Contest - WallpaperShuffle - 500 Free Copies To Give Away!

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jul 2009 01:36 pm EDT

Just leave a comment on this post to be entered. 500 copies to be won!


Our good friend Fabian has recently updated his popular WallpaperShuffle application to work on the Tour 9630. WallpaperShuffle easily allows you to change your background automatically at set intervals. The setup is a breeze and you can choose multiple images from your device to rotate randomly. WallpaperSuffle works on devices running OS 4.7 and is available for $2.95 in the CrackBerry App Store.

Fabian hooked us up with FIVE HUNDRED copies of WallpaperShuffle to give away to members of CrackBerry Nation. Thanks Fabian!! Just leave a comment to this post and you're entered to win. Contest ends at Sunday Midnight PST.

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Contest - WallpaperShuffle - 500 Free Copies To Give Away!



I love Fabian's applications..They make life so much easier... I'd would most appreciate to have Wallpaper Shuffle added to my list of app's by Fabian..PLZZZZZ :)

This looks like a very cool application! I would love to win it! Thanks to you guys at Crackberry for offering the latest and greatest information and apps!

Im looking for some CB love. the contest are great and the site is part of my daily reading that keeps me on top of BB news keep up the good work and yes let me win once

I have a similar program for my Tour and the concept is just amazing because with the graphic being so crisp its hard to keep the same background. One thing though is does anyone know of any effect it has on battery life???

I think your app is great. I am a user that keeps many pictures on my phone and would love to have the opportunity to try this application. Since I am an unemployed teacher, money is kind of tight, otherwise I would be happy to pay the full price for this app.

This sounds like a great app. I have several different wallpaper designs that I like to periodically switch on a somwhat regular basis, depending on my mood. This app would be g8 as it would allow me to set an interval and the wp would be automatically switched.

It would surly be nice to not have to change the image manually all the time. Thanks for the connect and I hope I win.

Thanks Fabian and CB for a chance to win a free copy of WallpaperShuffle. Reaching 70 yrs old in August this is the only shuffle I hope I do for awhile:>)

Just what I'd like - although might have to tidy up a few of my pictures first to make sure they don't get chosen by mistake...!

Great to see an app like this. If only there were timed photos so the background could change with the sun.

It would be nice to try this one out. The one I have doesn't like certain photos. They appear black on my screen. I think it's file size issues. Anyway, I'd like to try this one.

this sounds like a good app andeven if i don't win its still worth a buy at 2.95 although FREE is always better

How Cool!! I would love this.....then I wouldn't have to decided which picture I wanted of my grandkids for my wallpaper!!! Please hook me up!!

I am a photographer, and with many pictures that I love to view and have my pictures set and changed every week. So if I had the possibility of having this, I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks!