Contest: Unlock Your BlackBerry for FREE - 100 Unlock Codes to be Won from Express Unlock Code

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jul 2009 11:18 am EDT

Leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a free unlock code!

Win a Free Unlock Code from Express Unlock Code

The folks from Express Unlock Code had so much fun with the contest they ran here back in June that they have returned with 100 more free unlock codes for 100 lucky members of CrackBerry Nation.

Unlock Codes will be available to the winning members who have a BlackBerry currently locked to the following North American networks:

  • Rogers
  • AT&T
  • Verizon (only Storm, Tour and 8830)
  • T-Mobile
  • T-Mobile - Omnipoint
  • Cellular One
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Suncom
  • Cingular
  • Centennial Wireless
  • Dobson-Cellular
Be sure to enter only if you're running your BlackBerry on one of the carriers above. Don't worry, if you're not, we're bound to have another contest soon and will more than likely have you covered! Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. You can visit Express Unlock Code for more info on their services.

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Reader comments

Contest: Unlock Your BlackBerry for FREE - 100 Unlock Codes to be Won from Express Unlock Code



This sounds like a great product. I would love to win it as I'm planning on upgrading from the Pearl to the Tour on The VZW Network.

It’s really wonderful what Express Unlock Codes is doing; giving away unlocks codes.
I would really like to have my phone unlocked, and I have many friends that would as well. Ill be sure to referring them to you guys.

Thanks a lot

Euain Browne

I have 3 Blackberries to unlock. Atleast gimme one free so I can totally get gurantee to buy the codes for others!!

crackberry once again coming through with a great (and useful) contest. good luck to everyone, myself included! :P

My first time entering in for one of these contests, but here goes. Does the unlock code only allow me to use my phone on another carrier should I decide to ever switch carriers? Thanks

I'd like to pretend I'm a world traveler, and what better way to do it then by having an unlocked blackberry! :D Free unlock code plzz.

I'd deffinatly like to win an unlock code for my verizon 8830. I haven't been able to unlock it yet and verizon isn't doing it since i didn't pay full price. :(

That's very nice of Express Unlock Code to offer this contest. I'm with Rogers and they don't give out unlock codes, so I hope I win!

O yeah i love this stuff...I just sold my Storm so that i could buy a Tour and so far so good.....thanks CB and EXpress UNlock for everything.....

Thank you in advance to Crackberry Kevin for letting me know and to ExpressUnlockCode for giving me the code.

Choose to UNLOCK me to the world....
I will be traveling soon and would appreciated this!!!

Winner found HERE!!!

I've got a bunch of ladies and some are on different networks, so it would definitely benefit my pocketbook to have my phone unlocked so I can switch SIMs for the network I need to be on.

It will also allow me to get other SIMs when I go overseas to Germany to see my friends over there. It's just hard having so many ladies on so many different networks! Help a playa out.

Leavin my comment like I usually do. Hopefully I can get this unlock code so I can take my phone with me overseas when I go next month.

I deffiently need a unlock code i have tmobile and i got scammed on ebay and they gave me a ATT 8900 but i have tmobile

I would love to unlock my Storm for my next trip to the UK! There are some really cheap GSM providers over there with outstanding rates back to the US.

I just got my blackberry tour on Verizon and its the best phone I have ever had. The only thing that would make it better would unlocking it!

That i will win an unlock code for my storm,
My storm will have the chance to be on
all carriers and not just one,
It will know how it feels like to be on
the fewest dropped calls network of Rogers,
and have the opportunity to meet the entire crew
from Verizon who follow you everywhere.
I have a dream