Contest: TAB Rests make using your tablet or e-reader more comfortable - Enter to win 1 of 10!

TAB Rests
By Michelle Haag on 9 Dec 2011 11:34 pm EST
No matter what kind of tablet you use, holding one for an extended period of time while playing games, reading, watching movies, or web browsing will make your arms tired. And typing out long emails can prove difficult if you're using one hand to hold the tablet and typing with the other, but laying the tablet down flat on your lap or table isn't much better.

Enter TAB Rests. Designed to work with any tablet, this simple foam base provides wrist support and holds your tablet at an angle ideal for typing, reading, gaming, and more! You can use TAB Rests on your lap or a table/desk, and it's great for kids and adults alike. They aren't super bulky, so you can easily pack one in a bag for travel or stow one in the car for the kids on those long road trips. I like that if you have a case on your tablet, you don't have to remove it to use the TAB Rest, they can work together! You can pick up a TAB Rest at the link below for just $14.95 (plus s&h), and at that price why not get one to keep and one to give away as a gift?

We have 10 TAB Rests to give away this weekend, courtesy of newPCgadgets. To enter, leave a comment below letting us know how you plan to use a TAB Rest if you win, or if you plan to give it as a gift let us know who in your life can benefit from having one of these in their life. We're keeping this one short and sweet, so you'll want to get your entries in before midnight Sunday. One entry per person please!

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Contest: TAB Rests make using your tablet or e-reader more comfortable - Enter to win 1 of 10!



I'd love to win this for my mom...she has a Nook and a Playbook on the way...she could just chill in bed and use her tablets with ease...perfect gift for her!

I really I hope I win cuz I promised my wife I wouldn't buy any accessories for my playbook,so this is my only opportunity to accessorize my pb.

I definitely would use it while taking rhe train to go to work or when I am in bed editing documents for work.

i'm constantly on the go and my blackberry playbook im always using as im out. One thing that most frustrates me is having to type for long periods of time and play games because my arms start to hurt by keeping it while playing games and typing is near to impossible as every keystroke entered my tablet sways left to right on my lap. With this support and support to my wrist it'll improve my user experience and love my playbook tablet even more! please help out! i would love to add this to my accessories and use this every time im out. All day and all night i could take advantage of this TAB Rest and make my user experience so much better and comfortable at the same time. PLEASE!

One for either myself or my fiance's PlayBook would be great (probably for her - I already have a journal case that's great for eReading).

I would use mine everyday on the couch.. Please pick me! Would be a nice Christmas gift from you to me, CrackBerry

For me, I would gift it for my mother. Shes always shyed away from technology but fell in love with the HP Touchpad. I think this would make it much more comfortable.

I would give it to my grandma :) She's old, and it would really help her when she watches her shows and skype's with my aunt way over in Canada on her iPad :)

I am an avid reader and will use this device to enable me to read for longer without stressing my back!

BB since 2005

I would use it on those lazy Sunday mornings when I dont want to get out of bed but want to use my BB Playbook. My hubby would use this all the time too.

Wishing to win.
I don't have a tablet but my aunt has an iPad2. This will be perfect for her office.

I would use this on the long train ride to BBM Ugly Sweater Fan Night which I know I'm going to win!

I plan to use it to take notes. I think it will fit perfectly for my notepad and any books I need to reference while sitting down. I rarely have the use of a desk. this may be the perfect replacement

Getting a playbook for Christmas. I would so use this for when i start using my playbook for note taking and following power-points in lectures for classes!

I've never experienced tired arms while using my playbook. I could use one when I use my wife's ipad2. A couple levels of angry birds and my arms are killing!

I plan to use it on my recliner in front of the TV. I can check emails comfortably while the big game is on! :)

this is great! this will help me on my trips when im working on the go with my playbook!!!! i want one!!!!!

Count me in. This would be perfect for my mother. Her lupus makes it hard for her to sit comfortably while using her tablet.

I read a lot of ebooks on the kindle and comics on my BB Playbook. this would be a super accessory which would help me tremendously.

While the article is very accurate about how the tabrest will improve on-screen typing in many postures, it will be especially helpful when I am using my blue tooth keyboard and need to rest the PB screen at a good viewing angle. And then it can double as an orthopedic head/neck rest when I doze off . . .

Love to win one to use while in bed as I wind down during the end of the day. At least I can do some leisure reading...

I'm pretty sure Santa is bringing me a PlayBook so this will come in handy a lot in the new year.
Hurry up Christmas!!!!!!

I would use it to rest my playbook on while I hide under the covers and surf the net. That's what I do to keep from bothering hubby. I tell him that I am going into my blackberry tent! He just shakes his head.

No Way! I've just gotten my books for the semester on my playbook and take it everywhere to study and read! This came at such a great timing, but if the product is great, I would give it to my reading host mother for Christmas and buy myself one as a thanks to newPCGadgets and Crackberry for the opportunity of being able to try it myself

I would like to have one as well for my girlfriend. I recently convinced her to get a PlayBook too. She just loves reading books and I know she will definitely love to get one of these. Thanks :)

This would make replying to e-mails on my PlayBook much easier and my daughter would love it to sit on her lap to play games on the PlayBook!


I love to read non stop and for long hours on my Tab and it is really tiring and frustrating after a while and The concept of TabRest is really unique and innovative one and would be a great relief gadget for many tiring haNDS and soUL like mine.
Winning One would be just great I am in and keeping my fingers crossed.

anyway, Congrats for a great product !!

Holy demolition, Batman! This is perfect for me when I use my playbook while im sitting on my bed and leaves it at a perfect angle when im using it on my desk!

When I sit on the couch to type email, or post in forums such as now, I get frustrated at having to constantly shift the tablet around to type properly as well as when I am moving web pages about with my fingers.
This might just save my wrist from failing me quite so soon :)

I'd like to win one as I have knobbly knees and need one! It's took me an hour to type this because my iPad rocks around on them! ;-)


I would love to win one of these!! i would use it for my ipad so i don't have to hurt my neck looking down at it while i have it on my legs this pad would be a life saver for me

This would be great for my Dad to watch videos and also do video chat, reading on his new PlayBook. It would be nice gift for him :)

I'd like to use this with my playbook on my plane trip to hawaii. Looks small enough to keep near when using my PB on the couch as well. Cool gadget. Thanks for the chance to win.

That;s the perfect size for my playbook in otterbox case at the top and the bluetooth HP touchpad keyboard will hook nicely on the raised part to make the TV watching while playbooking experience much nicer.

I'd love one to use with my PlayBook to watch movies! And it looks like a nice pillow if I start getting tired:-)

It will be great for watching movies or shows, reading ebooks,browsing the web, Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera (Don't know what made me think about the original King and I movie where he always said Et cetera three times)

This would be great addition to my playbook. It would get used quite a bit...especially when reading.

If I win, I would gift it to my wife for our Playbook so she can relax while using it....she has a SERIOUS addiction to Bejeweled :P

Want to win one for my daughter. She is constantly reading. She volunteers her time with children that have special needs so I think she deserves one of these.

I sure would like to win one. I haven't won anything in a while and Christmas is just around the corner. Come On Santa!

Sweetness! I would use it with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 while I read about the latest info for my Bold 9930 in the Crackberry forums. Seems odd, but the marraige of Android and Crack works for me!

For fun and work. Fun equals novels, comic reading, games, and movie watching. Work means researching for my thesis, reading class docs, and inputting notes and ideas. Would love one of these to make it easier!

Looks like it would compliment my Playbook quite nicely. I"m sure when I'm not using it, the wife and kids would benefit from it with there iPad. Thanks Crackberry for the contest.

I will gift it to my other half that completes me. She uses her tablet in bed and this tab rest would be gr8 for her :)

I will gift it to my other half that completes me. She uses her tablet in bed and this tab rest would be gr8 for her :)

We have 3 tablets in the house. (Mine's a PB.) I'm sure we could find a use for these while reading, watching movies, social networking, typing e-mails, or just plain web browsing.

The possibilities are endless!! Use it for reading, gaming, writing, and working. I can use it while sitting on the couch, sitting up in bed, riding in the car and so much more. I would really love to have this. Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas!

If i had a Tab rest, means i would have to go buy a playbook just so it has something to sit on it.
Be good for holding beers too.

It looks perfect to hold my Playbook! No more shifting and twisting to hold it and type or play games.

Love to win one to us while sitting by the fire. Cause once I pick up my PlayBook, its hard for me to put down. Ah..addictions!

i was just looking around online for a lapdesk but they're expensive :( . i do a lot of word processing with my playbook and this would be perfect to have

This would just be the most comfortable thing to use while sitting and reading or while I am enjoying a day away from work on my patio w my playbook!!
Sent from a real phone not an iphone

It looks like a really great little portable desktop for my pb! Now I can rest my wrists on it and type away! Yep, count me in!

I plan to use the Tab Rest with my Playbook and TV remote while watching TV. The Tab Rest looks big enough to allow me to keep both items right in front of me at all times for quick access.

If this came with a hood of some sort to block the glare of my wife's e-reader at night it would be perfect for her so the light didn't keep me awake when she reads in bed. So, since it has no hood, I will use it to read on my PB or enable me to type more easily as I revise and create documents for work. The PB is great, but I have a tough time getting the right angle to comfortably type and there is not always something handy that works. I think the price is fair for this accessory, but I would love to win one! Have a great Christmas everyone!!

I will be giving it as a gift to my wife who has Lupus, an autoimmune disease. She loves to read but cannot hold her kindle for very long as her hands start to hurt due to her disease

Wow! Really? A piece of foam that holds your tablet up for 15 bucks! This is something you'd see in the iPad/sucker section of Target.

There's a sucker born every minute...

Actually would love to win this one for my wife! Got her a Kindle Fire for Christmas and this would be a nice addition to it!

Hope, I hope!

My wife and I share our Playbook. A TAB would be the perfect item to assist passing the device, as well as adding comfort while using it.

Father uses his iPad 24/7, almost two years straight now, and this seems like the perfect gift for him!

I,ll be down south for the winter I would use it to read by the pool during the day and to browse the internet while watching tv in the evenings.

I have a good friend whose 14 year son has CP and I bet he would love to have this since he can't hold objects for long periods with his hands.

This would be a perfect gift for my wife who works from home. We have a dedicated office space for her but she seldom uses it, preferring instead to work on the sofa or out on our sun porch.

I could so use this at home now that I no longer have a home office and must essentially use the couch to work after hours. Excellent opportunity, CB!