Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 1 Feb 2010 11:18 am EST
Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry

It's Monday again, we all love Mondays don't we? Hope you all had a great weekend. We want to get this week started off right for everyone, so what better way to do that then have a contest, right? Cellunlock, has given us 100 BlackBerry unlock codes to give away. Any BlackBerry on any carrier this time around. Just drop a comment on this post, letting us know what day of the week is your favorite and why, and we'll pick out 100 winners to get a free unlock code for your BlackBerry. As always, big shout out to Cellunlock for offering this up for you all out there and good luck! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST - please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Free Unlock Codes For Your BlackBerry



My favourite day is wednesday not only because I was born on that day but also because its mid day for the week which also means its almost the weekend so that's why its my favourite day.

Gor some reason only reply seems to work with opera mini... I just replaced my storm though so I need a new unlock code =)

Starting tomorrow (Feb 2nd) Tuesday will be my favorite day of the week because LOST airs Tuesday nights and who doesn't love LOST?!

Friday is my favourite day of the week because the work week is over and the weekend is about to begin. I'd love one of these codes... thanks for the opportunity.

Thursday's are the best day of the work week because the weekend's just around the corner and there's still time to finish up all those projects. I'm on AT&T and have the Bold 9700. Thanks!

Favorite day of the week would have to be Wednesday, its close enough to Friday but far enough from Monday. Which means 2 more days to drink! Plus its slow enough that i can just sit back on those days and relax away on the forums.

Let me tell you why! Because you guys giveaway unlock codes that will free me from the grasp of Tmobile FOREVER! (insert sinister laugh here)

Sunday mornings, wifey and I wake up have a pot of coffee and catch up on tv shows or a movie that we got earlier in the week.

I am a obsessed with Best site ever! I need my storm 2 unlocked, I really hope I can win an unlock code. You guys rock.

I´m free, to do what I wantm at any ol´ tiiiime. (Well not yet, but hopefully I´ll be by winning this one!)

Sunday is a day or Worship and rest, my best day! And while I am resting I get to play with my BB Curve 2

Sundays are the best. Until the football season is over! Lets go Saints!...After the football season, there aint no party like a Friday night party!

Unlock code here i come!

Friday because its my last college class of the week then I get to relax for the weekend and do nothing but browse the crackberry forums

Sunday has to be my favorite day because it's "me" day! I choose exactly how I want to spend my day, whether it's sleeping in, catching up on movies and my DVR, or just being unproductive which is okay by me. Sunday is the only day where I don't have to fulfill any of my responsibilities and I don't feel bad about it. Added bonus: watching football (in the fall of course!) Thanks for the opportunity to win a code..

Sunday is the day I look forward to most; riding my bike while listening to podcasts on my Tour via Sony bluetooth headset. Perfect!

Thursday, because it's not Friday yet but love the anticipation and excitement of Friday. Don't know if that made any sense. haha

But I would love to win a free unlock code:D

Wednesday. because it lets you know that the week is almost over. gives you more strength to hang on until friday! :)

Log in screwed me from being number one to post on this!! I'd like one first hundred should get it or just me since I should of been number one! :) verizon! Storm 2

My best/favorite day is Sunday, because after church, I get to go home, lay around in my pajamas, and hit the Crackberry sites on my BB. lol.

I've entered many contests... never won anything. Maybe this is the one!

Friday is definitely my favorite.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I work six days a week and Sunday is my only day off. It's a day to spend with my fiance" and this time of year it's time to watch football! We usually cook a nice dinner together and just hang out. I look forward to every Sunday!!

because lets face it, you can sleep however long you want and get away with it. an we all love our sleep.

For the last 8 months I've been waiting for Tuesday Feb 2nd, this day is nearly upon us! For the next 5 months, Tuesday shall be my favorite day!

My favourite days of the week are most definitely either Mondays or Fridays, since those two days are the least busiest, according to my blackberry 9700's schedule. Coincidentally enough, Monday and Friday are also both boxing days (not the only ones in the week though), and my 2 exerting hours in front of a boxing bag make me forget how busy the life of a university student really is.
ps. Need an unlock code for my mom's curve. I've been promising to set it up for her for the last week.

i need an unlock code desperately. my favorite day of the week is sunday because its my day off and after the other days are over with i'm ready for sunday

I love fridays,not because of the typical end of the week scenario but because I work at future shop selling computers and everyone gets paid on fridays so that means everyone is going to go out and spspend that money and where else is better than future shop and a nenew computer. Big commission day for me so wOooooooo for fridays!

I choose Wednesday for the fact that the week is nor half over or half way started! It’s such a great day for you have so many things to look forward to and so much that you have accomplished! ~wilbude

... is the best day because then I get more time with my soulmate. She could really use this for her Bold 9700 on AT&T.

Monday is definitely the best day of the week because you hate it. You hate it because you know that you have to be up early to get to work, and you have to do it for four more days. However, you also love it. You love it because you know it's the first day you can start looking forward to the end of the week, and you know you'll do nothing but rationalize with yourself about how it's nothing than a means to an end(of the week that is!).

my favorite day of the week has to be thursdays. that is the day of the week i can go out to bars and c how many girls i can xchange bbms with. THIRSTY THURSDAYS!!

My fav day is every other Friday because thats PAYDAY!!!!!LOL.....more money to get more crackberry stuff.YEAH!!!!

My favorite day is Wednesday. There's just enough time left in the week to be productive, but the joys of the weekend are almost there. Plus Psych is on :D

First time for me to sign up for a contest here on Crackberry. I have never won anything, so why try? Why not there is always a first time. I have an Alltel Curve 8330, and I need to be free :) Thanks guys, I love Crackberry!!!

Sunday is the best day for me as I get more time with the wife and kids than any other day. I also get to reflect on the prior week while getting ready for the upcoming week. My Blackberry gets a little rest that day as well. I would love a free unlock code :)

Studies have shown that having meetings on Monday increase the risk of heart attack, and anyday that gives me a valid argument that helps me get out of meetings has got to be the best day of the week!

Jason Nast
"No Problems, Only Solutions"

For me, the favourite day of the week has to be Wednesday. The reason being, we are halfway through the week and it's downhill all the way to the week-end!

It's not as bad a day as most people make out that it is, while everyone else is moaning and complaining I'm being productive and glad that the day is almost over at this moment.

My favorite day of the week is Saturday. Its my day, to schedule or not schedule, as I please. I don't have to worry about being at work the next day, and if I want I can sleep in.

Love a code for my 9700. Saturday is the best day of the week! You get to sleep in and stay up late!!!

My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. Monday is behind me,Friday is infront of me and Thursday is party night!

Since I work weekends, I'm off mid-week. Everyone elses "hump day" is my favorite day because it's my day off!

studies show that Tuesday is actually the most productive day of the working week. The logic is that you're catching up on Monday (spending time on Crackberry to see what you missed over the weekend) and then the rest of the days are spent in anticipation of the weekend. Then the vicious cycle starts again!

AT&T wireless unlock code please if I am deemed worthy :)

I really hope I win an unlock code! I just got a new Bold 9700 and the carrier won't unlock it for 90 days. Going to be on a trip to Singapore next month, so let's hope I can win a code before then.

Thank you BGR and CellUnlock!

Love these contests!

My favourite day of the week is Friday because it feels great to know the weekend is around the corner. I usually leave work early on friday too ^_^ Saturday is a given.

Monday is the best day of the week. Eventhough it is the beginning of the week and you have to get back to work or school it is like a new beginning with endless opportunities in front of you. You have much to look forward to.

I would have to say Monday is my favorite day of the week. You get a chance to start all over and fresh again. What happen last week should not be bought over in to a new week. Also ome people may not live and get a chance to see Monday. So I am grateful when I do.

Thursday seems to be my favorite, because it is our "planning" day for what to do friday and the weekend. Without Thursday, would be spent thinking, "what are we doing this weekend". And the best part, you can use this precious time while at work. =)

monday is the best day of the week because i get to have a good start that determines how every other day would go at work and leading into the upcoming weekend..I LOVE MONDAYS

Man i have to say tuesdays and thursdays are my favorite due to the face i get to work with my youth step team....ROO!!! tot he good bruhz....

oh yeah im the 1st to post?!!!

I love Mondays because I am off work. I am actually off work sun through tues. I like sleeping in on Monday then waking up and checking my facebook and seeing all my friends status's whining about going to work/school. Then I check out this site and see what kind of new news is floating around the BB world. I get to drink my coffee, watch tv and play around with my 'new to me' curve 8330. is my new favorite website!

Mondays are my fav only because it’s a fresh start of a week and I look forward to checking out CB's site on what’s new and exciting. Thank you CB for helping me kill my days at work :).

Is Saturday... It means I have the next four days off from work before starting up again on Wednesday!

June 4th is my favorite day since it's my born day. I love this day. The best day of the year... Wonder if I can get one for my Storm 1 on Telus???

I find that Thursday is my favorite day of the week.Because,if you take friday off and you have straight deposit, it like a min Vacation.At this present time I don't have a cellphone because,I wanted to find my phonemate and I have The Bold 9700..I'm in Love.Me and Phonemte will travel the world.:-)

My favorite day of the week is Thursday because half of the day is a meeting that i dont have to be in and the second part of the day is slack. On top of all that the next day is Friday.

Im sorry but Friday is my favorite day cause the weekend starts and I can sleep in on Saturday :P. Gotta love Fridays

I love how people follow instructions for entering a contest.

Anyway, Fridays are my fav... casual day at the office, most of the idiot users are out, and the weekend to look forward to :)

I've always wanted to unlock my phone. If this works well, I'll do it with all of my phones. Thanks

i happen to love mondays why...because i work tue to sat that sucks but monday is my day off...great contest because i have a storm with telus and because it has a sim card telus does not use i can't get 3g that sucks too...

Pick me pleasepleaseplease! I just got a new Bold 9700 from T-Mobile and I'd love to get it unlocked. By the way, the Bold 9700 puts the Bold 9000 to udder (udder...w_bovine...get it?) shame! And where I live, T-Mobile data is MUCH faster than AT&T data. So much for my commentary. Thanks.

Friday, because after a long work week I can look forward to some morning rest and relaxation on the weekend.

I love mondays because i get to see what is new on crackberry. I would like to unlock my storm & storm2 on the verizon network.. I wanna be a winner. Pick me Please!