Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

By Bla1ze on 31 Dec 2009 04:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

Wow, 2010 is ever so close and 2009 soon to be a thing of the past. The good folks at Cellunlock wanted to send 2009 off in a good way and with that, let me know they were wanting to hand out 100 unlock codes for the CrackBerry community to help ring in the new year and get some of you all off to a great start. As always, a big thanks to CellUnlock for offering up some goodies.

Any device, any carrier supported by CellUnlock. All you need to do is drop a comment on this post folks. Let us know what your new years resolution is. Maybe let us know what you are most looking forward to in 2010. We'll pick 100 names to each receive one unlock for your BlackBerry. Enter once folks, duplicate entries will be excluded and winners will be notified shortly after we draw. Good luck to all.

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year



I'm just looking to start twenty-ten off with a positive attitude and do my best to hold on to that attitude throughout the year. 2009 had many ups and downs and I think could have been handled better.

As a BES Admin, I'm always looking at software to recommend, and enjoy the contests you have here.

I didn't win one the last time they offered 500.

So my New Years resolution is to win one now! haha

Thanks CrackBerry and CellUnlock, you're the best!

Im looking forward to teaching my fiancee how to use her new Blackberry and eventually make her a crackberry addict for 2010! Happy New Year Crackberry!

My new years resolution is to learn German. And i am looking forward to moving to Germany, which is why I'd love to have my phone unlocked!!!!

My New Years Resolutin is to be more honest with myself, n hold barred, as well as learn more about computers and cell phone and begin my own cell phone unboxings. Maybe ill be featured on CrackBerry one day :]

My new years resolution is to get my finances in order. I guess what I look forward to next year is more giveaways. This year was full of them.

In 2010, I am most looking forward to owning a Blackberry slider with a good browser and multi-point touch screen with functions like zoom, etc.

be to try and slow down on using my BB, but if I can get an unlock code for my new 9700, I don't think that's going to be very likely, much to the dismay of my family and friends.

The most I am looking forward in 2010 is to finally finish college after taking two years off. I am back and self driven to finish. The gym keeps me busy in between as well as my awesome girlfriend. And of course, can't forget my beloved 9700 that I plan to travel with in the near future.

Resolution Rhyme: Two thousand and ten is when I will begin to be free from Tmobile with an unlock code from my Cellnet friend!

The unlock would be great for my 9630 might even help with some motivation for the age-old new years resolution to drop a few lbs.

My New Years Resolutin is to be more honest with myself, n hold barred, as well as learn more about computers and cell phone and begin my own cell phone unboxings. Maybe ill be featured on CrackBerry one day :] can I have free unlock!? Ty

I made a resolution to get my career going about 5 years ago, and it's been a rocket ride since. I'm thinking it's time to slow down a bit :)

I'm not sure what my resolutions are, other than buy ever new BB that launches maybe? And the Google Phone, mmmmmmm.

To make my kids #1. To have a place to call our own, renting sucks.

Thanks Crack berry for all your postings, were would we be without you.

As a new BB user and still on a steep learning curve, I'm only vaguely familiar with "unlocked" smartphone issues. Consequently, with 2010 upon us and my mode of "Almost Entirely Retired" (April 16th!!!!!!!!) I'd love to experiment with new tech items and their seemingly unlimited capacities to get the most out of my BB, laptop, scanner,

Happy New Year.

Robert Waldrop

Happy New Year every1.

My NYR is to be a great daddy. My wife and I are expecting in Jan and cant think of a better way to start a new year. I want to correct the mistakes my dad made and be stonger/better from u paps!

..and a free unlock wouldnt be that bad either.
thanks guys

I am 0 for 5 in these unlock codes in 2009, but I am hoping to change my luck for 2010. Give me a hand lady crackberry!

Maybe I'll spend less time with my 'Berry.... Well, my wife & I are expecting our first baby. So, by August I'll definitely be spending less time with the 'Berry =D

to stop smoking. I know that sounds cliche, but my mom was diagnosed with stage III lung cancer a month ago and I want to do this for her, and most importantly for myself. I hope to win an unlock code too! I wish everyone at a very Happy New Year. Everyone be safe tonight!

Have a new rogers bold 9000 that I would like to unlock to put on my telus account. This would come in handy. Think I'll wait for a few days and see if I get lucky!

Maybe this will increase my Bold's resale value enough that people will overlook all the scratches and scuffs?


I'm most looking forward to obedience classes with my new corgi puppy. And hopefully winning an unlock code. Happy New Year!

My resolution is very simple get a job in the civilian sector. I will be retiring from the Navy soon and hope to have a job lined up before I retire.

Thanks Crackberry and CellUnlock for the opportunity.

my resolution is to listen and be true to myself, as well as listen to others and treat them as i would like to be treated myself.

i would love this unlock code, i have a verizon tour, but would love to be able to throw in a prepaid ATT SIM to be able to conduct personal and business calls as well.

Resolutions are over rated I never follow them BUT I have a few plans in mind, eat and live healthier for my boys!

pick me ... plz!

What a great contest...thanks Crackberry and CellUnlock. My New Year's resolution is to live my life to the fullest and make sure that I am content with my life. Happy New Year, everyone!

Hi everyone at Crackberry and Cellunlock.

I got my very first blackberry on the 27th of December and it is a bold 9700!

All I can say is that I love it!!!

One of my new years resolutions will be to tell all my friends that are considering getting a blackberry to GET ONE!

That aside I also travel alot and need my phone unlocked so that I can use local sim cards rather than rack up a huge data charge!


for a good year in 2009... looking forward to using that unlock code im going to win in 2010!! Happy New Year!

My News Years Resolution is to learn everything possible about my Tour and to become even more addicted (if that is possible).

Used the last one to unlock my Storm 9530, if I win this time I could unlock my Storm 9550. Thanks cellunlock and crackberry.

I would love to win the unlock code. My new years resolution is to enter more contest and try to win something. I love CrackBerry. I read it every morning on my storm 2. You guys are the greatest for blackberry owners. Thanks

i hope this 2010 will bring me goodluck. winning the unlock code for my bold 9700 is a good start.happy new year to everyone!

For my resolution I would like to take my wife on an international trip and an unlocked Blackberry would make it easier to stay in touch with our kids while we are gone. Thank you for considering me.

I plan on finally getting rid of my land line and going with only the BlackBerry now that my wife also has one

New Years Resolution: Change name to Franz Ferdinand. Ask people to take me out.

... oh, and also upgrade my BB. This curve 8310 is slowly dying



Mine has nothing to do with technology. I vow to get rid of a few of the pounds I've put on and never taken off during the last few Christmas holidays.


1.) Lose about 20lbs to get rid of the slight lovehandles that I'm developing...
2.) get this damned chipped tooth fixed/pulled.
3.) Replace my existing car that I had to have when I wanted a sportscar, with a small truck/suv, that I can fit more than myself, the wife, and the kid in.

for the opportunity to win. My new years resolution is to win an unlock code from CellUnlock.

Happy New Year to all. Would love to win an unlock code from CellUnlock.

My New Years resolution like most years is to quit smoking and lose weight. Maybe this year it will actually happen. The thing I'm looking most forward to this year is seeing the economy pick up again and possibly finding a new job.

Good luck to everyone.

I just always strive to be a better mother and wife, not really a New Years resolution, but just my goal in life.

i'll be traveling to colombia for some surgery to remove a couple of pounds in febuary, and i would love to have an unlocked blackberry so i could use it there for the post-op

well my resolution would be to keep the weight off and stop smoking, try and live the healthy life.

thanks i hope i win.

My New Year's resolution is to work less so I can spend more time with my family. I'm most looking forward to hopefully an improved economy so that the unemployed can find work.

Hmmm... my new year's resolution for 2010 is to abandon procrastination and just get things done as they arise rather than putting them off until the last minute.

Looking forward to seeing the economy move in the right direction and see more (much more) recovery in the new year!

My wife bout me the 9700 for Christmas and it would be a great gift if i was to win an unlock code

Cellunlock has the missing code needed to control this Storm. It is time to send in the special force to track down and retrieve the code to help me unleash this Storm's total power.

a winner from CellUnlock. My new Storm 2 just arrived 5 minutes ago, and it wants to ring in the new year with an unlock code.

If I'm not a winner, I wish safety and happiness to you all, and obviously another year of good fun, information, and contests on Crackberry. Cheers!

My new years resolution is to try to spend less this year. So hopefully I can get one of these codes to help me out on that.

2009 was the hardest year of my life. My mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, my grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes, my grandfather had a heart attack and was diagnosed with prostate cancer five months later. My fathers job was hit hard by the recession. And all that was during my freshmen year in college.

in 2010:
1.) I will be the best brother, son, grandchild, and friend I can be. 2009 taught me a lot on being a better person in times of hardship, and i will use what I've learned to be a better person in every aspect of my life.
2.) I will get myself back in shape/lose weight I've gained.
3.) I will continue to raise my GPA towards my goal of a 3.25. (I started with a 2.7, I'm at a 3.01 three terms(Drexel University doesn't use semesters) after my first term)
4.) I want to take my mother to Germany so she can see her parents again. (This is what the unlock code is for, I have a Verizon Tour)

Good Luck to everyone in this contest! Thank you Crackberry and a big thank you to Cellunlock for hosting such a great contest to celebrate the coming new year!

Need the unlock to help the ridiculous international fees I get on my tour when I jump countries

Im most forward looking to a safer world with more patience and tolerance of each other. Oh AND A STORM 3

My new year's resolution is to find a new job. Not sure when I am going to get laid off from my current one, only time will tell. I hate the uncertainity!

What I'm most looking forward to in 2010 is my trip to Europe for Professional Soccer trials......
My New Years Resolution is to cut back on cursing and finally settle down with a lady i have been talking to for a year...and hard liquor drinking, and if I do drink its 1 to 2 drinks......And lastly, be fully fit before i go to Europe!!!

CrackBerry and CellUnlock rock.

We just upgraded our two Curve 8310 to Bold 9700, so we need new unlock codes for international travel (we buy prepaid SIMs then).

Well, to be honest, winning a free code would be a good way to start off the New Year. If anyone ask me what I was doing on new years day, I can reply by saying I was unlocking my Blackberry with a free code I won from CellUnlock :).

Thank you in Advance

My new year's love more, live better, and seek God!

I am looking forward to searching out a great new smartphone for my 15 year old son (so I can keep better track of him)!

I sell phones... And I just got the mighty 9700.
I believe blackberrys are the best phones ever (and I have been through most of them smartphones competitors). I'm so commited to the brand that I'm embracing the challenge of getting a new job with blackbeRry/RIM as my new years resolution!
Happy new year to all crackberry community.

This would be awesome considering i just got screwed by another unlocking company.

Make 2010 start right unlock my 9700 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!