Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2010 11:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry

It's Monday again, we all love Mondays don't we? Hope you all had a great weekend. We want to get this week started off right for everyone, so what better way to do that then have a contest, right? Cellunlock, has given us 100 BlackBerry unlock codes to give away. Any BlackBerry on any carrier this time around. Just drop a comment on this post, letting us know what day of the week is your favorite and why, and we'll pick out 100 winners to get a free unlock code for your BlackBerry. As always, big shout out to Cellunlock for offering this up for you all out there and good luck! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST - please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry



I looove Saturdays, i get to be lazy and don't have to worry a lot because next day i don't have to work either :P jajaja

This is a simple one for me. I am extremely blessed to have a beautiful wife and wonderful 3 year old little boy. Since I have to work almost every day of the week, Tuesdays are my favorite day. I get to spend the entire day with my family and get to enjoy each of those moments.
Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

Fridays are my favorite because the week is over and the weekend chores haven't started yet!

My favorite day of the week happens to be Sunday. Even though its the beginning of the week, its the day I get to spend with my two sons (Chaz and Chase). During the week I don't see them because of my hectic schedule. When I come home from work, they are in bed, and when I wakeup they are on their way to school.

Sunday is the day I coach their basketball teams, watch football with them, and eat a family dinner. All of which are priceless!

Saturday is my favorite day of the week. It's the only day I have completely dedicated to getting MY important things done. Or if I don't have important things then I can even dedicate the day to completely lounging around, playing with my blackberry, and surfing crackberry.

It's Thursday for sure. A good day to reflect on your accomplishments of the week, still knowing that you have one more day (Friday), to try to get caught up on what you've missed.

HUMMmmmmmmm ... seems like a natural for a retired minister, but it's not just the "church thing" that makes Sunday special, it's the day we traditionally have lunch with two of our closest friends, and (due to a limited hungry minute plan) it's the day we can talk longer with our kids and grand-gaffers in Canada. Having an unlocked code would help when we visit them. HAPPY SUNDAY (and the other six days, as well)!!

Friday is the best part of the week because its payday and that when all of my bbm friends and just friends i chill with all chat it up. It also gives us the mind set that we can have fun that friday because no school or business the day after.

TGIF! My favorite day~ High School Football, sleepovers, leave work early, start of the weekend~ GOTTA LOVE IT!

I definitely think its Saturday. No Work for me and its a whole complete day with no worries of work the next day. Its just a refreshing day.

If I have to pick a day (s) of the week will be any day I dont have to work a second Job !!! so Give me Monday Tuesday Friday !! :-)

Tuesday, today that is, I saw this awesome contest to win a free unlock code! I have been wanting one buy they are so expensive for bell canada! SO PLEASE GIVE ME ONE!!!

Favorite day is probably Wednesday due to peak productivity (Graduate student). Less 'It was the weekend and I was a sloth' and less 'lets relax when the weekend comes' mentality.

I'd love me an unlock code for free. I don't really need it but it will sure make my BB that much better when I try and sell it.

Ahhhh, yet another cellunlock contest that i prolly wont win. I wish i could seriously win one of these contest for a cell unlock. I need win at these, but i will always enter, just in case ;)

Out of all these contests, you would think I might win sometime lol. Anyway, Wednesday is my favorite day because it's party night here.

Friday is the best day of the week because I can go and drink my ass off and forget all the crap that has happened to me all week long. Then I get to wake up and do it all over again!

i have to say friday is definitely my foavorite day of the week. this is because i have class every monday wednesday and friday, BUT friday i only have one class from 730-830 am, so i almost get a three day weekend every week.

Sunday is the best day. You can kick back and chill, watch your fave sports teams, shop or hangout with your friends for a lazy hazy Sunday. What better way to end/start your week before the work week begins.

The reason that Friday is my favorite day of the week is because, I am a hard worker, and give my all throughout the week. Therefore when Friday comes I celebrate my hard work. TGIF..

My favorite day is Saturday because there is no work email on may berry. So i post on facebook "let the party started" and wait for Blackberry to ring :))


i would love to be able to unlock my verizon phone... especially since i have tmobile now lol

Saturday is my favorite day of the week currently because I have 15 credits worth of classes Monday through Friday so I take Saturday as my day off, then catch up on homework on Sunday all day before classes start on Monday. So Saturday is my Favorite day! It's the day I try and do nothing but relax if possible. The day I catch up on my Blackberry forums and Blackberry duties as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

I could use an unlock code. Going to Europe soon and that would help cut down some of the calling costs

I have always been a Thursday kind of guy, the weekend is coming, and I can start to destress and relax with a Pre Weekend "beverage" with the knowledge that only 8 hours of work remains til the weekend... the down hill slide to the weekend...all of that plus the only TV show I watch is on Thursdays...Survivor!

my favorite day of the week is Thursaday. Happy Hours are good afterwork and knowing that the weekend is close to being here

My favorite day of the week is sunday because it the day of rest and after a hard week every body needs a day to relax and be around your loved once and just feel peaceful and happiness all around u and thanks again to cellunlock ;)

thursday is my fav day of the week because its the day before the last day of the week. It gives me a warm and fuzzy about the fact that Friday is the next day and beer is always on the menu at happy hour :)


I have been thinking about getting an unlock code but am unemployed and have been using my money for other things first.

My favorite day of the week is Monday, because i have Tuesday and Wednesday off and i don't go back to work till Thursday night..Thanks.

Friday, of course. People are happier and nicer on Friday, so it is very hard to wreck it. (Plus, it's payday every two weeks. Who doesn't love that?!) I wonder if it is just our own expectations for a better day that makes the day better...

I have been working for 22 years now and have always had Wed/Thu off. My job requires weekend and holiday time. So Tuesdays are my "Friday". I also like having off when everyone is working... Hip hip hooray! Tuesday's the day!

I love Saturday because it is the only day I have to spend with family. I work six days a week at two jobs so getting a day off is impossible. I always take Saturday off to spend with my daughter at her cheerleading competitions or just hanging out.

By far the best day ever!

last day of the work week, first day of the weekend. what more can i say?

if i win, i need an unlock code for a 8310 on rogers.

I unlocked my Storm 1 and had to exchange it a week later so I never got to use it unlocked! Now I am going out of the country in March and need to unlock the 2 now!

Hey I would love a free unlock code for Storm that is locked into verizon, I want to run it on At&t. Anyways my favorite day is Thursday. I get to spend the whole day with my son and while he is napping I get to spend the time on crackberry!

yup, love them all, cause I get to use my new storm2. Hopefully, if I win an unlock code, they will be even more fun.

Thursday is my favorite because as I as work part and a student full time, I managed to set my Thursday free and i just have the whole day for myself after 3 days of work and school. Weekends are kinda preparation(studying) for the new week for so not so much. PLEASE BLESS my new Bold 9700 that I bought just yesterday :D

MONDAY is my favorite day of the week

All of my Weight Loss Clients start there weigh in's on Monday.

It's exciting to see the look on their faces when they see they have lost weight from last week.

Love Monday!

Friday because it means the end of my week. Thats because monday i go to school 5-6 hours a day every day and work at a fast food restaurant 8 hrs a day monday to thursday. that is why friday is my favorite day cause it means i have two days off to myself to play with all my gadgets

Friday.....right at the end of the work day because it's the farthest point from the beginning of the work day on Monday!!

Tuesday. I work 4 10-hour days and have 3 off, including Tuesdays and Wednesdays (my weekend). Tuesday is my first day off and I can get my shopping done with minimal traffic and while the stores are mostly empty.

My favorite day of the week is Saturday because My daughter and I spend lots of quality time playing video games, going to the park or just a walk and talk.

Friday because every Friday my girlfriend and I go bowling at the local bowling ally for cosmic bowling and its something that has turned into a tradition for us. During that time I have to put my crackberry on silent or I will just keep blowing up and interupting the night out.

Monday is my favourite day of the week. Why? Because there is less traffic on the road. I'm guessing it's because some people get Monday off, since they had to work the weekend...

Pls tell me how to win one of these unlock code because i really need an unlock code and verizon doesnt wanna give me one.

Mondays are my best days. Fresh from the weekend, armed with my STORM and ready to get a buzz or red flashes. Nothing feel as good as showing off my shiny device with new pics over the weekend.

Saturday is the best day of the week because you casn sleep in and then stay up late. If you go too deep sat night, you can sleep it off sunday.

My favourite day of the week has got to be Saturday (everyone agree???), nice and chilled with no need to wake up early :) no alarm going off at half 5!

Wednesday because Modern Family is on and I know the week is half way over and it's time to wind down for the weekend!

My favorite day is Thursday because of the excitement that "tomorrow is Friday!" and you know that the week is almost over.

My favorite day of the week is Monday. Might be because it actually is my Friday.

I would love an unlock code for T-Mobile

Thursdays are best, because it's the da we're getting drunk. Friday we have time to get sober again and we're driving home in the evening.
Anyway, please choose me! Wanna of these codes!

My favorite day of the week is Friday, as I get out of classes a bit early, then I have the whole weekend to look forward to.

Sadly I just unlocked my berry and then a week later had to replace it, would like this one unlocked as well!

Thursdays...Friday's are always easy days so Thursday is the last BIG day before the weekend and fun begins. Everyone is in a go go go mode so tons get accomplished too.

Sunday is my fav day cos Sunday is the day I get to lie in bed all day and the day I get my free unlock code and leave the grip of Vodafone ;-)

Best day of the week is thursday because it's normally the most successful day and when you realise the weekend is here and friday is tomorrow, and everyone loves a friday.

favorite day of the week is easily friday. School and work are both laid back days on friday. not to mention the good times friday night beholds. hanging out with friends. Fridays are the best

since college its been thirsty thursday and i try to go out for happy our with the after work crowd now that i work full-time...i always have a blast and i get to work from home on fridays so i can be hungover and work in PJs!

would be wednesdays... it's middle of the week and things seems to settle much better at work... mondays seems to be very busy with the issues at work... fridays i understand is downtime and people tend to look forward to the weekend but for some reason, i get busier at work...

Saturday is my favorite day because this is the day that I am able to spend with my kids and wife without interruptions or problems. Except my messages on my Storm2 of course! Please for all that is Holy in this world pick me this time!

My favorite day is Thursday. It's the last day of class for the week, and it means that I have a three day weekend. Furthermore, there's Ladies' night bowling by my house on Thursday nights, a lot of bars have drink specials, and there are plenty of shows to watch on TV. Thursday nights are my night to relax and unwind from a stressful week.

I live in Jamaica and i need one for Bmobile, I'm a bit late lol but my favourite day of the week is friday becuase after a long stressful wekk of school i can just relax.

I just purchased an unlock code from them and in a few minutes they sent me an unlock code for my 9000 locked with etisalat, dubai, UAE.

Really impressed!