Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 09:23 am EDT
Smart Lock and Wipe

One quick Friday contest before everyone jets out for the long weekend. In the US we'll be celebrating Columbus day while the Canadians have Thanksgiving. They'll be celebrating what they are thankful for - family, friends, food and ... BlackBerrys. What better way to give thanks for your device than to treat it to some security with Smart Lock and Wipe. This application lets you remotely wipe your device should it be lost or stolen. You can activate the app from any mobile phone or by emails or SMS, and your device will be wiped of precious data like email, call logs and contact information. A little bit of extra security goes a long way. Smart Lock and Wipe sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.99, but we have 100 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post, and to make it interesting, tell us why you are thankful for your BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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i tried them all ... palm.. windows ... android and always back to my trusty fast paced blackberry ... just gets the job done !

and love the keyboard ...

and apps just make the experience even better !!


seems to be a safety bonus to be able to wipe it remotly .



I'm thankful for my BB because it enables me to easily maintainan online dental forum for 100 dental practices.

Cjay Beatz

I could use It to "forget" appointments, plus it would b rad to be able to do it with one click, I hate the desktop software it sucks


This application looks great! Send me a free copy please!!!


What? Another great App from I love it!


I rely on BB for day to day medical practice. Remote wiping would be a great security feature. Please pick me!


I am so thankful for my blackberry. It is a way for me to communicate and a way to keep in touch with my daughter. I am in the military and I am always traveling. Without my blackberry I would be unable to email/text my daughter to see how she is doing. I would be lost if I couldn't keep in touch with her.


My BB helps keep me organized and is a great tool for me since I'm a student trying to become a teacher. I love that I have my email on me at anytime because if I have a meeting or class to go to, I know right away. Also the calendar keeps me from being late to certain events. I love my BB!

00 K

i'm thankful because my blackberry allows me to stay connected to many things going on in the world..allows me to stay connected to friends


This look like an awesome app. i really need this. I love my 8900 its is awesome it is everything i need and some. Greatest Curve ever


This would be a very helpful app for whenever your BB gets stolen. I am thankful for my BB Tour because it gets me through the day... It makes my days less boring and keeps everything organized.. Not to mention the awesome apps that you can download. I am also very thankful for Crackberry for providing all these awesome contests and info for my precious BB. ;)


gimme gimme good loving


Without my BB I would have no reason to visit CrackBerry for its Oracle of information :)


I'm thankful for my BB because it gets me chances to win contest like this on Crackberry.


I'd like one please! Thank you!!


I'll buy it. Nifty app at a good price


What a program I wish this would have been out a few years ago.... I was anti bb do so many years I had the 1st one hat was on nextel it was huge and worthless. Now I don't no what ide do with out my bb...


i want a copy. great app to add on to the great bb security.


I am thankful for my Blackberry because I use it for everything from email to mp3 player. If anything ever happened to my BB I'd be lost!




(I have no idea if the contest is over, but I still thought it would be fun to participate :) Therefore....a story:

My Blackberry, aka Barry, and I have been through a lot. It started out one sunny day in May when I was tired of the tiny bits of stamina and life that my Samsung Delve (Sammy) had. Sammy and I had fun, shared some laughs, maybe tears, but he just started getting worn out really easily...idk if it was emotional distress he was under, or something physical, but he just wasn't the best with communication. This became a problem, I just can't be with someone who won't communicate with me. So, I had to say farewell to Sammy. Barry came into my life and things have been amazing ever since. Talk about communication! Barry and I are never apart, we're practically siamese twins...connected at the hand. He has so much life and stamina....he puts up with all of my constant banterings and tapping away on the keyboard, and I don't have to slow down for him to catch up! It's quite an amazing relationship. So versatile. I do customer service for a cell phone company and Barry gives me so much experience and ability to talk to customers about other Blackberrys and he doesn't even get jealous! Even when Barry eventually wears down and gets too tired to live anymore, he will be near and dear to me and I will only replace him with another of his kind. It's the right thing to do. With love from me and Barry :]


This app would definitively make my bb as safe as it can be. I would love it.


I'm not Canadian... actually I'm not even American... but I celebrate all holidays... specially the ones when I'm off from work. So this holiday I would like to thank my friend who opened my eyes for BlackBerry phone. I was living in the darkness all that time and now I'm alive!!! Thanks RIM for creating the best phone ever!!!

P.S. My wife hates it, because I spend more time with my BB then her :-)


i resisted getting a blackberry for years and made it for almost 9 without. two years ago, i made the jump and haven/t looked back.

Blackberry manages my life. From sending email and text videos of the kids to family thousands of miles away to helping me know when to wake up or go to the doctor and how to get there. Plus, it lets me make phone calls but -- best of all -- it's NOT AN IPHONE.


Well I'm brand new to the Blackberry phenomenon, but I'm already hooked. I'm thankful to have a tool that can satisfy all of my technological needs. I work in a hospital and lead a busy life in general, and everything has been made more convenient since purchasing my VZW Tour. Thanks Crackberry! :D


Open Happiness

Plz Pick Me. I had my phone stolen once and i just was helpless and hopelss bcuz my phone had my life in it.


Thanks and good luck all!

Halifax Guy

It's a great convenient device that makes work and play that much more enjoyable.


My Berry runs my life, if I lost it I'd die! This app could at least save my sanity if I did lose it!


I am thankful for my blackberry because it has a awesome support network, lots of cool features.


This is a great app for anyone that has a BB. Hope to win a free copy. If not, it's worth buying


I am thankful for my blackberry because of its functionality. I basically have a laptop on my hip. I use it in Church to read the bible, it got me through numerous waiting rooms for numerous appointments. Overall, i'm addicted!


So pick me!! Please! :-)


... of smart lock and wipe!


I would love to win this app. Good luck to all.


Lock and load and wipe and kick...


please pick me - this looks awesome


I have never won anything on crackberry..............:(


Out of all the phones ive owned, and theres a lot, the storm finally gave me everything i wanted out of a phone. Aside from there not being nearly enough app memory (app memory and phone storage space should be one big 1 gig space), i can say nothing bad about it! Dont know why i didnt get one before but im never going back! And to all the iphone lovers saying its better, to hell with that!!!


I used to laugh at those folks who seemed to be addicted to their Blackberry...until a free upgrade to a BB Curve last Black Friday put me squarely in those ranks! I never knew how much I could love...and USE...a phone. Now, less than a year later, I've upgraded AGAIN to the Bold...and I am one happy camper. From the calendar, to the speakers to the screen clarity to the keyboard....MMmmmmm. Thank goodness no one is making me choose between my BB and one of my teenagers....


I would be very thankful to get a free copy of this app.


I'm thankful for having a full keyboard. And NOT for having a Sidekick!


I would love to have this app


Not so sure if this app will help when I'm drunk but I'm sure the first thing I'll do when I'm sober and realize that I lost the blackberry would definitely be this app.....


I hope not, this would be perfect for my security needs.

Why I'm thankful for my Blackberry...well, actually this weekend was my best friend's bachelor party and we needed to get to a particular venue QUICK before guest list expired. I used the browser to locate the spot and BB Maps to get directions, then BBM'd the group to converge at that address. Saved us a few dollars in cover and cab charges and allowed us boys to celebrate all together.


Hopefully I get PICKED this time, LOL


this app is good investment even if you don't win


I've had a pretty bad weekend including getting my car towed in NYC. If I had left my BlackBerry in the car...this would have come in very handy.


I would absolutely LOVE a copy!! :)


I am in the Army and purchased my BlackBerry because I have an upcoming deployment and my BlackBerry will allow me to keep in contact with my friends and family while in country without having to purchase a new device. This app would be very helpful for me because in the advent that my phone does get lost while I am in country I would be able to delete all sensitive information that might be on it. Well I guess I am thankful for such great advances in technology that allow me to keep in touch with home while thousands of miles away...


i am thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me connected.


I'm thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me organized and entertained!


Sprint tv keeps the kid from melting down in restaurants!


"There's a WIPE for that!" I'm grateful because I am able to keep in touch with all of my friends that have a blackberry & I couldn't like this before with the phone I don't want to name!!! LOL


Finally some real security from those "friends" of ours ;)


Brand new BB user (with a new Tour) as of yesterday - this would be a great app to get my Tour aready for some serious (and safe) use!


I am thankful for my BlackBerry because it's so useful!


I would feel happy if I had this app. Very.... Very happy


I'm thankful everyday for my BB! It keeps me entertained, organized and stylish! I would love to have this app, I'm always worried about what would happen if someone else got my berry!


Because it saved me from my !&?$*#@ Palm Treo.


This would be great to have!!


wow! what a nifty app! I just might have to pick that up.


im thankful for my blackberry because it is my absolute no.1 communications device. skype, mirc, msn and QQ(chinese IM) in my device keeps me connected 24/7 on the go with my friends and clients


I really need this app, please let me win this one. Thanks


I am one of the lucky winners for the contest.But since I dont have a credit card it wont allow me sing up and download the program.what should I do?my email ID is plz help me out. TC


Perhaps all my storm really needs is a good wipe!

Okay, not really, but I'm certainly not up for someone else to enjoy what I've taken a year to get just the way I want! So, I'm looking for a good wipe-it program. This looks just my speed. Can someone hand me a tissue?


At the age of 45 I was finally diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. I tried various PDA's, but would forget to sync it with my computer...the pda cell phones that I tried used Windows Mobile and would constantly freeze up. I just wanted to throw them across the room. I gave up and got a "regular" cell phone.

After lugging around a PDA (which I constantly forgot to sync with my computer) and a cell phone, I decided there had to be a better way. I was looking at the Palm Pre, but the reviews weren't as good as I expected.

I never even considered a Blackberry, but I fortunately spoke with one of the Sprint associates at the store and told him I needed a portable "brain" and that I was tired of lugging a pda and cell phone. He was quick to point out that everyone working there had a Blackberry. I did my research...stumbled on this website...and decided to give it a shot.

It was the best thing I ever did. I'll never get anything else. I have it set to automatically sync when I plug it into my desktop...woohoo! No remembering required. I have the navigation function which constantly helps me get home since I also have zero sense of direction. It reminds me of all appointments, and it is constantly at my side. I am now officially a Crackberry. I understand the addiction. :)


First phone I've had with internet access. Nice to be connected so easily.


This is easy. Last week I lost(was stolen) my 8320. I had a lot of info on it that I would not like passed around. So I spent hours redoing passwords etc. Provider was no help in wiping remotely since I'm not on a business network. This is EXACTLY what I needed and will need when I get another Blackberry.


I had my storm stolen at a kids pool party. The smart thief immediately took the battery out. the company I use for exchange sent a wipe signal to it. Unfortunately, I had to wait until they turned the phone on for the wipe to happen. I called my cell phone company and they said I have to keep the phone active in the system and could not replace the phone until the thief turned the phone on or the wipe signal would not get to the phone. I had to get another number and foward the phone calls to the new number. I only had 30 days for the wipe to happen before I had to replace the phone through the insurance. Went a month and they didn't turn it on. I had to replace the phone before it was wiped. It cost me $160.00 in the end and did not wipe the phone. I wish I know about this software could have saved me $$$$$$$$$$$ and a lot of headaches.


well we dont know this apps work, so what the different between PhoneBakUp, safeboxx, blackbook but this apps could be awesome like a future apps :0, i hope i can get it


Interested, please and thanks!!!


i will take one please.


I'd like to win this!!!!!


Hey would love one really bad...



what a useful app. I love my bb when it runs smooth. Let me tell ya.


I'd like the app! Pick me because I'm a first time BB owner!


I'd like the app! Pick me because I'm a first time BB owner!