Contest: SSIX - A hot new BlackBerry theme by Raypho

SSIX by Raypho
By Michelle Haag on 2 Apr 2011 02:19 pm EDT

SSIX by Raypho is a fantastic new BlackBerry theme that is both functional and professional. Like all of their themes, SSIX has a unique layout and design that you won't find anywhere else. With 2-3 independent icon slots and 7 - 8 text icons in a hidden dock on your home screen you're sure to have all of your vital apps and information right at your fingertips. Because the banners are semi-transparent and the docks are hidden, this theme is very wallpaper friendly. Black and shades of grey throughout ensure consistency throughout the screens, making it all flow together very nicely. **Update The theme has now been updated with OS 6.1 icons.**

SSIX is available on sale right now for $2.99 (regularly $3.99) and is compatible with BlackBerry 8350, 8500, 8900, 9300, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9780, and 9800 (OS 5.0 - 6.0 only).

Contest: Raypho has provided us with 50 copies of SSIX to pass along to you guys! If you have one of the devices listed above and want to enter to win, please leave a comment below. One entry per person and the contest ends this Sunday at midnight so don't delay!

For more information/screenshots and to purchase SSIX

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Contest: SSIX - A hot new BlackBerry theme by Raypho



Very clean looking theme. I'm curious how the docks are activated on the Torch 9800? Are there hotspots to open the docks or is it accomplished by pressing one of the keys?

I'm always looking for funtional,clean, professional looking themes. This looks like it fits all three.

Wow just what i was looking for a dark black preofessional theme hoping it looks good on my 9800 :)

maybe a bit more serious than my likings, but hey- if u wanna be taken for a grown up, sometimes seriousness helps.... :p

Loving the look of this theme been along time since Ive had a new one or even used any except the original that came on my 9800 but im really liking how this one looks.

This Would be awesome to have! Even if I dont win I probably will buy it after (hope to sale still goes on) I just bought my 9780 Bold 3 Days ago after being away from BlackBerry for 2 years and im starting to fall in love with it all over again. This Theme among others will greatly add to the pleasures im already experiencing with my new phone

Looks very clean and professional. It will make my storm 2 a.k.a 9550 look more awesome. I'll be proud to show it to my friends. Please let me win. Thanks

I never imagine that Crackberry will always make contests each week. This is awesome for Crackberry. I believe this will keep Crackberry as the BEST Blackberry forum for all of us. Thanks Crackberry !! :)

It would be a pleasure to be sporting a new theme from Raypho. I promise to upload screenshots from my Torch 9800 with this new theme once I am named a winner. Thanks to the Crackberry gang for the great contests and giveaways. Thanks to Rayphon for the awesome donation. Peace - out.

Just converted from iPhone 4 to BlackBerry 9780 and coukdn't be happier! This theme would make it even better, it looks gorgeous!