment on this post folks. Let us know what your new years resolution is. Maybe let us know what you are most looking forward to in 2010. We'll pick 100 names to each receive one unlock for your BlackBerry. Enter once folks, duplicate entries will be excluded and winners will be notified shortly after we draw. Good luck to all.

Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year



My NYR is not to spend so much money on buying new BB's and Apps - Who am I kidding, no one.

Hoping for 2010 to bring more seamless coverage w/3G so that I no longer have deadspots w/AT&T

My New Years resolution is to upgrade my Pearl to either a Storm2 or Tour. Can't decide on touchscreen on Qwerty keyboard.

Okay, I really want to be entered in this contest so I can win an unlock code.

I am looking forward to see what RIM and 3rd party developers have in store for us BB users in 2010. Should be an exciting year!

I think this year I am aiming at a successful graduation, getting a job, and having a kickass marriage! Happy new year fellow CBers.

I plan to continue on to achieve my weight loss goal, and I'm excited because I'm only 4 pounds away from my original goal! An unlock code would be a great reward for the accomplishment already achieved~

My resolution is to figure out a way to use my BB 8900 in Germany when I get over there. I hope to get an unlock code to help me out with this...

I can't live without my BB!!!


Oh oh... pick me! lol
This year, I promise to pay more attention to my wife, instead of my blackberry! Unless it gets unlocked... ;)

A dear friend passed away this year and her motto was to do something good, however small, for someone each day. I plan to do that as my New Years resolution. As for myself, I am looking forward to gaining tenure at the university for which I work. My BB has kept me organized and on task towards this goal!

what a lovely way to ring in the new year with a newly unlocked 9700! oh wait its not unlocked, i havent won the contest yet. shucks darn, guess i'll have to wait til next year to win! ;) heres hopin next year is tomorrow! hahahahaha!


Count me in as I have already purchased from your company 3 unlocks!!!

You guys are the best, happy new year!

lol pick me my new years resolution is to eat healthier and to quit smoking as I hit 30 in 2010 lord help my soul!

I would like to travel and learn a new culture or language I've never left NA ever and I would like to take the time getting to know the world around me. Life is short better make the best of it while I'm here.

Along with that an unlock code would help with my travels :)

Thanks Crackberry and Cellunlock!

To be a better human being and to emerge from my shell more often to make contact with family and friends. An unlock code would definitely make the cost of doing so less painful especially when I'm reaching out to touch my family and friends in Barbados, England, Korea and Germany.

On my third bb upgrade, and am looking forward to a lateral upgrade. Unlocking my current bb would make me love my bb even moaaarrrrr!!!!!!

Hope i win. new years resolution! hopefully i buy my 1st house at age 25. i been working two full time jobs for almost a year, im only getting 2 to 3 hours sleep 6 times out the week! definitely looking forward to 2010. :) thanks cellunlock and crackberry. happy new year.

I want my blackberry unlock so i dont have to beg my carrier to do it for me. Since i just started my contract with them, it might be a while before they will give it to me.

I plan to quit my full time job and take my Heating and Air business from part time to full time and my Blackberry is an essential part of this transition.

I plan to quit my full time job and take my Heating and Air business from part time to full time and my Blackberry is an essential part of this transition.

I plan to quit my full time job and take my Heating and Air business from part time to full time and my Blackberry is an essential part of this transition.

Less alarm modes enjoy life
Long and short of the 9530, worked fine to the tune of no ringing,just straight to voice mail. The carrier could not help so backed out of contract (no etf) and have a 9530 and need to unlock! Yes this could be the Year for things to take off.

I'm looking forward to a Blackberry that has a better browser (ie webkit!!!) and also a bold 9700 with a touch screen, put those two things together and I would buy it at whatever price!!!

Happy New Year CrackBerry!

I have no use for the unlock code because unfortunately I'm on the neutered MTS Mobility Network which is CDMA. Please give the unlock code to someone who can really use it! ;-)

My New years resolution is one I know I can keep that is to upgrade my 8900 to the 9700, win this contest to unlock my 8900!!!

I am finally updating from an 8320 to a 9700!!!!! This would be a perfect gift for the new year!!! Maybe i can finally win a contest.

Would love to unlock my phone for the new year! New Years Resolution...mmmmm not to visit crackberry every 15 mins...its going to be tough and next to impossible.


I resolve to spend less time next year being cheap and entering silly contests that I won't get picked for.

I am a new Blackberry owner and am just learning all about my phone. I hope to win this app. That would be a great New Year's present. Good Luck to everyone.

Please i am getting ready to go on a trip to Australia soon and i could really use this UnlockCode. Please please let me win. This would be an excellent way to start off the New Year. Woooooo! 2010

I want to count calories and get in better shape. I plan to use my BB and some great apps from crackberry to do so!

Definitely needed for whenever I go away...whether it be Mexico, or hoping to the border to New York...definitely a necessity!

I just Bought a new Bold locked to ATT .. Need to unlock it .. a present to my Dad for New Year gift.. Need One !..

Happy NEW YEAR... Team of Crackberry and cellUnlock!!

My new years resolution is to keep all my crackberry peeps from switchin to the dark side of the force to android. Its an awsome OS but it aint blackberry. I just got me a locked storm and wanna use it in t mobile. This would make my new years to get an unlock code to set me free. I waited 2 years to get the storm. Allthough its only been out 1 year. I knew bout it 1 year prior to its release. Thanx crackberry for being my number 1 source and thanx to cellunlock for this contest. Good luck to all the crackberry nation.

Getting a larger screen with a qwerty keypad or maybe a slideout ? Love my Storm2 but miss my full qwerty keypad. Also looking to going to Italy in the spring, so I'm gonna need that unlock now lol

this new year i would love to learn even more about my blackberry and this is the best site to do that thanks all and hope everyone has a happy and safe new year

I plan on getting all my friends and family into blackberrys. I have a Curve (8310 at&t) i would love to give to my son for starters. we are all religious crackberry readers. thanks!

I would be more than happy for 2010 if I could grab ahold of a complimentary unlock code. All the best to CB and CellUnlock for 2010!

My New years resolution is to become a recognised member of CRACKBERRY.COM as cheesy as it may sound. 2010 here i comeeeeeee (here i am) ;)Happy New Year ADDICTS

My new years resolution is to always be in good health. I live in trinidad and tobago in the caribbean and my 8520 is locked to digicel. Please chose me for an unlock code as it would cost about 200us dollars to unlock here. Please help me out I need this. This is the 10th unlock competition I am entering let's see if the faith lies here 10th chance we're in 2010 now. HAPPY NEW YEAR

happy new year all and this would be great for me seeing is i am sick of telus and have been thinking about taking my stom to wind mobile

thanks in advance

My new years resolution is to stay better connected with friends that are living all over the world. It is hard keeping in contact with everyone being in the military. I am also looking forward to my daughter graduating HS and going to either FSU or USF. Lastly, I am praying for a promotion at work for myself and my wife. 2010 is looking good.


New Years resolution is to not text while driving, use my great new bluetooth while driving and hope to unlock by BB Tour!! Happy New Year to all!!

i have to tell u im not making this up i just got my blackberry on 12/27/09 its my first one and im so deeply moved at the blackberry storm i could cry LOL at any rate i would be honerd to tell my boyz that i got my unlock code from Cellunlock and how generous they were giving away 100 codes to the folks for new years oh yeah my new years resolution is to workout more thanx and happy new year to all PEACE

to europe in the summer. I need to unlock my phone but all of Telus's unlock codes cost almost as much as the phone itself!

I would love to win an unlock code for my sons new 9530 on Telus. He's a university student with no money. I've used cellunlock in the past and know they are the best!

My new years resolution is to get back in the gym and get more active.
The thing I am most looking forward to in 2010 is relocating from Toronto to LA in February. It will be a new adventure and thus an unlocked phone would be a real treat considering I just got my new BOLD 9700!
Please pick me!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Would love to get my Storm unlocked. Kudos to for not putting restrictions on their giveaway like most unlock contests do.

...i need to kick this addiction....this blackberry shaking, try...try...trying to write this :(

My New Years resolution is to lose weight by starting a weight-lifting exercise routine. I just got done with my first work out and I am shaking :) Would love to unlock my 8900, together we can both be FREE :D

I would love to win this one, didn't win the previous contests.
Thanks to CellUnlock and Crackberry for the great work.

Hello fello Crackberry's & Cellunlocked. Happy New Years 2 everyone. Boy wasn't 2009 a tough year. I already know 2010 we b a better year. First off, my 2 boys & I met the man that changed our world. He makes me tingle every time I c him. He started his own business even with the resession of 2009. He sells material that builds or adds 2 cell phone towers. In fact, he got my son into the business that has him traveling all over the U.S...... Also with this ression, I lost my job I had 4 6yrs, but I went back 2 school. So my man will have his own personal sexy nurse on his arm. My wonderful man just put the most beautiful diamond ring on my finger. So my New Year Resolution is to put the most unforgetable wedding together. We worked hard & we deserve the best wedding ever. 2010 resolution is the best one I've ever had. Soooooo...... PLEASE, PLEASE, Pretty please pick me for the unlock code, it will help so very much. Yours truly, coming from BlackBerry Curve 8350i Smartphone.

wishing everyone at CB a happy and prosperous 2K10. new CB member and Bold 9700 user. unlocked phone would be handy for intl travel.