Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

By Bla1ze on 31 Dec 2009 04:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

Wow, 2010 is ever so close and 2009 soon to be a thing of the past. The good folks at Cellunlock wanted to send 2009 off in a good way and with that, let me know they were wanting to hand out 100 unlock codes for the CrackBerry community to help ring in the new year and get some of you all off to a great start. As always, a big thanks to CellUnlock for offering up some goodies.

Any device, any carrier supported by CellUnlock. All you need to do is drop a comment on this post folks. Let us know what your new years resolution is. Maybe let us know what you are most looking forward to in 2010. We'll pick 100 names to each receive one unlock for your BlackBerry. Enter once folks, duplicate entries will be excluded and winners will be notified shortly after we draw. Good luck to all.

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year



What I'm looking forward to the most this year is using my new crackberry now that ive ditched my 3GS!

My resolution is to getting back to a 3.o+ GPA and to finish my last year and a half of college strong. Would love an unlock code for my BB for my trip to Peru this spring break. Happy new years everyone and thanks to crackberry and for the contest., not the email client but on life and what's really important to me. Without getting into rant, I just want to wish the entire CrackBerry Community a happy, prosperous and safe 2010!!!

And thank you for your consideration for an unlock code!

With hopefully an unlock code from CellUnlock! Would love to free my storm for the new year :-) Thanks CB and CellUnlock for this oppurtunity.

This is the last chance of the year, hope my odds improve since I have gone O'fer for the year in winning.

Seems to be a huge trend. Eventually all berries should be unlocked. Would love this prize. Haven't won anything so far so why not start now... ;)

Resolutions? Catching the Easter Bunny, learning to breathe underwater, and taking over the world using just my Storm 9550! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!.....>_>..<_<.


I mean, you know, the usual. Lose a little weight, travel a bit. Nothing special. But the Storm part is (mostly) true. And for that to happen, I need it unlocked. So come on and help me out!

My New Years resolution is nothing. I always made a list of things that I wanted to change or do in the new year and always found that I never did anything on the list as that year ended. I just hope I win this contest. Happy New Year to everyone here at Crackberry!

i just bought a new curve 8520 to replace my stupid storm that replaced my pearl flip. itll be here day after new years!!

hopefully a little bit outside the U.S. so having an unlocked 9700 would be great! Thanks you CellUnlock and for these giveaways - they're, simply put, awesome!

My resolution for 2010 is to learn how to use my new Bold 9700. I've had it less than a month and so far I'm happy with it. This is my first BlackBerry and I have a lot to learn.

All i want and hope for this new year is to get my degree and then find the perfect job =P or just a job! And then i'll keep looking for my other goals to and dreams to come true! And health and happiness is what i need to keep going so getting my bold unlock as a gift would be perfect to start the year smiling and full of joy! thanks and happy new year!! =D

New Year's resolutions are meant to be broken because you should be trying to fulfill those things anyway, no matter what time of year it is. My new year's resolution is to stop spending more time on my blackberry. However, with an unlock code, that resolution will be broken. The inevitable will easily be cracked with it!!!

It's nice to be able to travel abroad with a pre-paid global SIM. That way you have a little extra cash dinner, drinks, or that nifty souvenir at the Duty Free shop.

I have had my Crackberry Tour for 2 months now and have downloaded so many apps! The bbscanner is awsome as well as the new bbmessenger! My resolution is to keep checking for new apps and information every day! I just love it!

Thanks to Cellunlock and Crackberry for the chance to win! My resolution is going to be to try and use my blackberry more we all know, checking it 50 times a day is just not enough! My wife is not impressed by my resolution, by the way...=)

I normally don't make resolutions, but this year, I plan on becoming a more proficient photographer and start my own photography business. IT'S TIME TO STOP WORKIN' FOR THE MAN and doing something I enjoy!

I hope that Verizon Wireless will get the Iphone and if not it will be awesome to score one of these unlock codes cause i actually do have an iphone waiting to be on Verizon's network.


I'm looking forward to a better year financially and hope the job market starts looking up.2009 will go down as a disaster not just for me but for millions of others that lost work and more. Let's hope that 2010 will treat us better!

please let it be me...
my new year resolution is to get another blackberry :) and i need it on tmo lol so unlocking would open my options up
happy new year and be safe everyone

I'm looking into getting a new car, raising my new born, losing the baby fat, eating more healthy and of course any new release of a RIM blackberry.

Hi, I really would like to win an unlock code for my BlackBerry. My New Year's resolution is to complete my "Honey Do" list and not put it off any longer.

My New Years resolution is to not swear anymore there is so much hostility as it is swearing makes it so much worse so I am gonna stop swearing who needs a potty mouth anyhow HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 2010

After being in an accident on Thanksgiving the only thing that has kept me connected with friends anf family is the good ol Blackberry. So slowly recovering will be my new years resolution to get back on my feet.

to be a better person and pay it forward more often. This...would be a good thing! Happy New Year to everyone!

my resolution is to be more patient.

I'm most looking forward to getting through my first year of medical school!

my new years resolution is to upgrade to a 9700 before jan 31st! an unlock code for my 9000 would definitely make that easier on me

My New Year's resolution is to patiently wait for Sprint to release the Tour 9650. For my patience, CellUnlock should award me an unlock code, WOOT!

I don't believe in resolutions. If you want to make a change in your life why not make it today. But, if I were to ask for something it would be continued good health for my family, friends and myself... and an unlock code courtesy of Cellunlock and


whats better than unlocking your brand new phone on a brand new year!!! Great new year's resolution :)

"Please pick me, please pick me, please pick me!" she says with her fingers crossed clicking her heals with her ruby red slippers on!

I will focus more on others(family, friends, ppl that I don't know) and do things for them, rather than focusing on me.

Every year, it's the same story, the same circus. Yes, you have guessed right it's the resolutions circus. We all take good resolutions just to be "like everyone else" then shamelessly abandon them 3 months later. Why? because routine sets in. It's just human nature. I've decided to try and break the circle. Instead of taking resolutions "to do this and do that", I'll just be myself.

I'll be myself with my good sides and bad sides. I'll live my life, be the best that I can be, and be grateful to have people that I love me and that I can love back. I'll do everything I can to spread joy around me. I hope everyone I know will do the same because in the end, it all comes down to this: enjoying relationships, whether it be your mom, husband, sister, uncle, grandmother or child.

However, for those who still want to make resolutions it's alright because I know they all have good intentions. I hope they can stick up to it and be better people for themselves and anyone around them.

Wow that sounded patronizing lol. I just wish everyone Happy holidays and lots of good stuff for the year to come!

Oh and yeah before I forget *wink*, a storm 1 unlock would be great :)

In 2010 I'm honestly looking forward for people to start getting along together, and to let differences fall by the wayside. May the entire world get BlackBerries so we can all keep in touch and stop all the wars. :)

I'm in the Navy and neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a code cause I travel EVERYWHERE!!! New Years try more cool apps!!!!! Love the BB! Lookin forward to the Olympics! See ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to letting my blackberry have the same rights as its users have. We aren't handcuffed so why should our berrys be? ;)

Good folks at CellUnlock, set her free...let her flap her wings freely.

I have something to say! Its better to burn out then to fade away!

(what? It was better then anything else I could think of)

Please pick me, i just bought a bold 9700 that i intend to use in Venezuela, and down here the unlocking service its very expensive :(

Would love to unlock my 9530 and as for a resolution for the new year?
I want to be able to travel more with my wife and children.

Imaginary Contest Winner Selecters Again I appeal to you! Take the blue pill and follow me down the rabbit hole, Neo.

Great job guys!

My New Years resolution is to travel across Europe and Asia. An unlocked BB would be a good start!

Lol I am going to pay less attention to crackberry/blackberry phone and more attention to my blonde bombshell girlfriend >.< new year's resolution would be to develop a "what I would like to do or experience within my lifetime" list. This list is long over due. An unlock code would greatly help with all the places I want to travel to on the list :p.

I'll take a free code. Hoping this year to get off my butt and get into some theme developing. Been playing with the developer for a while, but haven't been totally serious with it, yet.

My new years resolution is to use my 9700 Bold more and to accomplish this I could use an unlock code. Thanks for the great contests in 2009 and I look forward to 2010.

First of all, thanks to and Crackberry for this contest. I've got 3 BBs unlocked with and must say that their service is great!

My "BB" Resolution for 2010 is to *try my best* not use the damn phone so much. Resist at all costs, the urge to click and scroll away. Lower my addiction to this little bastard, as well as not charge it more than once a day due to constant use.

So there... it probably won't work that well, but I'm giving it a shot!

In 2010, I will buy a new 9700 (hopefully some other color than black). I wonder when will BB 10000 dues....

Also I hope I can try out Storm 2 -- touch big screen. Is the touch screen good to use? I will then need probably more unlock codes....

Thank you and happy new year!

I just upgraded to the 9700 from the 8310 about 3 days ago. I am REALLY looking forward to this new year with my new BB. The only thing that could possibly make this phone any better than it already is.....Is if it was unlocked.
I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year, and please be safe.

· Continue to be happy.

· Continue to improve on taking care of my personal life.

· Health: Evaluate whether quitting smoking is worth it. Eat more regularly. Sleep cycle, much better than it was previously, keep at it. Exercise. (Ideally with some sort of plan, whether walking the dogs or going swimming or whatever.)

· Friendships: Secret resolution. (!) Also: keep in touch with friends to the extent made possible by their lives & my own. Meet up more often with friends who live in the area/are visiting.

· Mental health.

· Write more.

· Do well in classes. Ideally all As, we'll see how this goes. Since I'm only taking 2 classes this first semester, it should be okay.

· Possibly gain and retain job that does not interfere with school.

· Control finances & spending.


I'd love the unlock code. <3

new years resolution?

i wanna win one of these lock codes... this will set me up for the year to come and will be a great start


I have resolved to laugh in the face of such an annoying tradition. I resolve to drink more, smoke more, eat more, and be an all out glutton. I have to do what makes me happy and to hell with making a resolution I don't intend to keep.

On a side not I'm hoping that rim releases an official version of the 5.0 os for 8330. Can santa come back around and make that one happen?

it's my last semester in college and my resolution is to end with a bang, AKA 4.00 GPA. If I do, my parents will pay for a trip to Asia for me.

An unlock code would be awesome, then I could use my 9700 overseas!

My resoultion for this coming year is to start taking my health seriously. Better diet and more exercise...I've been doing muy thai for almost a year now and its time to take it to another level!! That's what I'm most looking forward to!!!

I just upgraded to a Storm 2 and am passing on my Storm to my GF that is on ATT. Love to get a free copy! Never used this app before. Hope it works.

I can has cheezberger??

edit: oh yeah forgot, see you all next year!! please don't drive drunk, you might not be able to use yer blackberry if something happens to you.

This is the year I resolve to get my addiction under control and actually keep a BB I'm perfectly happy with (my Tour) and not spending hard earned money when the next newest and best comes along (hello Essex!)

My immediate objective for the new year is to obtain a BB Storm 2. Why you might ask -- well, once you reach an age past 50, and you spend quite a bit of time on a PC, your eyes begin to fail(among other parts of your body), and small screens just don't work for us old farts. So, I have to revert to larger screen phones, and in the case of Blackberry's, the only option is the Storm 2 (need the WiFi for international travel). So, I need an unlock code to free the phone from the Verizon chains so I can use T-Mobile or ATT for GSM coverage. It's such a small request -- come on guys, give me a break. Happy New Year to all of you who read this posting . . .and may you have a healthy and prosperous jouney.