Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 09:23 am EDT
Smart Lock and Wipe

One quick Friday contest before everyone jets out for the long weekend. In the US we'll be celebrating Columbus day while the Canadians have Thanksgiving. They'll be celebrating what they are thankful for - family, friends, food and ... BlackBerrys. What better way to give thanks for your device than to treat it to some security with Smart Lock and Wipe. This application lets you remotely wipe your device should it be lost or stolen. You can activate the app from any mobile phone or by emails or SMS, and your device will be wiped of precious data like email, call logs and contact information. A little bit of extra security goes a long way. Smart Lock and Wipe sells in the CrackBerry App Store for $5.99, but we have 100 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post, and to make it interesting, tell us why you are thankful for your BlackBerry. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one entry - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: Smart Lock and Wipe - 100 Free Copies



I am thankful for Blackberry because I love watching those iPhone fanboys get excited over things we've had for years! (and I want a copy of this cool application :)

it keeps me up to date with all the news in the world. and it helps me keep in touch with my girlfriend while shes away at college.. at marshall university.. theres 400 miles between us but the blackberry keeps us together 24/7

So nice having access to your email, IM clients, web browsing and so much more anywhere you go on your blackberry. How did I ever do without one and I would never be able to go back to life without my crackberry ever again. Now I completely understand why they are called crackberries!

My blackberry 9000 has kept me connected with all my friends, family and coworker. It is a convenient device replacement to my laptop when i don't have my laptop with me. That being said, it holds a lot of confidential information concerning both school and work. With this application, I wouldn't have to worry if my blackberry gets stolen again. My first blackberry bold was already stolen by some people at school, which caused me a lot of trouble because it held a lot of my private information about school. As a result, I had to notify everybody that my blackberry was stolen and had to get many of my passwords and pins changed.

I also load my word processed homework in my blackberry, taking advantage of the "Word to Go" to read and edit while commuting on the subway to school. Since my blackberry was stolen i had to notify my professors that my essays and reports were stolen, to avoid myself from getting penalized for plagerism if they steal my work and make it their own. With this program, i wouldn't have to worry as much if my blackberry gets lost or stolen again.

I am always misplacing my phone, this would be so comforting to own.
Thanks for all the contests, you guys are great!

My Curve, it works like no other
It lets me screen calls from my mother.
It helps me keep straight
All my emails and dates
And if it breaks, I'll just buy me another!

I'm thankful for my BlackBerry for several reasons, but mostly for keeping my life in order LOL. Without my BlackBerry, noone could get a hold of me (debateable whether that's a plus or not) and I'd be so out of touch with the world...Plus, I'd never remember when I have appointments, meetings, etc. When I busted my Curve, I almost felt helpless for the 24 hours until I got my new Tour. I'd love a copy of this app :)

I am thankful for my blackberry because as a college student I get to keep up with all of the "hi, I was in the hospital and I know you guys are sick of getting these emails, but can someone send me the notes from last week?" emails...ugh come to class!!! LOL As an organizer of a national women's empowerment organization, I can stay up on site issues, site additions, updating the org of all updates and schedule changes, and I can approve ALL site activity without dragging over to a PC. As a church attendee, I can pay my tithe and even keep up with Bible study schedules, revivals, and other church events. As a young job seeker, my browser allows me to get constant alerts on new jobs in my area and apply to them with the Documents to Go app, allowing me to proof my resume and submit it almost immediately. As a blackberry enthusiast, I can follow all of the blackberry professionals such as @crackberrykevin and @crackberry so I can get first dibs on contests and software discounts or I can ask a question or read tips about my blackberry. And as an owner of 11 active and consistently utilized email accounts, I know all I need to know throughout my day.

I have had alot of phones including the behold, G1 and now the blackberry 8900. The 8900 is the best phone I ever had it keeps me updated on all my ativities email is great. It has been the best phone to have to customized the way I want it and use it. Thanks to the crackberry forums I have been able to do everything possible with this phone.

Im thankful for my BB Storm because it keeps me connected to all my friends through yahoo messenger & BB messenger :)))))...Im addicted to my BB 4 real lol

Could have used the alert on this a couple weeks ago when my daughter ran off with my berry on vibrate:)

I am thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me in touch w friends and family while I'm supposed to be working or at school. what will I do with out the daily gossip? I would have to quit so i could keep up. lets not mention that it keeps me awake. just as i dose off i get a ding and back to work i go! :)

I'm thankful for my Blackberry because I can never have too much info at my fingertips. I've been a smartphone user for years, but the ease of use of the Blackberry makes my life so much simpler! Unfortunately, I'm on my 3rd Tour due to trackball issues (hoping the 3rd time's the charm!) - but would have loved this app when I sent my old Tours back.

I couldn't live without my BlackBerry. We live in a tiny town and don't get cable or internet. My BlackBerry is my entertainment and my tool to keep me from going insane and being a hermit!

Would love to have a copy of this for the remote wipe! My BlackBerry is critical, but it's scary how much information is on it should it become lost.

I am thankful for my Blackberry because it seriously contains my life (a scary statement to realize). I'm sure a perfect stranger could learn all about me just from contents of my Berry. That's why an app like this is so important. It would be great to win one.

Yes, I'm canadian working in philly. I'm very thankful to my crackberry (uh... blackberry). Lets me keep in touch with my fiance who's finishing school in NYC (and she has a blackberry too)...

PINning each other is so much more convenient than sending text messages. Also, checking email all day every day is a curse and a blessing at the same time.

without it I would be an unorganized mess!!! I must have a calendar to make sure I make my appointments!

I am thankful for my BB because I am able to work any ware anytime. It has eliminated my need to bring my lap top around with me on short little trips to check my email. It is one of the best communication devices out there.

i am thankful for my blackberry because it lets me keep in touch with my family and friends on a 24hr basis without having to be stuck infront of a PC. I am mobile, yet so close - love it!

i am thankful and LOVE my bb because without it..i would never show up to appointments..or remember what i have to do at night. it's like my agenda..on the go! and i can gps anything when i get lost :)

Why am I thankful for blackberry? The answer is simple, Blackberry makes everything easier, with all the amazing apps, I can listen to live radio, play games to end my boredom, and check things such as email and facebook status. I think that if I could have the smart lock and wipe, it would just be "icing on the cake" so to speak. Not only do I have an awsome phone but my awsome phone is safe and secure if it gets stolen. That is why I am thankful for blackberry and hope to win one of the free copies of smart lock and wipe.

to make it simple, my blackberry is pretty much my better half. i love it, it does everythign i could ever want and is always there for me. i would be so hurt if it ever ran off so having this software would insure that if she did run off i could ruin her for the other man she ran off with.

I just bought my first my blackberry 2 days ago...and because it is not my old "stress producing, slow, hair pulling, curse word manufacturing" PDA that I used to have.

My Blackberry keeps me informed,all appointments and calls,
its a powerhouse of technology, and for me - no down falls.
Without it i'd be tapping t9 discouragingly ALL day long,
e-mail "..really isn't important.." so i'd lie, totally wrong.
long story short,
If survivor had me casted, stressing "one item ONLY," to bring along,
i'd be the only whipping out my 8900 through the wrest of the throng.

So impart I thank RIM, for giving me this device,
and Crackberry who surpasses it's abilities, with help, forums and advice.
Next to my loose belt, zipper and fly, (after seconds of rice!)
will be my code named "Javelin", surely enough to suffice.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING PEOPLE (for those on holidays)

(PS> Surely a deserted island could have edge, right?..Lmao, no matter, BRICK BREAKING TIME)

I used to think that I would be in a world of hurt if I lost my keys or my wallet. Well, that all changed when I got my BlackBerry. Now everything is in my BB, and I certainly don't want to lose it. But if I did, I would want a way to have the information in it zapped.

I'm thankful that in America we can worship our Creator without persecution, and I'm also very thankful for friends and family. I'm especially grateful that I got a BlackBerry. It now allows me to have a central point for everything -- contact information, todo lists, internet, etc. Wow!

My blackberry has saved my skin multiple times! It has helped me out of situations when I didn't have my Bible, but I had my blackberry. I now have a way to update my website on the fly. I am now supported in being the twitter addict that I am. And oh yeah, I am able to seamlessly check 5 email accounts at once!

Can you say "life simplification"? I can. I would love one of these licenses for my device.

I'm thankful because my phone keeps track of everything for me, from appointments to waking me up in the morning..

I am an exotic plant control officer which means I'm in the woods 10 hrs a day 5 days a week. My storm is my lifeline! I use it for gps, mapping, daily paperwork, ordering, email, scheduling and of course its not too bad at phone calls either! I would be completely lost without my blackberry! I used to have to carry a gps a phone a bunch of maps, clipboard, pen, laptop, etc.

would it wipe the nude pics of me and my girlfriend in bed last night :P ...
of course im kidding :)

blackberry for me : lifestyle...
1. emails with push tech. 7/24 ( business, personal)
2. instant messaging experience 7/24 (wlm, gtalk, etc)
3. Gps ( saved me million times as i travel around my country for my business alot)
4. With a 8 gb sd card its my music jukebox, as i listen like 2 hours everyday when going to work and returning back to home in service bus.
5. With documents to go its my office eveywhere dont need to carry a laptop at the business trips.
6. use the calender for all my birthdays, appointments. etc.
7. and the web browser of course..
8. use my bb as a tethered modem with my laptop even when traveling in a car or bus etc.. totally saved me million times..

so i cant think of a life without my blackberry...
cant wait for storm 2 to come out....

Thankful that the bb keep me updated with the world and friends and family, even though we are a million miles away when i'm on my bb is just a few finger tips away lol

I don't know how I got a long without my BB. I have driven an hour out of my way to find a WiFi just to send an important email. Makes me wonder how we survived 20 years ago before we had all of this technology.

i love my blackberry tour! I swore I'd never get a blackberry, but now that I own one, I odn't know what I'd do without it. I use it to wake up in the morning and it keeps me connected to all my coworkers, classmates, and family far away. ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY BLACKBERRY!

I'm greatful that my BB exists because it means that i dont have to be at home or in my office on a computer to check the things that i wanna check. Emails come to the device before they even appear on my web browser at the office. My calendar is with me. My to do list and tasks list is with me. I can even check the weather and traffic info from wherever I am, and that is the reason that I am greatful that this device exists, and therefore i wouldnt want anyone getting a hold of my precious data if it ever got lost! SO PICK ME :-)

I am thankful for my Blackberry as I no longer have to risk some Darwin-award like electrocution by bringing my laptop into the john.

I am and thankful for my BlackBerry because, It entertains me. It knows where I am. It responds to my touch and it never judges me.

On top of all that it keeps my life organized, Gives me my e-mails and allows me to keep up to date with the latest headlines. I love my BlackBerry, and would be a sad lonely shell of a person without it.

I'm thankful for my Blackberry because while serving in the USAF I'm often away from home a lot. My Blackberry allows me to stay in near time contact with my family and friends, as well as taking care of personal affairs. I'm also grateful for my Blackberry because there are those occasions when I do not have free internet access, and through my Blackberry I'm able to tether, and use my laptop, when my Blackberry doesn't provide the functionality that I need. So, that is why I'm thankful for my Blackberry.

Rick T.

I would love to win this app and make my data more secure. I am thankful for living in a place that enables me to have the freedom to go online and post comments without worry. Life is berry, berry good.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

My BB is the screen to my life. It connect me to my work, friends, and personal interests. I would be totally lost without it.

Thank you BB and Thank you Crackberry!!

i would love to have this app.

I travel a ton for work, and I am always worried about losing my phone on a trip, and people having all the info............I could really use something like this.

Thank you very much!


I'm thankful for my BB as it entertains me with Twitter/Facebook/Internet/BBM/etc while I am travelling which I do a lot.

I'm also thankful it let me find this site, full of friendly helpful people.

I am extreamly thankful for my berry, since i started getting into berries only 4 years ago ive been hooked. ill never use another phone. it keeps me on track at work, keeps me connected with my uncles and friends through email at all times. I have my weather, maps, and games all in my pocket. My favorite media, and access to the web 24/7. I truly dont know how i ever lived without my berry. its the only thing that keeps me organized

I am thankful for my blackberry because without it I would have not had fallen in love with Crackberry. :)

this would be an amazing addition to my apps, just think, if i left my phone @ my girlfriends house and another girl messages me a sweet naugty pic...... i need that stuff WIPED ASAP! please give me one!

Thanks to all who put this together. This would be great to win for my new Tour I'm getting in the mail tomorrow!

I was the kind of person that used to own any kind of Cellphone, i didnt really care about anything else but making calls.. until one day my dad gave me his old blackberry 8100, once I used it , i knew that world I was missing before! so then i bought a 8700g and now Im the happiest Bold owner. Blackberry has make my days easiers and productive, and when people ask me what kind of cellphone i own, I always anser , "its not a cellphone , its a Blackberry!"

Just love so much my javelin cuz it helps me to remember all task to be done daily... also keeps me communicated 24/7/365!
Theres so much data on my device if i got robbed, im finish!... all my accounts, cards, everything is in there... thx god ill be picked and Smart Lock and Wipe will give me so much safeness...
Thx CB

Before I got my blackberry I was on a Windows Mobile device. I was having issues keeping up to date. With my Blackberry I nolonger have any of the anoying issues of windows mobile and everyother month of Hard Resetting my device I have a phone and a Mobile device that just works. Thnaks Blackberry.

My first Blackberry is the Tour - upgraded from the craptastic HTC6800. Who knew smartphones could be this wonderful!?! I'm thankful my sweet, wonderful Tour has made my soccer-mom, schedule-completely-packed, no time for myself life much more bearable.

Tour...I think I love you...

I am thankful for my Blackberry because it makes my life so much easier. I can work and play no matter where I am!

I am thankful for my blackberry because I have six kids (3 under 2 yrs old), a husband, and a demanding job. Keeping track of the dance classes, band appointments, girl scouts, work meetings, bill payments, and what we need for dinner is IMPOSSIBLE without my BB. I wouldn't be able to do half of what's expected of me without it. GO BB!!!!

my bblackberry is my bathtub and bedtime friend! he's there when i'm sad and when i'm feeling good. sometimes he'll even sing to me...and, yes, i do sing back. i know my blackberry would even stiop a bullet to save my life. i downloaded an app for that!

This is very blackberry holds everything...all my information, numbers, addresses, and just about everything else! If I lost it...or it was in the wrong I'd be screwed! I hope I win...I could use this. Thanks!

HEEEY...i would LOVE one of these!! I JUST GOT MY BLACKBERRY YESTERDAY and its GREAT! i love the idea of the internet on the go in Jamaica!!!! this application would suit me as i just lost a phone and i wish i had this on it.:(:( but pleeeeease can i have 1!!! :)

I am thankful for my blackberry because it keeps me connected to friends and family in various ways. I can call, text, email, Aim, BB message, use facebook, and use myspace to stay in touch. I can keep everybody up to date with what's going on in my life via twitter, and with pictures via Flicker. If I'm bored I can always count on my blackberry to keep me entertained with music, games and instant chatting. My blackberry always decribes my mood and personal style and it reflects it with what theme i'm using that day, what color case I have on it, or what ringtone i'm rocking. I can take pictures whenever and wherever I am and share them on the spot with anybody. Most important of all, it keep me connected to my job so that I can work while on the go. Thank you RIM for my Blackberry!

This would be great for the people that leave there phone places, but who would ever let there blackberry out of there site.

It's keeps me connected to the one's I love or just the people I know. It keeps me up to date with current news and events and It always has my back in tons of situations.

Smart lock would be great to protect both my personal/business information.

Fingers Crossed.

and I can't imagine what I would do without my Blackberry? I realized that even more when it crashed yesterday and since that time I have spent re-building. I do lots of traveling for work and could only imagine leaving it on a plane, in a rental car, or in a taxi. :)

I am thankful for my Blackberry because if I leave the house without it - I literally don't know where I am going or what I am doing for the day. I would and have been lost without it. You Never Know What You Got Till it's GONE!!

I just love all the features it has, particularly the syncronization with my work email. The speedy OS and ease of use won me over the competitors such as WinMo.

My girlfriend lost her BB and it was a nightmare. The person who found it charged up long distance calls all over the world. Started calling and harrassing the women in her phone book, and then scared her by calling and telling her he knew where she lived, worked and even looked like! It was an awfultime for her. I do not want to see that happen to me! Please pick me!

Love the idea and price of the app...but of course...would love it better if it were free. I am thankful for my Blackberry beacuse it always seems to know what I'm doing before I do. Quite possibly the only thing I have that keeps my life on track! :)

This seems like a great app to have! I am thankful for my Blackberry because it allows me to stay in close contact with friends and family through BBM, keep up with clients at work, and entertains me when I'm bored.

i am thankful for my bold, because it handles the duties of what used to be multiple electronic devices.. It now replaces, my computer, ipod, calendar. Theres nothing it cant do. I have very precious information on it, and winning this application would be heaven-sent.

I'm very thankful for my blackberry. Without out it, it will be impossible to get through my day. I need it to check all my emails and I drive all the tine so I rely on it for Internet usage and gps. As a matter of fact I'm working right now and using it !

Once again we have another actually useful and practical app for our beloved Blackberries ! Blackberry is still #1 in my book and I continue to recommend RIM to my customers. Adam from Las Vegas

I'm thankful because it gets me out of many times when im lost and need help, or need to find a place to my blackberry wouldn't go anywhere with out it!!! who know what i'd do if i lost it....AHHHH!

Wow there are so many reasons, but the main things are that I can keep in touch with everyone I need to and also keep my life in order. Without this blackberry I would have missed many important e-mails, got lost thousands of times and missed some important family and work appointments. The information it has is priceless and it also gives me a gateway to endless possibilities. That's why I am thankful for My BB Storm!

My Blackberry has become part of me, I'm able to stay in touch with the world, I'm able to talk to folks both near and far. This program looks like a great add on to protect my data.

Running the league of justice means i have alot of valuable info that, if it should fall in the wrong hands, could spell doom for us all. Especially superman. do the right thing crackberry!!

I would like a free copy

I love my BB 8900 its making my life much easier with work I dropped my MDA and picked this up and not going back

I *am* thankful for my BlackBerry. It keeps me organized, in contact, and entertained. It is so smart, it is the only device I need to carry anymore.

Thanks Again for the Freebees!!!!
As if the site was not great enough I have a chance to win something great for free? YEEEEEE HAAAAA!

Me! Me! Me!

I have a lot of personal information on my phone including my children's medical details due to their health issues. I would really like to be able to wipe all of that if something happened to my phone.

I could use this. I have lost my blackberry and remote wiping would be great peace of mind, but I'm too cheap to buy apps.

I luv my BlackBerry Storm, because she's my confidant. She's always there to listen to me, but will never tell my secrets fantasies. She never complains, or nags me. She sometimes has a mind of her own and I respect that.
She needs her down time too I guess.
She loves to be cradled and caressed on her backside, while my fingers caress the all of her applications on her front side. I can flip it up, smack it, and rub it down, whenever I want. She doesn't get jealous when I stare at other BlackBerrys. All of this, without so much as a peep.

Everyone knows that if you lose something that you love, you don't want anyone else to have it, right. You'd rather destroy it, rather than to let someone else have what's righfully yours.
This is why i would enjoy having Smart Lock and Wipe. The next best thing in crontrolling what is yours from getting into someone else's dirty little hands.

I am thankful for having my BlackBerry, because it has gone through everything and never stopped -- it continues this path I am following and hopefully we stay so. My BlackBerry enables me to communicate with my family wherever I am and that is what really makes me feel home even if I am not. Thank you CrackBerry for giving me the opportunity to feel confident with the security of my BlackBerry; theft is something I still have not prepared for.

I would love to win this - especially since the last time I won something, I won something that wasn't even compatible for my phone.

In a related story, yes, I am a moron.