Contest: SixTools adds features to your BlackBerry 6 experience - 50 copies to be won!

By Adam Zeis on 24 Nov 2010 10:44 am EST
SixTools for BlackBerry  SixTools for BlackBerry

New from ShaoSoft comes SixTools - a handy app that adds some great features to your OS 6 BlackBerry. The app takes on some much needed functionality and gives you more options and control over your device. With SixTools you can add extra convenience keys (using volume and mute/play buttons), a battery meter, holster sounds and more. Torch users even get slider sounds and an orientation lock. Having the extra convenience keys is worth the price alone. SixTools sells for $3.49 in the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest: We have 50 copies of SixTools to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Note: Since SixTools is specifically for OS 6, if you are still running OS 5 we will give you a copy of ShaoSoft's ExtraKeys (added convenience keys) instead. Good luck!

More information/download of SixTools
More information/download of ExtraKeys

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Reader comments

Contest: SixTools adds features to your BlackBerry 6 experience - 50 copies to be won!



I would love the sixtools program. Having one convenience key on the torch sucks. As well as having slider sounds would be awesome

I need more convenience keys for my Torch. This app looks like 'da bomb and you you can't go wrong with ShaoSoft.

Would love a copy of this! Looks like a very handy app!!
Thanks a ton :):) currently running a 9700 on OS 6.0

This thing is awesome. The battery display is deffinetly lacking on these phones. And the orientation lock for the torch is great. Sing me up for it.

i like the colors... Remind me a little of u guys, with that orange touch... Anyways, any app with os6 compatibility is welcome and this 1 has a few jokers as-well...

this looks like a great product would love to see what wonders it will bring to my 9650....lets gooooo!!!

I can use this! An extra convienence key for my flashlight app and video recorder would be great! Thanks!

This app appears to be just the elixer to take my Torch over the top. I didn't think it could get any better.

Would love to test this app out on my Bold 9650 running OS 6. It can only enhance the experience on it and customize it (cause theme builder isn't out yet). So what do you say guys - let a fellow BB addict get some love. I'm tweakin' I'm tweakin'

I would like to try it out on my Bold 9650 running OS 6. OS 6 is working OK but not all the way yet.This would only help. Lets give it a try.

This would definately help me from missing my other convenience key on my torch. I got so used to two convenience keys on my 9700 and now I'd be able to have more control again.

This app would go really well with my Bold 9700 running OS 6! :)
Plus, it's my 22nd birthday today so it would make a nice present!

Im finally since yeserday on OS6 with my Bold 9700, this would be great!
I hope i will win one of the free copies

ps. the new website looks amazing! great improvement!

SixTools!!! Would be really nice to be one of the 50 winners and then be able to have more than one convenience key.

More control over my torch (from 9000) = more enjoyment = more crackberry addition! Gimme the tools!

Good luck to all who enter. Those of you who win will absolutely love this app. The additional convenience keys
alone makes it a standout.

One of Shaos' best

I have used it since the beta testing began, and was just mentioning the app to a friend last night.

I was planning on getting the official now that the beta is done.

Thanks for the contest. :)

Having extra convenience key functionality sure does sound convenient. Plus ShaoSoft sure has been doing well with some CrackBerriffic CrackBerry apps, so I'm all for their apps :-D

day # with Os 6..358 idk how much longer i can wait for the real thing. might have 2 go buy a 9780 :(

For sure it will be nice to have this in my 9700 with it's os6 leak! haha

Would love to get one!

Good luck for everyone!

App looks awesome. Hopefully, I can win a copy!

If not, I'll probably end up buying it simply for the love of shortcuts!

Nice job as always ShaoSoft!

I was hoping that an app would appear that produced more convenience keys for the torch! Keep up the good work CrackBerry!

I luv apps that help me further customize my Torch. That ALMOST caused me to get an Android instead of the Torch. But, then I came to my senses and decided I did need my phone to actually talk on. Thx CB!

Haber si ya gano algo... La aplicacion esta muy buena y ya le he traido ganas desde hace unas semanas !!

I like this developers products. I would love an opportunity to try it out on my 9700 running OS6:)

I've beta tested this app for month and its a great up and i'd love to win a copy of it because i don't think i can live with me BB without it anymore :D

Would love this app for my Torch. I really miss my left side convenience key!!! Thx CrackBerry, loving the new site and the great giveaways!

Please I really need a copy of this app, it would be handy, so please, please let me have one.

Would like this if it really works with OS6, have had things before which say they work with OS6 but only work OS5