Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 09:23 am EDT
Smart Lock and Wipe

One quick Friday contest before everyone jets out for the long weekend. In the US we'll be celebrating Columbus day while the Canadians have Thanksgiving. They'll be celebrating what they are thankful for - family, friends, food and ... BlackBerrys. What better way to give thanks for your device than to treat it to some security with Smart Lock and Wipe. This application lets you remotely wipe your device should it be lost or stolen. You can activate the app from any mobile phone or by emails or SMS, and your device will be wiped of precious data like email, call logs and contact information. A little bit of extra security goes a long way. Smart Lock and Wipe sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.99, but we have 100 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post, and to make it interesting, tell us why you are thankful for your BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies



Hi and thank you for the opportunity to request a free copy of Smart Lock and Wipe. I travel alot and it would be really useful.

I very much appreciate my BlackBerry because it allows me to et back to people and conduct business during the day rather than when I get home or back to my hotel room on trips.

Thank YOU!


I love my Blackberry Tour. I have had it for 3 weeks now. I will never be without a Blackberry again. There is so much you can do with it. I love it.

I am a businessman without a wife, so my Blackberry Storm now fills my life. I use it to contact clients and friends, the barrage of messages never ends. I use it for media and the latest news, it’s also my alarm when I take a snooze. I use it to manage my contacts and travel, it keeps me on schedule so I don’t unravel. This phone is one awesome machine, and if it is stolen I can wipe it clean. My Blackberry has become my most trusted friend, it’s a man-machine relationship that will never end. Alas you now have my Blackberry story, just select this comment and end all my worry.

I love my blackberry because it is by far the best phone that I have ever had. It manages all my information, and it is easy to access all the information.

I am a secret agent and could really use this program in my line of work.Lives could be at stake, national security even!!! Just kidding, but this is a cool freebie. Woot!! Contests!!!

this sounds cool... will make it real easy to get rid of the buildup of junk...

and my storm gps saved me once, i was out in the middle of no where hiking around, and it got me back to my car... LOL

I am thankful for my BlackBerry because it keeps me organized, entertained and in touch! I don't know what I would do without it.... :)

Hey I would love this app. I just got my first blackberry a few days ago and I am loving it. I can do so many things and it helps keep me so organized.

Im trying to convince my company to go to Blackberries and they are worried... this would be a great demo tool.

Im in! And Im thankful for Blackberry because Im able to do a multitude of useful things during my day, such as being able to remotely view my webcam of my wife and baby daughter. As well as receive and respond to emails from customers, both future and current. After several smartphones, I've finally settled on Blackberry and don't regret it one bit!

I am thankful for the mental health the Tour provided me when VZW gave me a new one in exchange for my Storm. The Storm was my first BB and I almost abandoned the brand because of it.

I'm thankful for my Blackberry because you make this out of work IT guy's job search so much easier with your automatic RSS feeds from Craigslist Technical support, multiple copies of my resume easily accessible on my micro SD card, and (rarely used) phone option to take calls from potential jobs.

Please note as of 10/9/2009 I have found a job as a Network Admin for a medium company.


I'm thankful for the ability to surf the web and send/receive email when I'm on the go. I'm also very thankful for the full keyboard and trackball on my Curve.

I think this would be an awesome app, I have to many Boobie pics on my BlackBerry to have it get lost and someone find it only to see there mom topless on my BlackBerry :) Im thankful for my storm, its given me a life now . lol

Why am I thankful for my blackberry? Well that is because , just as my signature states, 'there is nothing a blackberry and a sawzall can't fix' period!

Love to have this. Thankful for my BB cause I don't have to wait 5 minutes for my PC to boot just to check my email!

I'm thankful for my BlackBerry because it does everything for me. It takes calls, emails, gives reminders and keeps track of everything for me in my hectic life.

I don't know how I ever managed without a BlackBerry.

I'm thankful for how my BB keeps me on my toes with my schedule, keeps me in touch with my contacts, and give me clear communication when calling my friends.

Because it never lets me down. People can let me down, RIM servers let me down, AT&T let me down, but my device is always faithful. And in an effort to return some of that faithfulness, I am very grateful for the opportunity to return some of that faithfulness and wipe her clean in the event that she's taken from me (not lost... i couldn't dare imagine losing her! someone would HAVE to take her!). Thank you.

Im thankful for my blackberry because this thanksgiving (canadian eh), i will be sitting with inlaws i dont really like all the while playing with my trusted wife knows this...and as she says ``as long as you remain ``pleasant``, its fine...``

I would LOVE to win this app! From a person who has reaped the destruction of a lost phone.... It would be nice to have this peace of mind. Please consider me :)

I love my blackberry because I never forget any birthdays of my girlfriend or family. This has helped me score a lot of brownie points with my loved ones. Also, the keyboard is second-to-none. I always thought texting/sms was such a hassle until I got a blackberry!

This program would be great because I could wipe the provocative pictures of my girlfriend on my Berry if it ever falls into enemy hands. I am thankful for my BlackBerry because it takes and stores provocative pictures of my girlfriend.

I am thankful for my BB because without it, I would never remember to give my son his meds reliably, Or make doctors apointments etc.

I also call my son BeeBee, not exactly related but funny anyway.

Please pick me! I know I will need it. I want this so that if I happen to fall asleep at my girlfriend's house and she steals my phone, I can wipe everything off before the s... hits the fan!

i AM so thankful for my blackberry. it is like a blessing to all of us. some take advantage others dont. a blackberry is so many things to me.. a child, a lifeline, a familiar face with a beatiful qwerty keypad... this is not only why i am thankful instant mssaginf and facebook allowing me to talk to my friends fast. there are so many more reasons t=why i am thankful i wish i could just buy all the blackberries out there and just hug them. i AM A crackberry addict.

i AM so thankful for my blackberry. it is like a blessing to all of us. some take advantage others dont. a blackberry is so many things to me.. a child, a lifeline, a familiar face with a beatiful qwerty keypad... this is not only why i am thankful instant mssaginf and facebook allowing me to talk to my friends fast. there are so many more reasons t=why i am thankful i wish i could just buy all the blackberries out there and just hug them. i AM A crackberry addict.

Thank goodness I have a Blackberry. Before buying a Storm I totally hated going shopping with my girlfreind. I either got in trouble looking at other girls or falling asleep out side the dressing rooms. Now things are much more bearible with Berry Wars, Air Traffic Controler, and Nintaii in my pocket. Thanks Blackberry.

My BB is an appendage. It's like my dog. It asks for nothing and gives me eternal happiness.
I would be very happy and grateful with a free copy of Smart Lock and Wipe to protect my future.

is like my wubby. I can't go anywhere without it. I often get yelled at by my wife for being on it too much. But hey, I gotta check my email accounts, txt, Twitter, Facebook, TFLN, BBM, Weatherbug.... You get my drift.

Now if that got stolen from me I would be devastated. But at least Smart Lock and Wipe would allow me a little bit of security to not allow someone else to have my personal info.

Please help me feel more secure...

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two,
A compassed Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
In October of two thousand and nine,
He'd have used BlackBerry Maps all of the time.

I currently have a Q9c but am switching to verizon (verizon bought alltel) and am going to get a blackberry and would love a copy of this!

My niece has a blackberry and I'm always finding things for her to do on hers and I can't wait to get one!

Even the lady at Verizon was like you want a smartphone...then you want a blackberry!

If you pick me, I'll pass the word around about your program to all the blackberry owners that I know. I think I can even get some people to convert to BB's. They tend to get the same devices that I get cause they know I figure most everything out about them and pass the information along!

I am thankful for my Blackberry because when all of my friends are waiting for an appointment at the Apple store to get their fried Iphones fixed or replaced, my trusty Tour is doing everything I need it to without a glitch. I can customize or fix it myself without using my child's phone for days waiting.....

I am thankful for my Blackberry because it lets me do my job while I run around like I don't even have a job. It's Awesome.

As a person who spends a lot of time away from the office, my Berry keeps me in touch with friends and family.

This looks like a cool app.

This looks like a great app provided your ex-girlfriend didn't know how to activate the app! Seriously, I'm sure willing to try it anyway... it looks like a low cost safety and security app.

I've lost my phone a few times - my keys only temporarily. I now use a case with a lanyard so it's permanently attached to my wrist...I hope. This is great because you can wipe via e-mail. I sure could be in trouble if my Berry gets in the wrong hands so I'd love to win it.

I can do everything and anything with it. I initially bought the 8320 Gold. After getting around the learning CURVE on it compared to a windows based phone I was HOOKED. I upgraded to an 8 gig memory card, Motorola S9 Stereo BlueTooth Head Set and also splurged on a Celluon Bluetooth Infared Laser Projection Keyboard. I sold my 120 Gig ipod to get this phone. After installing my slingbox on it, and then installing pandora and iheart radio, and then Shape services Skype software. I had it all, so I thought until I bought Remote Desktop Software from Shape Services as well.

Now it doesn't matter where I am I can watch tv, listen to my hometown radio, use my own computer.

I recently purchased software to process my credit cards for when I set up road side stands. So I can do anything on my blackberry that I can on my desktop and laptop without the need of carrying big huge bulky equipment. And don't have to worry about needing an outlet to hook into either.

Can't wait til they come out with like a 19 inch Bluetooth monitor that would work with the curve. That would be the bomb.


I'm thankful for my Blackberry because it is reliable and gives me the ability to easily keep in touch with my clients via emails, which makes my Blackberry indespencible!

this app woulda come in real handy this week...need to wipe contacts and calendar twice..this coulda helped alot!

Sounds like a great app. I love my bb because it keeps me connected with my friends and family and is a multi-purpose device that is very user friendly.

Very nice apps. Keep our privacy in private.
Like Arnold said, "You have been erased", or in this case, "Your Blackberry has been erased".
Thank you for my Blackberry, for it keeps all my emails up-to-date and can response quickly as needed.


I am thankful for my Blackberry for several reasons. First, because it has a sturdy OS enviroment. I've never had a problem with the previous, nor the current one v4.5. I also am thankful for having a choice to choose from hundreds of 3rd party applications that I can add-on. I love listening to radio stations in various cities, and I am thankful that there are several apps that allow me to do so. My previous phones were a Sprint analog phone, T-Mobile Sidekick, and the T-Mobile Dash. Out of all of those, none has compared to the things I've stated about my Blackberry. I hate I had to go through my two previous T-Mobile phone before I purchased a Blackberry. This is why I love my Blackberry.

My Blackberry never disappoints. Gives me support in all the places I need as a full-time working and full-time university student. Great for entertainment, and great for everyday life.

I hope I finally win something.

lets me organize and track my children's activities, at school , at night, and on weekends... much better for me than post-its!

It's my social networking center, my entertainment center, and my workcenter. I have every answer at my fingertips, and I'm more efficient when I'm on the go. My Crackberry addiction is something I'm happy to have.

I have had my BB for 6 months now. I am thankful for its awesome ability to help me stay connected to my family and friends. It's always there when I need it!

That's what I am thankful for! :)

1 shoot and all the private data were wipe away..
a software that give our privacy back in our hand..
give me one so i could review it more for sure:-)

I am thankful for my Blackberry because I can keep all my client information on hand (in hand?), but that presents a quandry....If I were to ever lose it!!! Thank God everything is backed up, but if someone could get past my password, they would have access to sensitive information that could put me in a bad spot.
This is a great app, along with Berry Locator to have on your berry...

My 8900 is my 4th generation of blackberries. We have come a long way from "Why are you talking into a calculator?"
The 8900 allows me to stay off the computer and check the 100s of emails I get everyday. Never miss an appointment. Find where I need to go when I travel. Play games when I am bored. Allows me to be productive during a boring 4 hour seminar (or surf the internet). Keep up to date on the "Social" sites. Oh yea, it is also a good phone.

I really wish I had this app earlier. A week ago I lost my brand new Tour witch I love. This is my 20th blackberry counting all the times Ive had to replace the phone for one reason or another.... Love Sprints insurance. Anyways, I took my son to Chuck E Cheese and someone bumped into me knocked my phone off me and then proceeded to steal it. To make matters worse I had a 16g memory card in the phone with tons of pics from my recent deployment to Iraq and I hadn't backed them up. There where also pics of family and Classified info.... Not to mention 320 contacts.... So if I could have locked the phone and wiped it, remotely...I would have been a much happier camper..... Thanks for listening

SSG Tomlin

About 6 months ago my berry was stolen while I was out to diner with my girlfriend. If I had this program I would have had a greater piece of mind that the Ahole that broke into my car would not have all of my information.

Storm (unlocked) .230 full

Awesome program! I lost my blackberry once and really needed a remote wipe program but all I could rely on was the person who picked it up to attempt password 3 times! Lucky I found it in the end!

I'm most thankful that my wife also has one and it allows us to communicate instantly in any situation, whether via phone for a conversation while I'm traveling, via Messenger when I have got to get a hold of her immediately, thru voice notes so that I can hear my children's voices while away, and especially through instant wireles calander invites, to keep our life organized...

It allows me to keep track of all the hectic things I deal with on a day to day basis. My calendar, contacts,emails and even my calculator keep me prepared for business at all times of the day and night. The GPS gets me somewhere if I have a rental car and it doesn't have GPS or if Im just walking I wont get lost.

When I take pictures of things it stores them on my memory card and I am able to take it to have them professionally developed. I love my blackberry and I dont know what I would do without it!

I do fear losing everything if my phone is stolen. I'm thankful for my Blackberry because I can spend more time with my family because with it I'm still in touch with my office. Long Live Blackberry!!!

This would be a nice addition. I am thankful for my BlackBerry because it is always there to help me out when I need help.

I can't live without my CrackBerry and I'd hate to lost it. I also would love to be able to clear wipe my info remotely.

Thanks CrackBerry!

Ive been selling phones for 8 years now and I have personally used every operating system on a mobile device from symbian to Windows mobile to the MAC OS of the Iphone. The overall best is blackberry. Some of my favorite apps are mobiscope , vlingo , and ofcourse the app world . Theres is nothing that will keep me from having a blackberry. Ive tried the rest and Im happy with the best ! Thank you RIM for my Crackberry !!!

I’m thankful for my Blackberry because it keeps me on time, tells me where to go and when to be there. My Blackberry tells me who to call, how to contact them and sometimes what I should say. My Blackberry sends my email and responds to some of them for me. I’m thankful for my Blackberry because it keeps me from getting fired!

I used blackberry's for years when working full time in IT. I tossed my iPhone out the door and got myself the Bold after I took early retirement. It has my life on it now, everthing is on there. This app would provide peace of mind for the data that is me.

Always use my berry and it'd be oh so tragic if i were to lose it =(...with this though i'd be able to wipe it and not worry some creep is going through my stuff.

I am thankful for my Blackberry because it keeps me in contact with friends, family, and the world while I am behind the Sonicwall that is my work.

It's a good programs to have. I love my berry because it does everything I need in one phone. I will never use any phone other than a Blackberry ever again :0)

My berry is the closest thing to a girlfriend, she (my berry) is actually better than a girlfriend. She is my music player, daily planner, point of contact for 99% of the communications, and it tracks my finances as well without taking any. I wouldn't know what to do without it or if I happen to lose and need my information out of harms way. So please please pleaseeeee I'd love to have a copy of Smart Lock and Wipe


I'd like a free copy. Thanks for the opportunity. I'm thankful to my BB because now I can be a slave to work 24/7.

Right. I work for a mobile operator and had always been a long-life fan of the funky consumer-ish devices which had basic business functionality to keep me going, i.e. HTC Winmo. I always resisted colleagues' pressure to go BB because it's "better for business". I would always argue that BB may be better for business but the devices are boring and dry. 18 months into BlackBerry I couldn't have been more wrong! My BlackBerry outdoes any other device in terms of business functionality- no backups needed, no syncing needed (I'm on BES with an Employee plan so I pay no data) AND the devices are more exciting and funkier than any WINMO I've used. I've gone through 8800, Bold, Storm and now on an 8900 till I get my hands on a 9700. I'm thankfl for my BlackBerry because it gives me the best of both worlds- hardcore business features and cutting edge fun consumer functionality!! I also think the people at RIM that design the devices must be biologists- no other mobile device fits better in the hand!

im thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me in touch with my friends and family. it allows me to keep up on all the important dates i need to know, and allows me to roam wherever i go and have information a click away. im also thankful because it's led me to this site, and ive become close with many blackberry users. i love my blackberry and i'll never be without it! thanks.

I'm thankful for having my BB keep me on top of things, no more forgotten appointments! No more showing up late! No more missed emails. Thank you Blackberry *hugs her blackberry*

this is what i need. with everything going on in my busy life my phone is the one thing that would make it call crash to the ground. important contacts, private info, picture/video memories, browsing history, e-mails all are very very important to keep private. i would love this program to add to my array of bb applicatons aswell as knowing my phone is safe if ever lost or stolen

i have learned that my bb has been so very useful in every days events! i have used it for video,pics,voice recorder. on each item i have been able to forward any evidence that may have been on video,pics,or voice recorder! it has come in very handy for law enforcements,evidence for legal issues,even to help with my health and others! oh "yes" and weather pics have so very well welcomed for our local news! i even took a picture of a delivery i was getting from my ups delivery man delivered a damaged package to me!as he handed it to me i took a pic of the damaged package! so in short a blackberry can save hundreds of dollars and as well as better a persons health!

Oh this sounds awesome. Would be bad enough loosing your BLACKBERRY. At least you can stop them from getting your infomation.

I'm thankful for my BB because I lived with a regular cell phone for way to long. That I don't have to use T9 ever again makes life better.

I fly twice a week...first thing on the plane - update AP News, send final e-mails, check voicemail, sync movies to watch, & finish BBM conversations, and finally close out of enterprise messenger so I can leave work contacts away on my 6 hour flight cross country. I've never lost a phone, however just this past Friday going through Newark's security check, I did the ultimate. I left my watch and a nice bracelet (gift) in the little bowl that goes through x-ray. I went to the gate, and sh* watch & bracelet...I rushed back to TSA and begged them for my stuff.."contact lost and found"...most likely it's now in the hands of some TSA staffer because I went through the pilot and gov line which i can't imagine one of them taking it, so the odds which have stats on the # of items TSA employees picks up! WTF, what if this was my BBerry, what if all the contacts, e-mails and everything else in my life. The watch/bracelet can be repurchased but my life's info on the device, GONE! Could easily happen from my rental car returns to hotels, to wherever..Regardless of where or how, it's my worst nightmare to think someone has my BBerry with all that information! I need a way to wipe it, if this APP does it's what I hope, I will finally be able to sleep much more comfortably...It should be a standard feature by phone carriers, so whomever wrote this APP, THANK YOU! I hope to have it loaded soon on all my BlackBerry's....

Love my blackberry because it give me everything I need to make my office mobile! Not tied down anymore!

I am thankful for my blackberry because without her, I would be trapped in my office all by myself, 5 days a week.
My Blackberry lets me take my office on the road. She plays my favorite music, knows the kinds of things that make me laugh and most of all, my luv for my BB gets on my husbands nerves lol priceless.

My BlackBerry serves as:

My wake up call-- Michael Jacksons "the love you save" at 5:30 am.

My warning call -- "it's the wife" ringtone.
"CTU 24" ringtone (when the boss calls)

My connection to the BIG G O D before I sleep at night -- Destinys child's "Gospel Medley" as my 11:30 pm alarm

My personal entertainment system -- ebooks (currently reading east of eden, next is band of brothers

videos -- CSI Miami
entourage (hey blaize, when is the site gonna be up again? ) muchos gracias to you.

songs -- U2, my 80's collection (I always wear my sunglasses at night :)

My personal assistant -- talk later
berryweather (still working on that data plan budget. It's just not a good deal where I live. Thankfully, I can access weather thru wap)
ems empower (to make sure i send messages to the right recepient
my alarm
message scheduler
message previewer

My Bling -- when the others start to show their Iphones, for some reason my BlackBerry somehow steals the show :)

Most of all, My BlackBerry is my connection to the people who matter to me -- my wife and children, my brothers and sisters, my mom

These are the reasons I am very much thankful to my BlackBerry.

Loving my Pearl 8100 :)


It keeps me up to date with school and businees appointments. I can't be without it. It's how i keep on the go. Why be without my Blackberry?

Thanks for putting up the contest.

I am thankful for that my son surviving the fire that we had in our apartment on september 8.09. and thankful for his quick thinking to grab my two ferrets and my blackberry 8900 and climb out the window with a ladder...
So i am very thankful for that.......we were in the daily newspaper and in the news on t.v.
brooklyn newyork.....

My BB Bold is the best cell phone I've ever owned. It's my lifeline to the outside world where I have no other internet service. I would love to have Smart Locl and Wipe to enhance it's functionality

I'm thankful for my customized blackberry Bold because it is the ultimate in instant communication with anyone and everyone. No other phone have I ever held has had the great feel of the Bold's keyboard. The Bold was (is) my first blackberry and I am still holding onto it strongly. I would love a copy of this security app!! :D

I was recently traveling in Australia. My mom was taken seriously ill and passed away while I was gone. I was in an area of western australia without wifi nor people for that matter.

Unfortunately I had to receive the bad news via e-mail on my BB but glad to have been informed rather than be suprised upon arrival back home.

Hmm i like this.

i am thankful for my crackburry because it organizes my life in the palm of my hand, i have a note pad to leave my self reminders, i have a calender to remind my self dates, i have my contacts so i can contact my friends, i have my social networks with me at all time, i can check my bank account on it. Id be lost with out it<3333

My blackberry allows me to keep my crazy schedule, and still stay connected to friends, family, clients, and my online communities. I am more productive, spend less time at my computer emailing (I'm a designer, so I'm ALWAYS at a computer). I also use my blackberry as a GPS device, mp3 player, camera for social networking sites, journal, organizer and restaurant guide.

It helps make my life much easier!

But I'm thankful for my BlackBerry since my entire livelihood is stored on it. All of my contacts, text messages, emails, candid moments, etc. are stored there. If I lost it, I'd probably lose it myself.

I'm truly thankful for my Blackberry because it is far more useful and dependable than the Treo 755p I was using until about a week ago. It is also more versatile, and I have already seen the difference in my work since purchasing the Tour.

Im thankful for my 2nd brain, for reminding me of all the hours I have to work at 2 jobs...gee...thanks Blackberry! :) I had an A.V.M. (google it) in the brain that ruptured and has caused my short term memory to be, lets say, a bit I am always using reminders and notepads to jot things down at the moment I think of them, otherwise I will actually forget in a matter of seconds as my brain moves on to another thought. My blackberry has saved me countless trips to the store, and back again and again because I might have forgoten something. Dr appointments, work meetings, tv shows, you name it, if I need to remember it, I can trust my blackberry with all my info, so this app will be great if (and I hope it never happens) I ever need to wipe my BB because I forgot where I left it. But that shouldnt be a problem cuz its always at my hip!

I'm so thankful for my Blackberry or I would have nothing to do on my breaks at work.