Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

By Bla1ze on 31 Dec 2009 04:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year

Wow, 2010 is ever so close and 2009 soon to be a thing of the past. The good folks at Cellunlock wanted to send 2009 off in a good way and with that, let me know they were wanting to hand out 100 unlock codes for the CrackBerry community to help ring in the new year and get some of you all off to a great start. As always, a big thanks to CellUnlock for offering up some goodies.

Any device, any carrier supported by CellUnlock. All you need to do is drop a comment on this post folks. Let us know what your new years resolution is. Maybe let us know what you are most looking forward to in 2010. We'll pick 100 names to each receive one unlock for your BlackBerry. Enter once folks, duplicate entries will be excluded and winners will be notified shortly after we draw. Good luck to all.

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock For The New Year



Is to make no resolutions, 'cos I never keep them. I made a some goals for my home business instead. And an unlocked BlackBerry would be a great asset for my business!

Would love to win one!!

As for the New Years, I am planning on recovering from my on going divorce and rededicating myself to my two awesome daughters. 2010 is gonna be awesome.

I plan to use Google Voice to it's full potential by getting a second BB, maybe the Storm 2. That way I can just grab whatever BB I want for the day and my calls will always ring through.

I am interested in being apart of the list for the Unlock code. Please consider me. My new years resolution is to continue upon my goals I have set for myself and also to do more then what needs to be done to accomplish them. I am just looking forward to another day and another year and am greatly appreciative for them.


My New Year Resolution is to not hold back this year, to take the limits off myself in everything I do whether its at my job or working out, anything and everything!!

In 2010 I'm looking forward to CES!! Corny I know! But there will be some crazy announcements within the first few days of the new year and I believe they will be the forerunners for the industry all the way until the end of 2010! Its going to be a great year for the mobile industry!!

An unlock code would be awesome because I got a new phone a few months back and I'm planning on going to the Philippines this year. :)

In 2010 I am looking forward to Blackberry's new Mobile Browser that should have other smartphones running to the hills, and for any of blackberry's projects, new phones, and especially the new native twitter application! Keep up the Great work RIM & Blackberry. I'll always remain a fan!

An unlock code would be greatly appreciated because I bought my Curve 8900 a few months ago and just recently switched carriers to Verizon and am unable to use my curve 8900. :(

I've ordered my Storm2 and should receive it next week or so, this is just perfect timing! Please, pick me! Thank you much!

No real New Year's resolution... However, I'm looking forward to all the new optimism a New Year/decade brings :)

Ever since the Bold 9000 I've loved the unrivaled clean look of the blacked out 'berry... Now that I'm rocking the 9700 with a black bezel I think it looks even hotter, just need to be able to travel abroad to show off my look

as good faith to your loyal crackberry addict, i ask you to give me the power to unlock myself from carriers.


1)Save $$$$ for my citizenship application,it has been almost 30 years, and my green card is falling apart.
2)Get back on the Gym and become serious about it like I used to
3) Lose weight
4)Spend some more quality time with my kids
5) that's a personal one that I carry close to the chest.

well it is another year gone by and this new year i am going to try to give up smoking for my daughter, i have been smoking for 28 years and i am only 39 going on 40 so i really need to quit to be around for my daughter, well crackberry nation happy new year and i hope you all have a awesome new year

I hate my service provider... Or carrier!! I dont have any signal at home! My phone is almost always at GSM, i really need to unlock it, so i can use it with other carrier and be freeeee and have EDGE!!! Pleeeeeeeease help me! Happy holydays!

New Years resolution is make 2010 better than 2009! Thanks CellUnlock and Crackberry for a wonderful year. HAPPY NEW YEARS CRACKBERRY!!!

Wish all at Crackberry and a bright new year twenty-ten !
Well I just stumbled across this site (courtesy Google) and have recently become the proud owner of a Blackberry Bold !
And yes, I seem to have found a chance to woo Santa post Christmas to get me an unlock code for my BB....

Lemme try... Twenty-Ten resolutions huh....
Its been ten years since I have made any contributions to my one-time passion of robot building, and I hope my fiance
(met her 5 months back and planning to marry in 22 days) has fired me enough to get back to my passion again...
And yes, I plan to be a good husband for my girl, and a doting father to my (hopefully) daughter Jiya or son Jon [tentative names :) ].

Well so much for now... ciao... next year...

hmm.. some resolutions include:
Start back going to the gym and to become more disciplined!anyway, Happy new year to everyone!

New Years resolution is make 2010 better than 2009! Thanks CellUnlock and Crackberry for a wonderful year. HAPPY NEW YEARS CRACKBERRY!!!

Hi, until recently I was a iPhone user and a lot of times have noticed your site when BlackBerry was mentioned. From yesterday I'm proud owner of Blackberry Bold 9000 but i must unlock it first, and I come to your site to find some info about unlock, and when I opened it, what can I say 100 unlock codes give away contest! Hope I'll get one.
For the next year I want a nice experience with my new Blackberry, hope you guys are going to help me with that. Thanks.

My 2010 resolution is to kick 2009 in the a$$ because it was a very hard year for the wife and family. Trying to make 2010 one of the best years for the wife and I. Possibly start it off with an unlock code? and ROCK!!! HAPPY 2010 EVERYONE!!!

2010 is THE year! I'll finally get that awesome position, which means I'll be able to get the blackberry of my dreams (apart for the fact that I'll do the job that I love). And I'm committed to taking my dreams one step closer to me!

My new years resolution is to not go out to eat (including chinese, pizza, any fast food or sit down resturants) until my first wedding anniversary with my wife on may 29th...

Would love to win an unlock code for my blackberry's, thank you

I'm gonna TRY to not depend on my Blackberry as much in 2010, but not too sure how long I'll be able to keep my New Years Resolution!

Just got a warranty replacement for my Bold 9700...I would love to unlock it! ;)

Thanks CB & CellUnlock!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

My realistic new years resolutions are to procrastinate less and maybe eat better. I'm looking forward to work oddly enough, but I also like what I do.

Mainly I wanna spend as much time with my lil girl(they grow so fast), and enjoy life as much as possible! Oh, and hopefully get a job! Our plant shut down and after 15 years I'm out looking to start over.

My new year's resolution is to spend less time doing meaningless random searches on google and bing to compare results.

I'm looking forward the Olympics in hometown this year and definitely resolve to get in better shape this year.

Winning an unlock code will allow me to be screwed by VZW & AT&T while using my 9630:) Just Kidding! I love you Verizon!

No more impossible dreams for me - I'm gonna make it practical - stop global warming, end war and hunger, and no longer enter competitions I can't possibly win...

Never won a contest on Crackberry,Hope this is the first contest I will win...please choose me...I would be very grateful....

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.

My New Year's resolution is stop making resolutions I know I'll never accomplish. And another New Year's resolution is to push forward my BlackBerry utilization, and that's why I'd like to be one of the 100 and win an unlock code =)

My new years resolution this year is to finish the Blackberry tips and tricks book I ordered from on my new Bold 9700, and log more hours on my Bold 9700 then the 4 hours 21 minutes and 103 checks a day I do now. This year I’m looking forward to seeing the Tour 9650, as well as the slider berry or touch screen bold 9000 show its face officially.

I made a commitment of starting to travel, and with an unlocked Bold 9700 I wouldn't have so much worries on taking it with me.... So, please choose me!!!!!! Resolution for me in 2010, is to not mess with so many women at one time (Headache).........

To learn how to use my new Bold 9700 to its full capacity. Oh, I also want to wish everyone a great New Year! Pick me!

If you unlock my storm i will quit smoking starting the hour you unlock my BB Storm....i will honestly...HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 CELLUNLOCK, CRACKBERRY AND TO ALL OF US!!!!!!

Unlock me!

My New Years Resolution -- Be a more responsible blackberry user as not to pi$$ off my wife.

I would have a resolution to use and abuse my BlackBerry less, but a resolution should be an obtainable goal, so that is not going to happen. :)
Let's just settle with "I resolve to lose 5 lbs."
To all, have a wonderful New Year, and thanks to It's been a wonderful 2009, let make 2010 Grander! :)

just bought a Verizon 9550... unfortunately it is still lock and i can't use it here in Dubai!! please let me be the one to get a free code.... Thanks

I will take a chance, like to see what this would do on my phone. May I will start the new year on a good note.

My new year resolution is to get a BB 9700, unlock it with cellunlock and Pimp it with Crackberry accessories and themes...

with a child on the way in late january, I have set my sights on the following...
-Quit smoking (set a date of Jan. 7th, and have already started quitting.)
-Save money.
-Start my business within 10 months.
That should be enough to fill my plate for now. Many more self improvements to come. Improving my crackberry would be great as well.
Thanks for the chance,

My new years goal is spend more time with my family!!! Being a gadget geek is not easy. Looking forward to the latest and greatest from RIM & Apple... As my addiction doesn't discriminate lol! Love my Bold 9700!

lets bring in the new year by hooking me up with an unlock code for my phone for now party party more drunk ladies tonight!!!

My YEARLY resolution is to stop smoking. Maybe speaking through my unlocked BB Storm while abroad will help me smoke less anyway. Happy New Year Everyone

My new year's resolution is to never pay AT&T ridiculous data charges overseas AGAIN. unlock my berry so i can just snag a local sim!

This would be perfect for me. I could finally use my phone in Europe.

I still have to wait another year until I can get a 3G Blackberry because of my contract.

My new years resolution will be to lose weight like everyone else's secretly is.

What a GREAT way to kick off the new year with a unlocked phone....... My New Years Resolution is just to try and be a better person and slow down and start to better appreciate the things around me!!!
Happy New Year everyone, I hope this is a healthy and prosperous one for all!!!

My Verizon Tour is already unlocked thanks to the prior Cell Unlock giveaway. Just another shout out for how quick they took care of everything. Smooth as.....well, whatever you want to say.

Happy New Year Cell Unlock. Happy New Year Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

My new years resolution is to pray and to get my wife healthy because i can't live with out her.

me winning this unlock code will determine the next decade for me. don't make me suffer for the next ten years please! my future is in ur hands! =P

ps. happy new year to and and to all its users/supporters!

to have my blackberry unlocked would be really helpful as I could then use it in Uganda with a ugandan sim when im there supporting an orphanage and school. many thanks Coln in UK

I would sure love to win one of these codes!! Im looking forward to making sure things go even better in 2010. 2009 has been tough and things are looking in the up and up but for now, 2009 appears to be one of the toughest years yet. So as this decade closes, I'm for a very prosperous new year not just for me but for everyone!!! Happy New Year!!

Seriously this would be PERFECT cause I work for what's left of poor Alltel and I requested a tech line through my company (I work for an they have 3 Alltel stores left, and the rest are Verizon.). THEY SEND ME A VERIZON PHONE. WITH NO VERIZON SERVICE ON IT.

So, I put it on my Alltel Account. I'm sick of the EVDO disappearing and I'm not about to try a hack of something another I found in the forums. I like free stuff...soooo...HINT HINT?

I don't make any resolutions either, all I hope for in 2010 is better jobs and stable ones for those who need it most. Even for myself, hrs cut back for me and it makes things really hard.. Thanks

unlock my 9700 would be great :)
and spend more time with my son, and find a better job would be my two top new years resolution

I had to swap out my Storm due to my other one simply DYING on me. The new one isn't unlocked but would love it to be so I can hit the islands without paying ridiculous roaming fees. Thanks!!!


my new years resolution...i have two. first is to stop eating so much damn junkfood! and my second one is to be a more positive person towards myself and other people!

goodluck to everyone,and have a great new years!

Try and fix the hard time I'm having with my "other-half" at the moment, and prevent what is usually the inevitable split of two.

Because I'm going to be returning to the UK for a week, Unlocking my 9700 from T-Mobile would be of great help. [:

Thank God I left Nokia and after 20 years came over to the Blackberry format!

Got my first BB 2 mmonths ago and lovin every minute of it!

Thank you!


Happy New Year to everyone!

I'm going to use my Blackberry until my fingers fall off this coming year!

Looking forward to maybe a new browser RIM, webkit is good, no? :)