Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2010 11:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry

It's Monday again, we all love Mondays don't we? Hope you all had a great weekend. We want to get this week started off right for everyone, so what better way to do that then have a contest, right? Cellunlock, has given us 100 BlackBerry unlock codes to give away. Any BlackBerry on any carrier this time around. Just drop a comment on this post, letting us know what day of the week is your favorite and why, and we'll pick out 100 winners to get a free unlock code for your BlackBerry. As always, big shout out to Cellunlock for offering this up for you all out there and good luck! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST - please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry



Tuesday is my favorite day since I get to watch two hours of NCIS. AT&T Bold 9700. Thanks for the contest.

Friday is my favorite day. Isn't it for everyone? It's the end of workday...beginning of weekend...금요일입니다. 주말의 시작이니까요...

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog
Cryin' all the time
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog
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Well, you ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine

My favorite day of the week is Friday/Saturday. I am Jewish and I observe the Sabbath from Friday night to Saturday night. I get to be with my friends and family, have good food and good wine, and leave all the cares of work, etc. behind me :)

Thursday is my favorite day because I dont have to wake up until 845am to go to university! the rest of the weekdays I have to wake up at 630am which is terrible sometimes.

I check website on daily basis, sometimes twice a day! Keep up the great work! Also, I tell newly converted or newbies of Blackberry products to sign up for this site.

Defiantly thursday is the best. Not only does it mean the weekend is about to start but it also means thirsty thursdays! Got to love college days.

My girlfriends work week ends on thursday and that means thrusday night is always a good night, regardless of how much work I have on Friday. And after a good thursday night my bold and I can do anything on Friday!

FRIDAY!!! How could you not like Friday?!?! Last day of the work week for most, Happy Hour, get to sleep late, go to bed late, mess with your BB OS till it is 3 am in the morning and your wife yells at you to go to bed, etc, etc. etc.....

btw I would love a unlock code for my 9630!

Cellunlock, you rock! Thanks for the chance for free codes. I like Mondays for a chance for freebies!!!

I love Mondays because I'm a dog walker and I have the best job in the world! All my clients are happy to see me and wag their tails!

Thursday, because after it's over, it already feels like the weekend, thus making Friday feel like a breeze!

I have a case of the mondays...actually b/c i like them its my new friday...leave the legal world and go to the wine world mondays become your old fridays.

i would say that friday would be the best day because its the beginning of the weekend and its the start of the weekend parties. and you can also be with friends and alot of people dont work on the weekend so friday would be the best day!!!!!!!!


Roaming rates suck. Just got notified they will also be increasing my overusage rate in March. Unlock me from this crazy pricing.

i would love a code. its not for me but a friend.
She is deperate for an unlock and I cant do it.

Please, please, please.... lol

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, after all it's hump day right? Also it's my day off, that's why I love Wednesdays,I can unlock my phone on Wednesday if i win.. Thanks

Family Day! love to have family all around, getting their pics to post on facebook and as photo id\s on my BlackBerry.

One for me please! Well, honestly, it's for wifey. got her a pearl that needs to be unlocked.

Thanks in advance CellUnlock!

My favorite day is Thursday because it´s the beginning of Friday and Weekend... Love to rest with my Family...

My BB is an 8520 from Movistar Venezuela, I´ll be waiting for your code... Thanks a lot.

I really enjoy this Crackberry site...always informative and the themes offered are out of sight! Can I get in the running for that unlock code? I'm using a Tour 9630.
Mr McFluke
aka Roger

Wednesday - halfway through the workweek and the day I either have football practice and drinks with the girls after or volleyball and drinks with the gang after - all good! Energy to get through the week :)

Monday is my most FAVORITE-totally-to-da-MAX day of the week BECAUSE it's the beginning of the "dreaded work week" yet also a day to begin the week anew... refreshed from a restful weekend, and most definitely ready to take on the world... hello world, tis MeeH, and I have spoken!

I work the weekends with the military, so I guess I'm the only guy who likes Mondays. No work, kids at school, date lunch with the wife, its all good.

I love Tuesday's for one reason. That reason is dollar rum and coke night. I rarely remember it, but I'm told it's a great time.

My fav day of the week is Wednesday (aka Hump Day) because when it does comes around it means that there are only 2 more days till the weekend! And thanks to Cellunlock for offering this great contest. Pick me! :) xox

Love my Storm 2 but hate my verizon Bill, I need to jump ship and if I could win an unlock code this would defiently help

Lovin Fridays the end of the week thats when its time to unlace the boots and let loose and enjoy life for a few days.

friday is my favourite! everybody is happy and relaxed and in a party mood. finish up with the tasks of the week and then hang out for the nite!

I like Friday's because its the last day of the workweek and got 2 days to enjoy life and my BlackBerry Tour!! Maybe this time will be my lucky chance!! Sweet!!

Another Great Give-away from Cellulock, thanks guys. My favorite day of the week is the one I wake up to. I appreciate every new day as a gift of life to be enjoyed and cherished.

since i've already one this before, however my phone got stolen so this would be a great thing to have. either way good luck peeps!

Friday is clearly the best day of week...Payday and the start of the weekend!!!

Can't wait to unlock my 9700 :)



Now that there is no more Monday Night Football until the end of this year :( I will have to say my favorite day of the week will be Tuesday. The premiere of LOST is FINALLY here and I am ready!! LOST fans Stand Up!!

Thanks Crackberry and Cellunlock!!

My Bold 9700 has been asking me for only the kind of Love CellUnlock can provide!!! Give it some Love so that it can travel to far away places and use many different SIM cards...

monday is my favorite day because thats the first day I get to make more money for 5 straight days!

My favorite day of the week is everyday. Love waking up I wouldnt care if it was Monday everyday of the week. I work different days and I have different days off so weekends mean nothing to me...

I like this day because by this point there is a mass amount of Crackberry News to be had from the week, and I get to sit down and read it all! :D

BTW, Bell Mobility - 9530

Thursday is the best day of the week, good tv, and there's always something to do cause everyone's ready for the weekend

I tried unlocking my husband BB Storm 9530 it took them 4 days to tell me they are unable to remotely unlock the device then two more days later told me they cannot manually unlock it either. Then sent an email stating this device "CANNOT BE UNLOCKED" I was so upset I asked for my money back it took them 7 days to return my money, in all the two weeks was a pain, went to and had my code within 2 mins.

Monday is my favorite day off the week. I know this sounds odd, but I prefer Monday since its the start to the week for me. I can set the pace for the week and get stuff done so the rest of the week can be smooth sailing!

Because I dont have a job at the moment, all i do everyday is browse crackberry.

How's that for ass kissing.

Friday nights are my favorite because I know I've got my weekend fast approaching. Having cell unlock would be absolutely perfect.

When you are working, it is almost at the end of the week and when you are on vacation too still have a few days left. It is right in the thick of the week.

I love Tuesday because where I live you can go to the theater for $4.25 !!!!! I love movies, but not as much as I love my BlackBerry, cuz I'm a CrackBerry!

thanks for the always awesome work CrackBerry!!!


Tuesday at the moment. A day off after the weekend of so much work and no play with the friends who don't work the 4 a.m. mornings that I do. T_T

Monday is my favorite becaus its the start of a new week where I look foward to login to crackberry for the new week to read up on new things a happenin in the crackberry nation. Crackberry for life. True to the cause.

I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

Friday - cuz its pay day for some of us, time with friends and family, drinks, clubs and just having fun relaxing from work.

I'd have to say i love Saturdays, as it is usually time to sit down with the boys after a hard week and watch a hockey game with some beers.

My storm just broke so i need a new unlock for my new one coming, thx crackberry

Sunday is the best day of the week. I go to church and praise God for His greatness and His work in my life. It is a day of rest most weeks where I can catch up on sleep or DVR TV shows. Sunday is lemonade on a hot summer day, it comes around just enough to keep us refreshed to make it through each week.

My favorite day is Wednesday. Always quiet but still a very good date night. Weekends are for sins (booze and bad food binge=bad)

Friday has always been my favorite day. Doesn't matter whether I had an 8 to 5, M-F type of job because I haven't always worked those hours. Fridays are just exciting. You can catch up with friends, always find them around and everyone is up for some fun. Doesn't matter what age group, Fridays will always be fabulous! If you didn't have enough fun on Friday, you have Saturday as well. Thanks and please send me the unlock codes. =D

Thursdays are the best day of the week
their not over rated, more exciting, and just plain positive for me :)

BB Bold 9000

I am travelling to Uganda soon and need to give a friend my blackberry so that they can make contact with and experience the world wider than their own village. A blackberry is the ideal tool to do this but does need to be unlocked! Unlock my blackberry and unlock a whole world of possibilities for a very poor ugandan.

Currently my fav day of the week is the day when I get to sleep in. Which varies week to week, but this last week it was Wednesday. ;)

My favorite day of the week has not yet been invented.
Wish the Romans made the week 8 days.
3 working days and five fun ones.

monday is my favorite mainly for the fact that its the start of a new week with my kids and of course my new blackberry curve 8330 that should be equipped with a new unlock code

My favorite day is Friday by far! Is perfect to going out and you still have saturday to do it again without worries about getting up early for work or school! :)

Awesome contest!! I wish i win! :p

My Storm 2 tells me her favorite day of the week is Saturday because she doesn't have to wake up early to wake me up.

I just bought a Storm 2 any my 3 year contract is almost up with Telus, I really really want to be able to take my phone with me to a new carrier, please unlock it!

The best day of the week is thursday because you have one more day to go and then the whole weekend ahead. It's like finishing the week twice!

Its Friday because the work week is over and I have all weekend just me and my blackberry and crackberry I need my curve unlocked on Verizon thanks crackberry and cellunlock hope I win

Id have to say Monday is my favorite day of the week only because i get a kick out of everyone else stressing over it. You should see the people i work with they blame everything on it being Monday.

i love friday, because at friday in work, i fell relax coz tomorrow is saturday.. weekend... haha..
i feel friday at night is better than saturday at night, the people walking around at mall, couple going to date and every mall not full like saturday night...

My favourite day is Monday. I got the feeling that this monday i will rock my hopes and dreams :)