Contest Update: What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?

Contest Entry Period Now Closed
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jan 2013 04:34 pm EST
 Contest Entry Period Now Closed

Just a quick update here to keep everybody in the loop....

The deadline for submitting your What Would You Do's has now passed. I was planning to go through all of the entries yesterday and be phoning the ten winners today, but there's going to be a slight delay in this. As soon as I arrived home from CES/Las Vegas I immediately got sick and have been battling a crazy flu/cold the last 40 hours.

Long story short, everybody who submitted an entry is still in the running to win this one. As soon as I'm back up on my feet I'm going to work my way through the contest submissions. Thanks for the patience. Stay tuned!

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Contest Update: What would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?


Thanks! I have to get well fast... so much to do.

Getting sick after CES is like a tradition for me apparently. Been to CES the last six years in a row. Only one time I came home and managed to not get sick. Hopefully be good to go by Monday morning.  

load up on oj & an everything pizza,(actually more nutritious than it sounds), works every time for me...


Get Well Soon!!! Use AIRBORNE FORMULA it will help boost your immune system & help you get well faster.

Kevin, hope you're well enough to reach over and log in to and tweet for your favorite apps on BB10. If not (but hope you are!), perhaps Mrs CrackBerry can.

Today I tweeted all app vendors that had less than 5 tweets! :D Okay, it took me longer than expected because of the design of the site. Wish the menu was replaced by a page with checkboxes :)

Don't forget to add your favorite apps if they aren't in the list.

Get well soon, as You know our Canadian winters are notorious for making people sick. Please revel in the thought of me with my head shaved into the CB logo out here in Nfld after just having 74cm of snow in One Day! My head will be cold but my heart would be warmed with a brand spankin new BBZ10.

Take care of yourself Chief, we fellow CrackBerrians will hold it down in your stead......
Be Blessed, praying for you

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

I guess the hugging as opposed to shaking hands didn't work? Those germs do not discriminate!! Get well Kevin!

It's the change in Weather and time that did it.

Get some rest .... and charge yourself up. Toronto is a long drive!

Be well, and no rush on letting us know who the winner is.

Getting sick is terrible and is never fun! Hope you can be well soon. It's a dragging ton of crap to deal with!

Get well soon Kevin, or else!!! Or else you're gonna miss out on the BB10 launch festivities, and we need you there. Many blessings for a full and speedy recovery.

you know my grandmother used to say the same about long hair. that it sucks the life energy from a person. hmmmmm not so dubious to me now.

Welcome back to Winnipeg. You've been hiding from all our sickness. Its a city wide illness. I think the outcome is Zombification. It will go away though. I hope to get your phone call soon ;)

I used to be a BLACKBERRY and CRACKBERRY fan and strong enthusiast until I found that there where no improvements at all and the devices where left far behind by it's competitors. I had a BB 9900 and Playbook since they came out on the market. I gave them away 4 months ago and switched to iPhone and iPad. I think that I would give nothing for a BB10 device, even the CB site looks old. Sorry but I have to be honest.

Then why are you even here now??? Leave gracefully and you don't need to come back and post negative comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and for you to come to a BB enthusiast site and post negative comments on your own BB experience is uncalled for. Please don't let the door hit you on your way out.

I'm sorry. You're right. I'm great full for what BB did for me for many years. I just could not wait longer.

Get Well Soon!!! Use AIRBORNE FORMULA it will help boost your immune system & help you get well faster.

Sadly, they got sued for making those claims when it turned out it really didn't do anything for you :(