Contest: Track your mileage with VQ Mileage Tracker - 25 copies up for grabs

By Adam Zeis on 3 Feb 2011 12:42 pm EST

VQ Mileage Tracker BlackBerry

In "honor" of tax season, the folks at Xpressions are giving away 25 free licenses for their VQ Mileage Tracker app. This app automatically tracks your mileage every time you drive and also captures date, time, distance, start address, end address and other log info for you. VQ Mileage Tracker is a CrackBerry fan favorite, along with VQ CarFinder which automatically remembers where you parked every time you park (and has honestly saved my butt more than once).

Contest: To enter to win a copy of VQ Mileage Tracker just leave a single comment on this post. Winners will be chosen at random - contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST.

More information/download of VQ Mileage Tracker

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Reader comments

Contest: Track your mileage with VQ Mileage Tracker - 25 copies up for grabs



Pleas Crackberry, Make me lucky!!!
I am hard core runner and cyclist.
Always wanted to keep records off places I have been to :)

I travel alot (TRUCK DRIVER) this would be real handy. thank's for the chance to win this.

storm 2 9550 and yes i love my blackberry..

The blackberry has become an essential piece of equipment for my business. Adding Mileage Tracker would be "icing on the cake".

Oh, yeah ... this'll make the boss happy for sure.

(See, chief? It really IS 30 miles to attend your stinkin' meeting -- so pay up!!!)

I drive about 50 miles to work and then 50 back everyday, it would be nice to see exactly how many miles I drive everyday. Pick me.

I Def! Need an application like this, I'm constantly driving around for my company, now i ca track it! Thanks CB!!!

oh this would be awesome to win. i am tired of scouring the parking lot for" lost car" at walmart. and we are talking SUPER WALMART. lots of parking spaces there. so please i could use this app. it would be a plus and i would let all my friends and family know that i won ...i won... this on crackberry via XPRESSIONS. ( U guys r awesome)

As an AFLAC Agent this would be a great tool since I drive A LOT and sometimes forget to track mileage. Hope to get it at some point but if I could get it for free(!)......THAT WOULD ROCK!

PICK ME!!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!! I downloaded the free trial looked like a good app but it expired before I went anywhere. the trial version could be a little longer..

I really want this app! I'm terrible at writing it down every day. I would love to win a free copy.

This sounds great, this actually would be the first mileage tracking app for me and I really need it for work. Thank you

I was impressed with this app when I saw it in action on my partner's BB STORM2. How much better does it perform on BB OS 6?

This would come in handy as I use a notebook now to do it :( Have to keep track of two people too! Thanks for the opportunity. New member, new crackberry addict ha ha

This would be GREAT!!!!! I am a direct sales agent and I drive all over the place!! sometimes 100-200 miles a day!!

I get paid for mileage frequently, and something to keep track of it more easily would be great! Count me in!

I would really love a copy of this, and I would definately put it to good use. I need to track my mileage on a daily basis and a log is a pain in the ass.

Since I actually have to start itemizing my expenses, this will be perfect for all the service calls I have to make. I'm crossing my fingers!

I have been thinking about this app for awhile. I will be starting to need to track my mileage this Spring. Just wasn't sure exactly how it worked or how complete it was, but things are a bit more clear now. Would definitely be a HUGE help and a free copy would be a great way to give it a try! Thanks!

I receive travel pay by the mile. My employer uses mapquest, and most of the time the estimates are wrong. With this apt I will be able to prove myself. in todays economy it is like getting a raise..Thanks for listening...I hope I win...

This looks like a great applicatiton for us "road warriors". Uncle Same would be impressed, knowing we were using technology to this extent.... wonder if Al Gore had any idea what he started?
Thanks Crackberry for this opportunity. You guys rock!

I've been using this for about a year. Great application and I'd love to get a free copy for my wife!

Oh I definitely need this app. I use my vehicle alot for work related stuff so it would be a great tool to use when tax time comes around.