Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 09:23 am EDT
Smart Lock and Wipe

One quick Friday contest before everyone jets out for the long weekend. In the US we'll be celebrating Columbus day while the Canadians have Thanksgiving. They'll be celebrating what they are thankful for - family, friends, food and ... BlackBerrys. What better way to give thanks for your device than to treat it to some security with Smart Lock and Wipe. This application lets you remotely wipe your device should it be lost or stolen. You can activate the app from any mobile phone or by emails or SMS, and your device will be wiped of precious data like email, call logs and contact information. A little bit of extra security goes a long way. Smart Lock and Wipe sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.99, but we have 100 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post, and to make it interesting, tell us why you are thankful for your BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies



My BlackBerry allows me to keep things organized. But beyond that it keeps my business stuff as business stuff and my personal stuff as personal. I wouldn't trade it for another!

Before I had my Blackberry curve, I used a motorola Rizr. Not a bad phone, but in no way in the same league as my curve. This has helped me tremendously with work and staying organized. Will never go back to another phone.

I am thankful for my BB because it does every single thing that I need to do on the go. Such a powerful device + full QWERTY keyboard + large vibrant screen.

I am thankful for my BlackBerry for a number of reasons. As a construction professional, my BlackBerry sees constant daily use as both a communication device and as a repository for sensitive documentation (quotes, bids, contracts). Because I choose not to password protect the device (too much of a hassle) and because I choose to carry my device in hand, I am often left in precarious positions. I am appreciative of applications such as Smart Lock and Wipe which serve to shore up situations where theft and loss are real possibilities. And I am thankful for the BlackBerry community for hosting such contests and more importantly, for hosting answers to questions we would not have found elsewhere. I am grateful for the distant family and close friends I have participating on the forums. Them giving me the opportunity to feel like part of a larger community has been priceless. And I am thankful for my BlackBerry device in allowing me to free myself from toting a notepad, calculator, planner and a laptop around the jobsite. All in all, I am thankful about everything BlackBerry!

Im EXTREMELY thankful for my BB because it is not a T-mobile Sidekick. Had multiple versions of that phone in the past, but the "Great Sidekick Outage of 2009" was the final straw. Finally wised up and got the berry. Never knew what I was missing.

My Tour allows me to leave the computer at home on my weekly business trips. Now with the ability to sync my Itunes I even get to leave the Ipod home. Everyting I need techonology wise gets strapped to the belt.

PS BerryWeather I picked up from this site gives me live radar of the cities I am flying into. --- sweet! ---

Just got my first Blackberry a week ago (the tour) and am absolutely loving it. It'd be awesome to get a free app situation to go along with it :D

because it keeps me from forgetting everything I need to do on an hourly basis. LMAO This thing is great, and I have so much info that if I lost it, I would definitely want ot be able to remotely wipe it. Crossing my fingers over here.

I've lost my BB's twice, so I totally need this. I've been hanging onto my BB 8900 carefuly lately!!

I am very thankful for my Blackberry Curve because it allows me to make better use of my time. My daughter is in a pre school for the deaf that is over 2 hours away from our home so I usually just stay at the school instead of driving all the way back home. Since I got my Blackberry I am now able to research many things related to her disability while I am sitting there waiting for her school to let out. I am also able to browse through all the support groups I belong to and learn vital information.
Before I had my Blackberry, I just used to sit at the school and maybe go shopping but the time was certainly not productive in any way! This was my first blackberry and I LOVE it. I have some cool themes on it that I like too. Yeah Blackberry..I will NEVER get another type of phone. THis phone is tha BEST

I am thankful that I have a Blackberry so I may keep in touch with my family and friends while traveling on business.


I am thankful for my BlackBerry because it has proven to be a fantastic business mobility device. After years of being a BB hater, I am now a happy convert that can manage multiple business email accounts anytime, anywhere on my phone. It's like a tiny communication powerhouse at my side. If only it handled SMS half as well as PALM it would be perfection. But hey, hopefully OS 5 will be out soon and move us in the right direction.

I love my Blackberry because it is THE competition. Competitiion is the reason America is still the place so many people want to leave their country for. The Only reason Apple is around is because Microsoft gave them a hand up so they wouldn't be the only game in town. Blackberry is the true underdog and everybody loves an underdog.

Chew on that for a while! LOL

Oh ya! Send me some of that free software please...

My blackberry is a great device. I only bought a few months ago but didn't realize how much it comes in handy till I had to travel to an from work. My family began to send me more emails to contact me and I've have to go online to find information like bus and train schedules. Not to mention now being able to access my emails on the go I now know right away when employers email me back for jobs. I would appreciate this application to protect my information. Thank you.

buying a blackberry was the best thing and one of my best investments every. I use it for everything imaginable. It is my soul mate, my life-partner (after my wife of course =) ). I use it to keep myself organized (using memos, tasks, calenders), to be connected 24/7 (thru sms, email, BIS), for entertainment (browser, music, games), for work (documents to go, email, calender, etc...), and to keep uptodate with world events (Viigo).
I Love my BB8900 and in thankful to it for being such an important part of my life =) (once again after I love my wife of course =P )

I am thankful for my Blackberry, as it's taken me away from an iphone where the battery doesn't last a day, my 1st day usage and only half a cell has drained on my Bold :)

Thanks for the entry!

I am thankful for my Berry becuz it's always there for me, keeping me informed and entertained, and never whines or opens it's mouth to speak!!

neat idea. I have some pretty sensitive information on mine that i wouldn't want in some random person's hands.

My company server has a similar feature on the BES but I'm no longer connected to it. To have this simple feature gives people a peace of mind. I have some sensitive information in my blackberry that should not be known to the public due to the company I work for. If I don't win this copy I will be sure to purchase it. Totally worth every penny.

My Blackberry, what a wonderful pc. of technology. Just makes my life easier. Oh and I would love to win this app.

I would love to get a copy of this app! Thanks crackberry for updating is with the latest info on blackberry's! It makes blackberry's only so much better!

MY BLACKBERRY IS ANOTHER EXTENSION OF MY BODY. Ok, it's not that serious but I literally have ALL my information on my Blackberry. This includes my bills, mortgage, account info, etc etc. Loosing this phone would be like a criminal walking into Toys R' Us and picking out a person for identity theft. I also have all my school work and schedule on here as well. I'm a crackberry user for life. I always update this phone with the latest updates and even leaked apps. I am currently running OS 5.0 on my bold with the BBM 5.0 official. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...I NEED THIS APPLICATION.....*** DROOOOL ***

I am thankful for my new BlackBerry because it allows me to safely play hooky from work. I can quickly respond to emails and no one knows my true location.

I am thankful for my blackberry for, helping me find my way home on drunken nights, being able to send my study guides to my phone and view them, as well as powerpoints, keeping constant contact with my friends and family, and if i forget my ipod being there to save me. If im with tons of gorgeous girls, i can proove it with my the nice camera put on there, also blackberries are great conversation starter, ohhh you have a blackberry? me too! :) so thats pretty much why im thankful, my phone got stolen yesterday too bad i didnt have this app, cuz some lucky college kid just got like everyone on campus's number, and some sweet pictures lol

My Blackberry got us to Children's Mercy stat after one of my kids fell and hit their head fairly hard via Sprint navigation. I wasn't exactly sure where it was, but the Blackberry made it easy. Seeming little things like that go a long way.

The things they come up with just amaze me.
I fear the day my blackberry falls into the wrong hands, this sounds like a must have for everyone!

As if working 12-15 hours a day all week wasn't enough, now I have to put more time in this weekend? Come on! I'm salary!!

An app like this would save my life! As a DJ, and performer, I use my BB to keep track of all my gigs and appearances. I have TONS of contacts, and to have all that sensitive information stolen would be devestating! Just knowing I could wipe it out remotely is PRIME! Greatness at it's best...

I love my Berry because it offers sweet sweet reprieve when I need to get away from the wife's nagging for a bit. Immerse myself in it's many functions and let the tension ease off...

Leaving your house without a Blackberry, is like going out naked. The Blackberry and the clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

On a recent trip to SanFran with my pastor, his laptop was stolen. Along with his laptop, his wife's memory stick was stolen. That was the only backup we had for the church calendar...except for my Blackberry Curve 8330. Just prior to that event, I had put the detailed calendar on my BB, and it saved us hours and hours of confusion and unnecessary work. LOVE IT!!

Hey there Crackberry Nation! I am thankful for my BB because it keeps me connected to what matters most. My Blackberry is not just my phone, its my Data device, my modem to my laptop, my music player, my entertainment device and more. I am thankful for the many apps and functionality it serves. Its like the swiss army knife of phones lol! Good luck to everyone.

I am thankful for my 'Berry for multitudes of reason's, but most notably because it enables me to actually stay in touch with my wife! With the hours, and job I work, I very rarely get to see her (the secret to a happy marriage maybe?) but at least with my Berry, she's never too far away.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Members btw, enjoy the Turkey!

I want this... I am thankful for my BB because it keeps me connected to my family and friends in so many different ways.

I am thankful to crackberry for keeping me updated on the latest news related to my one and only survival tool: The BlackBerry.

I am thankful to crackberry for teaching me how to fix my lovely BlackBerry.

I am thankful to crackberry for showing me how to do a makeover to my BlackBerry.

I am thankful to crackberry for giving me a chance to win this free application.

Thanks =)

I love my Blackberry because it allows me to keep all of my friends drunk texts for future blackmail! mwhahaha

This app seems like it could really come in handy if my phone were to be stolen or lost. I currently work in government and have comtemplated buying this because I feel some of the information I have on this device does not need to become public. Nothing sensitive but phone numbers as such that are not published for public use to ensure communications between me in the field and them in the office is never compromised. I need that information to remain secure. I also keep some personal info on it that like everyone else, is personal. Don't want to have to go through a stolen identity case. It happened once and I was fortunate enough to get it all back but it was a nightmare I hopefully will never live through again.

Regardless of whether I win or not, thank you for offering this app in a contest. It will be appreciated by all who win I'm sure.

As my old employer once said, "Speed, Simplicity and self confidence". It took a while to get the Self confident part with the Storm, but I am there now.

The device and the organization that it brings have helped in business and my personal life...

Won't leave home without it.

Well I'm thankful for my blackberry as it has helped me pass the time well my girlfriend is recovering at the hospital.

Push e-mail, BB security and the fact that my BB allows me to take care of most of my issues on the go. Hopefully I can say I am thankful for the official 5.0 OS before the US Thanksgiving and for a free copy of Smart Lock & Wipe!!!

My blackberry makes my life easier and makes all my contacts much more easily reachable than when I had my iphone

Now that I live in the country, my BB is almost my only connect to the outside world. I can instantly connect with family and friends throughout the world. From Ireland to Afghanistan, I am always in touch. My greatest fear is to LOSE my BB.

I would LOVE to get a copy of this app because it will come in handy. I am thankful for my Blackberry because it keeps me and my life organized. Before I had my Blackberry I would have to carry a huge notebook calendar to keep up with important dates. I would also miss important emails I f I was away from my computer.

My Blackberry keeps my info all in one place, organized, and ready at my fingertips.

This Smart Lock and Wipe app would come in handy if someone got a hold to my Blackberry a.k.a my LIFE, lol. This app would prevent someone from stealing my personal information from my precious Blackberry.

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a copy of this App. PLEASE!!!!

well i love this post and i love crackberry it's cool to have a site for blackberry that is so help full to ever one....and the reason i love my blackberry is because it changed how my life work's and i don't have to be tied down to my computer or and my daughter can stay in touch much easyer and i just love it so much...i also love my blackberry because of all the apps. that google have out for it....i got google voice on my blackberry and it work's great for me..and i love crackberry too you guys are so cooooooooooool...and have a great weekend too.....smiles

This is a nice app...even if I don't win a free one, I'll probably go ahead and buy it. Oh, and I'm thankful for my BB because it does pretty much everything I could ask from a smartphone with hardly a problem (except for a battery pull here and there): e-mail, SMS/MMS, browsing, task-tracking, track business/personal travel, GPS/maps, follow my fave teams, find nearby movies/restaurants, tethering, music, and videos. That's just off the top of my head...I'm sure I've forgotten at least a half-dozen other useful things my BB does for me.

because I never would've heard of Crackberry! Ok weak I know but I love the site. One other reason though is that I feel connected to world with my Storm! Love it!

:) Becky

i am so thankfull for my blackberry lastnight it bricked and it stayed faithefull and it was fixed but im really thankful for because i would not have been able to unbrick it without your help!

Everyone of us who owns a Blackberry should be thankful. The reason(s) I am thankful for mine because it has opened another world for meeting new people. I have made plenty of new contacts, and it's great for networking. Doesn't matter, business or personal, it always can get the job done. I am lost when I don't have mine, it's like the best friend I never had without the drama. Helps to keep my life in order, whether I am on the go or not. What's life without a Blackberry? I hope I never have to find out. I love my Blackberry.

wouldn't want to have to use this, but having the security would definitely bring peace of mind

I would love to have the security of this app for my BlackBerry. The convenience of email, calendar, and contacts are amazing at your fingertips, but you gotta be careful whose hands they are in!

I am a student at UO and some professors do not allow computers. So when class slows down and I have nothing to do, I am very thankful for my BB. I read RSS feeds, primarily CrackBerry and CNN. And browse the web. And the profs are non the wiser. Thanks RIM. FOR THE WIN. Thanks CB.

Because Blackberry data service allows me to visit all those websites the Chinese gov't doesn't want me to see here in Beijing. Gotta block that facebook!

I tried many other brands in the market just to feel good and fashion about it... Ever since I bought my first BlackBerry I was amazed of all the things that I can do with it. Like a free world chat with friends all over the world, keep a track of all my friends, family and business. Sharing instant information,etc. And the most friendly way to still working and stay informed of every matter of my office even if I´m at home.
Black Berry has changed my life,helped me to achive many goals making them easy, it has changed the way I work, the time I spend at the office and it is no joke...

I feel Good about it and now I know why, thank you BlackBerry.

P.S.It is addictive too and it feels really good !

I used to be a nonbeliever. First I was an athiest and didn't have a phone. Then I graduated to being agnostic and had the most basic of phones. But then I saw the light. I can maintain good customer service in my one-person business by answering emails promptly. I enter tasks to do and appointments on the calendar, and keep up on footballs scores on Sundays. I am a true convert!

This would be a useful tool to own for anyone with a jealous girlfriend. Also will come in handy for when i buy the Storm 2 and need to wipe Storm 1.

I am thankful for my bb because it never let me keep my sensitive information as well as keep my in touch with friend and family.

I want to Thank my blackberry for all of the Joy and Laughter it brought me through out the year. Thank you blackberry for being there when I was sad, thank you for being there when I was mad. you brought so much into my life, the least I can do is say Thank you...

I would love this app...
Remotely wiping is a simple concept...
Finally it is on BlackBerry...

I love my BB...
It is an extension of me...

I am so thankful for my blackberry for all the joy it gives me at work during those.. ahem, extended trips to the rest room.

I love this app and want a copy!!!! – I just wish there was a self destruct option to singe the dirty thief’s fingers after he steals it. Mean people – stop stealing my cell phones!!!!

Friend of mine lost his bb around this time last year and it just sent chills down my spine to think "what if that was my bb, holy sh*t." I watch my bb like a hawk but it would be awesome to wipe it remotely if it was ever stolen!

I'm thankful for my BB because it keeps me: organized, entertained, informed, in touch, from getting lost...and now I have my very own barcode with BB Messenger!

I'm thankful for my BlackBerry snice I can leave my laptop behind in a lot of cases. Hope I can win. Thanks CrackBerry

I've been using every manufacturer on Vz since I owned a cell but never a "Crackberry". I've always seen it as a leash for companies to always have contact with their employees...Now that I own a Tour I have no idea why I didn't look into them sooner- I'll blame ignorance... Wha wha whaaaa. I LOVE MY PHONE!!!

I'm thankful for my BB for soooo many reasons, but I'll only list a few :o) I love that the BB button knows exactly what I want 99% of the time I press it. I love that its called a "Smart Phone". I love the fact that I've had it for almost two months and I still learn something new about it everyday(especially when I'm on!). I'm thankful it is so secure because prying eyes and hands are everywhere! I don't even use half the features on it but I'm almost certain I'll never want another type of phone :o)

I used to be a nonbeliever. First I was an athiest and didn't have a phone. Then I graduated to being agnostic and had the most basic of phones. But then I saw the light. I can maintain good customer service in my one-person business by answering emails promptly. I enter tasks to do and appointments on the calendar, and keep up on footballs scores on Sundays. I am a true convert!

I am so thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me organized, entertains me when I'm bored, gets me where I need to be on time and can get me information any time I want. I will never go back to a "regular" phone! I would love to win a copy of Smart Lock and Wipe in case I'm ever in the unfortunate situation where I lose my blackberry I will at least have the comfort of knowing that I can delete my personal information.

I am so thankful for my blackberry because I never knew I could actually "love" a phone. I don't know how I stayed connected to the outside world before my blackberry.

I am thankful for my BB for letting me be in touch with my loved ones in remote and torn places of this earth

Hopefully I'll win this time, I'm in the Navy and I use my blackberry a lot for flight plans and scheduling, being able to wipe the memory should it be lost would be very nice

I'm thankful for my blackberry becuase otherwise I'd have to get an iphone or windows mobile phone to keep organized and email all my friends. And I wouldn't want that.

because it operates as my "command center". I make personal/business correspondence via my BB. It is my entertainment (Slacker, Pandora). It's also keeps me spiritually charged (BibleReader, PodTrapper). It is indispensable!

I am thankful for my blackberry because without it, I would never get my school work or my work for Amway done

I am thankful for my blackberry because I'm always connected to everything I would normally need a computer for & all the amazing apps...

I use my blackberry for everything I do business and otherwise and this tool is a much needed app. With the contacts and personal info i have stored on my phone, I can't imagine not having this.

This app is really useful!

I've had my Bold for a year, and I'm so thankful I bought it when it first came out in my country (it was really expensive back then!).

But I can't part with it now, it's glued to my hand (I rarely put it in my handbag *lol) and I'm playing with it all the time. I've been a crackberry ever since.

And I'm really glad I became one ^_~

Awesome !! If it was'nt for my Blackberry, I would have to sit through all the stupid " chick " flicks my wife makes me watch . At least with my Blackberry, I can tell her I am doing " work " stuff on my Blackberry while I am surfing instead of paying attention the the stupid movie :-)

without my blackberry, i would never remember to pay my car or my credit cards. I would also have a lot of trouble remembering my work schedule. id be lost without it.

I am thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me connected to everybody I every way possible!

My fingers are crossed...

I love my blackberry . Its my first smartphone coming from nextel. I didn't think I could live without 2-way but its been great without it. I was looking for a phone that was the best for email and texting and I have found it.

To wipe or not to wipe, that is the question. For its far nobler to suffer the slings and arrows outrageous privacy...

Hay you wanted interesting.

My apology to Mr Shakespeer

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need one uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love my blackberry

I would love to have this app!

I am thankful for my BlackBerry because it is a life saver! When it comes to getting all my emails on the go I have my BlackBerry to turn to. I get all my emails, I get to stay connected with the world through social networking apps and most of all I stay updated on the scoop with Crackberry! :)

My BlackBerry does everything and I wouldn't trade it for any of phone. It's like having my own personal computer on the go! I am so thankful for my BlackBerry and that I have one.