Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Copies of StormSlider For Your BlackBerry Storm2!

By Bla1ze on 1 Nov 2009 01:05 am EDT
BlackBerry Storm2 Slider

With the BlackBerry Storm2 reaching the hands of many CrackBery readers now, it's only fitting we have a contest for those who picked one up. LeetCom aka dmglakewood, has stepped up to the plate this time around, hitting me up saying lets do something for all the new BlackBerry Storm2 owners out there and give a little back to the community. Up for grabs with this contest is 100 free copies of StormSlider (BerrySlider) which changes the lock screen of your BlackBerry smartphone so you can have a "Slide To Unlock" feature for your BlackBerry Smartphone.

[ We'll let this one run until November 5th then winners will be chosen. Only one entry per person folks, duplicate entries will be excluded and good luck to everyone that enters. Big thanks to Leetcom for offering this for you all. ]

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Contest: Win 1 Of 100 Copies of StormSlider For Your BlackBerry Storm2!



as soon as i knew i was going to get the S2, this was the first app i saved a link to from here on crackberry. please please pick me!!

I have the free version, but it lacks in a lot of features. Would love to get the payed version free!!!! ThaNKS!!

I'd love the opportunity to win a copy of StormSlider. It looks like an amazing app!.

Thanks CrackBerry

im a indirect dealer for verizon and i have the one for first gen storm i have recomended this app for every single storm that ive sold and now that i have the storm2 i would love to get this so i can keep recomending to my customers and help you sell this app even more;) i love this app ...please choose me!!!

Ya know, given how storm owners love to bash the iphone (I know I do), it seems weird to me that people would be clamoring for an app that makes it look like one. Same goes for those iphone themes. Don't pretend to be something you're not, just be who you are. That's what's really cool.

First time to enter a contest...but enjoy this site..a lot easier to navigate with this vs on the curve.

Well, my Storm2 will be here 11/11 and no day sooner :[ (or later!) Looks like a nice feature though

I have the paid verison for my S1 already. I brought the S2 and here comes the update but it doesn't work with the S2. Now I'm out of a working slider for my S2. It would be great to have the working app. for my S2. I don't want to pay for the same app. again. Really in need to become a winner.

This is a COOL app NOT because it's said to be everything an iPhone has, but because it's what an iPhone will NEVER have! The sheer coolness of BlackBerry - the industry STANDARD - in the smartphone arena. PERIOD!

My Storm2 is coming to Popa on Tuesday under the BOGO along with a FREE Gateway Netbook (for the wife). I finally had an opportunity to get my hands on a Storm2 and beside the obvious cosmetic upgrades, WiFi, and double the memory across the board - I love it! It's so much more responsive and SUPER FAST.

StormSlider is an excellent companion to the Storm2, that's for sure! The app is ALWAYS getting updated - ALWAYS - which says a ton about the developer! He's always working to improve his baby so we, the user, have the best app to go with the BEST BLACKBERRY to date. I thank him for that!

I would be quite happy to win a copy of this software to help tweak my new BB Storm2. Win or not though, cheers to Leetcom for the offer.

This would be great. This device is what the storm should have been and much more. So much better. This app would make it that much better. Thanks crackberry

i think that with the new lock feature on the storm2, stormslider is kinda pointless and would defeat the purpose of saving your screen. the only way i would get this is if it lock the screens push aswell as its click.

first time BlackBerry user (for 2 days now) and a new Storm 2 owner (for 2 days now) and I would love to win this app!!!

I've been a mac junkie since before ipods lol...but I like the blackberry better than the iphone. I have to admit though the sliding feature is awesome! Pick me!

This is why CB rocks! Always giving back to us. I would love a copy of this app for my brand new storm 2.


I'll take one of those copies for free, but hey DMG you know even if I don't win one I'll still buy it. I love this app on S1 so it can only be another addition to S2.

I would love this program for free as I just blew all my cash on the phone and ending my contract with terrible att.

I had this way back when it was new, but since then there have been so many updates it won't let me upgrade. Pick Me! I want to try the new versions, I bet they are awesome.

pick me! i love the iphone and i just got the storm2 and i would to love to have this kind of theme for my storm! thanks!

The Storm 2 has been great once I let the text dictionary build up and store more words. The slider would be a great tool with the Storm.

Oh I would really love to have this app!! please and thank-you! RIM should have this pre-installed to the Storm already.

This is great application. I had this on my first storm and tried to see if I could move it to my new one. Though I came to find out that it will not move from one phone to the other.

Thanks for making this application