Contest: Show Your BlackBerry Some Love This Valentine's Day.. Win a Free Schlage LiNK Starter Kit & 3 Mo. Free Service!

Schlage Valentine's Day Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Feb 2010 11:08 am EST

You love your BlackBerry... why not give it a special treat for Valentine's Day - the Schlage LiNK System & App! The Schlage LiNK App allows you to control you home, security, and energy from anywhere through the Schlage LiNK mobile application. For the person looking for control, convenience, and peace of mind, giving their Blackberry the Schlage LiNK App is a true sign of love, not only for the phone but the owner as well!

Contest Prize and Entry: In 50-ish words or less, leave a comment describing why giving your Blackberry the Schlage LiNK system is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift! The winner will receive a Schlage LiNK Starter kit of their choice and 3 months of free service! The deadline is 12 noon PST on Valentine's Day and Schlage will pick their favorite entry and we'll announce the winner on the blogs that evening.

Not familiar with Schlage LiNK? Schlage LiNK allows you to....

  • Improve security by easily accessing your lock away from home- no more hiding keys!
  • Manage your security by receiving text message alerts when specific codes are entered at the door
  • Save money by turning down your heating and cooling while away and by reducing energy consumption
  • Simplify your life by easily scheduling the Trane Remote Energy Management thermostat from the Schlage LiNK interface
  • Customize the system to your lifestyle by adding additional Z-Wave products to your Schlage LiNK system for further control
For more information on the Schlage LiNK system, jump on over to Spread the word, share the love and best of luck in the contest!

Reader comments

Contest: Show Your BlackBerry Some Love This Valentine's Day.. Win a Free Schlage LiNK Starter Kit & 3 Mo. Free Service!



My wife is constantly misplacing/forgetting to bring her housekeys with her. Schlage LiNK would allow me to get everything set up so she can get herself back into the house without worry! This would be a great gift for her and the house.

what if she forgets her cell phone inside? i always have my phone 24/7 no one is going to buy me a gift i want it!

I'm a person that always lock everything for safety reasons, I think if I can win this, it'll be an awesome gift for me. Thank you and good luck to all!

I travel quite a bit and the area where my house is is quite dark. My fiance and I will be married in a month and knowing that she's able to have some lights on when she gets home as opposed to leaving them on all day is great assurance.

With both my wife and I working during the day, it would be great as parents, to actually know our daughter is home from school and in the house safely.

My girlfriend and I are looking to buy our first home (her first). She is now well and truly a Crackberry lover! We both have 9700s and with the strange shifts and the coming and goings of OUR 6 KIDS, any assistance in running a housold would be a godsend.

First off, I love my blackberry storm 2. To be able to give this wonderful gift to my BB would be awesome. Secondly, I love my stuff. I am mostly on the road. I have a wife and a 6 year old who don't think to lock the door every time they leave the house. Plus, when friends or relatives come by they also don't think to lock the door behind them when they leave. This gift would allow my Blackberry to be able to monitor the door lock from wherever we are. Please!

Because I love my Blackberry and I love my family very much! What could be better than to pair up the Blackberry and Schlage lock to protect my family? What a great pair! Plus when I'm on the go I can monitor who and when someone is entering my home. And I can easily let family or contractors in.

I think this would be great to have because I love not just having the newest stuff but the most useful things. Once I get it all my friends want it

Awesome!!! Love to get this!!! Unfortunately i haven't been able to find this unit in Canada!!! Hopefully soon!

This year my valentine is my Blackberry, and I'd like to give my BB something special. The Schlage Link system is that something special, providing security and ease for my family. No more worrying about my other valentine (my wife) forgetting her keys!

This would help protect my Blackberry from intruders when I'm home and its accessories while i'm away :)

My wife is petrified of the dark - I mean PANIC ATTACK afraid. Her mind races rampant when she's up in the night. Which makes life difficult with a 6month old. The Shlag LiNK would provide extra security in our home and hopefully a decent night's sleep for her.

Perfect V-Day gift because I'm about to close on a new home and my (and my girlfriend's) Blackberry would love to cuddle up to some home automation! Besides, my Tour has been dropping hints that roses just won't cut it this year...

Sometimes you leave your BB at home by accident. It would be great to know if anyone was trying to access your door to get to her. Also for those times when you misplace your keys, you can just type the code and you’re back in!

I think it would be great for my blackberry because sometimes I ignore it and with this it will have something else to communicate with.

Home integration is the future for me so making everything digital is a must, this will mean I can take one more step into the future by linking my blackberry with my home via the Schlage LiNK mobile application.

This would be great for my peace of mind for when i get my wife pregnant and is at home alone after the baby is born.

My family's everything to me and I would love to have this. We all have Blackberry's so we could really put it to good use! Thanks Crackberry!

A year ago my wife and mother in law came home and disarmed the ADT system. Mom went out to walk the dogs and forgot to lock the door/set the alarm(since they were home alone). My wife was going to get up and lock door/set alarm but was tired. Minutes later the door opened and she heard the alarm ding sound. She assumed it was her mom. WRONG!!!
While watching tv she caught a dark figure in the corner of her eye. it was a large man with a knife demanding money and valuables!! It was a home invasion. Luckily after my wife gave him her cash(over $3500), he ran. I have no doubts that if she had this & the ability to lock door from her berry, this would have been avoided. Nothing worse than being miles away from your wife and not being able to stop something like this. heck, i would even be able to lock the doors from my Berry to avoid situations like this. Thanx for listening.

What possible better way to show your BlackBerry some love? I'll tell you...Make your BlackBerry a loving couple with Shlage! Then the love just spreads to your house, your children, you loving husband and last but not least...your valuable items. Spread the love with Shlage and your BlackBerry!

I have been trying to decide what to get my Storm 2 for Valentines day. This is the answer! Not only can I save my wife the next time she gets locked out...but I can set up temporary access for the contractors who are working on remodeling our house!!!! Please pick my house remodel can be complete...and my Storm will feel loved again!!

This would be awesome. We've looked at these before, that was before my wife had her 8330. I am always trying to come up with new ways to get her addicted to the crackberry, this would be one more tool in my toolbox.

this would be incredible sometimes i have to work late it would be nice to know my son got home automatically.

This is a great system to keep my family safe, the ones who I love. It will notify me when they arrive home safe, i can set a comfortable temperature for them and watch to make sure noone will harm them. Happy Valentines Day

Giving my BB the technology to constantly be in contact with my house and family is like bringing a piece of home with my BB everywhere we go!

I would love to introduce the Schlage Link to my Blackberry for Valentines Day. They would be a perfect match, love would bloom, rose petals would fall from the heavens, scents of flowers and chocolate in the air. How romantic. Interacting with each other daily and creating beautiful music.

Just bought a new house and have had issues with my daughters keys just up and disappearing >>>>>> so this would be cool to have and use on a daily basis!!! + just to geek out on! Thanks for all the hard work and keep up the good stuff!

This is more of a sad story I guess. Recently I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Needless to say we are taking it pretty hard. I'm in my thirty's and have a wife an a 3 year old daughter (her birthday was yesterday). There's days that I can not even get up to do simple tasks which is becoming increasingly frustrating. In my opinion the shlage lock would be a wonderful tool. As of lately I've had more and more friends/family coming over to check on me. The ability to remotely unlock a door for access will probably become essential to me. Sorry for the story, just another curve ball in life.

Schlage, I was going to respond, but after reading this guys response. Personally this is no doubt the best choice.

I work midnights leaving my wife to fend for herself evenings and nights. Having control of the house from her blacberry would ease her mind considerably. That translates to brownie points to me!

My blackberry needs to win cause she sleeps with me every night, and puts up with my unsightly back hair. She gives me foot massages and makes me cookies without me asking. I love her

I am a police officer in Harrisburg PA. I know that I have recommended other products to people after I have used them. I would love to try this out to see if it is worth while, so I would be able to let people know about the product. Working nights this would also add some personal assurance to my home securtiy.

I'd love to see the look on my gf's face when I unlock the door from work or the sheer amazement that our bb's can control our media centre stream music wirelessly and now unlock our door!

With my husband being deployed on his second tour to Afghanistan , safety is a big must with it just being myself and our 5 yr old daughter at home. I also have friends and family always stopping by the house to help out with something and always have to try and hunt down a key for them to use if I am not there.

I work in NYC because it is the place commercial real estate transactions are conducted. My wife, kids and I live in northern Connecticut. I don't mind the 4 hr round trip commute (we all do what we have to for our families), but my wife is disabled and the kids are still small. It would be a comfort to them to know that even though I was so far away during the day, their security was still very much in my hands (literally). On the days my wife can't walk, to be able to remote unlock the doors for my kids as they come home from school would ease my mind. And God knows, we all could use some help with the energy bills. Being able to keep a close eye on the thermostat and C/A, while away from home is a distant second to safety and security concerns, but far more than a mere convenience. Have been looking at this system for about a year now, but it is beyond my financial reach. Winning this, would be Valentine's Day for the whole family.

My wife and I are purchasing our first home right now. It would be great to know that we can keep it secure from day 1 using our beloved BlackBerries!

Security is
Challenging at my
Home. I
Love my Blackberry
And this Valentine's Day I can
Give it peace of mind and
Express that

Love by
Installing the Schlage Link System. I
Need Schlage and I
Know that

Schlage will provide
Security for
Entire family for
Many years.

I am probably to late to win this, it is a great app to keep track online, and to see the safety of your children.

I would love to win this app and lock set

This would be the best Valentines Day gift I can get for my Husband. He's been wanting this for a long time.

for my Blackberry would be the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift to me because I have a pair of sisters who always looses their house key and most times they find themselves locked out. If I had a Schlage, I would be able to unlock my door w/o actually being home to let them in - very cool feature or better yet they will have to just enter the code. Don’t have to worry about house key again.

They can even talk to each other, during the day: Storm2: "Hey house, everything secure?"
House: Yep!
Storm2: I'm going to let someone in. Here's the code.
House: You got it, I'll let you know when they get here and when they leave.
Storm2: Cool.Can you turn the heat on about 7:00 so it's not cold when we get there?
House: Of Course, already programmed, and I'll flip on the computer, lights and TV too.
Storm2: You're the coolest House.
House: No Berry... You're the coolest. I got mad love for you.

Virtually every aspect of my life can be managed from my BlackBerry, and this would take me to that next level. Besides, my BlackBerry told me to post this.

I was at Lowes last week looking at the Shlage LiNK kit. I was about to buy it when I remembered that Valentines Day was coming up. Since I am a man of little means, I passed on the starter kit so I could buy my honey a dozen roses.

I want this because I just moved from Maine to Norfolk Virginia and its ghetto here, I have to lock my doors and my car! I've had to break into my house 3 times because I locked the door and forget the key inside and now owe my landlord a new window :-/ Its not 'romantic' to be creepin' around your own house. This would make my life...easier, but still ghetto!


My whole reason for wanting this, is for the prtection of my family. I have a 5 year old, and when he is home with the sitter, I want to be able to make sure that the door is locked, and also, get notified when it is unlocked! Family safety is my #1 concern.

For Valentines day I would give this Schlage LiNK system to my mom because I love her. Because my girlfriend and I live with my mom, it would ideal since my lady and I both have blackberrys. Recently, our HOA (Homeowners Association) released multiple mailings informing residents to upgrade if not be more careful due to strings of robberies. It would be nice to have this inside my home so I can remotely unlock the door for my mom when the FedEx truck comes, rather than guess and make a mistake opening the door for a random stranger.

Warm regards,

I hate locksmiths. Ever since The Matrix, they're all high and mighty, calling themselves the Keymaster, and acting like they’re above a house call. They drive up in their little high-roofed eurovan and get out with a smug, superior attitude. (Sorry you feel put out. It’s your job, Cheech.) With Schlage LiNK, I can finally stick it to them!

I recently changed my locks at my apartment due to my ex still having my key. Well I pulled the door shut and of course with not being use to the handle having a lock I locked myself out with my dogs inside. At least had my trustworthy BlackBerry and called a locksmith who charged me $105 to break back into my apartment.

My BlackBerry deserves the Schlage LiNK system because it has earned my trust. If it wants to have a night on the town and let itself in at night, so be it. The Schlage LiNK system is the perfect way for my BlackBerry to spread its wings a little. :D

Having a Blackberry has made a world of difference in day to day living. Now this.... WOW.. To have a piece of mind about home security and functionability while away from home is great... Thanks Schlage... My Blackberry and I love you.

This would be the best for my wife. She ALWAYS is misplacing her keys. She has never once misplaced her BlackBerry. If we had this, I would not have to come home early from work to let her in, and she would not have to wait on the porch for me to get home.

This would be very helpful. You don't know how many times I leave for work or school and I wonder if I locked the door behind me. I could really use this thanks.

I have been very interested in this product for a while. As a Realtor, many of my clients visit my home office. The Schlage LiNK would get great exposure. If it is as good a tool as I think it is, I would definately recommend it to anyone purchasing a new home, or as a closing gift from myself or other fellow Realtors. Also, I see the Schlage LiNK possibly competing with lock boxes, and believe that Schlage should go after this market.

My wife has a tendency to forget things...
Lights left on, phone left in charger, keys on counter when I'm out the door last...
With this I can ensure she can get inside, safe and sound.
It will save my marriage, I won't have to pester her to remember anything.

I would love to win this system for a Valentine's gift since I won't be receiving one from anyone else. More importantly it will make me feel more at ease as a parent to a teenager who always forgets her house key.

Dearest Crackberry, thank you for the wonderful opportunity time and time again to win such wonderful gadgets! Y'all rock!

I think my Blackberry would appreciate not having another key threatening to scratch it's face. Plus I tend to use my blackberry as a flashlight while trying to unlock my door which is battery that can be better spent reading facebook. My Blackberry would love it!

My Blackberry Tour has not seen much love in the official os department, unlike othres. Giving my tour the gift of securing my family's lifes and valubles would make it feel important, wanted and loved.

As a woman, I can't begin to tell you how important security is to my peace of mind. I had actually been looking at this system before finding this contest. It would be a great way to try it out before expanding and upgrading the system.

As a certified Schlage wholesaler and recognized computer managed product integrator I'd love the opportunity to incorporate these products and software into a real life situation. We've been in the prison and commercial building industry for over 75 years.
Thanks for the opportunity.

My Dearest Pearl,

I am ready to take our relationship to the next level and I want to show you how committed I am to this.

This Valentine's Day I want to give you the keys to my place. I want to give you the power to protect my loved ones.


Your TeddyBear

In 50 words. I would have to say this would make my wife extremely happy for one simple reason. WE had our first born on November 15th 2009. And using this system would allow my wife to unlock our front door when she is carrying our little one into the house, without digging in her purse for the door-keys. being that i would a considerable amount, she gets off earlier than i do, and is normally home, with Elika before i get there. So this would allow easy entry into a house, esp. for a woman carrying a baby.....

I had a remote control Shlage lock on my previous house... it was great in that we never had to worry about our friends and family losing the key to our house. We don't have one on our current house and it's gotten us into trouble before. We had to go get a spare key from a family member when we realized we couldn't open the garage door.

To be able to monitor from my Blackberry would be icing on the cake!

My Blackberry and I have many things in common. One of which is the safety of our family. I would love to surprise my blackberry with this wonderful Valentines day gift. My Blackberry would be so happy to have the most up to date way of keeping our family safe.

I am very interested in the Shlage Link system. I have seen commercials, and it seems like a very innovative product. It would be such a lovely valentine's gift to receive. Love = security:)

My fiancé and I just bought our first home. We and my 9700, BB, (pronounced Be Be) love our new place. However, BB is a little jealous that their name wasn’t one the title deed. Giving BB a Shlage Link System would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift because it would help BB be a vital part of the home we all love, keeping us safe and worry free. I know this would make BB happy.

I need a Schlage LiNK system for my BlackBerry, because my BB is the love of my life. I ALWAYS have it with me, while my keys I can never find. This is a perfect solution.

Funny this is a contest, as my mother has gotten sick recently and we were thinking about getting this so at anytime her or i could unlock her house remotely in an emergency situation, as she lives alone... This would be one of the best gifts i could give to my mother, as she is one person that i know i will always love. Thanks Crackberry!

It will be the perfect valentine's day gift because what would be better to gift to the person you love than the gift of security, and also will be great with the new blackberry tour I will give her.

Being a locksmith (Fuller Lock Service, Layton, UT) the only system I recommend to my customers is Schlage. I would love to be able to install this system on my home for demonstration purposes and security for my family.

To love thyself is the greatest love of all
But to catch my wife with her lover, now that would be droll

- On Valentine’s Day

A speedy divorce, security, convenience and savings, now that would be love
The Schlage LiNK System - in one fell swoop - can all of these solve

- On Valentine’s Day

I have a sleek and sexy BlackBerry Storm that is in search of a "soulmate". I take her everywhere I go, and rarely do I let her leave my site. After reading what Schlage can do for her, I feel compelled to LiNK her up.
Yours Truly,

My wife and I just got married and she has moved away from home to live with me. She is getting used to the area, but would be more comfortable in our home with a system such as this. Peace of mind and safety for my wife is of the utmost importance to me and this would help greatly!

With the Schlage LiNk I could use my phone to unlock my door for my Valentine. To surprise her with her Valentine present. By not giving her the key, she will not know whats going on until she gets inside. I would tell her to stop by and check on my house and lock the door. Once inside she will see all the rose peddles, candles and her present.

When I win, I will legally change my middle name to "Schlage"...

But please hurry, I am also proposing a similar arrangement for a year's supply of "Pampers", which just doesn't sound quite as cool.

Yep, this is a solid plan! The chicks are gonna' be all over me now.

Safety First !

i've been a great Father for my Blackberry ! keeping it safe even from small scratches !

My Blackberry is now a MAN and time to keep me and my home SAFE ! :)

well i would have to say that having something like this would mean a great deal to me my family is of great concern to me and sometimes when your not there to have access to opening doors or keeping AC bills down it awesome i mean come on who doesn't forget keys but if your a true bb addict like i know most of you are that are reading this you take your BB everywhere and it just adds to why we love bb's so much it's an all in one device +more

I live in a rough neighborhood, being able to keep my family and my non-perishables safe when I'm not around is most beneficial. Being able to do all this from my phone would make my life so much easier.

So I can hook up a nice LED light thing saying "I love you" and turn it on wirelessly from my blackberry, having my girlfriend in awe.

2 reasons I am in the process of building this: and I travel for wor (pharmeceutical) and would be great to be able to look after my new investment via webcam and be able to turn lights on so people thought i was home. Thats about it. Thanks for reading

So when you take your Valentine's date home for the night, and she leaves the next day, its very easy to change the code so she cant come back in. :)

Our BlackBerries need to win to pair up with the Schlage link kit and work as a team while we are at work. This will give us peace of mind when we leave our furry babies alone at home and when the alarm goes off, this will give police/fire/ems easy access to rescue them. With house fires etc. you don't hear about what happens to the animals. That is sad. This will make the news big time on how the owners were able to unlock everything for the Rescue people to do their job. Great publicity on your part. THANKS

I would love one of these because my wife has locked herself out of the house more than a few times and I've had to come home from work to let her in. My reason does feel kinda wrong being valentine's day & all.

my bb gets radio, gps navigation, email, sms, messenger, browser, calender, tasks, memo, calls, games, bluetooth, weather, and social networking LOVE. Shlage Link is the only other LOVE its needzzzzzz and doesn't have yet ;)
please make my bb complete =)

My new lady and I met two weeks ago, are newly in love and are both as much in love with our Berries as each other. I'm giving her the key to my heart this weekend but with the Schlage LiNK our Berries could be the key to my (maybe our) home!

We are moving to a new town soon and my daughter doesn't know anybody. Having this system and it letting me know when she is home and I can make sure she is safe and secure in the house, would be a huge relief. This lock setup is now a must for my family.

The Schlage LiNK system would be the ultimate gift for Valentines Day because anyone can give their wife, girlfriend, or significant other flowers or even jewelry. The Schlage LiNK system though can offer them security and peace of mind of never being locked out again. That's Love!!

Well lets see, I'm in college at UCF and my room mates do not know how to lock the door. I have my TV, Laptop, 3 blackberry's!!!!, and multiple other expensive items that anyone can take when they walk into our unlocked house! I NEED THIS. Not to mention, we live in Florida and while I am away all day at school and work, they seem to think its free to air condition the house, even though I pay for it!! This would save me money and give me piece of mind!

BlackBerry Tour wants the house to be secure all the time. It also wants to avoid getting locked outside.

I want to give this to my blackberry to make my Storm the hero it always wanted to be. My Storm is feeling a little down about not living up to it's calling as an iPhone killer. But with this new feature, he'll keep my family safe and finally have the respect he hoped he'd have.

I fell in love with the Schlage LiNK the first time I saw it on Crackberry. I would love one, and the price is right!

I am a hard working middle class guy and my g.f and my dog are the most important things in my life right now. I am not home as much as I would like to be and I would love to have this to make sure I can use my blackberry to keep them locked in and safe in my house.

Valentine’s Day is one day to show your loved one how much you care and love them, winning this Schlage LiNK will remind my fiancé 356 days a year how much I care and love her, she’s very attached to her BB, but she constantly forgets or misplaces the house keys.

Shlage and Blackberry are two names that have not let me down. I have relied on the security of blackberry to keep my business afloat, and rely on the security of Shlage to keep my family safe. Would love this piece of mind. Thanks.

Its an amazing system, and what better than to get something like that on Valentine's Day. Would make the holiday totally worth it for once.

My Blackberry Storm & I need Schlage LiNK love. What phone wouldn't want "house in a pocket"? My Storm could show me my birds on camera and keep them warm, make sure the house is secure, and make the house look lived in while I'm away. Our relationship would flourish with Schlage LiNK.

I already use Schlage locks for the doors in my house.
With the love I have for my BlackBerry and the Schlage LiNK System, now I can keep my family and home safe, even when I'm away.
...and so much more!

My berry needs some of this love so bad! I've had that feeling like I forgot to lock the door. Or when my daughter comes home from school and has forgotten her key. Or when my wife locks herself out of the house. OK, that might have happened to me too...

I work fulltime and then start my second job as a mom right after with 2 girls under the age of 5. My husband and I work opposite schedules so we barely get a chance to talk w/ each other in the morning because he's waking up as I'm running out the door. I'm asleep when he gets home and it doesn't get any better when he's on his days off.

The Schlage App would be super helpful because I could control things inside the house (turn lights on, temp changes, etc) as well as not have to worry about carrying a key for the door. I love having keyless entry on my vehicle as it's one less thing I have to carry in my hand (not like I'm not always juggling stuff in my hands). My blackberry is like my right arm. I would forget my purse before I forgot my blackberry. Something to make my a life a little easier would be a great help and I could use a nice me GIFT as those don't come very often.

I want a Schlage LiNK home system so much, but if I won, it would be for my Girlfriend more than me. She is extremely neurotic about whether or not we remembered to set the alarm, lock the doors, etc. She would be so happy to be able to check on all of those things from her Curve 8530 and would be much more relaxed when we leave. (Okay, maybe that would help me, too)

This would be the ultimate program for my Blackberry, it would give me such peace of mind to be able to make sure that my house is secure at night while I'm at work. My daughter and my grandson live with me and the security features of this program are awesome and would enable me to make sure that they are safe. Just by looking at my Blackberry. What a wonderful sense of security and comfort it would be.

This app would be amazing, especially with the new Smart meters installed in homes now! If i can help conserve a little more energy without being there, sweet! I would consider buying this app even if I don't win!

An awesome system that fits my busy lifestyle while feeding my inner teckie and providing me with the convenience that I enjoy. I have always enjoyed the durability, dependability, and quality that Schlage products provide. This system is an amazing products and coupled with my blackberry….absolute bliss!

My wife and I recently got a car that features a keyless ignition. After using that feature, we wished that there was some way of incorporating it in our home. Enter the Schlage LiNK. Combining my Blackberry and a keyless solution makes this something I can really fall in love with! Happy Valentines Day!

Since I became a BlackBerry owner, I have found countless ways to either increase my daily productivity or amaze my friends. Now comes Schlage LiNK... This would be the Ultimate Valentine's gift for a very simple reason. My wife is one of two most important people in my life and it sometimes happens that she will forget her house keys. What better way to take care of her lockout than to be able to unlock the house from my BB. She would really appreciate this and I'd look like a hero anytime. Pick me please and help me be a bigger hero for my family.

A Schlage LiNK system would allow me to stay LiNKed to my sweet Valentine and keep her safe.

A Schlage LiNK system would allow me to stay LiNKed to my sweet Valentine and keep her safe.

I broke up with a girl prior to Valentine's Day, and forgotten to change the code on my garage door before the trip. When I came home I found she had broken into my house. With the LiNK kit, I could have remotely changed the lock, and kept her out!

Schlage Link kit is an awesome idea and my family could really benefit from it.
Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

I'll make it plain and simple : My girlfriend is too pretty to be in a house unprotected. This Shlage LiNK Starter Kit would keep the all the unwanted guys away from my woman!! ;)

This would be a perfect addition to our new home. My wife and I are buying our first home and this would be something great to give her. Plus, with 5 kids, I can see who's coming and going. I need all the help I can get!

Our front door lock is broken and my wife would love to have this to use with her Blackberry instead of having to carry the garage door remote around with her.

My blackberry has had a crush on the Schlage Link system for six months. Countless web searches, lusting after all the different finishes, amazed at all it can do and more importantly what a fantastic pair they would make. Knowing communication is key... my phone overheats when it thinks about the possibilities. I Heart Schlage!

i have misplaced my keys many times and my wife has always been there to help many times she has stopped what she was doing at work to come let me in the house...i would love to give her this for vday...she would be sooo happy to not have to come help me again!!!

I think this is the greatest idea ! I've been following Shlage but was skeptical about the $12.99 fee. Having this as gift for free would be the best Vday gift ever ! I have to many valuables and I would plan to purchase the ipcam aswell! Not to mention it syncs with your blackberry which never leaves my palm ! - Blackberry Prevails !

I ADORE my BB---we do everything together! It would be wonderful to give BB a Valentine's gift that fosters the love between BB and the Schlage Link system! It would also shower love on my family, helping my "big" kids lock up, stay safe and get in--even when they forget their housekey!

My neighborhood is so bad I don't even send my mail to my mailbox....This would give me such peace of mind to be able to check on my home via my blackberry or when my wife forgets her keys and locks herself out I can just unlock the door for her or use the security keypad. This is such a great product, I only wish it was more affordable in case I don't win one....

What better way to express my love to my family by knowing that access to the home is guaranteed regardless of whether or not they have remembered or forgotten to bring their house keys with them when they leave the house.

The Schlage LiNK system would provide peace of mind for my family, and for me knowing that they are safely in the house and not waiting on the doorstep without a cell phone.

I am not sure what my Valentine would think about getting a VD Gift of SchalgeLink but I would enjoy HVAC control remotely on My Storm2. I also would love to let a trusted service person in my home with a 24 hour temporary code to get in and out of my house with a permanent record (in event log) as to how long that repair/service person was in my home. (for hourly billing review).
I would also like turning my lights on and off by a schedule or manually from my Storm2. Jeez, if I am that happy now I guess she would be happy by default with a free SchalgeLink system.

True bliss on Valentines Day !!

One snowy afternoon, with me working to the tunes of Pandora radio from my Blackberry, I missed the message that my children were early released from school. They had no way to get into the house!? Sure wish I had the Schlage system to let them in!

This would be wonderful, Our son will be riding the bus home by himself next year and it would be wonderful to know when he gets home and unlocks the door.

As she stays at home with my 5 awesome children, this would provide a great deal of comfort and saftey for both of us! Thanks for the chance to win!

My valentine and kids keep losing keys. It would be of great comfort to know automatically when the kids get home from school. Pick me!

Well, Schlage. The past few days my precious little 8900 has been having a rough time. Her model was discontinued by our service provider T-Mobile and she is taking it pretty rough. She is just as beautiful and useful as any 9700 in my opinion, with her voluptuous "curves" and classic black track ball, which is why I would LOVE to give her your starter kit for valentines day. She has been with me through thick and thin ever since we met that wonderful afternoon on the T-Mobile showroom floor. Your kit and app would compliment her fantasticly, she would be able to help me get into my appartment when my little brother locks our keys inside, preventing us from spending any more cold evenings on the porch waiting for lock-smiths. I just truely believe that you guys could help lift her spirits and make her feel like the wonderful, beautiful, even sexy, can't live without, device she is! Thanks for the opportunity, please help us out.

This product is the ultimate Valentine’s gift because it shows that you care for the people you love. Safety is always first and Schlage LiNK is there to make sure that safety, and most importantly love, is not broken by intruders.

I would really like to win one, I ordered one on ebay with the Thermostat but the person that I won it from took my money and ran. I spent hours researching and was so excited but no Lock. Please Please make my day, pick me to win.

I am always losing my keys, but I never lose my BB-- and i'm so tired of getting locked out I have now just started leaving my door unlocked. I know this isn't safe as its me and 2 young girls living alone. THIS COULD SAVE OUR LIVES. PLEASE......

My wife is a quadriplegic and can't use keys to unlock doors due to her limited dexterity, this would make unlocking the door so much easier for her!

My wife is a stay at home mom with our 20 month old. I work 13 hours a day and this would really give me some peace of mind that they are protected.

As my girlfriend lives two hours away, being able to adjust the thermostat and locks while away from home would make the long distance relationship that much easier. The less I spend on heat, the more I can spend on her :)

My BB Tour and I meet in Sept of last year and she was everything I had hoped she would be. I had heard of her months before; but at the time she was in a relationship someone named Frank Carl Cameron(FCC). We recently had a bit of a spat over her unwillingness to track for me. It was rough but we are over it now. The Schlage Link system would be the perfect was to show her that I am confident in her abilities and I am ready to move on!

Lawd, lawd, people! Think of just how good the front door of your home is going to look with a fabulous latching system from the folks at Schlage! And just imagine, that with the technology we have today, you can lock, unlock, set your thermostat and a myriad of other applications all from the comfort of your Blackberry handset. To me, this has got to be the best thing to come along since they invented the microwave oven! I could never imagine that someone would come up with such a novel idea. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!

Between my wife and daughters, I worry about them and the security of my house. With the Schlage LiNK system it would put my mind at ease while I'm away from home and ensure that my family is safe.

for me to use with my forgetful and losing everything mother. i could let her in from my house or work when needed, know if anyone has entered her house when no one is supposed to be home. whether she has lost her keys or phone she could call me and it would be all set. not to mention being able to give easy access to any emergency response people i need to. AND i can control/set her central air unit and lights for her to go on when entering the more fumbling around in the dark with our hands full.

this would give me relief from many headaches and worries.

send one my way please

I would love to win this! My fiancee locks herself out of the house alot. And of course, it's always when I'm at work 20 minutes away. You guys rock!

Working nights, I have to leave my wife home alone. Knowing that I can make sure the doors stay locked, and can check up on her with the cam (going to buy) I can go to work w/o having to worry about the unknown.

I have 3 daughters and I do not always make it home before they arrive home from school. This Schlage system would make our lives much easier and give me peace of mind while they are home alone.

I Just love this Produt I own a few Items from Schlage and would love this unit. My Wife could definelty benefit from this! Thanks CB Family!

It's pouring cats and dogs. You have your umbrella, briefcase/laptop, and the groceries your sweet wife asked you to pick up and now you have to fumble for the door key! Been there; done that; donT wanna do it any more! The Schlage LiNK would solve the problem. Now if only I could train BB to park the car, open the car door, .....

Keeping the family safe is #1 priority. Schlage would go far to making that a reality.

thanks for the contest.

What a perfect Valentine's Day present to protect the one's you love most dearly. Schlage LiNK is it! Thanks for the offer to readers.

Keep the cards, keep the chocolate. I'll give Blackberry and Schlage, the neatest way to keep track of our seven furry friends home all day wrecking havoc on the house.

My wife loves her BlackBerry. Maybe she'll love me almost as much this Valentine's when I tell her I got the Shlage Link so she can find yet another reason to love her phone more than she loves me. Oh, and Happy Valentine's sweetie!

My dog...he is such an amazing animal. If I ever forgot my keys and he had to wait for me alone in house until I got things squared away I would feel just awful. Support your local SPCA's the least we can do for our beloved pets.

My fiance and I just bought our first house and the locks are garbage and need to be redone. I wanted a link system since they first came out. This would be awesome

My wife is constantly locking herself out of the house! This would be the ideal way to fix that. She always has her BlackBerry on her side. This would enable her to unlock the door with no worries. I would not have to rush home. Less aggravating wife = more Love!

Not to lock my love away,
But to keep my family okay,
Winning a Schlage LiNK system I say,
Would make for a great Valentine's Day!

What better way to show my wife how much of a gentleman I can be, by unlocking the door for her - - - from the couch, from my friends house, or from another state! :)

With four generations living in our home, sometimes it is difficult to be sure everyone has access when they need it. The ability to remotely control locks and energy consumption would be a terrific help. Also, since Valentine's Day is our anniversary (34 years), it would be an awesome gift!

My lovely wife has on occasion gotten out the door without her house key, of course if I leave after her I always make sure to lock the door. Between the two of us we have never been without our BB's. What better way to say "I love you" than to be able to get her back in the house after locking her out! :D

Schlage is the ultimate in 21st Century security! It would be an honor to use this in my new house, where the safety of my family is my priority.

What does giving my true love a new lock say about me? That I love and cherish her so much, that I want her to both secure and in charge. When she walks with her hands full carrying groceries (or her new wardrobe), she can easily unlock the house with her BB and also know that she is secure in the house with a great new lock. Besides, it will complement the brand new BB that I am giving her on Valentine's Day!

Maybe with this I won't have to spend half an hour everyday finding a key when I forget mine.

My BlackBerryBold9700 seems depressed. Maybe, she notices the time I spend with keys and light-switches, even with no comparison, she still feels jealous. SchlageLiNK puts all these in my BlackBerry's control, something she would truly enjoy. Beyond bringing her joy, never again would I leave town for a trip and worry whether I left the door unlocked.

Schlage products are top notch and this is truly an amazing product. I only give my beloved berry the best. If Kwikset had a similar product and they were giving it away, I wouldn't even bother. :)

I'm a mechanical engineer and know quality when I see it.

always want Schlage LiNK with features but cant afford..would be neat if i win!!! door handle is blessed for my friend with no hand easy to open please pick me god i beg too much ha

Wife and I both have blackberry 9700's. This would be perfect. I've heard about the Schlage Link system here on Crackberry before.

We have a 2 year old son and after getting him and all our stuff out to the car, I am constantly running back to the door to make sure it is locked.

I work days and the wife works nights. This whole system would give us both peace of mind and safety while we are at work. It will also be great on the nights she has off and we are out and about visiting family.

We would definitely be buying some add-ons to expand the system. Looking forward to expanding with wireless cameras and the thermostat. Right now, we have a wired camera in the son's room and the wire running down the hall. Not the ideal solution. I would also like to add a camera at the front door and the backyard.

Amazing offer, Thank you Schlage.

Please pick us.
Thank you so much.

every member of family carries bb and kids have hard time keeping keys and we was looking at this and winning it would be better than buying. can save money for the other add ons. oick me

Oh Blackberry, I love you so much! That’s why this V-day I want to give you the run of the house. Just as I care of you, protecting you with a case, and keeping you energized in your charging pod, so to you can care for me. You can adjust the temp for our comfort, keep us safe by locking up at night, oh BB you light up my life…literally when we get home in the evenings. Enjoy the Schlage LiNK!!

Recently reviewed Schlage Link I LOVE IT!! but its a little out of my price range. Most of the family is Blackberry so the love would be felt big time in getting a starter kit for free. Looking to set up a few cameras to watch Grandmother in her new assisted living situation and keep tabs on help and the coming and going. Recently the floor she is on has had some robberies. Thanks for the opportunity to WIN!

My wife is currently expecting our 2nd child and our 1st child is getting to the age where he will be coming home alone. The iLink would allow my son to enter the house without a key. The text message option would tell us when my son arrived home. This would be a wonderful addition to a growing household.

I simply want it because its a cool gadget and would be cool to show off to people when they come to my place. It also would be a great convenience to have but honestly, I just want it because its a cool toy! I don't think anyone here is being more truthful than I am!

This system has interested me since the first time a read about it. I would plan to set up the system at home and at my cottage. The ability to assign door codes and adjust temperature controls would be a great use for me. Plus I am a tech geek and I would continue to add options as I saw fit. Thanks for the opportunity!

My valentine lives in Downtown Detroit with a lot of girls, being able to monitor who enters and have keyless entry would make her love me even more!

I wasnt going to enter this contest, HOWEVER, my wife has managed to lock herself out of the house 4 times in the last week. I had to leave work and drive 18 miles home to let her in. Please pick me because working an extra day to recoup my hours stinks.

Due to the economic times like they are I have been forced to take a night job on top of my day job. This leaves my kids coming home with no adults there for about an hour. Also my wife and kids are home all night without me there. Having this would offer a little peace in my mind knowing when everyone gets home and the doors are locked without having to worry. Peace of mind would make it allot easier.

Valentine's day is very special for our family. My parents have been married for almost 40 years. Unfortunately, my mother lost her mobility to a rare disorder a few years ago. She currently has no mobility due to her condition. My father who loves and adores my mother continues to be there for her in everyday possible adjusting and unlocking as needed. He is not well himself so getting up and down can be difficult at times. Did I mention they met when they were 14! This is a true love story that continues to grow, but again due to my mother having no mobility it makes it hard for her to be able to adjust the air conditioning and even unlock the front door. I recently bought her a Blackberry for her last birthday which she truly loves as it connects her to the outside world via e-mail, the web, Facebook and Crackberry. I know she would fall in love with the new Shlage LiNK as it would give her the ability to access the things most important to her from her bedside via her Blackberry which she now adores along with my father and her family. The both of them are addicted to their Blackberrys! Love at first click...

My BB already controls my entire life outside of home, why shouldn't she control everything at home as well?

this product looks very nice, and i need to win just because i need to have every new technoligy toy in existance. This looks cool and is a must have for me :)

I would love to win this system. Ive been eyeing the system in Lowes for some months now but havent been able to afford it as of now. My wife and i both have blackberrys and would get alot of use from the system. We are a forgetful family as far as keys go so a system like this would be a great assest to my family.

My wife goes crazy because I'm always pulling back in the driveway to check the house! Did I lock the door? Did I turn the heat down? Did I leave a light on? Did she close the cat in the closet? Seriously, you gotta help me out here!!! Save Me!!!

This would be a great help with four kids coming and going all the time and forgetting to put the spare key back in its outdoor hiding place.