Contest: We have 40 free copies of Text Message Backup to give away!

Text Message Backup
By Michelle Haag on 2 Sep 2011 07:59 pm EDT

On several occasions I have seen people ask for an application that will back up SMS messages to email. A new app on the market from Value Apps called Text Message Backup does exactly that, and it couldn't be easier to use. Simply install the app, enter your email address, and save. Once enabled, all incoming and outgoing SMS messages will be backed up via email, so even if you lose your BlackBerry, you won't miss a text. All BlackBerry smartphones are supported, including the new BlackBerry 7 devices. You can pick up Text Message Backup for $1.99 in the CrackBerry store or in BlackBerry App World.

Contest: Value Apps has given us 40 free copies of Text Message Backup to pass on to you guys this week! To enter, leave a comment below. One entry per person please, and the contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. If you prefer to not try your luck with the contest, you can pick up Text Message Backup for 50% off in the CrackBerry store with coupon code CB99TMB. (Must purchase on device for the code to work.)

More information and to purchase Text Message Backup from the CrackBerry store
More information and to purchase Text Message Backup from BlackBerry App World

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Reader comments

Contest: We have 40 free copies of Text Message Backup to give away!


Looks like a great idea though would be more effective if it backed up SMS threads as well as individual messages. Thanks for the contest!

I have to back up my messages that repeatedly say "yes, dear!"

Just kidding. :). Still need the app tho!

This kinda app is becoming useless, why?
You can just install the BlackBerry Protect and got your SMS backed-up. :D
But well, the choice is ours right? So I'll take one copy to grab please, ;)

This would help me out so much. I would not have to save all 10000 texts (actually I think its more) on my phone. Pick me please!!!

That's nifty. Lol. I think the only reason I want it is becouse its a contest and nothings better than WINNING!

I'm a backup fanatic; I back up everything! This would certainly solve the problem of backing up text messages. So -- I'm putting in my two cents' worth for a freebie copy of Text Message Backup! :-)

This application is suitable for those who is always upgarde n update blackberry os o hybrid os...after upgarding, can restore it back...look like I need it most...

This is quite important as not all important messages i received were emails or bbm and i often forgot to back it up, so this app i just perfect ;)

This sounds really cool. I am an unmarried Dad in South Dakota and I can really use this app. I already deleted one whole very important text coversation accidentally. This app will be very useful!

Wow, it about time someone developed an app that backs up sms. I'd love a copy for my Bold. I can't tell you how many times I've wished I had a backup of my texts when I needed to reference something.

this is a must app for blackberry!! would love to have one for my bold 9700!!
will be a great tool for my buisness msgs...
thanks alot CB :)

It would be awesome to have a copy of this APP!!!. CrackBerry keeps me glued to my computer because of things such as this. Always up to date with info. Love to have a copy!! Thanks

Nice sounds interesting... all though could create a lot of double messages if the email you back up text to is also connected on your blackberry... and these days why wouldn't you have every email possibly on your blackberry hehe.

Still sounds very nice and handy I have yet to lose my phone but if/when I do I'd love to have all my text messages.

We Are Sorry This Coupon code is not valid.


Is there a limit date for using the coupon ?

I'd really love to win this for a friend who is going through a divorce and just asked me the other day how to back up texts on her Torch. But if I don't win this, I'm going to tell her to use the coupon to get it.

Currently I hand-copy all my texts onto a piece of parchment and store it in a suitcase under my bed. This app sounds a lot less time-consuming...

This is exacly what a needed!!! i have more than a thousand (1643) text messages that i dont want to loose :( give me only one of those pleasee

I would like to receive such an app to backup my txt messages. Especially now I have an unlimited text subscription...

Life is sweet, life is bitter!

I'm still constantly using testing as primary communication method besides phone calls. This app will become handy for me to do sms backup without having to worry evertime I do phone updates...

Just a curiosity question.... can anyone tell me if this does anythiing different that what Blackberry Protect does when backing up your sms information? Can't hurt to throw my hat in the ring for a free copy of something that would be usefull. I just assume that my BB Protect is providing that backup. Haven't had to restore anything from it as yet. Thanks again CB Keving and all the great staff for these iopportunities to win great applications.

I was a winner in this contest but I apparently did not take advantage of my VICTORY! I just tried to find the link to get my newly won app but I think I may be too late. Oh well, my mistake. Thanks for the chance, I will participate once again!!!