Contest: Tabphone by BBin - Bring PlayBook gestures to your BlackBerry Torch!

By Michelle Haag on 19 Apr 2011 03:56 pm EDT
Tabphone by BBin

Whether you're getting a BlackBerry PlayBook or not, you've undoubtedly heard about the new gestures that RIM has implemented on the tablet. Well now you can have those same time saving gestures on your BlackBerry Torch with Tabphone from BBin! The top hidden dock is made visible by swiping down from the center top of the screen. A diagonal swipe from the top left corner shows your settings dock, and a diagonal swipe up from lower left shows universal search. You can access the applications screen by swiping up from the bottom, a media screen with a swipe from the right, and a social screen with a swipe from the left. This theme is really intuitive once you know where the gestures are, and it makes using your device more efficient. The home screen has a nice minimal layout, and OS 6.1 icons look really sharp with the red wallpapers. Tabphone is available on sale for $3.99 (regularly $5.99) and is compatible with the BlackBerry Torch.

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Contest: To enter to win a free copy of Tabphone for your BlackBerry Torch, just leave a comment below. One entry per person please, and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

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Contest: Tabphone by BBin - Bring PlayBook gestures to your BlackBerry Torch!



How could I turn down greater touch functionality. It would also be a great primer for when I'm finally able to buy a Playbook (which would be quicker if I got this app for free!)

I'm waiting Kevin to release a review from his retail units he just bought today. I wish to know if Yahoo messenger, MSN and skype is already available in appworld and if those apps are capable of video chat.

I must agree, having one interface between the Torch and the Playbook would be a huge productivity booster. Count me in please and thanks to BBIn for the donation and CrackBerry for hosting the contest.

Now one same movemennt of hands and fingers to manage the Torch and Playbook. That's ideal for productivity! Easy to use!
A copy is a warm welcome for me! Thanx in advance.

It's gonna be months before The PB is available in the uk so this will help to be a temporary substitute :-)

I would love to try that. I'm trying anything and everything...well almost everything. I love my new BB Torch! Can't wait to get a Playbook!

Yessss! Gestures for BB. This is one thing I have been missing after switching from my Palm Pre to a Torch. Count me in a one that would like to win!

It looks like a great app. I actually found out about it first from a link on Yahoo Finance under the RIM headlines.

Tabphone,so if i put a sticky "Tab" on my "phone",then there should be no chance in crackberry that i wont