Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 09:23 am EDT
Smart Lock and Wipe

One quick Friday contest before everyone jets out for the long weekend. In the US we'll be celebrating Columbus day while the Canadians have Thanksgiving. They'll be celebrating what they are thankful for - family, friends, food and ... BlackBerrys. What better way to give thanks for your device than to treat it to some security with Smart Lock and Wipe. This application lets you remotely wipe your device should it be lost or stolen. You can activate the app from any mobile phone or by emails or SMS, and your device will be wiped of precious data like email, call logs and contact information. A little bit of extra security goes a long way. Smart Lock and Wipe sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.99, but we have 100 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post, and to make it interesting, tell us why you are thankful for your BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies



I have only one real friend in my life.... and I know that he'll never betray me! And this friend is my BlackBerry !!!
Thanks RIM !!!

I'm thankful for my Blackberry so I can read the news at and download apps to pass the time.

What's not to be Thankful for! My Storm is amazing, and does it all. I have even had my Blackberry fetch my (virtual) coffee in the morning!

I love this thing!


There's almost too many reasons to count why I'm thankful for my berry.

But the one that tops my list at the moment is that I'm able to write my dissertation on it. I'm thankful that I can type faster on my berry than a lot of my class mates can on a pc, I'm thankful that I can carry around all the relevent text books and research documents with me as PDFs, I'm thankful I can browse lecture notes as powerpoints.

More so than all of that, I'm thankful that I can sit in a quiet bar by the river, have myself a beer, and still knock off a quick thousand words of analysis whenever I feel like it.

Thankyou RIM for making me sociable academic!

My blackberry because she, yes she, keeps me connected to all the friends and family I am not able to see and spend spend time with very often, including my blackberry network friends I meet on crackberry that keep me updatesd on the latest blackberry apps and software to keep her running so well! I love my blackberry, family & friends! =P

I'm thankful for my BlackBerry because I've finally got something my teenage kids are envious of. It's the only thing but at least it's something!

This thanks giving I am thankful that my BLACKBERRY STORM has kept me organized for a about seven months now, helped keep track of my money, kept up with all my family and girl friend so in this thanks giving in OCTOBER I'm thankful for my BB :D

I'm thankful for my bb b/c it has kept me so much or organized. I now find out about commitments I've made a day or two before I'm to show up as opposed to the day after.

My blackberry has taken me from no phone and friends complaining about not being able to reach me to the ultimate phone(the tour of course)and always being in touch.

These are just two of the many reasons I am thankful for my blackberry.

I just got my Curve a couple of weeks ago. I had a Blackberry a couple of years ago, and then work took it away from me. I am so thankful to be back in the 21st century! I can store so much more necessary information on my Blackberry, and can keep some entertainment stuff as well! Can't beat it. And a free app to keep it more secure would be awesome!
Happy Columbus Day and Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm a Canadian Crackberry owner and I'm thankful to have my crackberry because it's a local Canadian business in my area and I'm proud to support the local businesses.

I'm thankful for my BB's BB messenger which lets me keep in touch with my mom in Houston, my dad in Puerto Rico, my friends in NY, while I'm living in Venezuela.

I am so grateful for my Blackberry for all the joy it brings me & the fact that no other mobile device can deliver what my Blackberry does. From staying connected by phone, to surfing the internet, capturing precious moments on camera, listening to my music, staying organized, & let's not forget 'ALWAYS' getting my emails on my Blackberry & ALWAYS delivering my emails from my Blackberry. Without my Blackberry I would be a fish out of water.

As a matter of fact, I use my laptop far less these days cause my Blackberry can do just about anything!

I am mostly thankful for my blackberry because when my wife repo's the laptop, I can check scores, email, ect without missing a beat. Thanks for saving my marriage Blackberry!

I'm thankful for my BlackBerry because it keeps me organized (and sane). I had misplaced it once for three days, and felt like my arm had been cut off.

I came from the old HTC PPC-6800 via Alltel to the Blackberry Tour via Verizon. I cannot imagine I how I survived without a Blackberry device! Everything I need for my daily routine as at my fingertips and I love the physical QWERTY keyboard. Everyone @ Crackberry has been helpful during my learning curve as well. At some point I may play around with an Andriod device but I'm now a loyal Blackberry user.

I hope someone (ME!) from Asia specially from the Philippines wins... I am in love with my Bold because everyone that sees I'm using it automatically assumes I am a C-level executive. Nice! That is why the more I need to win the Smart Lock and Wipe app...

I'm thankful to my Blackberry for keeping me together and making sure that I take care of everything I need to. (I also love the games. ;-) )

I have soooo much information on my BB that if I lost it I probably couldn't function. The Smart Lock and Wipe would at least give me the peace of mind knowing that all my info would not be exposed to the whole world!!!!

Now my BB is the link to keep checking on my mom-she's 80 yo and lives in Europe, it's 08 cents a minute to her home phone thru AT&T's World Plan.

And,I BBM my brother who travels extensively so we are always in contact. My other brother I send emails to his phone. I am so thankful to know I can speak/messanger/email wherever I am to my family wherever they may be in the world!

I could really use this because I am a very busy college student with a TON of work-related data on my berry along with private emails between professors that no one should see. Pick me!

This is an absolutely wonderful idea! I work in a job where my information is confidential and this is reassuring to think there is a product like this that would be perfect for me to use! I would love to have a free copy! :)

I think of my Blackberry as my computer away from home. If it is a simple doctor's appointment reminder, knowing my bank balance, the VIN # of my car, or just a phone number at a time of emergency, all this and more makes my Blackberry a valuable tool. Keeping track of all the data I have on my Blackberry and the thought of it being exposed to strangers if lost or stolen makes a product like Smart Lock and Wipe very interesting. I hope I am one of the lucky ones to win a copy of this program!

Keeps me where I'm supposed to be.. Would like the piece of mind to know I can wipe it if it gets in the wrong hands!!

I'm thankful for my blackberry because it made starting and operating my new business so much easier. Combined with a gmail account and calendar, I can keep track what is going in at all times within the company. Thanks to I can take that experience to the next level with tweaks and hints, and not to mention a ton of cool apps!



Im thankful for my blackberry because Im able to recieve emails with ease and able to run multiple programs all at once oh ya :) and also browse the wap version of Crackberry

Fantastic idea for an app - would be thankful for it - Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canucks & Happy Columbus day :)

I love everything about my BB Tour. Simple, feature-rich, and stays out of the way when i need to get a simple task done. The apps make it a major force in my recreational life. LOVE it!

My Bold is the bomb! It does so much for me and helps me keep up with more than I even knew i needed to keep up with. As I see other phones, I can't even imagine switching to any of them. None can compare. I'm kinda partial to the Bold over other Blackberrys as well ... gasp!! I'm extremely thankful for it and can't imagine life without the Bold. :)

Im thankful for my Blackberry because it emailed me a job interview and my quick response, really impressed the company. Im writing this from that job now lol.

This is my first blackberry after several windows smartphones. I LOVE MY BLACKBERRY and freebies from Together my Blackberry is irreplaceable... plus ive had 2 phones stolen and this would be a nice treat for the next culprit or gf.

I am Extremely blessed to have a Cell phone first!!, But to add the Cherry on time on top I have a blackberry 8900!!! the best cell phone I have ever had! Have you ever need a particular program for a issue you had... for example something to track you finances and keep your info secure. Well Blackberry had it!! my Phone has every thing I want and NEED!!This is not not some corny flip Phone This is a ........BlackBerry........ the phone that you make personal AND THEY MAKE SECURE!!!

As a new Blackberry Tour owner I'm really in need of a "data" protection capability! Insurance isn't enough if smartphone is lost or stolen. This app allows me to protect personal financial data which, in turn, makes my Blackberry especially useful!


I'm thankful my Blackberry allows me to travel without plugging aircards into my laptop at airports and it sure is alot easier to pack. Sounds like a valuable program to have. Thanks

As I lost my phone a few times, I would sleep better knowing I can remotely wipe it of personal information!

Hook it up, yo!

My girlfriend is bound to steal my storm and try to see my secret plans to meet other broads. This little program could save my relationship! Please, don't let her find out! pick me!!!!

Best decision I ever made to get this phone - I love having everything I need just a sure press away!

dear blackberry gods,
i am thankful this year for so many reasons. first off, i'm thankful that a new storm is on the horizon (because i'm getting off of tour soon). secondly, i'm thankful for the new messenger you have given to all your loyal followers. Last but not least i am thankful for all your prophets that you send to us in the form of os leaks and hybrids (although some were false prophets).

thank you,
your loyal follower

I love my BB so much because it has returned me to the real world. I had a BB a long time ago for a short time and no other phone in between was ever like it (even the iPhone). I can not live without it as it is now the only thing that keeps me connected to family & friends on a daily basis. Thank you BB!

If you have ever had your smartphone stolen, nothing is better than having the confidence that with a few keystrokes you can erase the fear of having your personal data taken. This is a great app, I want one!

Would really hate to lose or have my BB stolen. But if it happened would feel a lot better having the ability to wipe it remotely with this app.

I am very thankful for my Blackberry. One night I went out to a bar, and I met this very attractive lady. One thing lead to another and boy was it a good the end she told me " The Blacker the Berry the sweeter the juice"...I know she had to be talking about my Blackberry as she was the star in the movie I recorded on my Blackberry that night!

Would love a copy of this. To think my blackberry was stolen and someone else had the privilege of reading my viigo feeds, my facebook status updates and listening to my favourite flycast radio streams. Without this app I would contemplate jumping off a bridge.

I am thankful for my Blackberry as it is very versitile and keep me in touch with all thats happening, both locally and overseas, so you can imagine the drama if it should be borrowed permently. This software would be ideal to prevent my information getting into the wrong hands.

I love my BB due to the fact its replaced my ex-wife. I eat with it, sleep beside it, heck its with me all the time. If I lost her I would definitely want to erase all memory of our wonderful time together.

that acts as a phone, as a gps, as notepad, as a everything replacement basically. Before smartphones I'd have my dumbphone and have to write everything down that I needed to do or remind myself about. I'd have to write things on calendars and leave post it notes to myself about things "to-do"

I'm thankful for my blackberry because it has kept me organized with all my tasks, it keeps me tethered to my e-mail on the go, and gives me free time away from the computer away from checking e-mail all the time to make sure I didn't miss an important message. I can check many things online if I need to look up something post haste. I mean if I didn't have a BB I can't imagine how much extra paper I would be having just to remind myself of all the things I need to do. Tip of the cap to you RIM for making a damn good device.

Without my Storm I would have never gotten married. (I proposed thru email 3000 miles from home.) Thanks Blackberry!

I'm ready for my free program now!! Love my BB because it helps me keep in touch with people personally and professionally.

Great idea for an app. Please enter me in the contest; I would love to know my device was even more secure. Thanks.

I work in a government office and I get so many emails every day I'd never be able to keep them straight if it wern't for my Bold. It does everything just as well as any other smartphone and of course it's a Berry, so it does messaging better than anything else. Smart Lock and Wipe sounds like a great app.

and lost my phone with EVERYTHING on it!! If I had this app on my replacement I wouldn't have to live in fear anymore!

This is an awesome contest! ..I am thankful for my BB because it allows me to do almost every that I can at home.. when I'm out and about.

Being that my home computer got fried by lightning My BB has been a life saver when it comes to getting my work e-mails as well as my personal e-mails, its also a great tool to stay in touch with my friends across the pond. Im sorta of a Call Of Duty Addict and when my friends are logged on and playing they hit me up on BB Messenger and then were fragging people all night. =)

I'm grateful for my blackberry because it allows me to better in touch with my loved ones by being able to keep photos/memories of shared discussions, pictures, and videos of good times together with me when I travel alone between states.

Amen, and boom shakah lakah.

I'd like to thank my blackberry, for always being there for me no matter what. Dependable, consistent. It's always there for me, whatever I need. Connections, directions, distractions, attractions.... I'm on my second Pearl, and I absolutely LOVE it! Kudos to the creators of this app, and to the guy holding the contest - 100 berry-brains are going to be very thankful to you as well! :)

O, how do I love my BlackBerry, let me count the ways. There was one particular moment when I was stranded in Los Angeles by unforeseen circumstances. I had to expel urine, however, i knew of no place to complete that task. then i reached in my trousers and felt the warm embrace of my BlackBerry Bold and then i raised it unto the sky and shouted, "NIKE!" for i had found my solution. after going through a multitude of apps i stumbled upon one called 'sitorsquat' and activated its contents. after several seconds, it showed me exactly the way towards salvation. i then placed my BlackBerry back in my trousers and was off towards adventure and when i found my destination, a homeless person was blocking the entrance. After throwing a couple of quarters in the opposite direction, my human boulder removed himself and i gained a much needed pathway. The surroundings were deplorable, however, i felt the sweet relief that i had been yearning for. thus, if it weren't for my trusty BlackBerry, i would have been in a severe predicament. I could have burst internally and then would have had to seek extreme medical attention. all of these calamities were averted and i am thankful for my BlackBerry. - a.j.g

I really want this app. I'm so thankful for my blackberry mostly because it's very beneficial to my business and my very active social life. I love my blackberry!

I am thankful for my blackberry because of constant communication, news and entertainment. The first thing i do when i wake up is look at my blackberry, so is the last thing i do at night. I truly didn't know what i was missing until i got my first pearl. Thank you RIM!

as a first time blackberry tour owner, this has changed my life in good and bad. more good than bad. the bad is that i am connected to work 24/7 and the good is that i am connected with my friends 24/7. blackberry FTW!

From the days of my first PDA - a Palm IIIc - it's been a hyper-digital leap to the robust construction and intelligent design of the Blackberry. Thankfully, the unit has shrunk in size over the years, while adding a functionality that practically pioneered smartphone development. I am thankful - especially as a journalist - that my messaging features are seamless, real-time and reliable. I am also thankful that after accidentally being submerged for a few minutes, my Curve powered on perfectly after an uncomplicated disassemble-and-dry. My phone has kept in touch with family, friends and colleagues via text/email, photos and even live video through the years. I can never leave home without it, and it seems that no matter where I am, my Blackberry makes me feel at home.

I would love this app. I had my BB stolen in September and they were able to use information on the phone to access one of my bank accounts as well as close some very important email accounts that I use for my business.

as a former (reformed?) treo user, I'm thankful to have a device I can use when no coverage is available. if I didn't have coverage, my treo wouldn't function as a music player, pda, or anything else other than an expensive paperweight.

I am thankful for my blackberry because without it, I am a completely disorganized fool. My handwriting is atrocious and I need technology to keep me focused.

I love my blackberry storm. I don't know where to begin.

I thought I loved my other phones, how I could text, take and send pictures, have contact information handy, but for some reason that wasn't enough. I recieved my very first Blackberry on Sept 29th 2009. Ever since then, it hasn't left my side. From surfing the web, to sending text messages, to downloading apps from Crackberry, my little Storm has done it all. There has never been a time where I haven't doubted it's power. Sure, I have to do some battery pulls, but after that, it's like my Blackberry loves me again.

In fact, as I write this at work, i'm listening to music that I have on it. I have never had a phone that has done this before. I am definatley in love and addicted to it. I don't know what I would do without it. If it ever got stolen, having this app would be very handy. To just erase all my data so nobody can use it? I wish I had that when my first phone got stollen. It was so much of a hassle to explain to my friends that my phone was stolen. With this app, there wouldn't be a stranger calling my friends in the middle of the night.

Thank you RIM for making such an awesome phone! Here's to many more years of your service!

Thank you for the contest! I would hate to lose my BB, but I would hate it even more if there was no way for me to wipe it remotely when lost. This would make a great addition to my BB.

Oh man this sounds like a life saver. I have so much work stuff on my Blackberry. It would be really bad if I lost my phone.

I am thankful for my Blackberry because it always has my back, providing me with information where ever I might find myself. Without my Blackberry, I would need to replace my Blackberry, with another Blackberry. And if I lost my Blackberry, I would want my old Blackberry, wiped! Thank goodness for apps like Smart Lock and Wipe!

I'm thankful for my Blackberry because I don't have to reboot it all the time like I did my Windows phone! And it works... it does what it is supposed to do- almost like it was meant to do that.

My Blackberry has become the single most important device in my life. I get my emails on it, use the calendar to keep track of everything I do, use the tasks to remind me of all the things I need to do, etc. I don't even use my computer for this stuff anymore. I would be lost without my BB.

because it brings me continuous enjoyment, from themes to apps, to personalizing it with different skins to much fun an functionality...thank you to my blackberry!!!!!

My bb bold is my very first bb! I used to be anti-bb
But this bold is the best phone I have ever had!
I want to thank rim, rogers and bb for introducing
Me to the bb world! I love it! I am thankful
To now have apps that lead me to CB! This Community is just awesome! Support
Free apps and always helpfull and needed advice.
I am truley thankful! NOW CAN I HAVE MT FREE APP???
Lol thanks guys!

I'm thankful that I can get emails immediately after they're sent rather than having to stay by my computer all of the time!

I love my Blackberry because it allows me to keep in contact with all of my friends, relatives, the pulse of work, as well as sports. Need I go on? This little device can do almost anything. The longer I have it, the more attached I become. The day the service goes down....... Oh lord.. that is a day from you know where. I am a little lost. LOL...

I once lost my device and I thought my information was out there for anyone to grab because I do not like having the "inconvenience" of a password. Luckily, I found the Blackberry intact and to this day I still don't use a password. This application is a musthave for users like me.

It keeps me connected without wires.
It helps me remember events I would forget.
It tells me what time it is since I don't wear a watch.
It lets me make phone calls without being near my home or office.
And it could wipe it remotely if I am dumb enough to lose it with Smart Lock and Wipe if I win a copy!

I am Thankful for my blackberry because it helps me keep up with my hubby. My calendar is linked to his so I know where he is when he is working. I can also follow him using google maps.