Contest - SlideBerry Zoom Theme 50 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 7 Aug 2009 10:39 am EDT


With the exception of our BlackBerry Curve 8520 giveaway, we've been lighter than normal on contests this week. For some last minute weekend fun, the good folks at R&R Theme Designs are offering up 50 free copies of their SlideBerry Zoom theme. This clean theme features custom icons, signal meters and customizable homescreen icons. Available for the Bold, Storm and Curve 8xx series, SlideBerry Zoom normally sells for $5.00 at the CrackBerry App Store. Leave a comment on this post to be entered to win one of 50 free copies. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST - please leave only one comment, multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest - SlideBerry Zoom Theme 50 Free Copies



Maybe if I get chosen for the free theme I'll actually get THIS theme instead of the cheap standard Precision L-style theme I just got when I purchased this one.....

This looks like a perfect replacement for the theme i have been using for awhile so pleeease give me a free copy... Thanks in advance....Hah

I would love to win a copy of this theme. I have become a bit of a theme junkie recently, and the more the better!

I really like this theme, its definately got a bit of a Stargate feel to it, if I don't win I think I will probably drop 5 bucks on it anyway!


Theme looks great! CB is MY number one spot for all things BB. Since I first got my 8900 (and one for the lady) we've come here for all the latest news and entertainment. Keep it up guys!

Read the description and saw the screenshots. I have lots of themes, but a cycling bottom dock...Woo Hoo!!! Cool, clean, and professional all rolled into 1 theme. THIS is the theme I've been searching for. Appears to have one of, if not the most useful home screens to date. Sure would make life easier without sacrificing looks. Whether I win or not, this is a 5 star theme.

Wow this theme looks awesome. I don't like using themes bc they aren't usually very good but this one looks amazing

This theme looks great, I have everything else on my Blackberry but I have yet to add any themes. This would be great I'm still using the factory installed themes. Slide Berry would B a nice addition

I really like this theme. I have the same theme that came with the phone. I know plenty are out there, but have not had time to really check any out. This is nice and simple.

As a BB user who is unlucky/lucky enough to have their phone bought by the company; I'm always looking for free apps due to the fact that I'm borrowing my BB.

Pretty pretty please pick me. This would look awesome on my Bold, make me feel more confident in myself, make my hair to grow back, and divert attention from my plaid shirts...

The number that was missed (4369) is for Generation X Video & Media and the number of the phone (7465) is for RIM.

Did some one forget to return their rental in time? hmmm

This looks like an awesome theme. Thanks for giving us all a chance. Even those who can't always afford the themes. Thanks!

Good Luck Folks! This is a great one! Looking forward to more giveaways so dont be too sad if you aren't one of the winners! There's more of where this came from!

I have never tried to change the theme on my 8900. This looks like it would be a beautiful theme to try.