Contest: 25 Free Copies of ShortcutMe

By Ryan Blundell on 10 Aug 2009 10:14 am EDT


If you haven't heard already, ShortcutMe is an application that boosts the power of shortcuts and allows you to access more daily tasks in a much easier way. Imagine having access to multiple applications with each convenience key (What? More than one?!), or easily accessing your favorite contacts in a fast and simple manner. The folks at Fonware have been working hard to keep up with the demand for more bells and whistles. Here's what you can find in version of ShortcutMe:

  • Create shortcuts for SMS and MMS accounts
  • Launch IM applications (including BB messenger 5.0)
  • Fast Stock Portfolio Monitoring
  • Check for updates and easier to upgrade

Once again, they are offering up some copies of ShortcutMe to give away - 25 to be precise. Your job is to leave a comment on this post to be entered into the draw. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple submissions won't count.

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Contest: 25 Free Copies of ShortcutMe



I confess I already have a purchased copy of this software. But I would like to win another copy and give it to my wife. This is one of the best apps I have, and the support is great, too! If you don't win today (because I will), go ahead and buy it. You won't be sorry!

I have heard lots of good things regarding this app. I would love to win it!! Crackberry has the best contests!!

Need to always speed things up a bit. ShortcutMe no doubt looks like its up to the task. Let her rip!

this would be awesome app to almost get rid of the need of the track ball and will make transitioning from app or program faster and easier

I tried QuickLaunch and it just wasn't for me. This looks more geared to my taste. May have to give this program a whirl as I had just about given up on launchers. :-)

that reading about this blogpost on Viigo,
then using my Bold to post a comment
Would net me a better chance to win :D

I downlaoded the trial version yesterday of the app. This is my first BB phone so I needed ways to access certain apps without having keep scrolling. I am coming from WinMO touch screen so I had access to a lot of things with one touch and I wanted that on my BB. This app gives that and more. I will continue to play with it and I would love to get a free copy of it

I've been waiting for this opportunity to come!!!! Please make my wish come true!!!! Pretty please.... :)

I just traded in my treo 755p for a curve 8330 and its been a semi-smooth transition. My 755p had shortcuts galore, and it would be nice to have this program for my curve because I miss those shortcut options.

I want this, I want this, I want this.
I loooooove shortcuts.
Oh please, please, please let me be the winner....