Contest Update: What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?

What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jan 2013 11:28 pm EST

Things are back on track in CrackBerry's What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone? contest. After two days of deliberation, we managed to pick our ten "winners" out of the hundreds upon hundreds of entries submitted.

I put "winners" in quotes of course, because in order to collect their prize each winner must now carry out the What Would You Do they submitted. And that's exactly what each winner plans to do. We've already made contact with all ten winners, and all are on board to do exactly what they said they would do in order to win a free BlackBerry 10 phone from In the weeks ahead we'll be reporting back here on the blogs with the evidence. It's going to be awesome. Stay tuned!

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Contest Update: What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?


Huge props to everybody who submitted an entry. Unfortunately, if you haven't been contacted, that now means you're out of the running. But don't worry... you know another chance to win is never far away.

Tons of hardcore people in CrackBerry Nation these days too... lots of entries from people pretty much willing to torture themselves to win a BB10 phone. Lol.

Ultimately we picked a range of winners over a variety of "areas" for lack of a better word... some really creative ideas were submitted. It's going to be fun to report back with them when they're all done!

Hey Kevin, any updates on the media gateway video contest? I never win in random draw contests so that was my best shot at something CrackBerry-licious!

Kindoff glad I didn't win lol, I offered to blend tech an iphone 4s into a protein shake and drink it.

I've got my BB10 cash put aside so were all good, can't wait.

I was going to dress up in a sheep costume and follow iPhones users around the mall ..... guess have to return the sheep costume now.

I had a great idea, but it came too late... Have the blackberry logo shaved on the back of my head...oh well.

Bold 9900

Congrats to the winners. :( I thought I was a shoe in with the two I submitted. I even wrote a song that i was going to play on my guitar. Then I sent in another where I was going to eat 4 habaneros. Maybe I should have said 5 and that would have done it. Hope you all enjoy your phones and I will go ahead and wait for my contract renewal. Kevin, if they back down I will go to the store on my lunch and buy the habaneros and eat them while singing the song I wrote!

My beautiful long hair is safe. but I really wanted to shave the Crackberry logo into it, well shave my head and leave hair only for the logo. its brrrrrfreezing out here on the east coast of Canada.

Well, congrats to the winners. My bladder is certainly gladder. Drinking 10 liters of a bicarbonated Blackberry flavored water in and hour certainly would have put me to the painful test!

Congrats to the winner's I hope to have a great laugh at your expense. Hey Kevin will post the ideas people had if they didn't do them?

I guess swimming in the freezing waters of Lake Erie (with a life guard present of course) doesn't get you what it used to haha. Adding a call to BB HQ while swimming in said waters also doesn't win you a new BB10. Congrats to the winners!